Anett Kontaveit vs. Aryna Sabalenka | 2021 Stuttgart Quarterfinal | WTA Match Highlights

Watch the Match Highlights from Anett Kontaveit vs. Aryna Sabalenka at the Porsche Tennis Grand Prix 2021.

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48 komentarze:

Sabalenka is improving. She has more and more smiles on her face and better control over her temper. And she learned how to win tough matches. Hopefully, she will have better performance in Grandslams as well.
Stephanie Z
Stephanie Z:
sabalenka is so amazing and strong but i can't with the screaming lol
Good effort're still the best!!
I love how powerful Sabalenka's game is
Gilles DeRais
Gilles DeRais:
Sabalenka ripping the ball like crazy, bravo Aryna
Pavle Vasiljevic
Pavle Vasiljevic:
I feel Anett never does anything on tour. She consistently beats players who are worse than her but she's never had a remarkable victory or run. Really sad, because I feel she could do much more than she shows.
Martin Brady
Martin Brady:
When Sabalenka is on, fuggedaboutit. But, Anett, I love you, and I love that red and white outfit you have been wearing. Better luck next time. You are a wonderful player.
Here's the thing with Sabalenka. We all know she's talented and powerful, but the blueprint on how to beat her has been out for some time now. You absolutely have to move her around to where she is running the ball down laterally. If you return it right back to her you are playing to her strength because she has to be pretty set up for those powerful and accurate returns. When you keep her on the run she really can't generate that power and is far less accurate. This is how Kontaveit won that second set so I was surprised to see her go away from that and return the ball to Sabalenka's strike zone. Anyway, good match. And is it just me or was Kontaveit looking stunning in the Lacoste red and white? Also, I don't know who's mental meltdowns are more fun to watch. Maria Sakkari's or Aryna Sabalenka's. LOL!
Clément Bolle
Clément Bolle:
What a good tournement ! They are all giving good fights !
So much grunting. My goodness.
This clay court is looking like a hard court hahaha. Very fast. Good for Sabalenka and her Power. Good test for Saba tomorrow facing Simona. Can this "fast play clay" be enough for Sabalenka or will Halep prevails?
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez
Juan Pablo Gonzalez Jimenez:
Sad for Kontaveit but... GO SABALENKA!!!!!!
Ifraaz Mohd
Ifraaz Mohd:
Kontaveit dress reminds me of sharapova from fed cup 2015 , missing her 😥
paari raaju
paari raaju:
Sabalenka on the rampage!!Congrats 👍👍👌
Oliver Kally
Oliver Kally:
Fantastic Aryna!💥💫🌟 What a player..a fighter, thanks to the conditions: indoor and pretty fast clay surface! Sabalenka worked on her mental strength, it's noticeable: on how to regroup, come-back and lead! Love and Support U Aryna🎾
ليث البغدادي
ليث البغدادي:
Sabalenka 🥰😍🇧🇾🇮🇶💪أرينا سيبلانكا الأفضل والأجمل والاقوئ
P L:
Hope Sabalenka wins this title
Annett looked much better this match. And congrats to Sabalenka
Pablo Briones
Pablo Briones:
Kasatkina has already come out of the closet, now as great friends that they are, it is Kontaveit's turn
Andrew Mark
Andrew Mark:
Sabalenka gets grief for her grunting but the way she hits the ball is just exhilarating to watch!
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Awesome Aryna Sabalenka!!🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾🇧🇾
wow! zero% & 50%...
my Finals guesses:
Porsche/Barty, TEB/Cirstea
Oleg Tagan
Oleg Tagan:
В такой форме Саба и надаля сделает 😁😁😁😁
Moorish Brooklyn
Moorish Brooklyn:
Aryna is such an unorthodox player. But she knows how to win.
Sergei Michalich
Sergei Michalich:
Сожрала Сабаленка соперницу одним махом...
Agustinus Herman
Agustinus Herman:
Kontaveit's scream is weird. But sabalenka louder
Vinit Shah
Vinit Shah:
Sabalenka is next big thing!
mlungisi manzini
mlungisi manzini:
Sabalenka looking good
Mirabel Kitty
Mirabel Kitty:
If mood swings indicate steroid use.... then Kontaveit is clean.
Walter Bauermeister
Walter Bauermeister:
Immediate change of channels when screaming player appears. Totally unnecessary!
I refuse to watch any match with Sabalenka' s vocals. Same for Sharipova in the past.
I’m looking forward to Simona Halep 🎾 Aryna Sabalenka today in Stuttgart. That screaming little Belarusian 🇧🇾 shit must go down. I can live with grunting but I shan’t abide screaming 😡. My diminutive 🇷🇴 Romanian Halep will shut Sabalenka up. I hope the Tennis Channel shows us the Stuttgart matches instead of Barcelona or Belgrade.
Hdhd Bdjkx
Hdhd Bdjkx:
Bravo sabalenka
Case K
Case K:
I never know why Sabalenka never wins any GSs...
Aryna ❤🐯
GEMINI 1978:
Some of the shots Sabalenka comes up with though. Brutal. She’s so cute.
Rupin Jeremiah
Rupin Jeremiah:
Sabalenka's arms are tree trunks!
Асылжан Жорабеков
Асылжан Жорабеков:
I love everything about Arina. I hope she takes this title 🙏.
Mr. P.
Mr. P.:
Scream Scream Scream Baby ...
Mr. P.
Mr. P.:
5:32 till 5:36
Mr Brian H
Mr Brian H:
The screaming!!😳😲😱😖😡
God, Sabalenka, would you shut your mouth while hitting the ball, please? So your opponent can actually focus on the game. Quit cheating...
Dimension Exo
Dimension Exo:
Look I don’t mind grunting and screaming from the players when things get tough. But I don’t think any of them should be allowed to scream every time they hit the ball. And Sabalenka is the worst of the worst. She’s actually just as bad or worse than Sharapova was. Definitely the most annoying screamer on the women’s side today. And she doesn’t just scream, she screams and holds it for so long that as the opponent is getting ready to hit the ball she is still screaming! It’s really embarrassing and ridiculous and the WTA should grow a pair and do something about the excessive nonsense.
Simona is goin to smoke her... The Romanian Spitfire wins it all...
Windwaves Windwaves
Windwaves Windwaves:
please ban Sabalenka from the sport of tennis for excessive screaming. Thank you.
Gülşen Yıldız
Gülşen Yıldız:
Hate Sabalenka because so noisy. Not fair!
Ron Miller
Ron Miller:
Sabalenka's so obnoxious.
author avinish Pathak
author avinish Pathak:
Sabalenka will surely going to suffer a serious injury all thanks to her style of play