Angela Merkel lays out vision to unify European Union in parliamentary address | DW News

German Chancellor Angela Merkel has called on the European Union to unite and emerge stronger from the greatest challenge it has ever faced -- the coronavirus pandemic.
At the European Parliament in Brussels, Merkel laid out her vision for Germany's council presidency, which will be dominated by economic recovery from the coronavirus pandemic. She welcomed the EU commission's plan for a massive relief fund for struggling European economies. Merkel said member states would need to compromise to sign off on the joint recovery fund before next month's summer recess. It's the second time Germany has taken over the EU's council presidency with Merkel as German chancellor.

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2009...EU lays out a vision to unify European union following financial crash
2015....EU lays out a vision to unify European union following Greek financial crisis
2017....EU lays out a vision to unify European union following Brexit
2020.... .EU lays out a vision to unify European union following Covid 19 pandemic.....LOL
GreeKurd Channel
GreeKurd Channel:
Stop selling arms to Turkey would be a great first step.
not european or murican but what's wrong with nationalism?, she said she doesn't want it.
Beatrice Nkundwa
Beatrice Nkundwa:
Industrialization is important in the unity of Europe and of the world.
The translator is about the cry, I believe.
Frank Dierolf
Frank Dierolf:
Rhetoric is her thing. 😂
If we are comparing other leaders to her, then we know for sure she is not there where she is because of her engertic way of are holding a speech to a crowd. 😄
La Ode Syukur
La Ode Syukur:
Knowledges 🌐♥️
Doire O'Brien
Doire O'Brien:
Amazing how no one voted for any of this.... 🤔
Sam W
Sam W:
Could you just subtitle?
s b
s b:
journalist mr richard walker has a very possitive energy, great soul! bravo!
dragon Lover
dragon Lover:
1:55 is dt young Keanu Reeves reporting
Make holy roman empire great again?
kang kang
kang kang:
EU vs 5 eyes sanctions.
kang kang
kang kang:
BLM ~ Huawei n 5g built by non anglophiles.
Hobby Farming RO
Hobby Farming RO:
We are the stronger 🇷🇴🇷🇴🇷🇴
all hail the queen of europe
Harry Duong
Harry Duong:
Angel mekel xD
Khalifa's Koffee
Khalifa's Koffee:
You never see the big banks helping in any fact they take advantage with more massive debt..
Te Manawa
Te Manawa:
rbg 7 fold ret 100
M N:
”unify European Union"
Valentin Condeescu
Valentin Condeescu:
🇷🇴 For life and beyond.
economics escape me when they start printing money
Rantig Aliyev
Rantig Aliyev:
I spit on the conscience of the people who run the European Union🇩🇪🇪🇺👎
Milroy Nishantha
Milroy Nishantha:
None One
None One:
I think the option for Brexit is a deal or reunited again "back again" 🌐♥️
Ugo Ellena
Ugo Ellena:
Costas Yiannourakos
Costas Yiannourakos:
Have you ever seen Italian deplomats straggling against the French to sell their wines in non European lands?
Do we have this luxury? and for how long?
To compete with products made in
China or USA or Australia or Unfortunately UK?
gtt gtrtu
gtt gtrtu:
La Corneja
La Corneja:
I never thought that I would say " I totally agree with Merkel´s speech."
I am a glowing European and there are many things to fix. We are way from the European dream. Which is not yet a unified one as such. My European dream is a strong united Europe that shows the world that a rich continent can also be a continent of social rights, workers rights, rule of law and not basing its profit on exploitation, especially from its own citizens.
Daiki Cipolloni
Daiki Cipolloni:
Can you imagine if Europe was a country? If totally want a EU passport
Pio Jr. Federizo
Pio Jr. Federizo:
To all eropeans you may welcoming fabunan ànti viral injection or fai in your mario marcos travel now in your contry because of an special invitation
He takes this injection to help yoú.made by a pilipino doctor and this injection is approve in indonisia .mbuhay fai supporter
Terence Firth
Terence Firth:
Bring on the frugal 4. Keep hearing the word Solidarity in the EU. Don't think so !
