Apple One subscription bundle is great for Apple fans

Apple is finally bundling its services into three separate tiers with the Apple One subscription option, but is it for you? We break down each tier and why the bundle might be a good (or bad) investment.

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Kevin Otieno
Kevin Otieno:
No! I'm not lost... just... peeking over the fence... being nosey.
V N:
0:48 complains 50gb is too low for 4k recording

*posts 1080p video
James Diaz
James Diaz:
I'll stick to Spotify and Netflix
The lady with the dancing eyebrows lol drama Queen style
Rio Hughes
Rio Hughes:
1:44 Nope just seeing what the opposition is doing thats all :P
Thanks for the concern though! Lmao
this girl reminds me of kathy griffin lol
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly
These Eyes See Darkness Clearly:
I just wish icloud had a yearly subscription. Even though it's 99 cents, I hate seeing money leave my account monthly 😭
Haitian Xu
Haitian Xu:
The last thing I need is another monthly subscription on top of the dozen+ subscriptions I already have.
Matthew Howell
Matthew Howell:
It's nice to know that the CNet staff is still snotty and arrogant.

Some things never change.
Spyridon Papaspyros
Spyridon Papaspyros:
No honey didn’t get lost, running out of comedies and watching how you present new useless subscriptions. Btw in Galaxy S10 I have 512gb + 128gb for free 😂😂😂
satu supari
satu supari:
how s this going to work across regions , lets say where apple aracade is available but othehr services like apple tv or music are not ??
Vinny Soto
Vinny Soto:
I'm a Android user. I'm here to slowly watch apple turning into the umbrella Corp...😳👀💀
I would’ve been all in for that premier plan if it were $25 a month.
Android users!
Anthony Vallejo
Anthony Vallejo:
I definitely like the bundle package. I might end up taking the Premier package.
Guillermo Serra
Guillermo Serra:
Finally, something convincing for me to dig in, I might jump into tier 2 and see what arcade is about. I already share 200 gigs and apple tv+ so I definitely see some benefits here for me.
I have 2TB apple cloud and I’m currently paying 9.99 a month, no need for all that distraction
Paul Kjoss
Paul Kjoss:
2:09 - yes I am one of those cracked screen users and you’re right - there are a lot of us... :P
Cherry Stone
Cherry Stone:
i am the one who has a 5 year old iphone with a cracked screen lol dam, i need to fix my life.
It would be great if we had the option to create our own bundle to our liking
Gavin Southern
Gavin Southern:
What if I want news, instead of Arcade??? I wanted Apple One BAD. I can’t now
Elon Musk
Elon Musk:
I'm from Android universe I don't know what I'm doing here
Well, since I'm paying for the family plan on Apple Music, might as well pay for the Family plan and get more out of my money
There was no point of discussing the Epic issue here !! 🙄🙄
Btw in your previous video, I really liked that courtroom representation of Epic vs Apple 😅😅
Anthony Brazzle
Anthony Brazzle:
HEY HEY HEY... Android Users Like To Learn About Things That Are Non-Androish In The Tech World Too 😂😭
I am more into Apple Music, the Apple one will be a bonus for me and saver of the day.
Ariel Ovalle
Ariel Ovalle:
I’ll be getting the family plan.
Rafael Rios
Rafael Rios:
2:11 Literally everyone
Zoey Roberts
Zoey Roberts:
Will be available in Canada though? And android users do have apple products too you know..esp as a secondary device
Daniel Garibay
Daniel Garibay:
Will they offer a student discount with any of these?
I am an Android user, no I did not get lost, lol 😂
I am a proud user of Apple products and I will be signing up fo one of their bundles.
Ali Sannouh
Ali Sannouh:
Most of apple users needs only icloud and apple music😒
Joseph Janakes
Joseph Janakes:
Why is the service limited to 5 family members when family sharing has a maximum of 6?
Isaiah L. Rice
Isaiah L. Rice:
Can you up the iCloud to the 2TB with any of the plans?
I pay $1.72 a month total for APPLE MUSIC and TV+ 😂😂😂
I'm from India
Man.... It's to much subscriptions. Hulu netflix pickcok disney plus amazon spotify apple plus etc etc etc
if you're on the individual plan, can upgrade the icloud storage?
John Cochrane
John Cochrane:
Going for Premium Apple One - All In
Victorovich Gruzdev
Victorovich Gruzdev:
Apple’s Family Pack Plan looks more appealing to me. I mean apple arcade tv+ for the whole betcha..all i hope that apple give a discount to my current country
This is not worth it for me. Apple services I will never use.
Darren _K
Darren _K:
That storage is way too low on the first two options.
nikola stamenkovic
nikola stamenkovic:
im android and i- well i definitely am lost
just AAMER
just AAMER:
Apple One
The Saviour Of Apple Devices
Cat Lover
Cat Lover:
Good to know...
Ferdinand Solis
Ferdinand Solis:
Bundle in Audible and Youtube Premium.
Jon L
Jon L:
What if I only want the services in the individual plan but I need more than 50gb of iCloud?
Pak Furious
Pak Furious:
80gb hahahaha
I get Apple Music and 200gb of storage for like $13 maybe I’ll switch
Bojidar Martinov
Bojidar Martinov:
Tove Lo is that you?
Bibek Dhakal
Bibek Dhakal:
1:44 what what what🥺
Clint Robertson
Clint Robertson:
I love her humor hahahahah
Sean Keating
Sean Keating:
