Apple Watch Series 6 Leaks & Rumors: Why you should WAIT

The Apple Watch Series 6 is coming this Fall, but when? Will it have better battery life? What about the new features? Should I wait for it? All of these questions and more answered in this video!
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The Apple Watch series 6 is coming very soon and it seems like it actually might be worth waiting for!

In this video, I go over leaks and rumors to try and pinpoint when Apple is gonna announce and release their new watch.

I also go over all of the current leaks and rumors that we currently have to try and figure out the main changes and benefits that we should be expecting.

Some of these features are gonna have HUGE advantages for users, including blood oxygen monitoring!

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100+ komentarze:

Max Tech
Max Tech:
Do you think that the last leak I showed is a big enough deal to wait for the Series 6? Comment your thoughts below!
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Rob Bujold
Rob Bujold:
Such medical misinformation. Tsk tsk. There isn’t any medical or scientific evidence that shows that wearing a mask depletes your body of oxygen. Oxygen and carbon dioxide still get through your mask, but it catches the droplets that contain the virus, which is what helps reduce transmission. The virus, on the other hand, can lower your blood oxygen levels, so the oximeter would be good as a warning that you may have the virus.
David smith
David smith:
Makes should not change your blood oxygen
Clark Hampton
Clark Hampton:
FYI. Masks don’t lower blood oxygen levels. Fact. But what does lower it? COVID-19 virus infection.
Alexandre Soares da Silva
Alexandre Soares da Silva:
Man, you made it sound like wearing masks decreases oxygen levels in the blood. That’s bad science. Please don’t spread conspiracy theories like that.
The oximeter is useful literally to detect if you have some infection in yout lungs or stopped breathing - those could cause drops in oxygen levels.
It’s fine when you’re covering consumer electronics but you gotta do better if you’re talking about scientific’s likely youtube will remove your video because of that piece of potential confusion.
Rich M
Rich M:
Definitely wait for the Series 6 to come out and either buy that or get a sure-to-be-reduced price Series 5.
Petr Peller
Petr Peller:
This is not how masks work :-|
Cole VanOphem
Cole VanOphem:
There’s no evidence to support the claim that masks decrease the oxygen content in your bloodstream. You should not perpetuate such a myth in order to try and sell some merch.
3:03 Fake news your oxygen saturation doesn't drop wearing a mask stay safe !!! But you can take off your mask in open spaces six feet apart from people !!!
Gianni Claud
Gianni Claud:
If you need a watch to remind you to breathe, you have even deeper issues technology will NEVER be able to address
Kevbo Kev
Kevbo Kev:
2:45 - I like your content on your channel, but leave your medical opinion out of them. You may FEEL it's more difficult to breathe while wearing a mask, but it is in no way, shape, or form depleting you from getting sufficient oxygen. You may want to edit the video and remove that.
Damir Planic
Damir Planic:
Where can i get mine ? Thank you guys :D
Michael Hall
Michael Hall:
My series 4 is still going strong. I don’t see myself upgrading for a while.
Going from 296mAh to 303mAh sounds insignificant. Especially when you remember that the Series 3 had a battery capacity of 350mAH. The Series 3 remains the battery champ of all the watches.
François Biggi
François Biggi:
you are literally filling my empty days
Just wanted to point out that the AW glyph at 6:55 is the same found in the series 4/5 instruction manual. Other than that, loved the vid!
I'm interested in seeing what they replace the 3 with price point wise when the 6 comes out. The other rumors were they were working on a cheaper reinforced plastic casing, so an Apple Watch "SE" with a cheaper housing but up to date SiP would be cool.
Surely Apple can’t justify a price rise on the Series 6 with such limited new features?
Lisa Banks
Lisa Banks:
Thank you, this has been very helpful in my decision not to upgrade.
Audrey S
Audrey S:
Dang I’m early!
xFenix A2x
xFenix A2x:
Haven’t been here for a while. I see you’ve improved about 5% on not sounding like a robot. Siri sounds more natural bro! 😂😂😂
Meet Choudhary
Meet Choudhary:
Awesome job Vadim I was waiting for it Thanks for it
Hope these rumors come true
Are there going to allow us to change the brightness of always on display
Will EDC
Will EDC:
Perfect timing. Lol where I’m living you cannot take your mask off outside
Zi jie Lim
Zi jie Lim:
They will definitely announce some features concerning COVID-19 for sure
Ms. Pretty Vain
Ms. Pretty Vain:
I’m sticking with my Series 5 Cellular version/Yellow iPhone 11/AirpodPros Only thing I’m looking forward to upgrading is the IOS 14.
