Anne Heche suffered severe brain injury in crash, not expected to survive, rep says

Emmy-Award winning actor Anne Heche is not expected to survive, according to a statement released by her reps, after crashing into a Mar Vista home Friday.

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J L:
Putting everything aside for a moment, her boys must be completely torn apart. My prayers are with them. I don’t know how Heche survived to begin with, the injuries to her are horrific. Her boys will never know why, how heartbreaking. Rest In peace Anne Heche, no more suffering. Please, please get help if you have an addiction. Please call for a ride if you’re under the influence- no one will judge you!
Tonya Brookes
Tonya Brookes:
My heart breaks for her family. Such a terrible preventable situation. If you are struggling with addiction, please get help for those who love & need you
What a traumatic way to lose your mother or friend. Heartbreaking.
Jen Dart
Jen Dart:
Unreal and so incredibly sad for all involved. The way she sat up and was flailing around just goes to show you what shock and adrenaline can do when you’re not even aware you’re doing it. When you’re not even aware your life is over. Seriously the saddest thing ever.
She pretty much asked that herself and I feel more sorry to the woman that had some injuries as well and lost everything belongings and her home due to her negligence. It sucks the state she’s in it those are the consequences of her actions. Nobody put her a gun to drive under the influence.
sad for people who loved her - imagine the trauma the lady in the house is going through
Louie Stevenson
Louie Stevenson:
I feel for her sons.
Mano rod
Mano rod:
The consequences of driving under the influence and bad decisions.
Every part of this story is heartbreaking. I feel for the homeowner dealing with loss and severe trauma but also same for Anne and her family. To have to plan and make arrangements while waiting for death is a difficult thing to do. One part of you prays for hope the other side starts to grieve, so you are stuck in limbo of emotions which I won't wish on anyone. Keeping everyone in prayer and still hoping for the best until it is confirmed final.🙏🙏🕊💔
Tracey Mitchell
Tracey Mitchell:
Pretty obvious that they are getting ready to switch off life support. What a tragedy! TBH sometimes death is a better option. She would most likely be in horrific pain, facing lawsuits and most likely jail time. My thoughts go out to her family. This looked like a suicide attempt and as much as I sympathise with everyone suffering mental health issues, you don't take others down with you. She could have killed the resident of that home and her pets and had anyone been crossing the road at the time they wouldn't have stood a chance.
Wildman Samurai
Wildman Samurai:
RIP Anne, it's a shame that she couldn't conquer her demons. Always liked her in six days and seven nights and psycho. Rest well.
Judith Legendre
Judith Legendre:
Thoughts and prayers to her family 🙏 She made a huge mistake. So heartbreaking 💔 😢 Please be kind with your words. Her family and friends did nothing wrong and are completely heart broken. She was someone's daughter, granddaughter, mother and friends to many who are crushed and devastated 💔 . Words can make what they are going through so much worse. Cherish her light and all the great memories now . Let her family and friends have the respect ,time and be able to deal with this without more unnecessary hurt. 🙏❤
create 7
create 7:
I did not realize that there’s such a huge substance abuse problem in Hollywood among people in their 50’s and above.
Very sad that Anne Heche did not get the help she needed.
Reckless celebs shouldn’t get a pass. I feel for the family who had to go thru the trauma of having a car wreck their house.
Dayna Šafránek
Dayna Šafránek:
I hope that Anne’s final wish as a ‘living’ person is possible. I hope that the tragedy of the loss of her life can bring new life to people that need transplants. RIP, Anne.
Catherine CA
Catherine CA:
Wow speeding down the street fast as hell. Thank God there was no children playing or anyone crossing.
Robbie Marcum
Robbie Marcum:
Sad for her family and friends. I know they are going through so much. That poor woman who lost her home with everythng in it and was traumatized should have compensation. I hope things work out good for her. No winners in this.
Michele C-F (auntie m)
Michele C-F (auntie m):
Prayers for her loved ones. Addiction is at a pandemic level in the US. Any family that has tried to seek treatment for a family member knows that treatment IS NOT easy, affordable, or attainable when needed.
Rest in peace Anne, thoughts are with her family and friends.I have no idea why Anne was driving so recklessly but i'm glad no one else was hurt or killed!!. i hope the homeowner of the house is able to rebuild their house & lives as well.
RIP Anne, some newspapers are saying she is brain dead now, very sad for her family, thankfully no one else was killed, thoughts are also with the woman who lived in the house too as she must have been in shock, im glad she and her dogs survived.
Alan M
Alan M:
I had no idea she had gotten this bad. With her addiction. Wow. I pray for the family. 🙏
Phoenix Post
Phoenix Post:
Very sad to hear, this is what drug abuse will do to people. It doesn't matter who or what they are, at the end of the day they leave lasting trauma on their loved ones. I am so sorry for the present social conditions.

It's never too late to get help.
Don't drive 100 mph in a residential neighborhood thank God she only injured herself
Shel Sd3
Shel Sd3:
As sad as this is on many levels, it looked like she crashed on purpose. So unfortunate.
