Anne Applebaum: From Stalin to Putin – the legacy of totalitarianism | SRF Kultur

All quiet on the Eastern front? Putin's controlled democracy, war in Ukraine, right-wing populism in Hungary and Poland. Historian and winner of the Pulitzer prize Anne Applebaum analyses to what extent today current developments in Eastern Europe are still determined by its totalitarian past.

How does a totalitarian system form? What are its features? What influence does the legacy of Stalinism have on today's global politics? These are central questions for historian and publicist Anne Applebaum. As author of standard works on the Gulag system, the formation of the Iron Curtain and Stalin's famine war against Ukraine, the Pulitzer prize winner analyses current developments: the war between Ukraine and Russia, the election of actor Volodymyr Zelensky as president of Ukraine, through to Russia's interference in US politics.

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Gerhard R.
Gerhard R.:
Leider wird Frau Applebaum nicht in deutsch übersetzt?
Defensive alliance??? 10:54 , you joking right? What about when NATO was bombing of Serbia? Did they provoke NATO, attack any of the members of the alliance?
malina kapina
malina kapina:
boese, boese Russen! zum erbrechen.
Wonderful interview. Unfortunately the Russian trolls are ever present in all videos with Applebaum.
Sabine E.
Sabine E.:
die Russland Rassistische Applebaum aus dem Land der Reservate Massenkriegsverbrechen zu Gast in ner Philosophenrunde in Ramsteinland. Boaah wie ekelhaft. Ich hoffe es geht als HassRede durch.
chris skipper
chris skipper:
Great and articulate woman...
We prayed he won't succumbed to Israel and zionist lobby
Adrian Allemann
Adrian Allemann:
Putin mit Stalin zu vergleichen und dazu noch die Lüge der Einmischung von Russland in die US Wahl zu predigen. - was gibt es da noch zu sagen.... 👎...