Apple One full reveal: Every BIG Apple service, all in one subscription

Apple reveals a new subscription service dubbed Apple One. It bundles Apple services such as News, TV, Arcade and Music for one monthly fee.

14 komentarze:

I love this I’m currently using these services I’m about to save tons of money
Isaac Merriman
Isaac Merriman:
So excited for this
Jose Martinez
Jose Martinez:
Cool way to save some money
MacsyG • Renato
MacsyG • Renato:
Tim: No-
Victor Torres
Victor Torres:
So is the premier choice a family plan?
Eric Shira
Eric Shira:
Mrwhosetheboss called it
Dakota G
Dakota G:
I kinda wish you could choose/make your own bundle I wouldn’t use the Apple Arcade and the news plus
Eric Newberry
Eric Newberry:
I already get Apple Music for free why would I pay for it. Unless Verizon is about to drop that deal?
JJoslyn 02
JJoslyn 02:
No Tim 😐💀
No Manches Marvin!
No Manches Marvin!:
Yeah right... we got no money and you want to take more money ?
Tom Meier
Tom Meier:
Mirth Cards
Mirth Cards:
Basically a strategy to attain commitment from its users and obtain more all rounded Big data as their subscribers will get access to thier full suite of things. But all the users can see is saving a bit of money
1000 Lire
1000 Lire:
Not worth it.
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall:
Unless they adding Netflix and all the other things I use besides Apple Music I see no point in getting this