Antoine Griezmann Is Killing It in 2021

Antoine Griezmann is killing it in 2021. Griezmann proved everybody, including a lot of Barcelona fans, wrong! In the 10 matches Barcelona played, Griezmann scored 7 goals and has given 6 assists. Incredible numbers. Let's hope he can continue like this! Where are his haters now?

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Antoine Griezmann Is Killing It in 2021
Antoine Griezmann Proving His Haters Wrong
Antoine Griezmann Skills Goals Assists 2021

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Where are the Griezmann haters now? 😎
Coutinho The Goat
Coutinho The Goat:
This is the guy who saved our ass against Granada
Ashtaroth Solemn Hypnotic
Ashtaroth Solemn Hypnotic:
That header goal by DeJong is one of the weirdest headers I seen lol
while Hazard keeps trying hamburgers, Grizou keeps scoring goals 🤫🤐
Kiki M
Kiki M:
He's doing great I hope he stays in fit for his entire career in Barça.
Griezmann really said "New Year, new me."
Fuzzy memes
Fuzzy memes:
When you hear this music you know the video is gonna be lit
Jacob Stallone
Jacob Stallone:
Everyone forgot griezmann was class. Remember form is temporary, class(world) is permanent!!!
Ananth 1704
Ananth 1704:
He has started to fit into the BARCA system. He has regained his confidence too. Hope he will only improve with time....
Abhi Sinha
Abhi Sinha:
When you realize Messi and Grizemann's combination is now becoming better than Messi-Pedri
Zeba Raisa
Zeba Raisa:
He is gonna be "The Prince of camp nou" ❤️💙
Sagnik Roy Krrish
Sagnik Roy Krrish:
i still remember my friends told that Hazard will be a better transfer than griezman well......
Manisha Joshi
Manisha Joshi:
I am the most happiest man on earth after seeing griezmaan is back in business
griezmann vs granada in 2021:
2 games
4 goals
3 assists
Juan Kristian
Juan Kristian:
It was about time. Last season and last autumn, in the shadows. I´m happy that he´s getting into shape.
Even in his hard situation Griezmann enjoyed and dance and celebrated ... And now he is back in his dangerous mode...this shows that we should never be in sad or depressed be always happy and enjoy every moment of life...i really like this attitude of Grizii ...he never give up....he is gonna be a legend of Barca soon.....everyone who doubted him and criticized him....they are all they are not anywhere ...
Yeaahhhh Grizouuu .... Smash it .. He is my fav player since 2015.…..
Rajat Bamb
Rajat Bamb:
He gives 100% is almost every match. Never seen that in Coutinho (still love him and feel sorry).
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
Unforgettable Griezmann 🔥🔥⚽Visca Barca 💙♥️
Vitor Oliveira da cruz
Vitor Oliveira da cruz:
Griezmann perfet Player quality on tecnic for Barcelona 2021 talenty
M X:
Gotta give Koeman credit for utilizing him even as a LW. Lot of individual improvements since Koeman's arrival.
I love having GRIEZMANN in Barcelona❤️
Everyone says greezman is not for barca but koeman believed in him and he shows his quality
you know his hardwork is often not visible but the thing that makes him more incredible is his willingness to track back and help in defense .. he often makes crunching tackles and wins the ball .. thats just amazing
Imagine we win the super cup 🙃 THAT DUCK FROM ALBA RUINED IT ALL
Babychen Paulose
Babychen Paulose:
Video idea - Cinematic highlights of Granada - 3 - 5 - Barcelona with background music as " BELIEVER " song...... PLSSSS THOSE WHO WANT IT
3:35 that assist and the finish 🔥🤩 pure class
hes killing it
Deepak Timalsina
Deepak Timalsina:
Griezmann 🔥 2021
Praveen VM
Praveen VM:
Trincao is the unluckiest barca player this season in front of goals, if he starts to score some he would be a starter!
Arabic and Spanish commentators are just something else 😂
He's the one saving Barca every time
No wonder he is the most important Barca player at this time
FŁĄMĘ 乂 Wąřřįøř
FŁĄMĘ 乂 Wąřřįøř:
Griezmann proving why he is worth 120 million
Juan Nicolas
Juan Nicolas:
Griezmann messi is good partner
Patrick Nagib
Patrick Nagib:
I just can’t help to smile every time Griezman scores
Yeet guy MANSVEER:
Look at the confidence boost in him my man is going for bicycle kicks 👏🏻👏🏻 he's deadly ☠️
Victor Olmedo
Victor Olmedo:
He never lost it, just needed that confidence boost, keep it up Grizou 💪💙❤️
Pratham Jain
Pratham Jain:
C'mon now we can totally blame 2020 for everything....
Messi went down
No greizmann show
Suarez kicked out😭
Barca humiliation
No ballon d'or given

