Anne Applebaum on Autocracy’s Seductive Lure

From the Americas to Europe and beyond, liberal democracies are in retreat. In their wake, authoritarian politicians and parties are entering the mainstream. According to Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Anne Applebaum, today’s strongmen and populists present a growing and seductive appeal to many in the West, especially to those who feel that democracy cannot offer security, opportunity, or certainty in an age of rapid change. This trend carries striking echoes of earlier periods of democratic reversal, reinforced by the power of the internet and social media. What will it take to re-instill faith in representative government and is there still time to save democracy?


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7 komentarze:

All Republican senators are becoming more fascist day by day. All are without honour.
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips:
Just a bit of a stretch comparing an election ploy, to a catastrophic event that wiped out the leadership of a ruling government party. I guess books about communism and social justice don't pay the bills these days.
Juan Pablo Fuentealba
Juan Pablo Fuentealba:
anti anti anti etc etceteraum ad infinitum
Jerry Phillips
Jerry Phillips:
Oblivious to the past and destine to repeat it.
All of her concerns are better addressed by Roger Eatwell and Matthew Goodwin's book National Populism: the Revolt Against Liberal Democracy. The foremost issue Western democracies face is a growing distrust of elites.
Beneath either side of the obviously flawed elitist mindset on either side, I'll be following the money and wagering that you'll all keep fighting each other while I collect interest from the funding of both sides.

Liberal democracies aren't liberal if they require censorship to maintain order. And it's truly amazing that liberal principles are so easily subverted by reality TV stars.

This myopia sounds so sophisticated and is somehow severely lacking in advanced economic and political theory. It's an incredible civilization that's about to be destroyed because of what I believe will be seen as simple regular cycles of human history.

Obama got the US into at least 7 conflicts without Congress ever declaring war. Trump was just blocked by the duopoly from pulling out of Afganistan. It's hard not to look silly nowadays I suppose.
Andy Martin
Andy Martin:
40:05 Did Hunter Biden get paid 50k a month to sit on the board of a company or not? Did his father being vice president have anything to do with him getting that job? The average Ukrainian makes 3k per YEAR. How could someone as smart as Applebaum say that with a straight face?