Apple Watch 6 Release Date and Price – Watch Series 6 Launch Date Change…

The dates for latest king smartwatch; Apple Watch Series 6 release date and price have been circled around in the latest round of rumours and leaks.

Apologies I said iPad Mini when I should have said iPhone...

We have for you the latest details and leaks of a new Apple Watch 6 in the work! We also have the latest on a Apple Watch series 6 Launch Date change and more about the Specs for the Apple Watch Series 6
We also have the latest information on the Apple Watch 6 Price as well.

We are so excited for this Smart watch so we are constantly giving you the latest Apple Watch Series 6 review details whenever we can. The latest leaks are showing a Watch 6 with a brand new Finger Scanner Display technology. We are still awaiting a official Apple Watch 6 Series 6 video trailer but these latest renders if true make the smart watch look gorgeous and an advancement on the Apple Watch Series 5!

Some of the rumoured Apple Watch 6 2020 features:

- S6 Chipset
- Crown Fingerprint scanner
- Digital Crown button

The Apple Watch Series 6 looks like it will be the latest Apple Watch since the Apple Watch 5 that came out last year.

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100+ komentarze:

Darth Vader
Darth Vader:
I actually don’t have one, though I want to get the series 6.
M Cartier
M Cartier:
Over 5 years later I still wear and use my 1st generation apple watch lol
Matt Talks Tech
Matt Talks Tech:
So has the Apple Watch caught your eye this year? Will you be getting one or skipping and waiting for next year?
I’d like to enter the giveaway. We keep on hearing so many contradicting info 🙄 been waiting for the 6 for what feels like forever now.
Really want one, but waiting for the series 6 as there were rumours a SE version too
James Lla
James Lla:
I’m having the series 5, i’m going to buy the series 6
pankaj parihar
pankaj parihar:
Honestly i use my phone to find out the time, whenever i need to and i never have had any watch but i am never late and i am very efficient with time and may be in future i would love to keep it this way and Why waste money 😉😉😉

FYI :- i honestly couldn't afford it. I am here just because i love apple products and this channel provide really awesome content regarding so....😁😁😁
Caqtch PD
Caqtch PD:
I have an Apple Watch Series 5 and it’s amazing! I can’t wait for series 6 although I might not get it 😕
Jatin Goyal
Jatin Goyal:
I won't buy this year's apple watch but wait for the upcoming editions, considering what more apple can offer in the future.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith:
Where to get one cheap? Thanks
Baku Mane
Baku Mane:
I’m rocking a Series 1 still 😎, want to change to Series 6 this year tho.
Edrian Lucas
Edrian Lucas:
Looking forward to purchasing my first Apple Watch when the Series 6 is released.
Lenn Beld
Lenn Beld:
I don’t own a Apple Watch but i’m waiting for the series 6 to Come out and then make my decission
Theres gonna be a six and i still have the first series 😭😂
RN-Smart PRO
RN-Smart PRO:
I've apple watch series 4 and I'm so excited to upgrade to apple series 6 when is released.!
Dominik M.
Dominik M.:
I never owned an Apple Watch but planning on getting one in December after giving it a bit of time for reviews. Also I would like to enter the giveaway (did all the necessary steps)
Shahriman Monteiro
Shahriman Monteiro:
I bought it every year since I can claim it from my office under fitness claim.
Kris Jackson
Kris Jackson:
I’m coming from series 2 and willing to upgrade for the always-on display + whatever new features they surprise us with
Henry Chavez
Henry Chavez:
I own an Apple Watch series 4. I also have an iPhone 6 and I would really really love to win that iPhone giveaway😩😫😭. My phone was a hand me down from my mom and I’ve had it for about four years now.
PS: In your video you were saying that your we’re celebrating your 30k subscribers and then I find out that you gained 6k subs in a day. Congratulations 🎊🎉🍾
Your so detailed in your videos. Keep up the good work. Remember me before you reach 1 mil🤣
David Reyas
David Reyas:
Date change? That’s bs, apples just screwing with us now.
Daniel Addesso
Daniel Addesso:
I have Apple Series 3 watch In my next watch I’m thinking about getting the series 6
I have never had an Apple Watch but I have a Fitbit and I am participating in the giveaway. Luv your vids keep up the good work!!!😀😀😀
Harry Bryant
Harry Bryant:
I think that it will still come out this month, hopefully, this Tuesday
ya nans a village
ya nans a village:
I’d love to enter the giveaway, I don’t have a smart watch at the moment so I’m looking at getting the series 6
warren gaskin
warren gaskin:
I’ve owned the series 5 since December, I’m going to skip this upgrade
Gajanan Dhongade
Gajanan Dhongade:
I currently have a series 3 but I might wait for next year or later to get a new apple watch.
P.S. I love your channel! Keep up the good vids!
Savvas T
Savvas T:
Have the ‘series 0’ .. very 1st Apple Watch — got given it by my gran can you believe it haha ! ROAD to 50k subscribers Matt !! Keep it up man, big hustle 👊
Yvette Gonzales
Yvette Gonzales:
I don't have a smart watch. Thus, I have my eyes on series 6. Thanks for the updates!
Courvane _lifestyle
Courvane _lifestyle:
The Apple Watch leaks are coming out tomorrow but the watch itself will be coming out next week or this Friday
Wassim J.B
Wassim J.B:
Thank you Matt for presenting this video, I am really In need of an iPhone especially know I am studying.
I have never used an Apple Watch. I‘ll buy the series 6 or the “SE” model.
Samuel Fiedel
Samuel Fiedel:
I would love to enter the giveaway! I love your content, and if I win the giveaway I will make sure everyone I know subscribes
Josue Arroyo
Josue Arroyo:
I have a series 5 and I’m in love with it so I’m excited to get the series 6 ❤️❤️❤️
geoffers h
geoffers h:
Looking to purchase my first smart watch and am holding out for the Apple Watch 6. This summary has really helped my decision 👍
Carolina Gonçalves
Carolina Gonçalves:
I’m looking for the Apple Watch 6 to be my first smart watch, can’t wait for it to release
I currently use the series 3. I can't wait for the series 6!!! I'm planning to upgrade.
Jackthelegend 78
Jackthelegend 78:
I don’t own a smart watch but probably going to get the series 6 great video btw
I own Apple Watch Series 4 and the Series 6 with be definitely my next one ⌚️👌😃
Dionna ly
Dionna ly:
Apple series 6 will be my first smart watch if I buy it. My god, I’ve been saving up $800. Why can’t I get it soonerrrr
Brad Pinto
Brad Pinto:
Still using the series 2 watch, waiting patiently for the release of the series 6 before I upgrade
I don't have anything that is made by apple 😭, I'm planning to buy it if I start earning form YouTube.
Orlando Santos
Orlando Santos:
I have an Apple series 4, waiting for the series 6 to come out 👍🏽
Israel santhosh
Israel santhosh:
Thank you for the Info. I Hope U have taken a Lot of Research to do this video . I am using No Watch. . Interested in Apple 5 series..

