Anett Kontaveit v Iga Swiatek Highlights | Round 3 | Roland Garros 2021

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63 komentarze:

Hung Than
Hung Than:
another day, another bagel from the Swiatek's bakery
Iga really has a lot of maturity to dig deep in the first, find her game, then show her class in the second!
Shelumiel Peroy
Shelumiel Peroy:
The way Iga went from tie in the 1st set to straight 6 games in the 2nd. Just wow! Defending champion indeed.
What a game! Respect to both ladies. Gratulacje Iga ❤️
Mark Jayson Babad
Mark Jayson Babad:
Congrats Iga. It was a very tight first set and all I did was pray🙏🙏🙏. Good luck on your next match💪💪💪
Mark Bielak
Mark Bielak:
That was a very testing match for Iga, in fact 1 set but she's managed to hold on and win a tie break like a champ. Second was just a one sided show as Iga finally relaxed. Congrats and good luck Iga!
Yamaha PSR s975 RadolStyle
Yamaha PSR s975 RadolStyle:
Respect for Kontaveit.She played the first set perfectly.Gratulacje dla Igi że nie dała się i spokojnie poczekała aż rywalka się wyszumi w pierwszym secie.Spodziewałem się trudnego meczu, ale w drugim secie Iga już zdecydowanie dominowała nad rywalką.
Piotr Wolski
Piotr Wolski:
Damn, that first set was nerve wrecking for me , the Polish boy , Igas fan, considering Iga was 0 2 in matches against Anett before that match.
You can defend the championship Iga, just 4 more matches...🏆🏆
Krzysztof Zubryk
Krzysztof Zubryk:
Simply the best Iga ... I like it
Hernan Cano
Hernan Cano:
Kontaveit gave it all in the first set and still lost! The second set result was expected! Go Swiatek, defend the title!
Nikt tak po korcie nie Śmiga jak nasza Iga . BRAWO IGA !
Mike UK
Mike UK:
Kontaveit definitely has tried what she did in those two matches where she won with Świątek which is pressure her from start. But this is difrent Iga...
Ken Keneth
Ken Keneth:
Rencounter of two pretty Lady’s. Congrats Iga, the Queen can be only one.
I really love this girl’s game ❤️👍
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen:
Man Iga is soo relentless!
She is a female NADAL imo
Rodan Jay Torres
Rodan Jay Torres:
Well done Iga 👍🏼
Peter Latton
Peter Latton:
gIGAnt...! 👑
Kontaveit is a tough player, so I wasn't surprised that the first set was so close. It really came down to who would win that tiebreaker, and Swiatek took her game to the next level there.
Kizzie Martin
Kizzie Martin:
Swiatek has great anticipation and is a great on court thinker
rio tokyo-
rio tokyo-:
I'll be rooting for you from Japan!
Lady A
Lady A:
Nie drażnij lwa, bo lew to ja🙂 IGA!
Peter Cieslar
Peter Cieslar:
1st set nail bitting, but Swiatek through
Nice, very nice Iga!
Barbara Pietrzak
Barbara Pietrzak:
Congrats Iga❤️You showed clss,stamina and maturity.Thanks to both of You beautiful Ladies 🌹🍀
Joyce Dixon
Joyce Dixon:
Well done Iga. Everything X for you to beat Serena. Make her move!!!!!!
Aymeric Le Martelot
Aymeric Le Martelot:
Iga 😍😍
john ward
john ward:
❤️ Iga
Ewa Gabriel
Ewa Gabriel:
Great job Iga👍
Kontaveit came out their trying to jump out ahead of Iga. However, she found out that she could not keep up her A game. Iga is the fittest player in the WTA and you have to play your A game from start to finished. In the end she was like a wounded boxer and Iga ate some Bagel in the second set.
Marek Jakubik
Marek Jakubik:
Il mio cuore lo metti a dura prova ma è tutto per te Iga....Jazda❤️
Elżbieta Baran
Elżbieta Baran:
gach chmielinski
gach chmielinski:
Gratulacje Iga!!!!
Hart K
Hart K:
Future Henine Hardene, Even from the cap 😁
Ula J
Ula J:
Iga bawo. Trzymam kciuki❤️❤️😘😘
deepak verma
deepak verma:
love u IGA 😍😘
andy latka
andy latka:
Iga, well deserved !
Jazda Iga
Shauna Carpenter
Shauna Carpenter:
Thanks for quick results.
Congrats Iga for winning the first set with a good mentality and maturity and she concluded in the second set. But I hope this serves as a wake up call for her. The ranking means nothing. It is the will that matters. Kontaveit really tried her chance in the first set and showed great tennis. Iga will meet players with the same mentality before the final win.
Krzysztof Zakrocki
Krzysztof Zakrocki:
Świątek recognized Kontavait well nourished so only one bagel for her
Jerzy Kryszczynski
Jerzy Kryszczynski:
Gratulacje IGA ŚWIĄTEK 🌞🇵🇱 Piękne zwycięstwo i emocje . Życzymy sukcesów i wytrwałości . Chicago 🇵🇱
Ric Hernando
Ric Hernando:
The lady RAFA is on a roll. She really knows how to win!
Aryo Medianus
Aryo Medianus:
Estonia is a beautiful country with fine people and decent history , having said that ;though, this country for some probably financial problems and it's people with no great per capita income aren't able to finance on their international level sport . Ms Kontaveit is undeniably a young decent tennis talent and I hope she can find some good sponsors to help her finance for better coaching team , because her talent is really very good .
Iga is the next goddess of clay
Olivia Garcia
Olivia Garcia:
Comments on this video are very one-sided... :( Even when Iga Swiatek was winning points, comments were just 'Yes'
Jessie Cox
Jessie Cox:
Well played Iga. Just wow! Poland must be proud of her!
janusz rakoczy
janusz rakoczy:
An authoritative summary of the match only why by winning most of the balls Kontaveit lost the match ?
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
What happened to Kontaveit in the end
jj b
jj b:
Iga is out of their league. She showed them double bagels in the Rome final.
zen obia
zen obia:
sweet boomerang jebus...aqaba!!!
Bunio Munio
Bunio Munio:
Si fuere la vacunación forzada ☻
Sharlene Chiang
Sharlene Chiang:
The other girl sounds like she's sneezing
Simon R
Simon R:
Is Kontaveit still working with that wannabe "coach"?
Way to short highlights
multi fuel
multi fuel:
thx Bro
Adam Rubinson
Adam Rubinson:
Robson Slayer
Robson Slayer:
So many good actions in this match and highlights so short. Looks like someone just wants to take money for almost nothing
Livius Rus
Livius Rus:
...iga take the 2021 roland garros !!?
Brandon Y
Brandon Y:
Hopefully Iga vs Kenin!! Kenin wants her revenge.
Tf is that grunt
Iga jest super tylko te tęczowe kolory jej sukni przed rokiem w Paryżu ....
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Ten mecz pokazał, że Iga jest jeszcze nieopierzoną tenisistką. Musi jeszcze popracować nad taktyką, dropszotami, lobami i grą przy siatce. Gdyby miała w tych aspektach talent Agnieszki Radwańskiej, byłaby nie do pokonania. I jakaś rozkojarzona dzisiaj była.