Apple Watch Ultra hands-on

Alongside the Series 8, Apple announced the Apple Watch Ultra at its “Far Out” event. The Ultra is a rugged watch aimed at outdoor athletes and now sits atop the Apple Watch lineup as a premium option with up to 60 hours of battery life and dual-frequency GPS.

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M83 Collective
M83 Collective:
Really hope to see if diving companies create apps/air tank monitoring hardware that can communicate with the Ultra. That’s really the main thing im waiting on to determine if ill be buying this or a Garmin
id be really curious how this line up holds up against the Garmin Fenix line in the next couple of generations. even if this watch doesnt necesarily do amazing this time around, its cool how apple is going after this niche market
Daniel Shamu
Daniel Shamu:
Probably will be my first Apple watch, never fancied the older versions much as I prefer Traditional Automatic watches but this looks good
Boots the God
Boots the God:
Glad they’re finally improving battery life. Hopefully that’ll trickle down to the regular models in a year or 2. I already have to disable most background functions to get even decent battery life on the watch 7.
Fractured Mind
Fractured Mind:
I like it, definitely something different in the Apple Watch line. Probably won’t be getting it since my Series 7 is working just fine. And $799 is expensive for an Apple Watch (i always get the base aluminum watches) but in the realm of high end watches, it’s not that bad.
Luis Alberto Nájera Pérez
Luis Alberto Nájera Pérez:
I think this was the best product presented today, totally worth every Apple Watch, and the Ultra is a quality product we expected this decade, and it came soon.
I have been saying for years I was completely uninterested in Apple Watch for its lack of battery capacity and durability. I’ve had Garmin Fenix watches since 2015. And Apple has finally got my attention
I'm really impressed. I currently have Garmin Epix 2 and this will probably have very similar battery life (my Epix lasts 6 days as I'm using it quite a bit), so battery life is a non-issue. I just need Apple to really work on their Health app. I want metrics like Garmin has (Aerobic/Anaerobic/Low Aerobic, Load etc.), without it AW still makes little sense to me (I've been using them for eight years before Garmin). Hopefuly Apple will get there as I really miss the smart features.
Marvin Mosby
Marvin Mosby:
I want one, but I definitely know that I won’t even use a fraction of the features it comes with.

So I’ll just upgrade my series4 to the series8
De'Andre Buggs
De'Andre Buggs:
They need to make a watch approve for Transit Operators. I use it to notify me of changes in my health while behind the wheel (notified me twice of heart rate change, stopped the bus, and went to emergency… both were confirmed medical incidents). But more and more transit operators are banning smart watches because of bad drivers talking on the phone with them. If Apple can make a watch specifically for transit workers, they can convince it’s a medical device with a clock
Ron Brooks
Ron Brooks:
I just got the Galaxy Watch 5 Pro but I'm looking at the Apple Watch 8 Ultra 👀, and I'm saying I need that! Wish Apple painted the Ultra. Could've had a Red Ultra & a Gold Ultra
Gabo DDS
Gabo DDS:
I totally want that ultra…along with an Ultra
Will Bray
Will Bray:
That Ultra looks awesome. I love it.
I ALMOST got a Garmin too. Never mind. Thank you Apple. To be a little impressed is absurd. I'm truly impressed.
The BIGGEST difference still remains, and that's the battery life between this and say the Fenix 7. The latter is nothing short of incredible, while Apple still only provides barely more then a day. So until that improves, it's a nah.
Zak Richardson
Zak Richardson:
I probably would have pulled the trigger if they came in a graphite/midnight color. Likely will hold off until next year now. But seeing this watch, I can't see how you would pair this with a fashionable band from our previous generation watches when I wear my current Watch 6 casual/everyday wear. Wearing a leather band with an Ultra will look off. So would that mean you would need to have two watches? One for extreme athletic wear and the original Apple Watch Series for casual/everyday
Ben Greenwald
Ben Greenwald:
The ultra is awesome! The 8 was a bummer.
The Mumbling Owl
The Mumbling Owl:
Is that “redesigned compass app” (as Apple called it in the event yesterday) only on the Ultra, or was the UI redesigned across all watches running watchOS 9. I have a Series 7 for some context. Cause if it’s only for the Ultra, than it’s technically not a redesign, it’s more like a secondary version of the app made specifically for the ultra.
I own an Amazfit Trex and after working with abrasive chemicals everyday the watch has taken a rough beating and still working , I would love to see how much can this ultra apple watch last after months of rough use
This Guy
This Guy:
I think they’re going after the Protrek user market with the Ultra. Hopefully apple takes it seriously because the Garmin Fenix is too expensive for what it is.
Bla Uno
Bla Uno:
The Ultra will be good if own a onewheel for sure.
My watch battery life lasts about 6 weeks without GPS and came out somewhat 6 years ago
Sam Weston
Sam Weston:
Not really sure that marketing this watch to 'explorers' and 'adventurers' was the best move. 

