Anne Applebaum’s ‘The Seductive Lure Of Authoritarianism’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

Applebaum joins Morning Joe to discuss her new book “Twilight of Democracy’ and how the rise of authoritarianism is frequently preceded by those in power sowing doubt in existing institutions. Aired on 07/21/2020.
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Anne Applebaum’s ‘The Seductive Lure Of Authoritarianism’ | Morning Joe | MSNBC

97 komentarze:

Thanks to Fox propaganda, Americans who once despised authoritarians, dictators and fascists, now have one in the White House *and the right wingers love it*
Gordon Rebel
Gordon Rebel:
Democracy takes work to make it work and a lot of people are too lazy and want someone to tell them what to do.
The New Natives
The New Natives:
You guys are in BIG trouble over there
Yup, she accurately sums what what America has become in 2020.
lloyd gray
lloyd gray:
Donald Trump did not just crawl in under the door. It took 40 years of unbridled greed, unlimited corruption, and a total lack of morals or ethics, by the Republican party, to give birth to this abomination
ChannelSurfer 2020
ChannelSurfer 2020:
Oooh this book is next - just finished the Mary Trump one. His family were just awful awful people lead by a despotic old monster.
Lloyd Acton
Lloyd Acton:
It's a good thing that Trump can't read. Of course he read 'Mein Kampf", but that was books on tape. 🤪
Please make sure you are registered to vote NOW and make sure your polling place will not be another the Republicans will shut down this year.
Also check and see if the voting machine you vote on is not one of Trumps new trademarked voting machines- they are already pre-loaded with his votes.
Trump sends troops to Portland because his cowardly base love the idea of seeing their political opponents beaten, tear-gassed and abused. Trump is creating a problem then "solving" it at the expense of our Constitutional Republic.
Tofy the Bear
Tofy the Bear:
If we had a person who was selfless as our leader it would make sense...BUT
Trump wants money, at all costs... including American Lives.
The Geek Is Strong
The Geek Is Strong:
Putin has attacked your democracy. Brexit was a trial run. MI5 knew that the DNC server had been hacked yet did nothing
David Alan
David Alan:
Agolf Twittler and his camouflage Kristallnacht Force are In action here In the USA ..⛳️🏌️👈😡👁👎 .
Trainer RED
Trainer RED:
trump supporters love to say "if you don't like this country then leave". The truth is if THEY being trump supporters don't like democracy then why don't they leave?
Matthew Charman
Matthew Charman:
It seems to me that most authoritarian followers are desperate for a daddy figure to tell them what to think, to hide from the intricacies of a complex world behind the simple fantasies of a screaming mantoddler.
John Smith
John Smith:
I think there is a direct correlation between the “alt religious right” and authoritarian. The so called (because their actions seldom match their beliefs) religious people, of necessity want to be told what to do, it absolves them from responsibility and of course by extension, blame. Anyone that believes in an all powerful being intervening in their lives, is a perfect receptacle for a would be authoritarian dictator like Trump. In other words, the blindly ignorant are ideal for his purpose.
Клюев Сергей
Клюев Сергей:
Just like in the Tanakh - “we want a king like the other nations of the earth”. It is the beginning of the end if succumbed to.
The main difference between Trump and Hitler is that Adolf's dictatorship ended in a bunker, while Trump's Reich started there.
Genevieve Words
Genevieve Words:
Tell that "B" Trump is causing the Chaos and Noise.
Ro G
Ro G:
Secret police picking up dissidents.
Refusal to accept election results.
Propaganda as the only form of state-sponsored communication.
_Third World Achievement unlocked!_
*On the Dementia Test . . . the Question was: ''Do you see an ELEPHANT?'' 🐘 . . . and Trump answered "Oooh Oohh . . I know . . that is Mr Snuffleupagus" 🐘*
Bunker Baby dRumph
Bunker Baby dRumph:
My parents fled from behind the Iron Curtain & didn't come & bring me to America to be caged & Walled in! Say "No" to tyrants!
Exodus 4:22
Exodus 4:22:
2:38 Both wings are controlled by the same bird, and have been for quite some time now!
Spiritual Anarchist
Spiritual Anarchist:
In the thirties Europe produced the most vile 'Fascist- strongmen ', But now the U.S created the first' -('not so ) strong- conman'
Truth Teller
Truth Teller:
People should think deeply as to what is there in it form themselves under an "authoritarian" government. Again only the dictator and a few people will benefit from an authoritarian government. At least in a "democracy" people have rights to question wrong doings. Nothing can be questioned in an authoritarian government.
myrna jay
myrna jay:
My mother watched Hitler come to power growing up in Germany. She said the thing..cult of personality, implementing 'law' and authority. And a pandemic is a dictator's best friend!
meredith mericle
meredith mericle:
That's why an educated populace is so important. School teachers are not the enemy as many people think.
Fletcher Christian
Fletcher Christian:
Erich Fromm wrote about this in his book called Escape From Freedom.
David L Lewis
David L Lewis:
New starting point: "there grew up another generation, which knew not..." Judges 2.10
josef jerbils
josef jerbils:
I feel like a hitchhiker caught in a hailstorm on a Texas highway. I can't run.. I can't hide... and I can't make it stop!
David Woodard
David Woodard:
Great interview on one 1-A , hope I can find link so I can hear again
John Lord
John Lord:
There are those who look at government figures as "leaders", they are people who like being told what to do by their "leaders".