Minnie 🌸
Minnie 🌸:
My thoughts are with her children & rest of family. May Anne find peace 💙
Shannon Fields
Shannon Fields:
So sad.. RIP Anne 🕊💫
I feel bad for her kids and her loved ones. As for her. She made her choice.and paid dearly for it. I pray that someone will learn from this
Maybe this is a good time for all of us to look around and see if any people in our lives could use some help.
Salvador Vela
Salvador Vela:
Wow so sorry to hear this... RIP
Judy Robertson
Judy Robertson:
God bless her family. This is a tough time for them.
So sad. Hope she find peace finally. 🙏🙏
Jen W
Jen W:
Goodbye Anne. Thank you for everything you have shared with us.
Jerry Martin
Jerry Martin:
I'm just thankful that her selfish act didn't result in some innocent person being hurt or killed.
Angel Ruks
Angel Ruks:
So sorry tp hear this. Saying many healing prayers for comfort for Anne's Family and Friends.
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea
Real Mexican Food Shouldn't Give You Diarrhea:
It’s crazy that she was moving after the accident and now is likely going to pass away. I know her family is heartbroken.
DaMet Walker
DaMet Walker:
Life is so precious! Anne I wish you could gotten the help you needed and didn’t have to make a bad decision..RWG Anne🙏 May the lord take you upon his kingdom!!
Scott Hughes
Scott Hughes:
May she rest in peace and may she be free from the demons that's plagued her in life. A beautiful soul gone too soon.
Linda K
Linda K:
We need to be reminded that mental illness impacts not only the patients, their family and friends…but often the whole community. It’s a human issue, a social issue…that we should all be sympathetic, love, and care for the weaker ones. If more people in a community paid more attention to an mentally ill person with care and compassion….that community is better and stronger and safer. It’s how we treat others the way we treat ourselves and our family and friends… they neighbor as thyself. If you don’t what to do…pray, petition and ask the Lord….He will answer. But you have to have the heart to do it with honesty…God knows everything. ❤
Winston Mc Naught
Winston Mc Naught:
also, putting other people's lives at risk whilst driving around under the influence????
Sung Cho
Sung Cho:
I feel bad for the house owner
R P:
How did she end up in someone's house with her car looking the way it did is what I really wanna know, cause that thing looked completely destroyed and torched!
hazel swain
hazel swain:
she wasnt thinking of her boys when she got in the car and drove while under the influence and wrecked her life and those whose cars and house she hit
Zooman X
Zooman X:
Damn. I know what it is to battle addiction, I thank god I overcame mine.
Oh no.. I hoped she survived. We all make mistakes yall, I'm not excusing her actions but she is human. Best wishes to her and her family 👪 ❤️ 💕 may our lord savor help her in this terrible time 🙏
Gee Collins
Gee Collins:
Wow 🙏🏾
Paul B
Paul B:
I am more surprised she survived for and hour in a burning car in a confined space and still managed to sit up on the stretcher.
Paul Seale
Paul Seale:
Oh Anne, I'm so sorry. Your demons were many weren't they. It's over. Rest in piece. If you see a bright white light. Go into the light. Your family is waiting. And God!
Jeremiah Griffith
Jeremiah Griffith:
*Remember this was all preventable*
Rex Dickerson
Rex Dickerson:
How many times will this Hollywood story repeat itself? I feel for the people who lost their home!
Ouch, these comments are brutal.
I never knew her. I feel for her kids.
So sad to hear? You never know what people are going through? R.I.P. my dear🙏🏼.
Joana Negrao
Joana Negrao:
Rest in peace Anne🙏🙏🙏
Brett Jones
Brett Jones:
I knew she wouldn’t make it to much fire for to long it’s sad but she did it to herself by drinking and driving good thing she didn’t kill anyone, rip
Chilly Willy
Chilly Willy:
Yes who cares about the homeowner and her pets, that were almost killed.
Stephanie Fox
Stephanie Fox:
I feel for her family, I thought it was going to hard for her to survive with the injuries that she had I hope that her family can come through this together.
Dean Salamouras
Dean Salamouras:
Loved her in Six Days Seven Nights & Donnie Brasco. So tragic and sad.
bob wallace
bob wallace:
Drunk as a skunk, drug addict running from the law, speeding recklessly through a residential area without regard for anyone and then running a stop sign and plowing into a house within feet of killing the homeowner. The car burst into flames and burns the house, the car and Heche to a crisp. Sorry, actions have consequences.
j t
j t:
Very heart breaking 💔 😢 praying 🙏 for her family and friends fans . God speed 💙
Sar Mar
Sar Mar:
This is sad. Really have empathy for her…she was going through something. All of you should not judge her as if you never committed a sin.
May she rest in peace!
Brendan Fraser's Alimony
Brendan Fraser's Alimony:
Just let her pass away with whatever dignity she has left. I hope she finds some peace in the metaphorical afterlife, and condolences to the family.
