❓ANSU FATI squad number REVEALED at training 🤩

Ansu Fati has a new shirt number. Since his debut in August 2019, the youngster has set records in the league and Champions League. Just six days after his debut for the first team he became the youngest ever player to score in the league for FC Barcelona.

The available players from the first team trained on Wednesday at the Ciutat Esportiva in a joint session with Sergi Barjuan's Barça B squad. The session saw both squads keeping in shape given that there is no game for the first team this weekend due to the international break.


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100+ komentarze:

Ethan Delia
Ethan Delia:
Fati just so you know we are all on the same team, we support you with all our heart and we don't expect you to fill in messis shoes in a year, we just want you to do good with the number. Visca barca!!!!
BFG 10,000
BFG 10,000:
That's a BIG responsibility. This means that they have shown confidence in this promising lad. I hope he does great!
What a moment for this young man, he understands the responsibility & we’re all behind you, lead us into the future.
David Okoloko
David Okoloko:
He is strong enough to carry the weight of the team on his shoulders with the help of Pedri, Depay, Frenkie and Busi...

Vamos 🔴🔵
Obi David
Obi David:
I strongly believe that Couti should be given game time so we'll love to him play in our next fixture
It's a very big responsibility.
It's an Honor to be the #10 of this historic club.
Make us proud! 💙❤️
Brayan Alexander
Brayan Alexander:
Es siento nostálgico al verlo con la 🔟, era el más indicado para llevar el legado de Messii 🤧 espero y Ansu Fati los de muchas alegrías suerte campeón. 🙏🏻 ❤️💙
Victor Newman
Victor Newman:
I’m fighting whoever tackles Ansu fati roughly when he starts playing again. I swear
This season will be a hard one for sure, but ultimately its looking good for our future with all the young talent able to blossom and considering we reduced the wage bill by thousands and received players without spending a penny is also amazing which will allow us to have a whole year to gain interest and go HAM next summer transfer window, who knows we might be able to sign Erling Håland.

Visca El Barça ♥️💙
I think a wiser option would have been Memphis Depay or Frankie De jong ...nevertheless Ansu deserves it. 🙏🙌
Nqobile Mpabanga
Nqobile Mpabanga:
Let’s support the youngster!! I’m confident he will be one of the greatest and congrats to Hume for getting the number 10. I’m sure Messi is proud. Visca El Barca!!!!🔥💙❤️
Omarjit Laishram
Omarjit Laishram:
FCB is life, Messi is love. Life has to move on...💔❣️
Mr. Darcy
Mr. Darcy:
He is a beast when he plays Well.
Continue the legacy Fati
Coutihnio If such a talented player this feeling for the ball is an extra class
Akash M
Akash M:
The fact that he showed the courage to take ver that shirt shows he has self confidence.
fabricio martinez
fabricio martinez:
Grande Ansu 👏 El unico digno heredero 💙❤️💙❤️
i hope ansu knows how much respect is given to that number . he should live up to his expectation
Cajokal Gamer
Cajokal Gamer:
Ofentse Selwana
Ofentse Selwana:
Those are big shoes to fill, hope he's up for it. And also can't wait to have him back❤️
what a moment for this young man. he understands the responsibility & we're all behind you. LEAD US INTO THE FUTURE 💙❤
Austin Ashogbon
Austin Ashogbon:
Cherish these training footages guys because it seems they're the only places we'll get to see Riqui Puig play
Mr magoo
Mr magoo:
Coutinho is looking deadly in training🔥hopefully he can do great things with Barca this season
Neil L
Neil L:
For those still thinking that Laporta was sincere in trying to keep Messi, this along with everything that’s happened over the past week should show you he wanted him to leave. Which is fine but be honest about it.
Really excited for Coutinho based on what I see from him in training. Lets see how he does when he gets back on the field!
Cesar Daniel Sanchez Perez
Cesar Daniel Sanchez Perez:
No había de otra
O Depay eran los mejores candidatos en esa plantilla regular
Felicidades ansu, llevala con orgullo y no te apresures por ser mejor que el legado he historia que tiene ese numero
el 10 me da igual que sea quien sea no lo debe tocar nadie hasta dentro de un tiempo eso es sagrado¡¡
hassan tas
hassan tas:
Barca have always had issues in the way they say goodbye to their legends. Can't forget how Ronaldinho left and now Messi! They should have kept this shirt number off at least one season in respect to their unrepeatable Messi!