Whereas real democracies' elected government are staff who told what to do by the people.

These two are fundamentally different.

In the US the two party system seems to split between these two groups. This use of the term "leader" for government figureheads is quite unique to the US especially on the right wing GOP side. It has slipped into general media use which is shifting the message on who government actually is.
She's right you don't need proof you just need them to doubt.
thata xx
thata xx:
Makes no sense in the west? Have you seen this country lately? She right though, our system is unsustainable
*Trump is only interested in HIS News-Cycle . . . NOT in American Peoples Life-Cycle.*
Freedom actually requires discipline, believe it or not. People would rather have some strong man make their decisions for them ala Jesus and the bible
Vincent Smith
Vincent Smith:
She would be a good POTUS in my humble opinion!
Abdulla Alyaqoob
Abdulla Alyaqoob:
Samuel Perkins
Samuel Perkins:
Yes, but while imagining someone coming to power who could just tell them to shut up, everyone does it while imagining it's someone that they approve of. Nice fantasy.
ruben velasquez
ruben velasquez:
M Dutton
M Dutton:
You mean like the unaffordable care act, and DACA. Oh my bad that was Obama, so that don't count. Still having trouble getting used to the double standard
Oscar Navas
Oscar Navas:
She acts like ellen From the list of Epstein
Ken W
Ken W:
I am one who is attracted to the idea of having my responsibilities taken from my shoulders. I do "like" the concept and idea of having someone else take what would be my responsibility unto them. And it is for that very reason I oppose authoritarianism.
B Smith
B Smith:
Very good book but it’s crazy that people like her are worried about “cancel culture” and “Twitter mobs” while people are getting thrown in unmarked vans
george mira
george mira:
Government MUST include deliberation. As you have seen with such failures as the 14th Amendment in its co-opting by the Supreme Court in1886's Santa Clara County v. Southern Pacific, and the egregious expansion of money as free speech and the forcible damage done to separation of state from cult (church equaling magical-thinking cult), too-vague language allows corrupt interpretation.
The US invasions and atrocities since the 1960s that resulted from Congress abdicating its sole" power to declare war, becoming subject to the deceptions and lies by Presidential appointees taking control of Intel Agency data, and fabricating patently false conclusions, several times, show the necessity of reining in unConstitutional presidential power abuse, AND of laws obviously contravening that Constitution..
Efficiency , especially at the cost of specificity, being dangerous to cohesion, to civility, to peace and the survival of individuals and communities without coercive violence, is, apparently too much for the limited cognitive powers of would-be authoritarians and their submissives, who, as can plainly be seen by the very descriptive word itself (authoritarian), to be antithetical to the will of ANY community.
Presently neither law nor Constitution has been preventative of abuse by those in executive power, and some, like McConnell, who occupy positions NOT even Constitutional.
(the Constitutional provision for presiding over the Senate, is for good or ill, the Vice-President, NOT any "majority" - and I say the following word with nausea and violent distaste, "leader." The Senate was meant to be the most deliberative body, and NOT a blunt tool for evading legislation in the interest of Constitution, nation, and people. Majority , ugh, "leader" MUST be abolished as decider of what legislation to present to floor, to debate, to vote upon.)
Karen Byrd
Karen Byrd:
There are already tons of literature and online lectures about similar topics. No need to write another book.
His Bubbliness
His Bubbliness:
If you're willing to be enticed and subsequently subjugated by authoritarianism you have no business demanding rights and freedom.
Charles Leano
Charles Leano:
The only doubt there is Trump's motives. It is devils work to sow doubt and discord into people's minds
Old Scribe
Old Scribe:
Cacaphony? No - It's "ca-coff-on-knee". Cacophony is the effect of sounds being perceived as harsh, unpleasant, chaotic, and often discordant; these sounds are perhaps meaningless and jumbled together.
Terry Sanford also made many of these points in his book 'A Danger of Democracy'. Paraphrasing : People will carelessly elect what they perceive as a 'tough and strong' president when they become impatient with ineffective self government. A very dangerous thing when the 'strong man' has no regard for the checks and balances within a Democracy. I just hope we have dodged a bullet with this 'president' and have learned a lesson.
Zuza U.
Zuza U.:
You can buy polish people. Sadly they sold democracy like Judas
Hazel Jones
Hazel Jones:
I think what she is saying is some people want the trains to run on time .
