Angelina Jolie on Overcoming Feeling ‘Broken’ and Rediscovering Her Self-Worth (Exclusive)

Angelina Jolie talks about her new action movie, ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead,’ and what it was like taking on the role after conquering feeling ‘overwhelmed and broken’ for a period of time. The actress also dishes on bonding with co-star Finn Little. ‘Those Who Wish Me Dead’ is in theatres Friday, May 14.

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Easy beading creations
Easy beading creations:
Angelina is beautiful and a great actress
I love the fact that Angelina doesn't use social media. It says a lot about her as a celebrity. I have so much respect for this woman just based on the way she carries herself. Just an all-around beautiful human being.
Janine N
Janine N:
"At the end of the day, it's about your contribution to others." YES.
Cheyi Quac
Cheyi Quac:
She’s beautiful!! Not only physically, but as a person as well. All her humanitarian work and charities speaks for itself. She’s been my idol since the beginning even during her weird phases in life. If anyone can be an example of tremendous growth. She’s the one ☝️ to be!!
Tay Lor
Tay Lor:
Angelina is one of the most beautiful human beings inside and out and she is insanely talented.
I’ve always love Angelina. I remember the first time seeing her on Lora Croft: tomb raider ❤️❤️ she’s still just as beautiful
Judy Sinclair
Judy Sinclair:
There has always been so much jealousy around her, she is one of those rare beauties and talented actress..🌸💞
Carla Virhuez
Carla Virhuez:
Congrats to the interviewer for giving interesting questions and not the regular ones.
Moreli Creations
Moreli Creations:
“Sitting still is hard for me” ugh as a fellow gemini I can relate and need jobs that will be exciting and different for me to love what I do im so glad shes still at it its so inspiring
Meet Virginia
Meet Virginia:
Other than being beautiful
She’s a great actress hands-down
Tracy Phoenix
Tracy Phoenix:
Those were great in-depth, intriguing questions that took thought and intellect. They are not run of the mill surface layer questions by an uninterested person. Bravo interviewer.
Ash M
Ash M:
You can seen so much growth in her.
De Anna
De Anna:
Dont care what people say, can't change my mind, she is the most beautiful woman in Hollywood inside and out 🖤
Sunday Morris
Sunday Morris:
Angie, continue to keep your head up and hold your own. You know what's good for you and family than anyone else.
lennin baay
lennin baay:
Angelina Jolie is so beautiful she makes everyone else look so basic when being placed beside her. Her beauty is just way above the scale.
She is one gorgeous woman!!! So talented !
Sheena Dias
Sheena Dias:
U can't tell me nothing about her. I just love her she has a such a beautiful heart.
i love her so much omg she's not just really beautiful outside but inside too, i really love her. she's the best actress ever
Elbatoul Lahmidi
Elbatoul Lahmidi:
she always mentioned her mom i like that about her 🖤
Erica Peterson
Erica Peterson:
she's had some somewhat subtle work done; looks great
Shiva songs
Shiva songs:
Is a living angel..
Mi Chelle
Mi Chelle:
Hes such a cute little boy ! He's like a mini version of Vance Joy!! Angelina is gorgeous as usual!!
Bel Amour
Bel Amour:
The first time I seen Angelina Jolie it was on the movie Hackers..still one of my favorite movies..all this time has passed and her spirit is more beautiful than ever! I have missed her, so glad she's back
Hoppie Grey
Hoppie Grey:
Angie, my top one forever celebrity girl crush! It’s always refreshing and exciting to see her in social media! Isn’t she lovely... isn’t she wonderful...OMG! She is soooo fine!❤️🥰
Claire Oconor
Claire Oconor:
Angelina and I both share the same very painful experience that I would not wish upon my worst enemy: we both lost our Beloved Mothers at a very young age to Ovarian Cancer. Angelina's Mother, Marcheline, would be very proud of the great woman that Angelina continues to become in life.💓
Prashalan Govender
Prashalan Govender:
I just love the way she articulates her thoughts
you can just hear & see the pain in her when the interviewer asked jolie the first question. its so sad thinking about what shes been through. she never deserved any of it, poor baby.