As someone who doesn't do as much 'adventuring' as I'd like (and I'd imagine I'm in a large group there), I'm not really sure what these extra features add in the real world.
Esteban G. Ardila
Esteban G. Ardila:
Victoria has been a great addition, can't wait for the reviews on the SE and S8 to see what the true differences are.
T Sola
T Sola:
Well I'll be damned. This is the first apple watch I have wanted.
Vincent S.
Vincent S.:
It lasts 36 hours or 60 in power saver. Of course it does, look at the size of it!
Josh Stevenson
Josh Stevenson:
It’s freaking huge.
Looks so nice 😍
Motaz :
I’m going to buy the ultra to scour to my classes and gym ☠️. Something about big, rugged watches appeals to me.
Egg Baron
Egg Baron:
The Ultra looks really cool, but one question: is there any way to disable the siren function on the action button? I have thick wrists and can sometimes accidentally engage buttons on the sides of my Series 7, and doing that with an 86-db klaxon sounds really unpleasant.
Harry Wild
Harry Wild:
Dam! Great Apple Watch Ultra to wear to sit and binge streaming 19+ long season TV series! Turn the face to red night time lighting! 😁 Ready for all the action and adventure now! Lock and load! Safe is off! Double tap!
jules !
jules ! :
Wow, what a steal for just 7.99! Placing my pre-order right now 🤩
Joseph Mostarda
Joseph Mostarda:
Seems like this is Apple's answer to the Garmin smartwatches. Hoping we get a side-by-side comparison soon.
Actually looks pretty good and this is coming from a lifelong Samsung User with a Galaxy Watch ahaha
D L:
I don't think I ever wanted an Apple Watch until now.
Will M
Will M:
799 doesn’t seem insane given the utility this can offer for people who would use the unique capabilities, and Apple will be happy to collect it from them as well as the sort of person who would buy an expensive watch that has a special feature designed for an activity they don’t really do. It’s a smart play by Apple, but I do wish it looked less like an antique scuba suit and more like a tiny iPhone.
Coy 989
Coy 989:
In think a lot of people will pay more for the ultra cause they’re so bored with the 8. In have the 4 and the 8 is still disappointing
Jay White
Jay White:
I think the Apple Watch ultra looks really good 😊 ⌚️
Is the night mode (red screen) only for the Apple Watch ultra or does the series 8 offer that feature too?
So Apple started calling their new line of watch Ultra, and Samsung started calling their new line of watch Pro. They both hyped up their GPS and outdoor ruggedness capability....are these CEOs in cahoots and accidently left their own blueprints at the other's bedroom? There was rumors that the Galaxy 5 pro would be "hideous" which again, seems to fit the apple ultra as well as it does to the Galaxy
Finally!!!! An apple watch worth considering to replace my Fenix 5 with. Wait! How much does it cost???? Never mind, my fenix will do just fine for a few more years.
Ashraf Hussain
Ashraf Hussain:
49mm is just crazy for my wrists, I was looking at my 44mm the other day it was on the big side
I love that band u r using, with just a little bit orange, easier to wear
Phone Repair Guru
Phone Repair Guru:
The better battery life is much needed😭
Kdub Spencer
Kdub Spencer:
It's a great year for smart watches galaxy watch pro , apple watch ultra , and next up the Google pixel watch with a domed glass design ⌚😎
It looks way beyond a watch!
Leland Dyer
Leland Dyer:
When watches begin to cost as much as the phone you intend to pair it with....
Victoria is frickin' awesome. Look forward to more stuff from her. 👍🏼👍🏼
Ugh, I’m due for a phone upgrade but I want a zfold4 but I also want the new apple watch ultra
ultra also have all the features from series 8? right?
I love in the introduction video to this watch he ses ‘Ofcorse non of this matters if it falls off your wrist’ what he should of said is Ofcorse non of this matters if your battery dies 🤣 cool Watch but yeah it’s for the elite mountaineers and those guys are loaded
chinmoy s
chinmoy s:
Love you Verge ❤️
Most people who will buy the ultra will never use it as intended, they’ll buy it to flex that they have the big one
Grant Fahey
Grant Fahey:
Still waiting for the glucose monitor they promised a few generations ago.
Malik Shabazz
Malik Shabazz:
$799?? Thats as much as the new 14!
Vitaly Davydov
Vitaly Davydov:
As an amature athlete, it's still unclear if it supports third-party HRM via Ant+ or at least Bluetooth
I have a series 3 and I’m no longer eligible for Watch OS upgrades. Is the series 8 worth it or do I get something like a series 7? For context I wear my watch 5/7 days for workouts and love it for sleep tracking.
Amzo Tall
Amzo Tall:
Wifey is getting me an apple watch for birthday ..wanted the stainless steel with cellular then realized I can get the ultra for 50 bucks the choice is pretty obvious when you think about battery life and many other perks, pre order confirmed..can't wait to experience my 1st apple watch as a beefed up beast!
Kind of wish they made a smaller version of the Ultra. My wrists are thinner than the freaking screen height.