Democracy is working with those who do not agree with you.
And at their heart, both American political extremes are motivated by fear:
Conservatives fear change.
Progressives want change because they fear the worst of what we have now.
When either is put in control, their fear of the other will result is some desire to silence their opposing view, usually taking form through anger. Thankfully most American leaders have championed democracy over fear and anger.
Democracy is what allows both extremes to coexist; but only with effort, a desire to listen, and the ability to compromise.
Authoritarianism is anathema to democracy and is a result of fear put into power.
It is unfortunate, but Donald Trump has shown he will give in to fear
Daniel Schaeffer
Daniel Schaeffer:
I read LOTS of political philosophers when I was a kid, and they all agreed. Democracy is a very rare thing, and it takes a LOT of work and ruthless self-honesty to maintain. The average schmuck always finds it easier to let someone higher up tell him what to think, as long as it's what he secretly wants to hear anyway. Con men make the best authoritarians.
john emeigh
john emeigh:
Do you authoritarianism or communism?
Alicia Dallas
Alicia Dallas:
That was a really good segment.
Slowly people will doubt the truth.
Some parts of a democratic government my not be ideal to what you like or your way of life, but if you continue to listen to conspiracy theories and not research the facts we will loose our democracy all together and all fails.
It doesn't matter which side you're on look at what's happening right now weigh the facts do your research, go back to the history of this country.
Let's build on the parts that we are proud of and change the trajectory.
Joe C.
Joe C.:
Part of the problem is that democracies all too often fail to live up to their ideals. They tend to promote "equality," which only idolizes the idea of justice, instead of "equitability," which insures that justice gets done. And, they would rather argue about difficult things rather than getting difficult things done. In short, democracies are hard work, and not for the lazy or weak willed.
Hitler and Stalin both controlled the media under their rule in their countries because they knew that's the way to control the masses. Trump has the perfect propaganda arm called Fox "News" and countless other minor media outlets that vomit forth RW sewage all day long.
Israel Borquez
Israel Borquez:
Authoritarian leaders will never accept they are authoritarian and people that likes authoritarism will never accept they like it. The reality is that (authoritarism, racism and envy) exists and everybody knows it, but nobody will accept themselves to be that.
Only complete idiots are down with authoritarianism.
Amy Chasen
Amy Chasen:
I think very highly of Applebaum. This book is something of a departure from her usual works, deeply researched tomes some of which I have read more than once. Now, I read this book and did find it interesting. But I'm left with the overarching question of "why". Why write such a short book, which is heavy on anecdote, and which touches a number of very important subjects only on the surface? I must admit this book felt a little hastily put together. Maybe she had a tuition bill due for one of her kid's colleges and this took care of it. :-)
Authoritarianism is absolutely perfect for narcissistic psychopaths! Face it,..the traits of narcissism have been taught in our country as being the traits of winners for a very long time. That's why we live in a dog eat dog society where several people don't seem to care enough about anybody else to even wear a mask during a pandemic.
Ashley Mone't
Ashley Mone't:
This lady is 100% accurate! The last 3 1/2 yrs of trump and the repukes have proven that. BIDEN 20/20!!
OK Boomer
OK Boomer:
Yup, Trump is not just the problem. He's both the problem and the symptom. When it comes to authoritarians, people seem to suffer from collective amnesia that many were elected into office.
alex baker
alex baker:
MAGA vote Biden 2020
Клюев Сергей
Клюев Сергей:
God Bless America!!!
AngAngie Angela
AngAngie Angela:
The TrumpRegime version of RWNJs take things a few steps further than the actual Republican Party.
They only claim to despise fascism. Secretly they love it. As long as it harms the right people. Cruelty IS the point.
AngAngie Angela
AngAngie Angela:
The TrumpRegime version of RWNJs take things a few steps further than the actual Republican Party.
They only claim to despise fascism. Secretly they love it. As long as it harms the right people. Cruelty IS the point.
Megan Mackie
Megan Mackie:
Is anyone else seeing these ads supporting Trumps re-election in front of these videos slamming him? Do these channels have any control over what kind of commercials appear on their channels?
Jocco Swoozle
Jocco Swoozle:
Everyone heard Trump state that he's a racist. The least racist man is still a racist! Now he shows us that he is a facist! I guess the president's name really is Schicklgruber!
