Angelina Jolie's Advice to Her Younger Self!

Angelina Jolie is back as Maleficent, this time joined by Michelle Pfeiffer. Both iconic actresses and their co-star Elle Fanning met up for a sit-down with "Extra's" Renee Bargh to talk about their roles in "Maleficent: Mistress of Evil" and shared their advice for their younger selves.

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Rekha Parthasarathy
Rekha Parthasarathy:
Jolie’s advice (paraphrased): “You have to make all the mistakes, you have to go through everything. Everything leads you to something else, it’s you and I would just say... hang on.”
J Doe
J Doe:
Michelle Pfeiffer and Angelina Jolie have such a perfect bone structure like wtf God has favorites -_-
I'd be so uncomfortable to sit next to Angelina Jolie 😁 she's like the most beautiful woman
Ikbelle IB
Ikbelle IB:
I can tell the interviewer has a crush on Angelina she kept flirting with her
Suzie Que
Suzie Que:
Angelina is a woman of substance. Being drop dead georgous doesn't hurt either.
Rafael Orona
Rafael Orona:
Is so refreshing to see Angelina Jolie in this light and Michelle Pfeiffer looks so unbelievably good. This movie is a must see.
Siti Cotijah
Siti Cotijah:
She is seating next to the younger actress but still stunning
Katherine Joel Ace
Katherine Joel Ace:
Angelina Jolie's last words in this interview, "you're going to love being a mom. " She does not only have outer beauty but inner beauty as well. She has become one of my favorite people.
Ramon Lopez
Ramon Lopez:
She probably can't imagine that this her life has become. If you look at Angelina Jolie younger years.. From Gia to girl interrupted... Let's be honest, she wild, gothic, obsess with death, suicidal and probably took a lot of hard drugs. I think she is reflecting more of that to her kids.. and she doesn't want her kids to ever experience those kind of things she went through.
HappyIka 1987
HappyIka 1987:
Honestly the best advice ever. Hang on, move on, it's gonna be fine but you have to make alll the mistakes to be you!
dugo j
dugo j:
Angelina makes people literally cannot take their eyes from her. Me as well captivated by her all the time.
Catherine A. Frazier
Catherine A. Frazier:
Angelina's fingers are so pretty
Catwoman and Lara Croft! ❤️ 😍
Samuel Cadigal
Samuel Cadigal:
Im sooo glad to see Angelina Jolie on interview again,shes still the Goddess never been age
Her beauty doesn't fade ♥
Ozley ASMR
Ozley ASMR:
Angelina Jolie is actually stunning. She gets more beautiful the older she gets. 😭❤️🖤❤️
Dianne Marie
Dianne Marie:
Angelina is absolutely stunning! She looks happy, healthy and GORGEOUS!!!!! I’m so glad to see her acting again.
Shamanic Empath
Shamanic Empath:
Angelina gave a real and honest answer. I love how she keeps it so real.
Jonathan King
Jonathan King:
The interviewer is completely gushing. But it's so understandable. I wouldn't be able to stop smiling at Angelina either.
Angelina Jolie is lookin' GAWGEOUS! She's been looking really healthy since her split from Brad.
Apple B. Talbin
Apple B. Talbin:
Angelina Jolie has always been my favorite. But I just have to commend Michelle Pfeiffer. She’s 61?! But she doesn’t look a day over 50! What sorcery is this?
Join TheFun
Join TheFun:
I love the voice of Angelina Jolie, her face and attitude. She has such a wonderful personality i just love her😍
Scarlet Jester
Scarlet Jester:
Yeah, she looks better now in fact, looks really beautiful.
It's me!
It's me!:
Geez, Michelle Pfeiffer looks incredible!! I still can't help but look at her and see catwoman.
Trollzyn/Trazyn (Isaac)
Trollzyn/Trazyn (Isaac):
Everyone saying angelina is perfect when the queen Michelle Pfeiffer is in the room lol.
Karyn Ariana
Karyn Ariana:
One of the most beautiful things in life is having achieved peace, more than anything else. Angelina and Michelle seemed to have achieved just that. Their faces cry out substance substance is what they have to offer.
