Archie Battersbee's mother vows to fight 'until the bitter end' to keep son alive

Archie Battersbee’s mother, Hollie Dance, has vowed to fight for her son “til the bitter end” as the family wait to hear from the European Court of Human Rights after making a last-ditch bid to postpone the withdrawal of his life support.

“I am hoping they step in and give Archie a right to live, I think that he deserves that,” Dance said on Wednesday (3 August).

“I promised Arch, same with his dad, that we will fight until the bitter end and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.”

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100+ komentarze:

This has been covered already no other country will be able to offer anything...what I don't like is her attitude like she's a's everywhere in our society now ... people will do anything for validation and in this case it's turned out really badly
You can tell she is a walking nightmare trying to be all decent in front of the cameras
Terrible situation for this poor child god bless him ❤️
For god sake, your child can die at any moment, surely you want to be by his side. Seems to be more about her than her poor son. Something just not right about all this, she is blaming everybody else instead of having a good look at herself and to why her poor son would resort to what he did at such a young age.
Page The Oracle
Page The Oracle:
My heart goes out to Archie and his family. Can’t imagine what they are going through. I pray they find peace😢
Callum Billington
Callum Billington:
Wonder how much "compensation" she's racking up from all this media coverage so far 🤑🙄
Those woman needs to be looked into , she's got £80k in gofundme and does nothing but blame the NHS and knowing full well there is no treatment available. The boy also tried to hang himself the day before the so called tiktok accident. Sounds like he was very unhappy.
There's something very amiss here which social services and police need to investigate. Her real name is Lisa Pittaway with a police charge sheet as long as your arm..
And I bet the taxpayer has to pay for all these legal bills and medical costs all because a negligent parent can’t let her poor child finally rest in peace.
Waiting for her to start doing paid interviews and release a book
C B:
Who's paying for all these court hearings? Just let the kid go
Daniel Flores
Daniel Flores:
My heart and soul aches for this family
Edward Elizabeth Hitler
Edward Elizabeth Hitler:
Until the bitter end?
No, it's been bitter for years. Just because she changed her name doesn't mean she's not still the same attention seeking violent offender who feels no guilt for using her dead child for profit.
spud nick
spud nick:
If the doctors have said there is nothing more they can do and its being dragged out like this let the pore boys soul rest
Mark C
Mark C:
"Grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference". ~ Reinhold Niebuhr 'Serenity Prayer'
kate johns
kate johns:
I watched a documentary ages ago about chimps, where a mother lost her baby and she continued to carry around the dead body for days. Seems like we’re not that different end of the day. Tragic story.
Unfortunately I had a family member (my uncle) most recently go this way. He suffered a cardiac arrest that left his brain severely damaged. Hypoxic brain injury is the term. Whilst not brain dead, his brain was severely damaged. Unlike Archie, the doctors did agree to "treat" him, as in keep him alive, and wean him off of the oxygen, but they too said he never would be responsive again, and it honestly was true. He stayed in the hospital for several months, minor to no improvement. Completely unresponsive except for natural reflexes. He'd open his eyes sometimes and occasionally move his mouth. That's it. There was nothing more that could be done. Several months later and a dozen infections later a particularly nasty one took him. He couldn't and didn't eat so had only fluids pumped into him and as a result the Edema messed up his body with his arms and hands swelled that not even the funeral directors could sort out. As his doctors said, every brain injury patients case is different to the other. But Archie's does seem similar. After my personal experience with it, I'd also say its best to let go, they'll be less grief in the long term. I remember my family members being put on a emotional rollercoaster throughout, many moments where you'd worry it was going to be the last. Either way I can totally understand why they would want to keep him on. Our hopes were on neural pathways. If Japan and Italy are offering him treatment, and they go for it, I would not blame them at all.
Gwen Stone
Gwen Stone:
The bitter end was weeks ago.
Belfast Boy
Belfast Boy:
Selfish, selfish, selfish parents. Why do cases like these always involve lower class parents who somehow think they know better than medically trained professionals?

It’s a tragic situation yes, but her son is gone, what sort of life is being permanently comatose, hooked up to machines?!
As a parent I understand the situation and wanting to do anything possible but at the same time if there's nothing that can be done he should be let to rest... But again as a parent I would be doing exactly the same as the mother.
Jonny Supreme 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿
Jonny Supreme 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿:
Easy for us to say what we wouldn't and would do in such a situation but she must realise by now there's no hope for the lad. So sad x
Swift BMF
Swift BMF:
Her real name is Lisa Pittaway.