Lots of Love from India.

Good day!
Bring on the giveaway Matt! Well, I’ve never had the privilege to own any smart watch in my life. I’m getting the Series 6 on the very first day of it’s launch though.😁 I just hope I win🤞😂
Aldo L.
Aldo L.:
Currently owning an Watch 4 and depending on features I might well upgrade this year.
I don’t have any Apple Watch even an iPad. I would love one tho. ❤️✨
Too expensive and since this pandemic started, it’ll be harder to get one 😔.
I sold my 5 waiting to get the 6 I’m going crazy waiting. Thanks so much
L H:
i literally just bought the series 5 arghh if only i just waited a month 😭😭
I own a series 3 apple watch at the moment!
Teresa Kines
Teresa Kines:
Yes, I have an Apple 3. I am anxiously waiting for the 6 especially if it has the pulse oxy and heart healthy features. Thanks for the chance to win the iPhone.
love your videos Matt, keep it up ! am thinking of getting the apple watch 6 but desperately need an ipad right now due to work at home. anyways keep up the great work - Daniel.
Waiting for Series 6 for my first Apple Watch 🤘🏻
Timothy Bassett
Timothy Bassett:
I would love to enter the giveaway, I don’t any smart watch but I would consider buying the series 6
Robert Charles
Robert Charles:
Where to get one cheap guys? Thanks
Joseph Rodriguez
Joseph Rodriguez:
I only own the series 3 but I’m really looking forward to the 6 coming out
Ruth Gamble
Ruth Gamble:
I was tempted to purchase the lower price series 3 but thought I’d wait for no 6 to see if there is a big improvement.
Matt Nethercott
Matt Nethercott:
I own an apple watch series 3. I will wait for the newly romered watch se.
Igor Langer
Igor Langer:
I still have an watch series 4. 5, for me, is too similar to 4, so I’m waiting to watch 6. I hope it will be a good choice.
Pragya Thakur
Pragya Thakur:
I currently have Fitbit versa 2 and my next choice is Apple Watch series 6😍 I’ll definitely buy it🎉
At the moment, I don’t own a smart watch yet. Though, I might get the series 6 to continue the  ecosystem. Really excited for these upcoming events.
Hawkmoon Prime
Hawkmoon Prime:
Got the series 5 for the ecg and heart monitor, can’t stop checking, 🤣 the oxygen monitor has definitely peaked my interest, must save up.
Mahmud Issa
Mahmud Issa:
I would like to buy iWatch 6 sooner when available.
Randy Colon
Randy Colon:
I have the apple watch series 3. Looking forward to upgrading to series 6
UK___ BOY:
I dont have any watch at the moment but planning to get the 6 series
Jeremy Rohl
Jeremy Rohl:
Yep still rocking my series 1 Apple Watch. Time to upgrade to the series 6
Krystian Ledzion
Krystian Ledzion:
I keep my fingers crossed for 50K subscriptions !! Please rememer me with giveaway ;D
Brad Willmore
Brad Willmore:
I’ve had the series 3 and 4 and will be getting the 6 immediately upon release. Thanks for the update!
Han Nguyen
Han Nguyen:
I’m defo getting the series 6, right now I have a Fitbit Alta and the features are just so limited
Fern Delgado
Fern Delgado:
Hi... I never had a smart watch, planning on getting the Apple 6. Cheers, Fern
João Videira Costa
João Videira Costa:
I’m waiting to buy it. It will be my first smart watch 😁
TechieTalks Anonymous
TechieTalks Anonymous:
Big fan sir..i watch your videos when i need so much accurate and detailed information..i have currently samsung active watch 2 ..but with iPhone it’s useless so my next watch in bucket list is series 6 or series 5 🖤
TechieTalks Anonymous
TechieTalks Anonymous:
Big fan sir..i watch your videos when i need so much accurate and detailed information..i have currently samsung active watch 2 ..but with iPhone it’s useless so my next watch in bucket list is series 6 or series 5 🖤
Tijn Van Bommel