But 2021 is amazing
Messi back to better
Greizmann on peak form ig
Pedri shows talent
Barca is getting better🤘🤘
FINALLY! He's beginning to reflect his high transfer fee
George Joel
George Joel:
griezmann, we as barca fans are sorry for being a little too harsh on you 😭🙏
rajesh r
rajesh r:
waiting to see more wonderful combo from Leo and Griezi ❤️
M K:
LMAO PPL said Barca's Grizzy transfer is worse than Hazards
Where are they know ?
Antoine Griezmann
Antoine Griezmann:
Thanish Dazz
Thanish Dazz:
good to see his dance moves again and finding his flow at barca
Vir Bhutani
Vir Bhutani:
Per Transfermarkt: Antoine Griezmann has the most goal contributions in 2021 out of ANY PLAYER in Europe's top 5 leagues
Ahsen Ansari
Ahsen Ansari:
Griezmann is on fire in 2021. Hope he will continue his current form.❤️
Alexandra Nicholls
Alexandra Nicholls:
Once he start we will see alot of goals it's just the beginning we all know wht he is capable of he just needed to settle in he is goin to be interest
Barca MagicTV
Barca MagicTV:
4 of these goals came against Granada and 3 against Bilbao 😂
His relationship with Messi is very good now
SB Production
SB Production:
Griezmann started slow, but this days he is picking up high...! I hope he will stay fit and keep up his play high, great career ahead...!!!
adeel amin
adeel amin:
he has already 7 goal and six assists in 2021. he is on fire
French Viking
French Viking:
ABSOLUTE LEGEND.. Wait untill he reaches full beastmode. This video is fire!! 🔥🔥🔥
Xetroix Reaper
Xetroix Reaper:
IM soooo happy that hes come back from his bad days and im hoping the same for Hazard
I’ve been waiting so long for griezmann to perform and now that he is I’m so happy
Sidharth B Chand
Sidharth B Chand:
Really feell happy for him now.. labelled as a flop in Barca system since his arrival.. but now look at his class..all he needed was some time to fit into this system.. Now he adapted well and look at his understanding with Leo..
Thanish Dazz
Thanish Dazz:
iam happy that grizzy is stepping up when messi is whole lot of pressure
Simbarashe Madungwe
Simbarashe Madungwe:
My man, I got all my Jersey printed number 7
Travis Tran
Travis Tran:
Guys, we know the importance of Ansu Fati, but since he won't be available to help us in the Copa Del Rey or Champions League Round of 16, we have Messi and Griezmann with us. Should pay attention to Griezmann more since he's killing it this season.
Miraj Uddin Fuji
Miraj Uddin Fuji:
Best player of 2021 in this planet
Gergő Tabák
Gergő Tabák:
Finally he found himself in Barca this season! Hope he’ll be just getting better and better
Kareem Gabar
Kareem Gabar:
istg we need this man he saved our ass way too many times
Gyeong Hun Yoo
Gyeong Hun Yoo:
Griezman is doing really good i hope he scores more and he does really good with messi and other players😄
He was always beast of player and he always will be!!! 🔥🔥
Ibrahem Hazaimeh
Ibrahem Hazaimeh:
The king 🇫🇷🖤
The way he has adapted to Barça really proves that he was right when he asked for more time due to the change of managers and tactics. Valverde and Setien didn't know what to do with Griezmann, Koeman really bringing the best outta him. Love to see it❤️
Chifundo Dolla
Chifundo Dolla:
Real Griezman is back 💪🏋👌
Aswad Hazrul
Aswad Hazrul:
GRIEZMANN...FROM "HEAD TO HEAD " & then " KICK TO KICK " FEATURING JORDI ALBA....Its so cooollll..mannn...😀😀😀😀
Soumik Mallick
Soumik Mallick:
2:20 the beast of atletico madrid is waking
Jeswin Thomas
Jeswin Thomas:
Now we need this to happen to trincao as well...
I feel so sorry for him🤧😕🥺
Arfat Aslam
Arfat Aslam:
Prince Grizziiiii 👑
Barça Herb.
Barça Herb.:
Bravo Grizzie 👍👏👏👏👏👏
Sandip Roy
Sandip Roy:
And one can't imagine how many times he's saved our asses with his defensive contribution. And with this sort of form, we're set for a treat to watch.
Victor Shooya
Victor Shooya:
Griezmann you were the best player now not so mch just come back we need you man
Marcos Panez pumacahua
Marcos Panez pumacahua:
y todo eso fue la ayuda de koeman por que el le hizo sentar contra el partido del huesca y el se dio que no estba dando su maximo nivel pero ahora a estallado y la esta rompiendo con el barcelona buena griezmannn sigue adelante
Ph Mustafa
Ph Mustafa:
Our prince❤️
Mr Neel
Mr Neel:
The advantage of no number 9 🔥☠️💯💥⚡
Rithish Balaji
Rithish Balaji:
Eden hazard will be watching this while eating hamburgers becoz of his injury🤦😂
Lan Sequeira
Lan Sequeira:
Griezmann enorme Crack sigue así
griezmann and alba have the ultimate connection now
L.Khotinthang Kipgen
L.Khotinthang Kipgen:
I am very much delighted for Griezmann for getting back his best form.
I like this barcelona, much more dynamic than at the start of the season, defense still sucks but at least we are creating chances and scoring goals on a regular basis, something i hadn’t seen since neymar left
Edgar Ben Joseph
Edgar Ben Joseph:
Took him some time, but glad he's finally at his best 👌

