Apple Watch Series 6 preview

Bigger battery, SpO2 tracking and all the new features we're expecting in Apple's new smartwatch.

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100+ komentarze:

This is not an Apple Watch Preview, this is an Apple Watch Speculation.
This ain’t a preview. Click bait title.
I have a 5 and I'm not upgrading unless the 6 turns me into Ben 10. Cause to be honest the new features aint worth it.
just maybe they will have more than 1 day battery life lol
Eric Rodriguez
Eric Rodriguez:
Wearing a watch to bed is very uncomfortable for me, I don’t care about this sleeping feature.
Shawn Cardamon
Shawn Cardamon:
This is not a preview - it’s a session of educated speculations
Munro McLaren
Munro McLaren:
I don’t want them to delay the launch. I’ve been waiting for the Series 6. It will be my first Apple Watch and I’m so excited!
Viktor Andy
Viktor Andy:
I dont know why i expected the Apple Watch Series 6 preview when i clicked on this video.
Pu Du
Pu Du:
Remove 3D Touch doesn’t mean removing the Taptic Engine. It’s still gonna vibrate...
Vinc Lai
Vinc Lai:
This video title is so misleading.
Celtic Tech The Tree Of Life-Vicki
Celtic Tech The Tree Of Life-Vicki:
I’m sick of the rumors.
Surya K S
Surya K S:
Instead of stocking up on new features, if they increase the battery life to two days with Alway ON and Sleep Tracking enabled, it will be a stellar deal to upgrade from the current watch ✌️
temperature monitoring would be a better feature during this pandemic
Meanwhile Swiss watchmakers: we need to shift gears homies or just sponsor James Bond.
Not worth the upgrade from the 5.. damn watch ain’t a doctor
Robert Charles
Robert Charles:
Where to get one?Thanks
Robert Dem
Robert Dem:
I’m down for apple just dropping an event video on their site and youtube without telling us
Ian Bolinao
Ian Bolinao:
3d touch and the tatptic engine are two different things 🙄🙄🙄
X X:
“literally any day now” bang on, they sent out the emails about an event today!
Preview? You mean speculations.
Dammika Jayasekera
Dammika Jayasekera:
Nothing useful just waisted my time. Crappy preview
Semy Phillipe
Semy Phillipe:
Wow i just got click-baited
Vanessa when are you coming back to Cnet en español? te extrañamos!
It wouldn't eliminate the taptic engine when they remove 3d touch it only removes a layer from the display, as it's still needed for haptic touch.
Michael Coley
Michael Coley:
The battery issue doesn’t work for me as I have a 4 and a 5 and alternate them; the 4 being overnight with plenty of power and the 5 lasts the day from early.
1:10 im glad im now officially mentally prepared for a new product from a billion dollar company. So glad ppl like u exist.
Billy York Francisco
Billy York Francisco:
Ahhhh...Good old sweet clickbait. 🤦🏻‍♂️
Vegan Moon
Vegan Moon:
I paid for 3d touch and now they just taking it away .. i say if the older devices has the hardware they should support it because we paid for that hardware feature
charles leonard
charles leonard:
Unfortunately there was a complete lack news. Everything mentioned in the video was rehash of things that have been talked about in other videos and other sites. Maybe I have unrealistic expectations for what I consider to be one of the top tech reporting organizations, but I feel that this video was a waste of my time.
Bam_Zilla 88
Bam_Zilla 88:
I will upgrade to the Apple Watch Series 6 from the Apple Watch (1st generation), was my father's one before it was left unused for a few years before I got my hands on it, but the watch is a bit too big to fit on my wrist so I (and my parents too) will choose carefully which size I would get.
Think Money
Think Money:
So apple watches are replacing nurses?
Obama for Trump
Obama for Trump:
Gopro 9 just came out
5K 30fps recording
Tareq N. Gaming
Tareq N. Gaming:
Don't tell me: it'll look the exact same but be 20 percent more powerful, have face id, and be 7 percenr bigger.
Doctor Syed
Doctor Syed:
I’m still using my series 1 Apple Watch.
They need to make covid testing apps for watches XD
vivid vision
vivid vision:
make review on "LG VELVET duel screen" please!
Can’t trust a review you called the haptic engine a Taptic Engine
Bryan Kral
Bryan Kral:
"Rumors to prove me right..." What?
Jared Mars
Jared Mars:
I generally have about 45% battery left at the end of the day on my Samsung active watch
Jojo JOhn
Jojo JOhn:
Still waiting for ECG function in Australia
Fatchoi 27
Fatchoi 27:
I'm Looking Forward To Getting An Apple Watch, Maybe This Will Be The Year.
Mies VanBeek
Mies VanBeek:
They wouldn’t remove the Taptic Engine. That drives all vibrations, but they would remove the force touch ring
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall:
I wonder will this be a good upgrade from the series 4 if they gonna have the same features I won’t be upgrading
She said getting rid of the taptick engine. Not gonna happen. Force touch, yes
Arman Strong
Arman Strong:
I just hope in the future 3D Touch will be back, it is still my favorite feature on an iphone since my first iphone was 6s plus. Haptic Touch is is just to slow for me.
John Dripper
John Dripper:
nobody cares a cheap Rs 50 digital watch gets the job done for me ;)
Craig Woodgate
Craig Woodgate:
Before long smart watches are going to end up been more expensive then a phone the one problem that i had with the Apple Watch was that the screen scratched very easily having a rotating bezel round the edge of the samsung galaxy watch to protect the screen
Michael b
Michael b:
My theory...We’re gonna get the “SE” type Watch announcement tomorrow..The series 6 will be next month along with the iPhone 12..
branIsA CrippledDoucheBag
branIsA CrippledDoucheBag:
Battery needs to be 2 solid days with always on enabled and we need to be able to schedule always on
Thom Pfeiffer
Thom Pfeiffer:
need an upgrade to replace my series 3 this year
Taylor Ballard
Taylor Ballard:
Don’t say « Preview » if it isn’t actually a preview. Smh
Josh Elkind
Josh Elkind:
It’s being anounsed on sep 15
“Add a camera” ⌚️⚡️
Vincent Tapia
Vincent Tapia:
You just had to mention the possibility (or not) of a round face... (still waiting for that and can see Apple totally exceeding our expectations)
Sajeel Ahmad
Sajeel Ahmad:
Seriously @Cnet click baits!!! Like seriously we get it it’s 2020 but clickbait....
Who Dis
Who Dis:
I used to like wearing it to bed before the watchOS update with a dedicated sleep tracker