Make is solar powered and then I’ll get it. Battery life would be my issue if I was actually going to go exploring.
As some one who spends a lot of time in the mountains I don’t really see much value in the ultra. A 2-way satellite communicator or dedicated gps device does everything the ultra does but better. The alarm is gimmick since 86db isn’t all that loud considering an emergency whistle is typically 110-120db, and 60 hours of battery isn’t really much at all. I think it’s more a trail-runner’s watch than a backpacker’s or mountaineer’s watch.
Miguel Angel Medina Rise
Miguel Angel Medina Rise:
I was waiting for them to release a watch version for the price of a phone lol.
Angelo Di Paola
Angelo Di Paola:
Does the Ultra have all the same features that the 8 has? Plus the ultra stuff?
Puthethu House
Puthethu House:
Is the ultra battery replaceable when it’s dead?
Apple Pear
Apple Pear:
Would be interesting for diving (though 100m doesn’t sound that great). But for daily use it’s just way too big for my taste. As a man I am even using the regular 44mm, as the bigger version is too big for my wrist.
David Kaplan
David Kaplan:
The Apple Watch ultra still won’t survive a full Ironman. It won’t be able to be on GPS mode for 15 hours no shot.
Beyond Money
Beyond Money:
All those functions?? I have issues seeing an iPhone let alone a watch screen. But looks impressive.
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall:
my thing is why in the hell would they make the bigger watch damn rugged at this point they don’t know what they are doing
Joe Zhang
Joe Zhang:
Is 49mm the actual screen size or just the case size?
Alec Fotsch
Alec Fotsch:
The ultra seems like a great smart watch and an ok fitness watch. Garmin makes great fitness watches that do ok as smart watches. 60 hour battery is pitiful for a fitness watch despite being excellent for a smart watch. Yes Nilay, I wear a Garmin and have climbed mountains...
Love the endcard! 🙌😂
I expected the ultra to be $999, surprised it was cheaper. I’m not an extreme sports person by any stretch and probably only a light exerciser, but I’m very excited for the ultra, got my order in
Michael Ross
Michael Ross:
That last bit where she was saying nonsense was the best part lol
This takes the titanium watch to a WHOLE new level.
I feel most of these keyboard warriors hate on the device while an outdoorsman will see the value, especially as a dive computer.
Matthew Flewelling
Matthew Flewelling:
Great job Victoria!
I have a question will the temperature scanner on series 8 is there an app for that or how do I see it
Trigger Kay
Trigger Kay:
The g shock of apple watches
Ian De Jesus
Ian De Jesus:
For 749?!, hell no. Any Garmin watch for the same price gives you at least a week or two of battery life and some are solar-powered as well.
49mm is way to big for most people, including me
Angel Sapundzhiev
Angel Sapundzhiev:
The perfect watch for all “wanna-be explorers”.
Dileep Puliyolly
Dileep Puliyolly:
Does it support GPS navigation?! I’m looking for a watch that will work those countrysides with no internet signal
Wasn’t there a 1200 dollar watch for the last 3 years why is everyone complaining and all that watch had was a leather band and no new features
Sam Vance
Sam Vance:
The credits scene 👌
Dexter Lanning
Dexter Lanning:
They call it ultra, like running ultras, but what’s the GPS battery life? I doubt it’s long enough to get through an ultra run.
I like her, give her more vids to do
Gian the UX Designer
Gian the UX Designer:
i can't wait to buy this just to sit in an office chair for 9 hours a day
Chris Grant
Chris Grant:
I like it just wish the had it in black
Can you get all the usual Apple Watch faces on this one too?
Alexander Sokolov
Alexander Sokolov:
Can’t wait to use it in the office at work.
Test User
Test User:
Lol my smart watch with full use last two weeks and this last two days 😂
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall:
my thing is why in the hell would they make the bigger watch damn rugged at this point they don’t know what they are doing
Christy Marshall
Christy Marshall:
my thing is why in the hell would they make the bigger watch damn rugged at this point they don’t know what they are doing
40M? I thought they said the ultra is 100M underwater Depth.
Watch 5 pro has longer battery life..disappointing for the price Apple
The watch needs os overhaul, the current os doesn’t fit the purpose. The watch needs profile modes.
afonso gomes
afonso gomes:
👀Smartwatch l You could include another function that would help people a lot, besides producing an access bridge... I loved the inclusion of the Oximeter and panic trigger in case of emergency. See how a good idea makes a difference. No! kkkkk
sowell fan
sowell fan:
I really really want one but it will cover my very small wrist and more :)
Charles van Cleef
Charles van Cleef:
The ultra is an Apple Watch 8 inside. Which is almost like an Apple Watch 7.

The outside is for….divers? Mmkay. And they won’t have their phones nearby while underwater, or receive cellular or WiFi signals.

Every diver should have one.
Zoran Bošnjak
Zoran Bošnjak:
Not replacing my fenix 7 anytime soon.