I respect how during the hard times, he always kept a positive and professional attitude. He always tried his best and I salute him for that.
hypersoo _king
hypersoo _king:
He is coming back how he used to play with Athletico Madrid
Animesh Chaturvedi
Animesh Chaturvedi:
3:24 that's a real world class assist
Tarrin BakerDeyoung
Tarrin BakerDeyoung:
griezmann just put his fut down and isn't letting up🔥🔥🔥
"Greaseman" has finally started playing like the Greaseman of Atletico
Rashid Momin
Rashid Momin:
0:41 goalkeeper is like what in the earth happened
Diwas Bajracharya
Diwas Bajracharya:
Feels like griezmann's sense of position and dribbling ability has sky rocketed.
Spaniel ACE
Spaniel ACE:
If only I had a team of Grizemanns for my football training tonight
Sadly my team made me lose my shit.
Vignesh Kumar
Vignesh Kumar:
Grizi 😍 That's what world class players do they never give up he's so wonderful to watch pray God he continues this form 🙏 risen from ashes
Prajay Sharma
Prajay Sharma:
Obviously, his confidence does that to him.
MITTZZ 2002:
He literally gave the Spanish cup to Barca but the defence destroyed his hardwork
Raphael Harringer
Raphael Harringer:
All Out Development
All Out Development:
Allez Grizou et visca barca !!
Caleb Vincent
Caleb Vincent:
After all the criticism he’s balling rn 🔥🔥🔥💪🏾💪🏾💯
Dr Risk
Dr Risk:
i am not fan baca but i don’t know why i love him so much
Emilio Estrada
Emilio Estrada:
That’s exactly for what I was waiting for since he came here
Mohit Nigam
Mohit Nigam:
Finally getting back to that Atheltico form, love to see it
George Martinez
George Martinez:
Grande Grizou 🇫🇷🤙🏼🤙🏼
Tom Tyson
Tom Tyson:
Adib Uchiha
Adib Uchiha:
That's the griz we all know .