b_ have
b_ have:
Unfortunately COVID-19, Black Lives Matter, defund the police, white supremacists and the protests have become convenient issues to be used to create agitation. This is what a Socio/Psychopathic, mentally disordered person does to hide the truths they know will destroy them. They are habitual liars, selfish and self-centered, feels no remorse and actually takes pleasure in human pain. I am very familiar with this mental disorder as I’m a survivor of a 28 year marriage to one and divorced. The only way to regain our power is to reveal the truth, the unbelievable plethora of things they are so desperate to keep hidden and they will stop at nothing to protect these secrets because they know once they’re exposed they are powerless. Trump is at an extremely dangerous level given the amount of power he holds!
Heather C
Heather C:
Excellent interview with Anne Applebaum.
Manis Themeasure
Manis Themeasure:
I laugh at people who think authoritarianism cannot succeed in America. All you have to do is look at how things have devolved since the election of Barack Obama and the almost four years of Donald Trump. America is an idea and in a country with such a very high index of ignorance as America is, it does not take much to convince the populace of the demerits of a robust debate and the preservation of administrative institutions. It has taken Trump less than four years to make a mockery of the American system. Give him another four years and the US will be a joke.
Anne Applebaum is very smart and very correct here many people wrongly believe that Authoritarian Dictatorships must have some form of ideological basis like communism or fascism like we've seen in the past .... what these people miss in modern times were seeing Authoritarian Dictatorships being brought about by Big Business entities who have no real ideological basis other than making lots of money by deregulating safeguards and taking money and healthcare away from the masses ... since these modern Authoritarian Dictatorships don't have a typical ideological basis ..they can only use lies and conspiracy theories to keep the public in a constant ebb and Flo of angst so that the public stops trusting everything ...this is what were seeing coming from Trump ,Brexit ,Steve Bannon ,Putin ,Victor Orban etc etc etc .... these people are The Club of Modern Dictators ..they are not separate events and people should stop pretending they are .
OgunDai-Gaia 2924
OgunDai-Gaia 2924:
Authoritarianism, Totalitarianism, Communism, and Autocratic ideologies within the G.O.P. began with Ronald Reagan & Reaganomics [eroding checks & balances/union busting/turning Medicare into a slush fund/incentivizing industries to move overseas...etc.]
Mark and Cathy Nickerson
Mark and Cathy Nickerson:
Gods and Kings. There are people who want to be led and ruled over. They don't want personal responsibility but to be on their knees.
Speedy Chicken
Speedy Chicken:
if you voted for trump in 2016 you took a chance.
if you vote trump in 2020 your un-american...or you have something wrong with you.
Calvin & Hobbes
Calvin & Hobbes:
Well, if Trump wins next election, CRAZY just might get CRAZIER!! Maybe a Civil War 2? Killing of political opponents? Internment camps? It's end of Democracy! We have a new king! 🙈👑🙉👑🙊👑
John Watt
John Watt:
That's true, a lot of people don't trust the United States. If American democracy and freedom is so compelling,
why does America have to attack and hack other countries to spread it? That's military now in 124 countries.
They also weren't invited.
Cindy Hilley
Cindy Hilley:
Great news! Texas opening schools early august. County by county. Mail voting nah!!!
Doug Schaufele
Doug Schaufele:
Biden is the only hope for America because Trump has terrified the GOP into following his criminal tendencies
ray boston
ray boston:
Secret Police snatching citizens off the streets of America! This is so illegal! :(
ralph colerick
ralph colerick:
register and vote blue in all elections to save our republic country over party
David Mathias
David Mathias:
If Biden involves Hillary Clinton in his campaign, in any way, shape or form, will lead to Trump’s reelection and the end of democracy in America.
Tua Sirimongkolkasem
Tua Sirimongkolkasem:
I’m not American so it’s hard for me to understand why this is related to Trump. But I don’t believe that Trump is an authoritarian, as he wouldn’t otherwise get voted presidency in the first place. He just took advantage of his given power as he is too illiterate to manage or lead the country. I disagree on how ‘Morning Joe’ is trying to undermine Trump by using Authoritarianism as a way to ‘lure’ more Americans to oppose Trump. If anyone is to oppose Trump, it should be for the lies, deceits, mismanagement of crisis, creating hateful environments, and primitive views on morality and ethics. Honestly, MSNBC, don’t stoop to his level otherwise your news is no different to Fox. Even Anne Applebaum tried to move away from what you tried to imply.