Dylan Wilson
Dylan Wilson:
So excited already saved up for it
Manmath Godre
Manmath Godre:
All rich creater waiting For Apple Watch 6
Me:- Realme Band
Traveler Experience
Traveler Experience:
It will happen on any 19th or 20th of any month, to remind us this situation of 2020
Wait a minute…haven’t i seen this guy on AppleInsider’s channel?! 🤔
I bought an
AW S3 (GPS) 42mm
at around Feb this year.
Im gonna wait for the S6’s release and buy it.
Hey Max Tech, they new iMac just came out today!
What is the best site for this watch ? help guys :D
Vincent Tsz Ho
Vincent Tsz Ho:
Wearing a mask will NOT decrease your oxgen saturation.
Zi jie Lim
Zi jie Lim:
7:03 that’s the series 3 compared to the series 4 design
Dennis W
Dennis W:
O2 sensor would be beneficial to those of us with sleep apnea. My sleep doctor checks it every time I go. That would be great to have with sleep tracking.
Is buying now the 2019 imac a good idea, or should i wait for the new one?
yeah, right
yeah, right:
Can't imagine wearing a watch in bed.
My phone (Android) by my bed, sleep tracker, works well right now...
Dan Ness
Dan Ness:
Once I started using my iWatch4, they disabled it hoping I would upgrade.
I’ve seen them do this over and over, having owned the iPhone 3,4,5,6,7, XR, and series4.
It’s the business model at Apple.
Every iOS upgrade progressively disables features in older models.
No other company REMOVES FEATURES from your device that used to work fine.
Screw Apple.
Dan Ness
Dan Ness:
Once I started using my iWatch4, they disabled it hoping I would upgrade.
I’ve seen them do this over and over, having owned the iPhone 3,4,5,6,7, XR, and series4.
It’s the business model at Apple.
Every iOS upgrade progressively disables features in older models.
No other company REMOVES FEATURES from your device that used to work fine.
Screw Apple.
I was watching a old video from you but now your voice and mustache+beard
Cancer Lord
Cancer Lord:
Did you just say that masks make it harder to breathe?
Charalampos Kounes
Charalampos Kounes:
@4:42 paphos, Cyprus 🇨🇾 my country
beau wright
beau wright:
So many sheep in the comments. Great video tho!
Hisham Kamal
Hisham Kamal:
Will be there a Nike edition for Apple watch series 6?
Meet Choudhary
Meet Choudhary:
I know it may sound funny But please Could somebody tell me
Can I install A hackintosh in a laptop with soldered ssd and hard drive
Everybody changes the ssd first
Please reply
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren:
Can’t you get sleep tracking on the Series 5 with software?
Jose Serratos
Jose Serratos:
Can’t wait to get the Apple Watch series 6!!
1 Trompet
1 Trompet:
You’re saying you should go outside to get some fresh air if your blood oxygen is low?😂😂😂
James Tanner
James Tanner:
I think my series 4 is more than capable and has everything I need. The leaked new features aren’t enough for me to upgrade. Thanks for the efforts by the way, well done!
Onur Alp Çimen
Onur Alp Çimen:
removed 3d touch made me thinking
Noah Cicogna
Noah Cicogna:
I appreciate the helpful video but please know what you’re talking about before providing medical advice. Masks do not affect your blood oxygen level and the basic premise that masks need to stop you from breathing in order to work is ridiculous and simply incorrect. Even putting on 5 masks would not affect your blood oxygen level in any significant way.
K Ng
K Ng:
Hi everyone, just wondering if I should wait for the price of S5 to drop upon S6 release or just go with its full price now? Many thanks for your advises.
Amanda Zen
Amanda Zen:
I’m waiting for the applewatch to work with my iPad cellular. Or as a standalone. I”m not especially buying an iPhone for that.
Apple is already working on a 5G Apple Watch while we still don’t have cellular Apple Watches after many years in my country (Belgium) 😂
louison dessus
louison dessus:
do you think it's a good idea to wait for the series 6 to get a series 3? my thinking was that the price would go down even more, but maybe it will be fully discontinued
Robyn Frizzell
Robyn Frizzell:
I would like the watch to tell us the temperature i side a building.
Mardini Willdern
Mardini Willdern:
Now what?!!!
Brad Davister
Brad Davister:
Nike was running a sale on their website, Best Buy matches it. $455 for the 44 mm cellular model
Maraya Gonzalez
Maraya Gonzalez:
Early squad
Mom Sokvisal
Mom Sokvisal:
I have just bought the series 5 yesterday
Chris Bodall
Chris Bodall:
I wonder if this guy talks like this in real life
brutha darkness
brutha darkness:
I have the series 4 and it does everything I need it to do. Now the iPhone 12 is what I want
Tony Samaniego
Tony Samaniego:
Masks don’t affect blood oxygen levels. Stop spreading false information.
Sonny Greenwich Jr
Sonny Greenwich Jr:
Dag nabbit now I need a watch too? hahah! I wish I could, maybe next year, and I already have the Watch 4... Thanks for the vid, Celine! Big Love. 
