Apple Watch Series 5 Review: One Big Tradeoff!

Apple Watch Series 5. You already know Apple Watch. Add one big tradeoff.

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The Death of AirPower: Explained!

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Elon musk: we made planes to go to the moon
Marques: so I’ve been living on the moon for a few months and here’s my thoughts. And the thoughts are, well, it’s complicated
Rahul Grover
Rahul Grover:
“an apple a year makes your money disappear”
When bill gates locked eyes with the watch was priceless that was a full 2 seconds lmaoo
Arshdeep Mehta
Arshdeep Mehta:
Apple: The new always on watch

15 dollar analog watch: Am I a JoKe tO YoU
Maegan Torkell
Maegan Torkell:
LTPO- lettuce tomato pickle onion
Henry Bickel
Henry Bickel:
Me: that AirPower in the background?
Marques: Yes. I’ve been using AirPower for 1 month now. Here are my thoughts.
Trevor McKinley
Trevor McKinley:
Bill Gates owns and uses a MacBook... nothing is trollish anymore 😂
Mad1 Jules
Mad1 Jules:
“I wear mine on the right, even when I’m a rightee”

Me: It’s okay, i wear mine on the left, even when I’m a leftee.
Mike Smith
Mike Smith:
where to buy it?
Slightly Sarcastic
Slightly Sarcastic:
iiElysium x
iiElysium x:
I feel as though the series 5 was the watch Apple wanted to make when they released the series 1
Jotaro Kujo
Jotaro Kujo:
“So Ive had the Series 5 for about 10 years now”
3:34 We see you Marques with the subtle flex.
100 subs challenge!!
100 subs challenge!!:
"It shows you the time all the time "

I wear my watch on the left, even though I'm a lefty.
I just picked up my Series 5 a couple days ago after years of considering it and one of the first things I did was turn the always on display off. On my first full day of usage, I got through a full 14 hour day with 55% battery life remaining.
Addison Smith
Addison Smith:
where can i get it cheaper?
Derek Bowe, Jr.
Derek Bowe, Jr.:
Revisiting this review in light of the Apple Watch SE really affirms my decision to buy that watch over the Series 6. The always-on display is not a feature that excites me because of battery considerations, so I'll go ahead and take the S5 processor and most of the Series 6 features without that battery-draining display feature. lol
Zain Amjad
Zain Amjad:
Me: *notices Marques wearing Illuminati shirt*
Marques: So I sold my soul off for a week now and here's what I think
Robert Charles
Robert Charles:
Where to buy one guys, for lower price? 😁😁
Alex M
Alex M:
Yes! The whole summer I was riding my bike to work everyday and I would have to almost crash every time I checked the time
Zone Red
Zone Red:
Finally, a person who writes with their right hand but also wears their watches on their right hand!
rich people: i have a watch that tells me time and i can text people!!

me: *or you could just use your phone*
He just hiding the fact that he's wearing illuminati shirt
Archie Reid
Archie Reid:
That must be one of the most satisfying intros ever
Daniel Tasic
Daniel Tasic:
3:45 The 11 looks like cartoon legs haha
Mary C
Mary C:
I loved that Intro. Also great choice with the song!
Grover Marchand
Grover Marchand:
Now I can use my phone to see what time it is on my watch!!!
Nik R
Nik R:
Marques: So, I’ve joined Illuminati for a year
now. Let me tell you the pros & cons.
De Minator
De Minator:
“Tell’s you the time, all the time.”
-MKBHD 2019
bright light
bright light:
I’ll buy when I can get 1 week battery life with always on, on
2 min. silence for those who noticed his T-Shirt :P 4:04
Henry Anderson
Henry Anderson:
Had to come back for that amazing intro Marques!
Hiski Hämäläinen
Hiski Hämäläinen:
2019: A watch that tells you the time all the time 🤔
The AmazingGame
The AmazingGame:
who else kept noticing the scar
As always. Great review ☺️☺️

Other than that, glad to know you also put your watch in your right hand or what so ever you call that 🙂
4:06 I think ur a member of illuminatee, your t-shirt shows .
Neil Richards
Neil Richards:
Watching this wearing my galaxy watch 46mm with always on display🤣🤣🤣
Andru Edwards
Andru Edwards:
I’m a big fan of the ceramic Series 5 - I’m getting about 20-ish hours of battery life, and the always-on display is something I hadn’t expected to see for another year or two!
“Frequent workouts”
Robbie Fazle
Robbie Fazle:
The best smartwatch of the decade, by far, beating my LG Watch Urbane Silver Edition.
Mr. Ahsan আহসান احسان आहसान
Mr. Ahsan আহসান احسان आहसान:
My Friend:look! I told You he's one of ILLUMINATI member
me:Whoa! How?
F:Look at his Shirt.
Me:OMG I want one of 'em
Juan Serrano
Juan Serrano:
Seems like most of this video is about always on display 🤷‍♂️
Wampler Photo
Wampler Photo:
“I turn always on, off, sometimes.” -MKBHD, 2019
Laiping L
Laiping L:
I also wear my watch on the right and I'm a righty too!!
Young Jesus
Young Jesus:
Just got this watch yesterday 😂 now I could finally use a calculator in every math test
Michael Jakob Investing
Michael Jakob Investing:
Just wanted to stop to say your CONTENT and way of video production is amazing quality, amazing blend-in scenes at 3:45
Jovani Heard
Jovani Heard:
That intro shot though 🔥
Chin Brandon
Chin Brandon:
He's growing his hair into a pyramid. ILLUMINATI COMFIRMED.
Egor Rose
Egor Rose:
That Watski intro ✨👏🏻
Mason Shepherd
Mason Shepherd:
Love the intro!
1k subscribers before 2021
1k subscribers before 2021:
When youtube recommends it again in 2020 right after all android companies release their cheap smartwatches .
Henry Castle
Henry Castle:
My Apple Watch is set to arrive today according to ups, I keep looking out the window waiting on this damn brown truck lmao, I cant wait to have it on my wrist.
Kalyani Suneetha
Kalyani Suneetha:
love the intro so much!!
RC Odyssey
RC Odyssey:
Love your channel, only just found it. Enjoyed the Watsky!
Thanks for sha6
Stefan Mimic
Stefan Mimic:
On a side note I found a great watch clone on watchplaystore,com, I really love the apps on it and the straps are great, hope I was of some help :)
Cali Capalot
Cali Capalot:
The watch really compliments that gangster ass scar on your hand bro’s 👍
Anonymous [26490]
Anonymous [26490]:
I didn’t know about the always on feature when I got my watch. I was really confused about why it didn’t turn off and spend a good 10 minutes trying to turn it off
I’ve always worn my watch on my right wrist and I’m left handed
Enzo Greco
Enzo Greco:
0:27 i laughed so hard
Shaashwat Halwawala
Shaashwat Halwawala:
im a righty, but i wear my watch on my right hand.