Sunday Morris
Sunday Morris:
I love you so much. You displayed multiple substance of life value that connects with me on so many levels
serene serene
serene serene:
One of kindest, campassionate, intelligent, beautiful human on this 🌍
Tony Clark
Tony Clark:
One of my favorite actresses
Rose Oredina
Rose Oredina:
Every men & women just have a crush on her!🥰
She is so beautiful and such an icon as well ❤️❤️❤️
Christopher G. Poeschl
Christopher G. Poeschl:
“If our skin glows while the lights are off, we know people are seeing us for who we really are…” Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing…

COVID-19 Inspiration…❤️
Moments with Mo
Moments with Mo:
I'm extremely proud of you Angie. I've loved & respected you for decades. Never stop being you... after all everyone else is taken.
Shona Harris
Shona Harris:
Angelina is one of those rare women who is as gorgeous on the inside as outside ❤️. I can’t wait to see her in this movie.
I am so freakin happy she is still acting <3 I adore Angelina <3
Hakuna Matata
Hakuna Matata:
I can't believe how gorgeous she is. Man, I remember watching her be Lara Croft and I fell in love with her as an actress because Tomb Raider rocks.
Winn Winn
Winn Winn:
Man she's glowing again
sunshine xoxo
sunshine xoxo:
Angelina, so lovely as always. ❤
Vimlesh Govender
Vimlesh Govender:
Still just as beautiful since Tomb raider.
Nell Lamperth
Nell Lamperth:
I love Angelina Jolie so much, she has always been my favorite person ai hope she receives Jesus Christ in the life as I pray for her everyday. She is a beautiful human being and God loves her the way she is! 🙏🏾
america usa
america usa:
Angelina is beautiful inside out 🌹 love her ❤️
elizabeth kusce
elizabeth kusce:
Happy Mother’s Day Angie, love you so much and you look great I hope your heart is too. Keep your head up high don’t worry what any one says. You are a smart woman , listen to the song the woman in me by shania Twain alone.
A beautiful human being ❤
inna Inna
inna Inna:
She is just so incredible!
Wilma Jnr
Wilma Jnr:
Omg Angelina looks soo good for her age tho!.😍😍😍❤❤❤👏👏👏
Christopher G. Poeschl
Christopher G. Poeschl:
“One of the most honest moments in your life - is walking away from something you know could never be…” Christopher G. Poeschl Stay Amazing…

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The way Angeluna's face lights up when the child actor comes up.She genuinely loves motherhood and children
Suheila Knio
Suheila Knio:
Beautiful heart ❤️. When she asks her kids " what's your contribution?" Life is temporary and a big test on us. Angelina is an amazing role model on how to help others. God bless her and her family in good health and happiness 🙏
Meemee Zong
Meemee Zong:
She’s such a beautiful woman.
Angel starts to smile when a kid actor shows😻
carolyn thompson
carolyn thompson:
I saw this film over the weekend of May 16th and Angelina Jolie is outstanding. This is a really good film!
Johan Breidenbach
Johan Breidenbach:
OMG how stunning she is!❤️❤️
Fire Works
Fire Works:
She is 46 and her skin is flawless
Zintle Mvana
Zintle Mvana:
I can imagine it's been a tough couple of years for Angelina, with the double mastectomy, the divorce, custody hearings etc. It's always good seeing her back on screen again. I enjoyed both Maleficent films but I've been waiting to see her act in a realist genre again
elena fernandez
elena fernandez:
I pray for the family of brad and angie especially the kids .GOD bless them
Denisse Liliana Pérez Martínez
Denisse Liliana Pérez Martínez:
I just love her smile, I just love Angelina
Simply Elegant
Simply Elegant:
Such a queen! 👑
Deejah J
Deejah J:
At 1:32 her expression her eyes the lump in her throat seem so real for everything she has ever been through.... always Love Her....!
S B:
Lovely.. ♥️what’s your contribution to others♥️
Jennifer Lovins
Jennifer Lovins:
Someone go give her a damn hug! This woman is beyond beautiful!
Queen Of Swords
Queen Of Swords:
AJ has such a beautiful, old, well seasoned soul. And so full of grace ❤️
Leann Lim
Leann Lim:
she's one of kind, a super mom her kindness can't repay this woman is my super idol since birth, most talented and genius❤️❤️ an amazing hollywood actress.. your number one fan in the philippines...