Malvinder kaur
Malvinder kaur:
reading into bankruptcy news of stand alone exclusive small businesses is really a very sad nasty feeling these works depended on month to month and most probably were content with what they made instead of giant forge ahead take debts loans to expand , but the way they suffered along with others is not amusing... this madness need to stop.
may world peace,pure and natural,multiple cultures cooperate
I Don’t care what her political stance is. But by showing up in public wearing a mask properly, she and other European leaders are setting up examples of what to do during a pandemic for the general public. Take some cues USA.
محمد بن ناصر هوداني
محمد بن ناصر هوداني:
Yvonne YE
Yvonne YE:
Strategic partnership with China? Welcoming a state own telecom into your country so you can start spy on your own people in 5G speed. Great job.
Pony Tian
Pony Tian:
I summarize as 3 key points:
1, EU itself: climate change, digitization especially AI
2, Neighbor of EU: Russia, Syria, north Africa, UK now is neighbor of EU: )
3, Strategic diplomat: Responsibility to Africa, strategic relationship with China

So outside the key point is never mention US. you know this is big change.
Valentin Condeescu
Valentin Condeescu:
🇬🇧GO in 🇺🇲market. 😂.
Rudy Altman
Rudy Altman:
Are we still struggling to be united? The big global problem are the corrupt Central Banks whose main product is creating debt and enslaving people...
nidar manusya
nidar manusya:
0:16 नमस्ते जी। राम राम।
Stephen Sonnenmoser
Stephen Sonnenmoser:
Would that we, here in the USA, had a head-of-state with the foresight of Angela Merke!
anita Cordua
anita Cordua:
China are making All the thing to hospitalet and All our medicin are we safe
Akash Shandilya
Akash Shandilya:
Best joke of the all time : EU 🇪🇺
EU is sleeping with CCP. 😅
Dhirendra parihar
Dhirendra parihar:
The reporter from brussels is actually in front of a screen.
Reji Rai
Reji Rai:
Sow before war land map of East India company & Nepal country and after war map sow
Valentin Condeescu
Valentin Condeescu:
To pappa.
The Balkans on the verge of a civil war because of the EU, German inspired like in 1914 and 1945.
Nicholas Hunter
Nicholas Hunter:
Thats whats separats the United States from the EU the United States is NOT A DEMOCRACY ITS A REPUBLIC.
Gain of Function
Gain of Function:
"The global pandemic has hit people hard" also "Our priorities are, global warming, digitisation and AI" seems to me that the greatest challenge is not to put the immediate needs of europe's people first during the next 6 months of Germany's presidency.
Simone Rainieri
Simone Rainieri:
As much as the EU is something amazing and avant-garde, one might think that Southern European countries are geopolitically challenged as the Mediterranean trade and economy is their biggest strength, making these countries extremely valuable for European economic growth. Therefore, one might think that the EU might aim to benefit in a do ut des manner from a stable, respectful, equal trade agreement with the Mediterranean countries. Which means all of the countries that are on the mediterranean sea.
Ana H
Ana H:
A light of hope in the middle of a world of chaos. I’m glad she is in charge. All the best in her plans.
Br_Bezerra List #1
Br_Bezerra List #1:
bull. Germany is the only one to gain from this undemocratic project.
Raymond Deeble
Raymond Deeble:
Yer Britain’s freedom from you .
Why doesnt she just say what the German plan is? Then the EU can work around it...
nobody wants globalism, it will be the death of Europe
Biddle Love
Biddle Love:
Love from the uk! 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧😂
Carmen Peters
Carmen Peters:
this man is amazing.talks so much and says so little. no straight forward responses.
warren arius
warren arius:
Why are we the USA doing
Gilda Culpa
Gilda Culpa:
Politicians playing with tax payers money! How about 250 billion eoros as grants and 500 billion euros as loans instesd!
Eleven : Eleven
Eleven : Eleven:
The EU is NOT Europe.. it is Germany and its vassal states.
Ruthanne D'Antuono
Ruthanne D'Antuono:
Typical political word soup.
Atur Zura
Atur Zura:
M.E.G.A. Make Europe Great Again!