She Is Jada
She Is Jada:
She looks so glowy and healthy ❤
StarPink Little
StarPink Little:
*I already dreamed with Angelina,* because I watched Salt so many times and in my dream; thieves stole my mom's car. *And she was their leader.* 😁😁😁
Pfeiffer is aging backwards
Dao Ngoc
Dao Ngoc:
Angelina jolie has always been my lady crush. Too stunning to be true
Joan of Arc
Joan of Arc:
Angelina is one of the most incredible women in the entire world. God bless her for everything she did and continues doing 🙏❤️
Damn, Angelina is looking so good 😍
maryam mure
maryam mure:
It's crazy how Angelina is the only one that stands out of them all. Wow. Still beautiful as always. The others just are invisible next to her. Omg lol
The Birds
The Birds:
it's so great to watch Angelina back at acting again. She seems really loving this movie, and she said this was her favourite childhood fairy tale 😊 ... I love Michelle pfeiffer she has done some great villain character too, in witch and magics. And Elle is such a lovely talented young girl. She is Always smiling like Julia Robert
P A:
Michelle Pfeiffer is so beautiful :)))))
shelly yastagirl
shelly yastagirl:
Angelina looks so much like her mother just beautiful
Elle Fanning looks like a real princess. She's so beautiful.
i hate the person who edited this 'cause I wish I had seen her full answer at the end
wang wang
wang wang:
I love angelina so much. Im very happy she's back in the big screen ❤
Naimisha Arytri
Naimisha Arytri:
Angelina Jolie is so beautiful.I can't take my eyes off from her.She undoubtedly has attractive personality ..
I hope angelina and michelle work together again two of my favs
Salma Mahdar
Salma Mahdar:
Pieta Valentine
Pieta Valentine:
They are all fortunate to be doing what they love and are good at.
Leila Trajkovic Al - Samarrai
Leila Trajkovic Al - Samarrai:
I am respecting those two ladies Michelle and Angelina very much. Also, I am having crush on Angelina as the rest of the world, including the interviewer :)
Queh Zac
Queh Zac:
Wish interviewers can be more creative in asking the questions. This is pretty boring.
Ariel Grushka
Ariel Grushka:
I freaking LOVE Angelina!! Ever since I first watched her on screen - Tomb Raider (2001) 💙💙
Suzy Kawaii
Suzy Kawaii:
Jolie and Pfeiffer two beauties
Sara Russt
Sara Russt:
Michelle is everything 😍first fell in love in Scarface. Natural beauty 😁
Hoang_ m_t
Hoang_ m_t:
When the video started and i saw angelina smiled i was shocked 😭😭 she is so beautiful
v x
v x:
Michelle Pfeiffer is a borefest! Elle fanning is annoying with all unnecessary laughing hysterically! It's not that funny Elle. Angelina Jolie seems like the only one that liked has the most intelligent and the most personality!
I love Angie so much!
Nancy Dotimas
Nancy Dotimas:
*how many interview they have becausr it is the comeback of jolie?*
rabia m
rabia m:
Angelina is still incredibly beautiful wow
Present Continuous
Present Continuous:
Боже, какие две феноменальные и красивые женщины по бокам❤
no oh no
no oh no:
LOVE Angelina!!!
LOL surprise
LOL surprise:
I really enjoy watching these 3 sexy ladies doing interviews the chemistry the 3 of them fun to watch.clearly they enjoy doing Malifecent 2.hope they will work again for MALIFECENT 3.God bless them.
Gah I love Angelina so much she’s awesome, stunning and such an amazing personality
Horny Cat
Horny Cat:
So beautifull, nice, generous.... talented Angelina is for me the best actress ever

She is such an inspiration
Krishna thakur
Krishna thakur:
Aren't they so georgeus
Kᴀᴢᴜ Sᴏɴ
Kᴀᴢᴜ Sᴏɴ:
Can we get michelle and jolie starring in a movie together pronto!
Vicky Random
Vicky Random:
Angeline jolie , shes getting beautifull.. I love u!!
Gerry Gerry
Gerry Gerry:
Very good advice. I needed one at this time of my life, never thought it would came from Angelina Jolie 😋😁 I love them both : Angelina and Michelle, gorgeous women.
To me Michele is older and looks just like Angie...
R xY
R xY:
This interviewer was way too focused on Angelina. That’s quite alienating to the others, especially Michelle.
