Antonio Conte leaves Inter Milan by mutual consent

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Antonio Conte has left Inter Milan by mutual consent, with Simone Inzaghi likely to replace him as head coach of the Serie A champions.

Conte has agreed a deal with the club's owners which will see him paid €7m (£6m) for the final year of his contract.

Lazio manager Inzaghi is set to replace Conte at the San Siro. The former Italy striker has been in charge of the Rome club since 2016 and led them to a sixth-place finish this season, finishing six points above fierce rivals Roma.

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100+ komentarze:

Yoel Pachuco
Yoel Pachuco:
Damn if Mourinho just could have waited for a couple more weeks 😂 he would be back at inter
Conte leaving Inter cos owners won't spend. He would love Spurs. 😂
Fan Site
Fan Site:
Universal truths:
- The lemon being sour
- Sun rising from the East
- Conte leaving a club after winning the title
The Aston Villa Seal
The Aston Villa Seal:
Fair play to Conte. Won the league with them then the owners disregard respect to him completely.
Lodrick Thomas
Lodrick Thomas:
I really like his personality and his work philosophy.
Fabrizio Romano
Fabrizio Romano:
The inter owners are disgraceful, just won the league
Football makes so much sense these days 😅💯
Micah Kiyimba
Micah Kiyimba:
This just opens the door for Milan,Juve and Atalanta to go for the Scudetto next year. I love this as a Milan fan
Pooh Bear
Pooh Bear:
Back to the europa for them then, I guess we can expect another decade of dominance for juve
This is what happens when you have owners running clubs as pure business. Specially owners that aren't even interested in football in the first place.
Imagine conte dealing with levy😂
"I sink I have a chance of winning with Roma after conte left" Jose Mourinho
H C:
Well that’s inter back to midtable
G Glodz
G Glodz:
Antonio is the most hard headed manager I know. He loves fighting so much if he doesn't get what he wants
David Dee
David Dee:
*Breaking news* Mourinho leaves Roma but insists ‘I’m always in football and I’m looking for the right project’

*In other news* Mourinho spotted wandering the streets of Milan.
Mondher Kallel
Mondher Kallel:
every time inter make a good season they make a cool kit shirt with some serpent sack their manger and make terrrible results for the next season
Daniel Amone
Daniel Amone:
Arsenal needs to wake up and see this as flashing lights to sack Arteta and start spending big and bring him in.
Tuff G.
Tuff G.:
"Spurs is looking for a softer manager that is easy to manage" 😆
yaser khalid
yaser khalid:
*honestly sky did a fantastic job with this video explaining everything* ❗
Adam L
Adam L:
Tottenham want a 'soft' manager....says it all wonder the club won't win anything....!!! Jeez, Levy really is pathetic.....!!!
Conte is one of the best managers in the world whoever gets him next is lucky
marvin huraira
marvin huraira:
Imagine conte at a team on its way up like wolves 😤😤 what a successor that would be to nuno
Kshitij Singh
Kshitij Singh:
Conte being Conte. What next? Probably Juve again to show Inter the middle one. Yeah. That would make sense.
Spurs want a "softer manager", yeah they are not winning anything in the next 600 years.
Michael Varghese
Michael Varghese:
"As we say in Portugal egg is egg, wig is...." - Mourinho (in the not so distant future)
yoloswag420 911wasaninsidejob
yoloswag420 911wasaninsidejob:
At the end of the day Conte can go wherever he wants and Inter have a big problem on their hands with the wage bill, it’ll be interesting to see who leaves for other teams, that must mean teams are gonna be looking for reinforcements from Inters squad
Vikrant Gaude
Vikrant Gaude:
I can't believe reason for leaving was coach wanted to win trophies but owners don't 😅
Arsalan Oshnavi
Arsalan Oshnavi:
This is the situation when a club like Inter Milan is sold to Chinese businessmen...
Haidi HD
Haidi HD:
Pandemic period, don't expect clubs to spend 100-150M on players. It is what it is.
Naba Zaheer
Naba Zaheer:
Would love to see him replace Arteta
First Bayern
Then Lille
Now inter