From grey, wet & humid Ireland! ☘️☮️🤘🏽🤠👍🏽☮️☘️
haha, had to take my like back when you commented about the masks...
Scan End
Scan End:
Charging bands will be useful if they want sleep tracking. So you can replace your bands through the day and charge them up at night instead.
Samuel Xie
Samuel Xie:
Can you trade in your Apple Watch series 5 for the series 6?
ji woong jung
ji woong jung:
1st one!
Bhaumik Gohil
Bhaumik Gohil:
I am planning to buy an ipad pro 2020 12.9 inch in student discount, should I wait for the new ipad pro (with mini led) {Rumoured} or just get the 2020 model.......
Please reply😎
Bobby Stevens
Bobby Stevens:
I have an easy question should i get the iphone 11 or wait till the 12 comes out
3:53 Max’s brother is Max 🤯
Rodrigo López G.
Rodrigo López G.:
and what about of the new A14 ipad pro ?
15 dollars for a mask ?
Theo D
Theo D:
I think you got hammered in the comments section because of your claim that masks reduce oxygen levels of the user.
Art Altman
Art Altman:
I wish they could make it smaller and slimmer. Too bulky, snags shirt sleeve.
RedLadyBug U
RedLadyBug U:
I have a Apple Watch series 2 and I want to upgrade. Deciding between 5 or going for the 6 series
Chung Kai Man
Chung Kai Man:
Steel watch have steel band, will titanium have titanium band ?
Even if you don't need the expected AW6 features and would be happy with a AW5, it is still a good idea to wait if you can. Prices on the AW5 will drop when the 6 is imminent.
Only if there is a substantial redesign. I have the S5 and honestly, it's perfect.
need different music that was really annoying, it got on my nerves it was weird, couldn't watch the video. ADHD
Johan Eriksson
Johan Eriksson:
You really don’t understand how blod oxygen works 🤷‍♂️
Ansu Kumari
Ansu Kumari:
Wait for series 6 and watch yourself buying none.
Kyle Santos
Kyle Santos:
I think I will pick up a Apple Watch Series 6. I currently have a series 1 and I have been planning to upgrade years now. I think I have found the watch I will buy this year. Thanks for the info, Vadim.
Joel TM
Joel TM:
If they’re gonna square off the iPhone, I think they should square off the Apple Watch as well. It’s more practical for fitting tech into a small space, especially when you’re dealing with a tiny thing like the Apple Watch. It might even allow for them to shrink the bezels.
Fauzan Aryaputra
Fauzan Aryaputra:
Hey Guys! I just want to ask about purchasing decisions.
I want to buy an apple watch, but i only wanted it for fitness tracking and at least couple years of support? Which apple watch should i buy? Thanks!
Von Darnell
Von Darnell:
Agree that masks do not negatively impact your blood oxygenation. The pulse oximeter can help you understand if you have one of the symptoms of COVID however. Apparently you can become hypoxic without realizing that your lungs and organs are being compromised.
Michael Walvis
Michael Walvis:
They need to add more memory because it is at 2005 3g iPhone memory
Odd Face Killer
Odd Face Killer:
It’s time. Still use the first Apple Watch. And if they make that blue one. I’ll be getting the new Apple Watch.
Nick Glurjidze
Nick Glurjidze:
Max is your brother?!!
Augusto Galindo
Augusto Galindo:
But will it run intel apps?
Kevin Reeves
Kevin Reeves:
That why they having problems
I expect the apple watch to function without it having paired to your iphone. At least let us use internet (wifi), spotify, or other features. Also would i like to have a proper whatsapp and youtube application on the apple watch. It’s ridiculous that many cheap Chinese watches support this but an elite overpriced apple wacht doesn’t
Gianni Claud
Gianni Claud:
I think a 5G apple watch isn't practical. It'll burn through your battery, let alone your wrist
I feel if the sp02 is the biggest feature with sleep tracking, i feel series 5 is the way to go. Series 1 2 3 were on the same page with looks and a couple new features each time. 4 was the biggest change - bigger, slimmer display and slimmer watch with ECG. Series 5 is the same but with AOD. By this pattern, i feel series 6 will look the same but have a few features, and apple watch 7 would be the bigger display and more awesome features, microled, etc

. I also feel the battery increase is not the biggest difference from 5 - 296 compared to 301?

Im confused though, so they are releasing sleep tracking with os7 but it doesnt work well on other series, but on the 6 it will work better? So is sleep tracking only for series 6?
Suman Biswas, MD.
Suman Biswas, MD.:
usual masks don't reduce spo2 ie blood oxygen saturation. covid does. its a misinformation.
Uchiha Itachi
Uchiha Itachi:
If it tracks Corona i'd really consider it and if it'll finally be waterproof
Robert Krebs
Robert Krebs:
I’m not sure how to feel about losing force touch
Hey Hey
Hey Hey:
i want to buy the 2020 ipad pro should i wait for a new one or buy the current one?
Nicolas ***
Nicolas ***:
Is this considered a big upgrade?