Angelina Jolie Gifts Her Kids Two Bunnies While in Quarantine

In a rare interview with ‘Harper’s Bazaar,’ Jolie opens up about life in quarantine with her six kids that she shares with ex Brad Pitt.

Exclusives from #ETonline :

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Your title is so stupid, she talked about a lot of impotent topics in the Interview and this is was your stupid take. Also why mention BP this is has nothing to do with him!!
وليد علي
وليد علي:
I love you Angie and your kids.Take care always.God bless you more.
Liana Z
Liana Z:
The headline: two bunnies
What the interview was really about: racism, domestic violence and refugees.
tropical candyland
tropical candyland:
I’m so in love with her.
Geum Ji-min
Geum Ji-min:
She's still beautiful. 😮
Some not even 30, yet looked 40.
Dunya Moon
Dunya Moon:
One of the most beautiful woman l have ever seen in my life ♥️♥️♥️
Nurul Tea
Nurul Tea:
She is gorgeous
Miranda G
Miranda G:
Angelina is so beautiful 😍
Soumya Chauhan
Soumya Chauhan:
I love Angelina Jolie so much.I feel like she is sucha great woman. I've always loved her work in both movies and as a humanitarian. Besides,she always seems like a good,caring mother to her kids. Even though,I don't know her personally,I kinda feel that she must have a good heart. Thank you,Angelina for speaking on things that matter and always contributing your best towards making this world a better place. I hope you and Brad get together! I wish you all the happiness. (in case,you ever get to read this) Love,your fan forever.
Brad Pitt started getting 'old' prematurely. With all of his money, instead of doing something about it, he simply chooses to be natural.
BEBA & Alicia Pagán
BEBA & Alicia Pagán:
Angelina Jolie unique, beautiful, famous and a very good actress.
Marilou Fagutao
Marilou Fagutao:
Happy birthday Angelina god bless u more years to stay pretty healthy
BMAD 86:
Ooooook so did a million other parents with other pets
Becky Monn
Becky Monn:
So beautiful 😊
Grace N
Grace N:
Love her! She dazzles and all others fade.😍🤩
Ellie Williams
Ellie Williams:
She's a very good mom.
Anonyme User
Anonyme User:
I miss brangelina 😭💔
Jessica Zykk
Jessica Zykk:
Jolie's the one a destroy couples .hahaha 🤒
lustra lustra
lustra lustra:
Thx was you i know!! Big love :)
Stay With me
Stay With me:
Finally i saw her in News😊
Stay With me
Stay With me:
Finally i saw her in News😊
Higher Highest
Higher Highest:
Angelina GodBless ❤️❤️❤️
I’m firstttttt
Kareem SPX
Kareem SPX:
I saw her look alike in a show my mom always be watchin it’s called Enamorandonos
Linda Makiesse Mansa
Linda Makiesse Mansa:
ILOVE Angie💋💐
To look after the environment and to.look after each other is what's needed in the world.
Are they sick with covid 19? Or do you mean lockdown? Idiotic writers...
Tonya Stadt
Tonya Stadt:
You can say what you want about Angela Jolie she's a a wonderful mom and a wonderful actor inside and out as a person so beautiful she thinks of others rather than herself and she loves her kids you don't see that a lot with actors and actresses I give her a lot of respect 100%!!💗✌
lustra lustra
lustra lustra:
The press wont take pictures...making me famous?? Its against their agenda....
Gloria Ahworefo
Gloria Ahworefo:
Is very good to be a mom
DeeRo Holla
DeeRo Holla:
Marami Pudina
Marami Pudina:
Beautiful family
Anonyme User
Anonyme User:
I want her to direct a movie again. She makes such good movies
jay ty. vaughn
jay ty. vaughn:
Damn she's a beautiful woman. The word beauty is often abused in use. But describing her as beautiful is a perfect example of it's meaning.
Brandy Strothers
Brandy Strothers:
Maria Rios
Maria Rios:
Still beautiful and active. Ange is a model mom. Sacrificing herself for the sake of her 6 kids. She treats them all equally. Bravo!
Don't mind what the people say about you.
You donate to charities from your heart and not for publicity. Well done!
Chapito Torres
Chapito Torres:
So sexy how I wish I could have a chance with you
Drilon Zerka
Drilon Zerka:
Belqiku ma mori djalin love
Ochman Meo Mauricio
Ochman Meo Mauricio:
rare interview? she does interviews all the time
chal chaly
chal chaly:
Mia khalifa
Thais Bitencourt
Thais Bitencourt:
Ben Byers
Ben Byers:
Dora Sanchez
Dora Sanchez:
Zahra Abdo
Zahra Abdo:
Ange loVe
Meriam Gherissi
Meriam Gherissi:
I love her like she is just incredible !!!
Gilbert Garces
Gilbert Garces:
Whenever I think of bunnies, I'll FOREVER think!
Mary Tahara
Mary Tahara:
Why is anyone interested in this woman and her life? She was accused of parental alienation
mizox cb
mizox cb:
Juana Cardina
Juana Cardina:
lustra lustra
lustra lustra:
Dont worry about muslim entangelments....the problem have always been life expectancy...religion has no purpose now...but you have and this is what importent. Thx you for giving me a are 1 of a kind....
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes
Jennifer Loves Make-up, Nails, Hair & Lashes:
Angie a better mom than I
I believe I put anxiety and stress on my 2.5 year old because I'm always alone. I have no help. Maybe if I had money for help I'd be a better mom.
Christian Hernandez
Christian Hernandez:
Warm Puppy
Warm Puppy:
Nobody cares
Jolie is a terrible mother. Who leaves used heroin needles in the kitchen sink. Feel sorry for the weird children
Deb Rastelli
Deb Rastelli:
Who cares. She broke up a marriage. Does everyone forget that? Now she is Saint Angelina? She drank another husbands blood and made out with her brother on stage. She deserves no attention at all. You guys want to swoon over her? She has been rode many times, join the line, boys.
lady maryland jordan
lady maryland jordan:
I do not like this woman.