But now it has a stupid do not disturb mode when set to sleep. Completely ruins it

I don’t care if I miss some sleep
I care if I miss an important notification
Joshua Mitchell
Joshua Mitchell:
I was a long time apple user and recently switched to the note 20 ultra. I don't see how the iPhone 12 can be better than the note 20 ultra.
But Apple events have never been the same since Steve left..
I ain't buying a new watch until they release it with its own camera for facetime
im here using my garmin solar for the last 6 days and keep forgetting it will eventually need to charge. meanwhile Apple Watch users wants just a few hours more on their watch. bring it on apple
Abdullah Khan
Abdullah Khan:
The series 6 must have a fingerprint sensor
YouTube Pro
YouTube Pro:
Battery life determines if I buy the watch
I hope we finally see it over the next few days. My Series 1 battery/screen popped 4 months ago and I've been waiting patiently to replace it. I've gotten so used to paying for things with my watch, and now I have to pull off my mask, pull out my phone and double press my phone's power button to pay for something. Like an animal!
Seltinus Julio
Seltinus Julio:
Vanessa looks prettier on this video than before ❤️
Improve battery life please!
Keith Spencer
Keith Spencer:
So you don’t know! Pointless so called review.
I will buy the next iWatch if it has a COVID-19 sensor. To detect COVID-19 to others, so I can protect myself.
With all those sensors, it's not big deal for Apple to add another one....
you have a nice home :)
Masami Eiri
Masami Eiri:
fix the title lol
Fed Sanchez
Fed Sanchez:
Microsoft all the way... waiting surface watch... surface duo this friday.... never cared about apple and their monopoly... long life windows
I would like to see video playing capability and a FaceTime camera plus a better battery I think Apple would crush the competition if this happens
@CNET u haven't told about the so called apple watch SE
John Vore
John Vore:
Great Preview. I am hoping they get close to Garmin this time.
Evan /NBZ
Evan /NBZ:
Apple announced an event for the 15th of September
George Garcia
George Garcia:
Nice run down. Glucose, please, Apple!
Cubs City
Cubs City:
I’m hoping for the boxy look to go with the new iPhone 12 and iPad Pro. Which also gives them more battery space and other cool features they may wanna add. 😉 👍🏼
Why is battery life so terrible on the Apple watch when something like the Amazfit T-Rex lasts for 20 days?
sorry for my english but i am italian
I have an apple watch 4 and by now and scratched it starts to lag a little bit I better take the 6 or wait for the 7 since the 6 will not be too different from my 4
Are you really upset! Over that?
Buy no brainer bullet proof cash rich companies:
I bought Amazon, Apple, Nvidia, Zoom, Facebook, Microsoft, Google, Wells Fargo, Netflix, Lowe's
miguel albarran
miguel albarran:
So when does the Apple Watch series 6 come out???
David Jacobs
David Jacobs:
Only here for Vanessa ❤️
Robert Newstrand
Robert Newstrand:
i also heard of an "Apple Watch SE" where the series 3 is revamped with Apple Watch 5 or 6 internals inside an Apple Watch 3 case. Idk if it's real or not, but it's what I am hearing from other YouTubers.
awesome, maybe i should get a series 3
Kate Burdon
Kate Burdon:
I just wish Apple would hurry up and enable the ECG feature on my Apple Watch 4. It's been 2 years already.
Sjaak Lent
Sjaak Lent:
I have watched so muchhhhhhhh videos asos thez fraggin watch
Omer Subasi
Omer Subasi:
I really want blood pressure measurement capability. Like me for many people it will be very helpful.
Putting the battery in watch band is the easiest way to remove the battery from the inside the watch and put extra tech to the watch.
All that and it still won’t work with tattoos. SMH
Mighty Murph
Mighty Murph:
Jon Processor from FPT says Sep 8 between 9-12 i think was the tie frame. Lets hope so!
Dana Rami
Dana Rami:
NOT a preview, just speculations !!
Tom Cain
Tom Cain:
I fail to understand the obsession by every Apple tech reviewer with first party sleep tracking. There are plenty of good 3rd party solutions available now with a better feature set than Apple’s advertised features. I use SleepWatch which works great and is FREE.
Nithin Ravi
Nithin Ravi:
Her house looks good !!
Can we get a step counter on the home screen PLEASE!?
I predict there will be better battery life. I know a lot of Apple watch owners complaining about that for a long time now.
Te Be
Te Be:
Can I please have your phone number, I need to call you.
Sshsh HHshsh
Sshsh HHshsh:
To everyone who sees this I hope that you have a good day or night.
I think I will hold out for iwatch 20
Inigo Montoya
Inigo Montoya:
Haha this vid is totally uneducated lol
Wait there's no apple event this year?