Why are managers leaving literally days after lifting league trophy

Who next
Diego ?
Pep!! ?
Tsheten Bhutia
Tsheten Bhutia:
I would love Conte to be Man Utd manager...his track record is amazing...
Fan Site
Fan Site:
At the end of this season:
- Roy Hodgson leaves Crystal Palace
- Nuno leaves Wolves
- Nagelsmann leaves Leipzig
- Christophe Galtier leaves Lille
- Conte leaves Inter
Who's next?
D Francis
D Francis:
Conte seems to get frustrated almost everywhere he goes. Don't know where he ends up next.
Bo's in the house
Bo's in the house:
Words can not explain my disappointment. Absolutely disgraceful from our shambles of a board.
Abukar Hussein
Abukar Hussein:
Dear Arsenal, you now have a chance.. get him before Spurs takes advantage of this situation
Luca De Gabriele
Luca De Gabriele:
Sad to see such a manager leave Inter after they've just won Serie A! Hopefully Conte finds a new club and makes an impact
Made in Italy ASMR Official
Made in Italy ASMR Official:
As an Inter fan, I am devastated. If the owners don’t have the money to keep a winning team, they should sell the club rather than destroying 2 years of work

They will have lost a supporter if all the best players leave and we get a mid table manager.
Why? Because COVID hits the fans as well and I can save my money towards other things
F Dot
F Dot:
Mourinho punching the air right now! "I sink I should have waited"
D M 13
D M 13:
Well done owners, you're slowly pushing Inter towards the precipice...
Neo Ndimande
Neo Ndimande:
That line"he demands the best"
Wes Mulledy
Wes Mulledy:
Loved reading all the comments from a different video from days ago, saying he'll never leave this season.😂😂
Shahed Ali
Shahed Ali:
Conte would love Mike Ashley at Newcastle 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shreyas Akili
Shreyas Akili:
definitely cant blame conte here, good luck to you sir
Lord knows Arsenal needs a new coach 😒
Chetan Bangera
Chetan Bangera:
This guy doesn't stay at one club bt he win trophies whereever he goes
R.C. 0
R.C. 0:
Lewandowski just had a heart attack after hearing :Harry Kane the best number 9 in the world
Rafi Nilhan
Rafi Nilhan:
3:51 yes, arguably. Because Lewandowski is current best no 9 itw.
Spurs are looking for a softer manager. lol. That's why they never get anywhere.
Tim McPherson
Tim McPherson:
Even if Guardiola, Klopp, Conte, and Allegri all join to manage Tottenham, they won't win anything there.
Awaken World
Awaken World:
Conte to United and he will bring Young and Lakaku back with him 😂
Myles Gooden
Myles Gooden:
Conte please come to arsenal !!!!
Lwanda Gaika
Lwanda Gaika:
welcome to Spurs Antonio Conte....thank u for accepting this club
Manny Singh
Manny Singh:
I want these Chinese owners out of our club I’m shocked lo scudetto and now this wtf FOREVER INTER 🇮🇹
boi boi
boi boi:
Lmao. More likely he was sacked seeing how he received a golden handshake
Proves Inter doesn't have high ambitions after their title win, they could have built on this but no.
I hope Lukaku, Lautaro and the other top players leave for their sake, because they won't win anytime soon.
Kshitij Singh
Kshitij Singh:
Inter will become the Newcastle of Italy soon if the owners are going to be such misers.
I was wondering about their finance after all those signings.... Turns out it wasn't so good after all. And "mutual agreement" seems to actually means what it means this time, Conte doesn't want to continue and the owner can't really do anything about that since they even had to close down a title winning team in China... Well, at least they both get a scudetto out of this
Ahmed Mahmoud
Ahmed Mahmoud:
Conte to Madrid would be interesting
Broceliande Forest
Broceliande Forest:
Spurs would be a step down for Conte.
I respect Conte for doing this.
Leaves Juve, Chelsea and Inter after winning the league. I'm starting to notice a trend here.
Real-Me in Game
Real-Me in Game:
Real Madrid is waiting for Antonio Conte ❤️
A manager who really knows how to win. (Tottenham: breathing heavily…)
u ark
u ark:
This June is going to be curicial for Europe
Mark Jackson
Mark Jackson:
Would love to see what conte could achieve with psg.
Antonio Conte going to Juventus or Real Madrid.
Max Allegri also coming into picture for these jobs.
F Dot
F Dot:
He's definitely Italian!
Themba Wulana
Themba Wulana:
Spurs would b good for him as long as he gets youth
Uncle Doobius
Uncle Doobius:
I wonder if Conte’s personality could live with Perez’ personality. Otherwise Real is the logical choice.
Conte wouldn’t go to Spurs anyways the club don’t ever wanna give money
Conte is like a rockstar, and there is no way he will go to Spurs. That team is falling apart
Good for him. He has great status now and will be back to Juventus very soon.
simon ndegwa
simon ndegwa:
Conte a brilliant coach I'm sure he's headed for Real Madrid or back to chelsea
Well this was unexpected😂
Hârshit Kátiyãr
Hârshit Kátiyãr:
ESL was necessary for some situations 😭
roniieee M
roniieee M:
So Ronaldo is staying then!
Congratulations to Juventus fraternity for your next decade of dominance in advance.😂
Jo S
Jo S:
Spurs might finally be able to land a proper manager
Conte is the medication Spurs need (and maybe would wish they had in hindsight) but are too scared to swallow. He would be a perfect fit for Real Madrid looking at his tactical and temperamental intensity.
Alex Powles
Alex Powles:
imagine he joins Juve
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
This might be the beginning of a downfall at Inter...they might not even afford to keep their star players lol and they might be a shopping mall for the other big clubs 😂
This guy: Harry Kane is the best n 9 in the world