Fascinating how seemingly normal people can transform into such a psychotic mess
thevideo gamehit
thevideo gamehit:
Always be careful while driving
alabama trixie
alabama trixie:
I'm finding it incredibly hard to have any compassion for a woman who took drugs and then drove. 😕
Ariel Montesclaros
Ariel Montesclaros:
So sad... 😢
ingrid ugarteche
ingrid ugarteche:
So sad! She died today!🥺 🪦 RIP… I pray for her family!!
Keimahnee Brown
Keimahnee Brown:
Heart Strings
Heart Strings:
Very heartbreaking and devastating for her children and those who knew and loved her.
I still believe this was a possible suicide attempt. I base that squarely on Anne's past very public and well documented issues with mental illness on top of recently learning of her alcohol abuse which seems to have been her way of numbing the emotional distress and pain? Just an observation.......
Such a horrible end:(
Stan Current
Stan Current:
Please excuse my photo. Our hearts and prayers go out to Anne, her family and loved ones.
We'd prayed she'd recover. It seemed she would. A brain injury can inhibit oxygen to the brain.
She will be remembered as a great actress, kind and loving person who cared about everyone.
She was truly a survivor and inspiration for many of us who suffered childhood trauma.
Puggs and Guns and Things
Puggs and Guns and Things:
Prayers for Anne and her family...

editorial: I blame Hollywood for Anne's mental health condition. Working in Hollywood for over 22 years seeing how women get treated and how women have to " do things" in Hollywood just to get their break. Anne refused to conform and due to her "rebellion" she was blacklisted, like Erik Estrada blacklisted, and had trouble finding work . I feel for the lady whose house was destroyed by Anne's driving . No excuse, Anne shouldn't have been , but as I have learned in life there is always more to the story and unfortunately we will never know the whole truth.
I'm sure there will be some to think it is inappropriate from me to say the above but if I don't who will...
Anne, we are all pulling for you, we love you!!! Fight, fight, fight!
So sad. What a fall for her. Really feel bad. And yes I know she screwed up. People have demons sometimes
Don't Care
Don't Care:
700 hundred ft from a school zone. Unbelievable, well she has nobody to blame but herself.
R P:
Some of those streets are very tight and narrow and those roads on hills are no joke, there steep AF!
Blessed MWS Mom
Blessed MWS Mom:
I’m heartbroken😭😭
She had no sympathy/ empathy for others in her crash.. 😑 I hope her estate pays the REAL victims. NOBODY should pay for the demons you have. End of story.
So sad prayers Ann
Situation for all is incredibly sad indeed. God bless her family and hopefully the lady's house that got damaged can be rebuilt and she can move on. But we still have to remember Anne's family to many people have been nasty about her nobody's perfect in this world have some compassion and just think before passing judgement.🙏❤️🙏.
Eliphas Levi Zahed
Eliphas Levi Zahed:
RIP Anne Heche😓
Rest In Peace Anne, I liked seeing her in the movie John Q.
Joseph Zuniga
Joseph Zuniga:
Didn’t she plow down a surface street at an abnormally high rate of speed into a house?? Luckily she didn’t kill anyone in that house! Who know if she was/wasn’t intoxicated at the time or had other motives.
Heartbreaking prayers to all
I feel bad for the lady's home that was destroyed when this junkie took it out after a coke and fentanyl binge.
brad fiser
brad fiser:
"If the road you followed brought you to this , of what use was the road" (Anton Chigurh No country for Old Men)
Noooo! She can't go 😭
Gary Jenkins
Gary Jenkins:
Sad news. She's a beautiful lady and one of my favorite actresses.
Paul Stone
Paul Stone:
Rest in peace.
Austin Centolella
Austin Centolella:
very sad to hear this, pray for her and her family
sandeep singh
sandeep singh:
Why you y’all feel sorry for her. She coulda killed the family in the house or worse. People really gotta stop this nonsense about feeling guilty for famous idiots.
What can we learn from Anne Heche: don't drive under the influence.
Alex B
Alex B:
Rest In Peace.
I'm not here
I'm not here:
Hope the homeowner sues her estate for everything
Thomas Russell
Thomas Russell:
sympathy for the the folks victimized by her bad choices especially the lady who lost her home because of ann
Lonnie I
Lonnie I:
Finally a news item that deals with facts.
Sad 😔
Dylan Wong
Dylan Wong:
Sad to hear of the passing of Anne Heche. She is a wonderful actress. We will miss her dearly.
mario rivas
mario rivas:
Has anyone seen the footage in which we all can see her coming out from the hospital gurney, in which (by the way) firefighters had her all covered by sheets like she was dead, and then right before they put her inside the van she (all of a sudden) comes out from the sheets and tires to escape??? And they push the thing right into the van???? Is this not going to be investigated???!!
ja lil
ja lil:
Wow so sad and sorry for her family!
어찌 이런일이 ㅠㅠ😢