I didn't know that I was supposed to wear it on my left
Benjamin Sanchez
Benjamin Sanchez:
Markass Brownlee: "frequent workouts"

Me: " Weird flex but ok."
"New hardware for always on display"
Samsung has been doing that with the galaxy watch for awhile now
Taylor Albaugh
Taylor Albaugh:
I cannot imagine a world where I would wear my watch on my dominate hand.. my right hand. Oohhhh, gives me goosebumps to think about it
Koushik Sengupta
Koushik Sengupta:
Perfect review 🥰🥰🥰
Marques Brownlee should start a tech company. He might make great tech!

Like if you agree!👍👍
Bounty FN
Bounty FN:
Could anybody else not stop looking at his scar on his hand 😂
Javier Garza
Javier Garza:
Hey Marquess you should do a review of the new Tag Heuer connected 2020 version Smart watch
A I:
I’m so bothered about him wearing it on his right wrist with the turn nob not facing outward! My OCD is so triggered! Lol
Stefan Prole
Stefan Prole:
i got mine apple watch series 5 on iwatchclone,com . none of my friends suspected its clone .
Hwi Shin
Hwi Shin:
Id just love to have it. I think it is the most advanced smartwatch in the world.
S Kol
S Kol:
Haven't watched the whole video yet but that intro was dope
This is very helpful. Thank you! 😀👍🏻
Arkadi Danielyan
Arkadi Danielyan:
I do turn my always on off and on just by looking at it.
Steve Martin
Steve Martin:
Series 5 also has more internal memory than previous series.
Daniel Ofori
Daniel Ofori:
Yoooo that beginning!!
Eduardo Patela
Eduardo Patela:
Breaking news: always on display affects battery life

In other news. The sun is hot.
stephen zork Review
stephen zork Review:
informative aplle watch review
Ah a clock that can show the time all the time what a revolutionary idea
Delonte Shanks
Delonte Shanks:
Yo you sick wit it! That intro was 🔥🔥🔥
Manni TechO
Manni TechO:
Can you pls do a review of Galaxy Active watch 2. Or may be otherwatch options for android phones. Thx
D. Ritzer
D. Ritzer:
"One Big Tradeoff"
*Yeah, all of my savings*
Maurice B.
Maurice B.:
really hope you can do one of these for the SE
Azeri Kashew
Azeri Kashew:
that intro!!!
Pineapple Juice
Pineapple Juice:
I wear my watch on my right wrist even though I’m a righty too, *nice man*
Imo grid mode is the best thing ever. Once I had the location of every app it makes it so easy to find compared to having to scroll through a list.
John Gio
John Gio:
Marques: So I joined the illuminati, here’s the first look about it.
Steven Liu
Steven Liu:
I wonder where can I get the same watch band, it looks really similar to the Nike sports band except it is all white, I couldn’t find it on Apple store..
Khaled Fadhl
Khaled Fadhl:
Hope to see a review on the more affordable Huawei watch fit soon
Eesa adil
Eesa adil:
I just bought the series 5 it is a great watch series 6 comes out... bruh
ElectrīīcRay29 Gaming
ElectrīīcRay29 Gaming:
Such a smooth intro man!
Adam Macias
Adam Macias:
I wear watches on my left wrist being a lefty. You’re not alone.
whitney denise
whitney denise:
I wear mines on my right and I am a rightie as well. wish I had this one. I have the second I think.
Grayson Steinmetz
Grayson Steinmetz:
3:27 When you realize that Marques can time travel. And these are his thoughts...
John Duffy - Arkeksejes
John Duffy - Arkeksejes:
Some of us are here because we just got one, some are here because you just saw the upload, and some are just bored
Morgan Clark
Morgan Clark:
I like your content & your honesty. Keep up the good work.
Ntuthuko Mthalane
Ntuthuko Mthalane:
Am I the only one concerned about that t-shirt??😂😂
Kevin Ramirez
Kevin Ramirez:
I’m right handed and I wear it on my left.
They way it should be.
Simply khalifa Dawson
Simply khalifa Dawson:
I love the way he talk 🥰🥰🥰🥰
Jacob Penrod
Jacob Penrod:
Woah by George watsky! Im so old!