Tijn Van Bommel:
Now have a Fitbit charge 2 want really much want Apple Watch ⌚️ series 6. thanks 🙏
Kripple Hippo
Kripple Hippo:
I don’t have any smart watch. I haven’t been interested until the series 5.
oarg oida
oarg oida:
I think this is the first one im gonna get...but we will see when it’s out! Hope to get it! Winning the phone would be cool to, an upgrade:)
katie vianna
katie vianna:
have apple watch 2,4. i plan on getting the next apple watch coming out this year.
Co cacola
Co cacola:
i have the iwatch 4 i really want the 6 :) and win the ipas mini offcourse :)
I have Apple Watch Series 4, gave my wife my old Series 0. Might get the Series 7 next year. 😎👍🏼⌚️🧡
mufasil na
mufasil na:
I recently had a I watch 4 buy ran over it :( hoping to get the 6 for my birthday on the 20th
Johnny Pabelona
Johnny Pabelona:
Good day mate!i want to have one Applewatch 6..
I don't have any smart watch but finally I decided that I want to buy one. I don't know if this is a good idea to be leashed with another "smart" gadget but I want to try it.
Tree Tech
Tree Tech:
I have the Apple watch series 3. Im looking to upgrade so I might wait for October 😃
justin krenzelok
justin krenzelok:
Pick me for the iPad win! 😀I have owned in the past the apple series 3 which I still think that is best one yet.
Porter Wight
Porter Wight:
Id like to enter the giveaway. I dont have an apple watch but I’ve been looking at getting the new 6
Bonkers Basil
Bonkers Basil:
dont curently have a smartwatch, just a good old casio f91, however planning to get an apple watch this year. s6 or s5 depending on pricing, specs and colours available
David Irish
David Irish:
I currently have the Apple Watch 2 and I’m waiting for the 6 to come out. Its time for me to make the change up and get with the times. Take care and stay safe. 👍🏼🇨🇦
Kevin Roi Bruan
Kevin Roi Bruan:
I own apple watch series 5. Just bought it last week and I love it. It was my first smart watch. :)
Michael Ho
Michael Ho:
I have iwatch 1st version waiting to buy iwatch 6 version
nameless BEAST
nameless BEAST:
i am a new subscriber and thank you for the information you provide best of luck.
I never had any smart watch, and the online one that really liked was the Apple Watch 5. So if series 6 stays at the same price I will buy it
Peter Blom
Peter Blom:
At this moment I own the first apple watch. Since that screen is so small my eyes can't read anything on it anymore. Since there is a new 6 coming out I will wait now till it is released. So it will definitely on my short list.
Brilliant design, love it 😍
Cynthia Jennings
Cynthia Jennings:
I currently have Fitbit but thinking that Apple 6 might be good for me as a older person. Sleep tracking I need.
No apple watch yet, would like to see a OnePlus watch one day😁
I’ve been using series 4 and super happy with it, not planning to upgrade in the next years
Michelle Tang
Michelle Tang:
Subscribed with bell icon on 😉. Currently don’t own any TT doing research on which series is more worth series 3 , series 5 or series 6. Great video btw, helps with my research a lot
Soala H-BobManuel
Soala H-BobManuel:
Presently do not have one but looking at getting the series 5 this year
John Anderson
John Anderson:
Hi Matt
I have had the last 3 models of I watch the latest been Nike model and will be looking forward too the 6 coming out.
I’m a sucker for Apple tech.
Great feature on I watch 6.
Ashly Goss
Ashly Goss:
Hi! I have an Apple Watch series 3. Been wanting an iPad mini!!!!
Calvin Broad
Calvin Broad:
I don't own a smart watch, I came here for some advice on what to get and this video have been very informative! I'll probably wait for the 6 to come out and buy a 5 as I'm sure there will be a price drop then :)