Angry protest against abortion in Katowice Poland. Documentary film, living in poland

Angry protests after the ban on eugenic abortion in Poland,Katowice.
Thousands of women are protesting against Poland's new abortion laws in cities across the country.

Abortions carried out when the foetus is malformed, which accounted for 98% of legal terminations last year, have now been outlawed.

Poland already had some of the EU's strictest abortion laws.

Fewer than 2,000 legal terminations are carried out each year. But women's groups estimate that up to 200,000 abortions are either performed illegally, or abroad.

Protests were held in Poznan, Warsaw, Wroclaw and Krakow, among other cities, on Friday, footage from broadcaster TVN showed.

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Video From: Poland, Katowice
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27 komentarze:

Arwin Fernandez
Arwin Fernandez:
wow, thanks for giving us a first hand experience of the protest
Paths Explorer Thailand
Paths Explorer Thailand:
Awesome and interesting documentary. Nice one!
Poznaje Świat
Poznaje Świat:
Szook 😱
aprilann batic
aprilann batic:
Thank you for informing us!!!!
CK in OZ
CK in OZ:
Great video
Elf Elfka
Elf Elfka:
Jest moc 💪 byłyby uświadomić, że jest drugie dno całego systemu i afery kowidowej. Ale dobrze widzieć tyle młodych walecznych.
***** ***
aprilann batic
aprilann batic:
17 minutes or so I don't know what happened with the police and protestor in the right side but it's like a push or punch? But they didn't make it big deal that is good in my opinion.
Policja nawet kobiety atakuje wstyd !!!
Darkson lolo
Darkson lolo:
Chciał Kaczyński wojny to to ją ma, a przy okazji obserwujemy właśnie koniec kościoła w Polsce!!
Darkson lolo
Darkson lolo:
Władza pisu razem z kościołem chce z nas zrobić bydło zagrodowe!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Destiny to Destination
Destiny to Destination:
So much crowd in covid? Stay safe dear. Thanks for making this video. New friend from Scotland 👍❤️
Internetowi Husarze
Internetowi Husarze:
Children's in this provision, they want to prohibit abortion when doctors supposed that child may have damage, they want it to be born, but you can give the child back if you don't want to raise it, they want to give the child a chance and not murder him. it can be removed if it is rape, it threatens the mother's life or the research shows that the fetus is severely damaged. woman's want to have a cheaper in the country, because they make about 20-80.000 abortions in abroad the country. there is no provision forcing the child to be detained, in Poland it can be abandoned at any time. when the government made the law on animal protection, there were screams that they protect animals more than unborn children and that in Poland, let's not forget the majority is right-wing, they made this provision for them. there are always some strikes in Poland because it is a damn democratic country and someone is constantly spitting over something. there is no point in stressing, in a moment they will go crazy with something else, it's normal ...
Tom Dublin
Tom Dublin:
Brave Poles👍💪👊🍀respect
Janusz F.
Janusz F.:
Nooo...robicie wrażenie
ko napi
ko napi:
Strange to say, my child was once a ghost. I'm not good at explaining it, so I think it's a story you don't understand.
I once went to Bandman's male friend's house. I stayed at the man's house that day. When I tried to sleep at night, I felt a small hand touching my back. The small hand was very strange as it moved on my back. I felt like there was something like a baby or a weak grandmother by my side, but I was scared to think of it as a ghost, so I slept that day.
The next day, my friend talked about his girlfriend. He told me that she was pregnant but regretted having lost his baby in surgery without permission.
I immediately felt that the little hand I felt on my back might have been his upcoming baby.
I was scared when I thought about it deeply, so I decided not to think about it. However, for the next six years, I always felt that there was someone small on my side.
I couldn't say I wanted you to leave because I felt pure energy without any innocence. And I felt it was ridiculous to think about that.
One day, I met my partner, got married and became pregnant.
As soon as I gave birth to my baby, I didn't feel the presence of something small, so I felt that small existence went to heaven.
One day my partner's brother said something strange.
He saw a small child as I and my partner walked hand in hand. So he said he knew the gender of my child. Then I noticed.
I may have used my body to give birth to a child of a friend who was a ghost who had never been born.
You are free to believe or not. However, life is very strange. I came to think that the soul might be born using someone else's body.
Mysterious experience that I wanted to convey when I got a good or bad opinion about the abortion. I have had a baby as a woman, and I have heard stories from friends who have had an abortion surgery. She said she cried a lot when she was aborted.
I think women have the right to choose for themselves. Both childbirth and abortion surgery hurt women. Very hard work. I really think about women's rights in Poland.
h / why = yhwh = 360 ° eddie 55
Ahsan Pharmacy
Ahsan Pharmacy:
super big like 👍👍
New supportttt
Ivan Sikavica
Ivan Sikavica:
Support for Polish Catholics and other belivers from Croatia!!!
Mich 001
Mich 001:
To wszystko wina kaczyńskiego i PiS
Mat Kajka
Mat Kajka:
Marcin dalej jesteś bezpartyjnym prezydentem?Koalicja z pis bokiem ci się zaczeła ulewac.Jesteś mocny to wyjdz do protestujących i powiedz im to co napisałes odnośnie TK.Pewnie zrobisz inaczej,za pare miesiecy staniesz przy pinokiu i zrobisz sobie fotkę przy czołgu a potem pojdziesz na dach ule posprawdzać.
Anthony Khoury
Anthony Khoury:
Abortion is so wrong all the women I know can’t believe women try to push it and encourage it
Abortion is an act that should not be done as a person.
jeffrey rose
jeffrey rose:
Preview of the USA with the Supreme Court now 6-3 Conservative. We will not allow the Reverse of our current laws. It's a woman's Choice Period. I Love Poland🙏🙏🙏🇺🇸
Religion has no place in politics. I am sorry for the crap nice decent Polish people have to go through, just because of religion sticking their stinky fingers where they dont belong. Certainly not in 21st century. Toto jest wojna. Keep fighting.
Grazia Grazyna
Grazia Grazyna:
Pogonic mafie vatykansko pedofilska z Polski.
Marcin Ch
Marcin Ch:
It's not only about abortions is about ours Freedom from nazi government Freedom for all of us on the Mother Earth
popatrzcie do czego żeście ciule doprowadzili,,, jedni odmawiają różaniec, inni leją gazem a inni walczą o wolność z systemem który podobnie jak skrajny islam narzuca kary w kodeksie karnym za wolność i nie katolickie decyzje - jesteście smutną bandą złamasów.....czy następnym krokiem będzie artykuł za seks pozamałżeński a może chłosta i kamieniowanie - tak moralności w społeczeństwie się nie buduje, trzeba dać przykład (nie taki jak pan prezes K.)