Robert Lewandowski: Hold my beer
Vic O
Vic O:
Please Arsenal get Conte he is the type of manager we need
Eat More Music
Eat More Music:
Dang hope lukaku comes back to EPL
Sammy S
Sammy S:
Can Barca get him? We need someone to whip that team into shape!!
Kagiso gabaocoe
Kagiso gabaocoe:
With him out of the picture inter lost an important part of the engine
Greg Watson
Greg Watson:
Would love Conte at wolves
Victor Camarasa
Victor Camarasa:
a way to kill the serie a again ffs. Conte could have won the scudetto again
Relebohile Zume
Relebohile Zume:
Arsenal should Pounce on this 🙏🏽😂
Godfrey Bassey
Godfrey Bassey:
Spurs to Inter: “Welcome to the club” 🙄
Tate Whitney
Tate Whitney:
So much for an end to juve dominance, I guess this season will be just a blip for juve
Neo Ndimande
Neo Ndimande:
Damn spurs have opinions now but l doutht he will join them😂😂
Michael Marks
Michael Marks:
After Ole's performance tonight I'd bin him and move for Conte now he's available.
Rav Singh
Rav Singh:
I wish this happened before jose mourinho signed for Roma so mourinho could go back to Inter
Shame. Inter Could've built something here
Schultz Edna
Schultz Edna:
The waiting brick evidently exist because bassoon beautifully reach among a fluttering credit. hard, near examination
Hassan javaid
Hassan javaid:
Man United should hire Conte. He is brilliant, might be they won league again.
Shane C
Shane C:
Don’t get your hopes up Spurs fans
Kiey Oconnor
Kiey Oconnor:
Conte to spurs you heard it here first 🙋🏻‍♂️
Conte turns down real madrid did he? I like the guy even more and that says summit about his character right there!