For all those services I only will pay 4 dollars more a month for what I am paying for 3 of them now. I like the new plan.
Deepak Basapathi
Deepak Basapathi:
Is the 200 GB iCloud storage shared with the family members or does each family member get 200GB?
Ethan Sidbury
Ethan Sidbury:
Hella shade😂😂👍🏾
Someone tell me what's in it so I don't have to watch this woman.
Is the iCloud storage shared for the family and premier plans, or does EACH person get the allotted iCloud storage?
No iPhone 😭
Francis Ricafort
Francis Ricafort:
I am Android user and I am not an Apple user, I just happen to own some Apple stocks. I just want to see what is Apple doing to earn more money
just in
just in:
Student discount ?
Prabhu K N
Prabhu K N:
Oh god so much fakism on her voice 🙈
Projecto Camilo Cienfuegos
Projecto Camilo Cienfuegos:
The android joke was funny
What about iTunes Match?
Heisenberg B.B
Heisenberg B.B:
I'm a android user. Definitely was lost
Trying to combat Xbox Game Pass with Office 365 on Samsung Devices?
Sam Chiu
Sam Chiu:
May try it.
This is dumb. I pay $10 Apple Music and $1 for iCloud every month and won’t use tv or arcade.
Carlos Martinez
Carlos Martinez:
I like the $29 bundle because of the 2TB , but I don't use fitness and news+.
Sai Nikith Reddy
Sai Nikith Reddy:
Duck android and move on to apple 🍎 📲
Fenix247 pokemon
Fenix247 pokemon:
Ill stay with android that have the spotify, netflix, fortnite, and game pass Android is yust the best option for me
Ali Sannouh
Ali Sannouh:
Did somebody notice that the first bundle you actually save nothing 🤣
Conner G
Conner G:
This subscription is allllll dumb :/ I ain't getting none like I'm, not a person who play app games can care less about appletv+ music ehhhh i got you tube for my music
Tanvir Rasel
Tanvir Rasel:
Is she Ashley esqueda?
Nothing Apple is "great."
Geoffrey Wan
Geoffrey Wan:
I’ll just stick with Apple Music. All the other services suck.
Zay G
Zay G:
Good lord she’s trying so hard to be funny 😂 I don’t hate the energy just tone it down a little
Toddy wang
Toddy wang:
Apple should create Apple one including MAC iPhone Ipad and watch with price 2000$
Thi Henry
Thi Henry:
Apple TV is crap so it not a good deals... all I want is arcade, music, and 50 gb cloud storages for 10$
The Individual tier should have 200GB of iCloud storage. I currently pay $3 for 200GB and it's $1 for 50GB. Apple couldn't really afford to lose the extra 2 bucks? Come on...
Erne Mtz
Erne Mtz:
Loool I like her. Who’s she?
I am an android user but i have an ipad pro too
Chris Bass
Chris Bass:
$20 a month? I rather pay $15 for games pass on a android phone. And I’m a iPhone user lol and music? I download music for free on my iPhone.
Kaito Kuroba7
Kaito Kuroba7:
And she just roasted all the android users
50GB iCloud is low? Wtf 😂 as if the majority of iPhone owners are content creators and shooting 4K video like she says. Who’s your target audience, other content creators on YouTube... or the vast general market of consumers?
Just don’t like that you can’t pick your own subscriptions for the bundle. Don’t care much for the storage or for arcade/news+ but I already have tv+ and music so I would like to bundle that with the new fitness+
I had high hopes for Apple One but inevitably it was kind of crap. 🤷‍♂️
I'd rather have something with storage, music and Apple Care together, they really need a build your own plan option, not this bundled crap.
1:44 nope we're ok, just seeing another reason why owning an iPhone is a bad idea.
Paul Keating
Paul Keating:
The only “service” I use is cloud storage and that costs me £0.79 per month and that’s just because I’m too lazy to organise the few hundred photos I actually have. I’m good thanks Apple.
Too bad fitness is locked off to premier
jason le
jason le:
The best and most popular service is Apple Music so basically they want people to pay slightly more for their other services.
I'm glad Im on Android. Don't need this garbage :)
NGC 7635
NGC 7635:
It might be deal if Apple TV actually had any content. The UI is so bad you’ll struggle to actually find something the subscription gives you access to.
Not Japan
Not Japan:
Without Fortnite and game streaming services, Apple One is a Joke 🤭
C C:
Xbox gamepass PC and GameFly is all I need to pay for. YouTube has plenty of music and free movies (if you don’t mind the ads).
Fed Donovan
Fed Donovan:
Only for isheeps...
Panda Panda
Panda Panda:
Dislike by android user
All I want is
I'll pay 2 million dollars every hour for it.
J Nigel
J Nigel:
The way you describe and eye-rolled "non techy people who use 4 year old cracked screen phone" like they're unreasonable people is totally wrong.. these people are actually the smart ones who don't fall into this subscription crap.
Apple knows their News+, Arcade, and AppleTv is not getting their expected success so they bundled up these with another not successful (yet less lackluster) service called Apple Music to MAKE PEOPLE PAY MORE MONEY for a subscription that they don't need!
It's totally not worth it. 50GB iCloud storage on the lowest tier? No way! This amount of storage should be free by now, not those pathetic 5GB. I'll just stick with Apple Music and iCloud.
Nemo Ciau
Nemo Ciau:
Android pirate here: "muahaha...yes sheep, dig yourself deeper" 😈
This makes YouTube’s bundled services seem like a steal!