But it's all about making money, no respect!
JaCk GrƏaL¡Sh
JaCk GrƏaL¡Sh:
"I believe he will be a great player and we will win trophies with Barcelona.
AnsU FaT¡🥰😍💥💪👌💋💖💦💫
Can't wait to see him play
Reindolf Einstein Hawking Jnr.
Reindolf Einstein Hawking Jnr.:
The best decision by Barca so far this season🙌
lil crusher
lil crusher:
I admire his courage to actually take the shirt
Mad Ness
Mad Ness:
Well ... I perfectly understand that such a genius 10 will no longer exist, and the team needs to move forward
In the end I hope with his game and undoubted talent he deserves this and wish him all the best with such a great gesture and responsobility
Abhijeet Satpathy
Abhijeet Satpathy:
Coutinho looks in good form..hope he becomes the asset we wanted in 2017
Era el más indicado
Good choice! I hope Fati makes a full recovery and continues on the glorious path he was on before his injury!
Ankur Gupta
Ankur Gupta:
The only player I think was worthy of this kit right now!!! 💗💗
Lucas Colmenares
Lucas Colmenares:
Do that number proud! You got this, Ansu! We believe in you!
Rabian Official
Rabian Official:
I knew you were the leader of the new generation from that embrace Messi gave you. Take care, super talent
Yaniel Mendez
Yaniel Mendez:
I can’t see any other player more worthy of that #10 shirt. Take us forward fati, we believe in you.
Alexander  Galdamez
Alexander Galdamez:
Yo lo savia Era el mas idonio que Dios bendiga y cuide cada hueso de la bendicion que tenemos Bamos Ansu Bamos Barcelona solos todos saludos desde Maryland 🇺🇸
vamos Barcelona, vamos ANSU 💙💗
A new era has begun. I hope injuries respect our squad, with the players we have, anything is possible.
Alé Chapters
Alé Chapters:
I just witness the passing of the torch. Good luck my young lad. I’ll be rooting for you no matter what.
Azaan Shakeel
Azaan Shakeel:
Coutinho looking good in training. Ansu, can't wait man!
River Plate Campeón
River Plate Campeón:
Gracias Fc Barcelona por este vídeo. Este es el camino chavales 👏👏👏
Gustavo Palomino
Gustavo Palomino:
Te lo mereces ansu ✨🤗se que nos traerlas alegrías
Cristina Rodriguez
Cristina Rodriguez:
Muy buena elección vamos barza vamos Ansu
Golfie ButterBro
Golfie ButterBro:
Yeeeeesssss, omfg!!! Perfect choice, Barca!😍👏🏻
Guda Lawrence
Guda Lawrence:
It’s the player that makes the number .... make it count young man ✌🏾
Jesús Tardío López
Jesús Tardío López:
vaya temazo de música electrónica de fondo. Mis felicitaciones a los editores
Mucha Fe en mi muchacho, lo merece y es el
Indicado a cargar con el legado del “10” llegó su momento, es hora de escribir tu propia historia Ansu❤️💙
steven kelvin
steven kelvin:
10 shots recorded and only two was converted in a train section, yeeeh! We got high hopes for this season 🤫
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win iPhone 12 PRO tap here 👉:
Hope he continues the legacy of the glorious number 10. 🔴🔵
pawan raj regmi
pawan raj regmi:
Feel so proud to see Ansu wearing #10. A lot of responsibility from this time 🥰🥰. All best wishes lad
kavindu jayawardena
kavindu jayawardena:
Let’s start the journey Ansu💙❤️🔥🔥🔥🔥
Henry Molot
Henry Molot:
Riqi and Phil looking good linking up together Umtiti as well
Fractal Orfebreria
Fractal Orfebreria:
Grande ansu, te deseo lo mejor 👌👍🏻
Rohit Stha
Rohit Stha:
Praise it, embrace it, never forget the fact that carrying a burden can push you towards new heights. Just wishing fati to have a great season with lots of goals. He might not be as good as Messi(nobody is) but he is our future prospect who is going to lead this team alongside de jong and pedri for the coming years. Good luck and congrats on the new chapter of your life😉😍☺️🥰🙂😊
This is hopefully a big moral boost fro Ansu after the injury as well :)!!!
Avinash Choudhary
Avinash Choudhary:
Let Coutinho show his class 🔵🔴
Victor Medina
Victor Medina:
00:45 Ter Stegen viendo como umtiti cobra mas que el, saludos mancuer