Mayerr Casandra Kim
Mayerr Casandra Kim:
Angelina looks amazing
Kyra Michelle
Kyra Michelle:
as a reporter i could not imagine interviewing these three! how incredible
Gvantsa Okropiridze
Gvantsa Okropiridze:
OMG these two together is my dream come true <3 The Queens !!!!
Aaron Saltzer
Aaron Saltzer:
The interviewer reminds me of Jessica Biel.
sunny sun
sunny sun:
Angie love s been a mom!!
angelina jolie looks soooo unique
Mari Wasp
Mari Wasp:
The interviewer is so beautiful, hot and cute at the same time... and her sparkling eyes, omg
mood 4Eva
mood 4Eva:
Lovely Angelina💜
jana hamed
jana hamed:
omg i'm so excited to see this move my sisters are so annoyed by me
Oss Delmar
Oss Delmar:
Angelina’s hands need an Oscar.
Selena Raja
Selena Raja:
“You’re going to love being a mom” says so much about Angie
Halley Evans
Halley Evans:
I love you Angelina you have been my favorite actress for so long! You are simply stunning.....Much love to you and your family Angelina :) Michelle you look amazing as well I have loved you since scarface to....two beauties and I am looking forward to maleficent.
Cass Nava
Cass Nava:
2:14 DID she just cut her off and move on ??? 🤣🤣🤣
Siobhan McGregor
Siobhan McGregor:
Elle fanning is so pretty she is like a doll awwwww maternal moment. Of course she is going to appear a bit immature. She is the baby of the group.
Kim 5
Kim 5:
Michelle is one of my favorites
E. N. Israel
E. N. Israel:
Before Kylie Jenner, there was Angelina Jolie... except her black woman lips are REAL
Krista Stefanova
Krista Stefanova:
God, they’re all so beautiful😍
I love her nails ❤️❤️❤️ queen Jolie 🇳🇦
Sinon Burr
Sinon Burr:
Angie's incredibly beautiful ❤️❤️❤️❤️
M H:
I’m just looking for angelena ❤️.
QUOC.LA0096 2170096
QUOC.LA0096 2170096:
Damn Angelina loooks incredible
Ivelina Pancheva
Ivelina Pancheva:
This is real wisdom.
We should never ever engage in contemplating "if I did this instead of that, I would have ..."
Clare Murphy
Clare Murphy:
Beautiful interview.
arron baker
arron baker:
They say blondes stand out😂 well not next to that brunette they don't angelina jolie is next level of beautiful.
Hyacynth Demetria
Hyacynth Demetria:
I would say That I got her character!!... And my mama Does it 😒🙈❤️
Harrison Maynes
Harrison Maynes:
I feel exactly the same way as Angelina. Everything happens for a reason, your destiny is your destiny you can't change it. Even though I've had a lot of trauma when I was younger I wouldn't change a thing
Marina Molashkhia
Marina Molashkhia:
Angelina Jolie is so professional actress.❤️
Heron Cabo
Heron Cabo:
Bom dia 🙏🙏🕊️🙏 Angelina jolie.e explo pra todas mulheres do mundo...grande mãe....uma beleza do o universo q vai dizer elas e lindas ...como uma beija flor 🌹 sou fã. E artista plástico 🇧🇷🇱🇷 vou fazer uma obra dela uma pintura
03 AI
03 AI:
Can't wait this movie❤️
Oussama Azzaoui
Oussama Azzaoui:
I share the same point of view with Angie and the other actress , the girl who laughed should not be an actress.
I was just minding my business and i found this OMG the réactions , thé looks omg
so yo
so yo:
I feel like something is awkward about the interview! They look bored or something😅
Vanessa Fundi
Vanessa Fundi:
Michelle is 💗😍😍
Ia Gegechkori
Ia Gegechkori:
Michele is a classy beauty, that’s a different level
Yasmin B
Yasmin B:
Angelina Jolie is literally twice my age and I wish I looked as she does now. I had to go look up a picture of her without makeup after watching this, and she's still a knock out. She's such a stunning woman.
Dennis Villa
Dennis Villa:
I am truly inlove with you angel made perfect by God
Luis Esparza
Luis Esparza:
Every time I here Michelle voice I hear Eris