Blessed To be alive
Blessed To be alive:
This kid’s voice is so cute lol soon it will be cracking though😂he reminds me of my brother
Mellow Bitch
Mellow Bitch:
my favs:
-The tourist
-By the sea
Her performance in these were outstanding🥺💓
der himmel ist blau
der himmel ist blau:
Healed and beautiful! 💌💕🦋💖
MFL Teacher Kerry A K Francis
MFL Teacher Kerry A K Francis:
Sensational with her words ...if only we all understood about contributing or giving back to others....amazing human being. One of my fave actors.
Francisco Almaguer
Francisco Almaguer:
I love her, since I saw her, I said this woman is the most beautiful, she has everything that any human being could ask for
Suzan Lopez
Suzan Lopez:
So much respect for this lady. Beautiful on the outside and beautiful on the inside. 🙏❤️❤️
HOllywood celebs 66
HOllywood celebs 66:
You’re really a good lady ❤️❤️❤️
Aldene Rowe
Aldene Rowe:
Ask Jen how to recover one's self-worth. You helped her become a champ at that.
Thank God Pedowood and its players are going down! ❤️ God always wins! 🙏🏻❤️🌎
Ellie Hull
Ellie Hull:
Iconic ❤️✨⭐️
I love you Angelina. I would so love to meet you one day. You are worth so much more to the world than you can ever imagine. Keep smiling because you light up many heart's
Ntombi Mangcingwana
Ntombi Mangcingwana:
The interview is really carried out appropriately. The right questions were asked (about the movie and the experience learned from it). Often times interviewers would really sabotage interviewees and make them feel otherwise . The is rare and I would love this type of energy to be carried over to others.
Emily DelBuono
Emily DelBuono:
She’s gorgeous love her as an actress 🤍
Talk Show V
Talk Show V:
How can someone look this incredible? How?
Oliver Garrick
Oliver Garrick:
Angelina is one of my favorite actresses, and his beautiful human being inside ,and out she is so talented in every role she plays🥰❤ can't wait to watch those who wish me dead next week.
Dominique Drvco
Dominique Drvco:
Angelina is so beautiful.
Naomi Acosta
Naomi Acosta:
Mama is gorgeous as ever. Beautiful soul, beautiful woman. 💚
elena advincula
elena advincula:
So happy n excited here everytime i hear anything from Angie,, always eager to witness her transformation and bravery,, and this is one moment i cant wait to see,, love how she becomes and how strong her mindsets are,, i’m feeling positve for you,, forever a fan,, still wishing for you and Brad together despite all the chaos🤞
I feel like when you talk about Angie, the word "beautiful" takes on a new meaning. Yes, she's good looking, but with her, beautiful is about every little thing about her, inside and out.
Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ:
God bless her ❤
This movie was so beyond incredible
Solvay Angeline Fry Realtor
Solvay Angeline Fry Realtor:
God bless you Angie .
John Ayala
John Ayala:
Angelina looks more gorgeous as ever. She's the most beautiful woman in the world
Awww I wanna give her a hug 😢😭
Angelina! Can’t wait to watch the film next week. Good interview.
Jenny klarke
Jenny klarke:
Angelina is an extraordinary human being.
Jamillah Idah Souffrin
Jamillah Idah Souffrin:
I love Angelina,whatever people critics... ❤
Such an amazing interviewer! She makes everyone so comfortable!
Soavichgia Srei
Soavichgia Srei:
Contributions to other! Amazing person in the world 🌎❤️♥️
Erin H
Erin H:
What a delightful human :)
Abdul C
Abdul C:
She's always selected great roles and she seems like a wonderful human being, e.g., her UN Ambassador work. She's living her best life.
Jeni Tidbitz
Jeni Tidbitz:
She's pretty fantastic!
Veronica L
Veronica L:
Can’t wait to see the new movie!...when will it be on Netflix?
This Najwa
This Najwa:
Angie is damn pretty in this interview 😭🔥
James Cassidy
James Cassidy:
Looking forward to hearing a zillionaire & an angel faced little kid “throwing F bombs” at us from the silver screen for our entertainment. More great uplifting, life enriching work Hollywood! 😔
Botovi Assumi
Botovi Assumi:
I see her as a great women's and a great mom ❤👍