Aparna Dahanukar
Aparna Dahanukar:
Strategic relationship with China?! After that Covid catastrophe, to she wants to have a strategic relationship with CCP China. I have no words. Angela Merkel's days are now numbered. Her legacy will be tarnished
It should be loan without interest
Julio Garcia
Julio Garcia:
European union is nothing but a bunch of betrayers sold to the global elite
Samir Goradia
Samir Goradia:
Greetings madame
S. Lee Mccauley
S. Lee Mccauley:
She could start by having Germany buy oil and gas produced by others Euro union members instead of Russian oil and gas.
Ahtsham Baloch
Ahtsham Baloch:
chris paget
chris paget:
She looked better with the mask on.
Terry Moore
Terry Moore:
Got excited as I thought her vision was to disband the EU....then the bad news came up!
John McEntegart
John McEntegart:
American Occupied Germany, Japan and Italy Ok..
The best way to unite Europe will come if Europeans understand that there are not real differences between Europeans citizens, there is a need to se the other as equals, all Europeans are in this together and all should collaborate.
The objective is the stability for the further, giving priority to geopolitical wellness under financial profitability.
This is great opportunity to shape the future of Europe. Hopefully everyone will understand that the stakes are high but also if things are done right; the outcome could be greater for all.
Representatives must stay truthful to common sense and aim to humanitarian goal learning to put obstacle aside.
Hopefully the Europe will turn stronger from this and become an engine of development for the entire world.
Inezz Mullins
Inezz Mullins:
The EU needs to heavily sanction Brazil, the pollution must stop...
This is just a way for Spain and Italy to pay they're debts.
Ali Mohammad
Ali Mohammad:
the EU is a good thing. Members supporting each other is the best.
jack alive
jack alive:
Angela markel the destroyer of europe
Bart S
Bart S:
The new fuhrer
DJ Trevi
DJ Trevi:
Not sure but I think Europe showed it's true colours during the pandemic. Not united at all.
Steel Mcneal
Steel Mcneal:
Just like the US. The 500 billion will NOT trickle down.
Mengdi Zheng
Mengdi Zheng:
loved it that merkel's speech ended up w/ beethoven ! :D
s b
s b:
thank you madame ursula and madame angela !
Mariana Lazarevic
Mariana Lazarevic:
EU stop protecting. Serbian president. If you are protect him you are against Srebian people. In serbia and all around the world. He is a corrupt Criminal big time.
EU-idealism, which does not recognize the fundamental problems of socialdemocratic politics, within the capitalist system. (f.e. they rule as EURO-fascist but pretend to be democratic)
Szalai Laci
Szalai Laci:
We need more summary videos like this. Please summarize also the EU parliament plenaries.
Electric Ink
Electric Ink:
That woman is an undertaker of Europe. She sowed the seeds of future civil war
daniel tan
daniel tan:
Well done.
I hope eu would work with china and russia in all sectors. This will help the whole continent which stratches with countries that are joint together from africa till end of russia towards alaska as alaska.
Notes For Space Cadets
Notes For Space Cadets:
RIP to EU and the euro scam.
some guy on the internet
some guy on the internet:
Germany and France are going to push Europe towards China so they can get a big paycheck
Никола Јовановић
Никола Јовановић:
Dream on. It ain’t happening.
Clips on Clips
Clips on Clips:
Why hasnt she spoken about the ethnic cleansing in montenegro?? She doesnt wanna unify. She wants to colonize.
Weghweh Hwewehwhe
Weghweh Hwewehwhe:
Send her into retirement.
Easy to repair economy, slap massive tariffs on all countries importing into EU, except those who import some basic resources neede for EU economies, it would create huge production industry and employment for many people, and it would decrease dependence on others
None One
None One:
I mean their hands so that love and equality would be realized.🌐♥️
kukul roukul
kukul roukul:
I dont, quite trust Von der Leyen !
Rene van Teerling
Rene van Teerling:
Nice as written today in many dutch media and they are all not very impressed because of the Frenchies again and again and again they have to move monthly again to Strasbourg has to stop stay in Brussels who are against this and why is always the frenchies in charge ( never apply EU rules do they) even i as Very very Pro European will vote an party who says enough with this swindle .... that money should have gone to hard hit South EU .every month ???? sick deepley sick .
kang kang
kang kang:
US = United Sanctions.