Authoritarianism is governance with strong central power which limits political freedom. America do not limit political freedom. You just have a president that took advantage from the power given by the constitution. It’s not about authoritarianism, it’s about misconduct and poor leadership. Questions need to be asked why he was able to win the election in the first place.
I hope the US military stands up to Trump and upholds the constitution. Republican lawmakers have no balls, but I hope your generals do.
White Jesus
White Jesus:
Trump reality = ABOVE THE LAW...and USE THE LAW AGAINST ALL ENEMIES.........mainly democrat americans
Ron Wuerch
Ron Wuerch:
The Book Should Read How To Become A Communist According To The Democrats...They Have Become A Communist Party.
Fake news folks!
Bruno Oliveira
Bruno Oliveira:
Law and order!
josef jerbils
josef jerbils:
mike briganti
mike briganti:
David S Cameron
David S Cameron:
I see a biased agenda driven opinion forming media presenter interviewing a reasonable and intelligent guest.. again .
josef jerbils
josef jerbils:
Trump is the best hope for our future... may God bless him.
Bud Fudlacker
Bud Fudlacker:
People who support abortion have the same argument as people who support slavery,you are on my property so I get to decide if you are a life or not! Vote Republicans! KAG
J. Lo
J. Lo:
Bacons Strip
Bacons Strip:
Trump not a dictator or even close to it. America is not an authoritarian failed state. We Americans really lack any sort of perspective to how the rest of the world works in relation to ourselves.

He’s a bad president. Nothing more. Liberals have become a bunch of deranged drama queens.
Steve Fitts
Steve Fitts:
It works like this: Tell everyone the President won’t accept the election results. Then conduct the incredible voter fraud. Then when the President questions the results say “See we told you he wouldn’t accept the results.”

The Democrats are planning the biggest mail-in voter fraud in history. They are good at it. First they need a reason to force everyone to use mail-in ballots. COVID – 19. Then they will falsify millions of votes. Mail-in ballots is a common tactic they use in just about every election. Next the left news (propaganda machines) will start presenting the narrative that Trump wont accept the results of the election. They are already doing this. Even Chris Wallace (leftist in disguise) is promoting that narrative.