Idk if he can shoulder all that weight, but I wish strength to him and I hope he can become even better than his predecessors
P L:
Te amo y creo en ti. Visca el Barça! ❤️
Avila C
Avila C:
un jugador de 10🔥, aun asi, es pronto para darle la 10 🤷
Mateus Lopes .P
Mateus Lopes .P:
Bom Treino Barca👏🔴🔵💫🙏
Nooooo!! La 10 es para Pedri, un jugón como el le queda perfecto. 😢
Subin Thomas
Subin Thomas:
Coutinho, it's your time to shine!😍
A new era begins,Ansu Fathi❤️ 🙌💪
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev:
The chosen one. This number comes with a lot of responsibility, expectations and pressure, especially since Messi left. I hope Ansu has put the injury behind him and has a great season like he started the last one. I also hope he develops good chemistry with Memphis.
Rodrigo Polanco
Rodrigo Polanco:
Mucho poder para el niño
Espero que le vaya bien y que nos guíe 🥺🥺🥺😌
A Rahaman
A Rahaman:
Barca is my home and
PSG is my in laws home...love them both ❤️
Akshat Shah
Akshat Shah:
Worthy of it. Hope he continues the legacy of the glorious number 10. 🔴🔵
Joy Hembram
Joy Hembram:
I want to see more of Coutinho, Dembele
Techno yt
Techno yt:
Young man it's a big responsibility☑️ you have to work hard 👷‍♂️best wishes for your future 🙂
Ángel Soto
Ángel Soto:
Abdul Basit
Abdul Basit:
It's too great a responsibility on the kid's shoulders I hope he does great!
Noam Habshoosh
Noam Habshoosh:
From all the players in the squad, fati is deserve it the most. I remember his first goal.what a journey
luca yt
luca yt:
Felicidades Ansu 😎😃👏👏👏👏👏👏🔟 Vamos Barça 🔴🔵🔴💪
Alfredo Hidalgo
Alfredo Hidalgo:
Bien ahí el barça 💣💣🔥
Carlos Guerra
Carlos Guerra:
Vamos 💪 💙❤ visca el Barça 💙 ❤
marinerphil xavi
marinerphil xavi:
Congratulations Ansu! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
Elton Babayev
Elton Babayev:
I am so happy for him hopefully he will get his incredible form again also other players
Kxng Addie
Kxng Addie:
The #10 isn't just a number for us Ansu has to be exceptional with it
It has a legacy
Eziukasss&NComps JR
Eziukasss&NComps JR:
Coutinho-the best player in The world🤫✔️🔥✨Haters gone hate😂😌🤫
Victor Cuero
Victor Cuero:
couthino esta demostrando nivel ojala sea el siguiente 7
Jorge .Coronado
Jorge .Coronado:
qué bueno lo de ansu por una parte, por la otra me preocupa solo ver un gol en el entrenamiento.
Neil Jason
Neil Jason:
I am happy that Ansu got number 10 from our squad , nobody deserves more than this guy , this guy has a magnificent future
Totally deserve it💯❤️
Ricardo Ortega
Ricardo Ortega:
El 10 lo merecía Pedri ah dado el corazón en la cancha. Y no importa la excusa que ansu estaba lesionado.
Pedri ah trabajado más el lo merecía.
Legend never die 🔴🔵
Arsène Mobana
Arsène Mobana:
Vamos Ansu Fati, you'll be the best of the world👏👏👏👏👏
Al portal un dorsal tan importante para el club, pasaras a la historia como uno de los mejores canteranos que ha parido la masia.
basith kt
basith kt:
That shirt has so much responsibility
Always missing him 💔

But we want move on. For new era
Alejandro Ortiz
Alejandro Ortiz:
Espero no nos decepcioné 🔴🔵
Good luck fati.. ❤️❤️...u r gonna create a lots of magic with that shirt...best of luck ❤️❤️.❤️💙
Joaquin Alves
Joaquin Alves:
watching this video I only can say please Koeman use Riqui and Coutinho! the are showing some level at trainings, stop giving Sergi opportunity when we have better players in the midfield. Coutinho could play in the Griezmann position with Memphis and Luuk (or Ansu/Kun when they back)
Football Memes
Football Memes:
New number 10, lots of pressure of course but he’s a very good player
Saad Naser
Saad Naser:
If you wanted to give #10 to a young player then pedri deserved it the most
Nazrul Islam
Nazrul Islam:
He is still not ready enough to wear that iconic jersey. Barca did stupid things again to put pressure on his shoulder.