This was an abused & troubled child that would probably still be alive if he had been taken into care & given the proper support.
owen duke
owen duke:
Like hundreds of mums I feel for her.
Aidan Kelly
Aidan Kelly:
I feel the comments are probably reflective of how country feels - desperately sad for Archie, his parents and his family, but if the specialists say he has no hope of recovery, it's not in his best interests to continue his treatment, and certainly not to transport him to another country. When his mother says 'What's the harm?", well transporting him could cause a lot of harm, and would go against the hippocratic oath of the doctors treating him. There doesn't seem much point in bringing him to a hospital then questioning their expertise.
It's unfortunate that the relationship between the family and the hospital has broken down, but they don't take these decisions lightly, there was another similarly tragic case a couple of years ago with parents in the same situation who refused to accept the decision of the courts or doctors, but in the end the boy's life support was switched off. I think it's highly unprofessional for doctors in other countries to be intervening in the case and giving the family false hope (if that is what's happening), it only prolongs the agony for everyone concerned.
There's also a really concerning aspect of this case of the role of social media and young people, he may have died taking part in some online challenge, one thing that should probably be taught to young people is harm reduction in terms of their relationship with it.
How do normal working class people afford to go the courts of human rights ? I thought you don’t get legal aid anymore ???? Genuine question
This is horribly sad, but he's died, and it's time to let him go.
Poor kid
Mr Bee Outdoors
Mr Bee Outdoors:
This is only my pure speculation... but the online challenge involves holding your breath until you pass out... Archie had something tied round his neck apparently(?)...
1. Did he try to commit suicide? (Or succeed in a manner of speaking).
2. His mum/family seem religious (which is fine), if genuine, that would mean that suicide is seen as a sin (possibly also in their eyes).
3. Given the above, is there a chance is worrying for her sons soul and as such wants treatment to continue so that perhaps he can be "saved"?

Speculation as I say, but another avenue of thought.....
Josh Dubline
Josh Dubline:
Those who have never encountered these type of incidents would never understand. This is not just about her son, but this is also about who left behind. Personally, I lost my mum a year ago, phoned by my brother, living in my home country 5000km away from the UK. I flew back in 20 hours, sought every possible airline that I could find, but in the end, I couldn't say goodbye and couldn't have a chance to weep in front of her dead body as the airport staffs didn't let me go until I get my covid result in the airport. Some of them were even vexed by my crying as this was not their problem. It has been a year and I still pour my tears when the word 'mum' come out somewhere. Also because of those fuckers back in the airport, I now despise my country more than anywhere even though not everyone is like that. It will pass after all and life goes on but it is 'important' how it ended. Even as a son I carry this much pain, can't really weight of sorrow for a mum who lost her child. I support this family and hope to seek every corner they can reach until they have no regret.
It's very sad but this woman needs to accept the harsh reality instead of postponing the inevitable.
Let's address the elephant in the room.
Archie was found unconscious with a ligature around his neck.
His family claim he had partaken in a dangerous online challenge.
This is unconfirmed - we only have the family's word to go by.
Sounds more like Archie tried to take his own life: the family refuse to accept this, are overwhelmed with guilt/regret, and are now blaming everyone/everything else - TikTok, the hospital staff, and the courts - for failing him.
Archie was failed by his parents.
That's why they swiftly converted to Christianity after finding Archie unconscious. They are trying to process - and diminish - their guilt.
If they are truly Christian, they ought to take comfort in the fact that Archie is now in a better place. Why hold onto his soul in a rotting, mortal body in this world? What - and whose - purpose does this serve?
There are plenty of inconsistencies, contradictions, and ambiguities in the family's account of the situation over the months, which suggests they are hiding something and/or incapable of facing reality: that Archie already died 4 months ago.
If they truly want Archie to have a dignified passing, just let him go already.
Moreover, their undignified behavior - intemperate comments about the hospital staff who have worked tirelessly around the clock on what is essentially a lost cause, and accusing judges applying the law of being executioners - is utterly reprehensible and ultimately selfish.
Hayley Bonnell
Hayley Bonnell:
This mother and Archie Battersbee have been in the media twice before, her under a different name Lisa Pittaway. Very odd.
If hollie ever reads this, im so sorry for the loss of Angel face Archie may he rest in heavenly peace now x u are an amazing person Hollie xxz
Andy Brown
Andy Brown:
The more she fights and refuses to let go the more bitter she will be when it does end
Robert Whitelegge
Robert Whitelegge:
Who is paying for this? the tax payer, and legal fees, is the money she makes going towards charity. I am sorry for this little guy, the top notch Doctors have given there best, let him go.
While I feel sorry for her and her family. But he’s gone, his brain is dead and the only reason anything else is still working is cos he’s plugged into machines. If she truly loves her son she should let his spirit rest instead of trapping it and making it suffer.
Andrew James
Andrew James:
What ever she is smoking, it needs to be taken away from her. This is now tantamount to cruel and unusual punishment. Someone please pull the plug on this little boy because God knows how mother is too weak to see or hear the truth and do it her self let alone instruct or allow someone else to do it for her.
Joshua Ley
Joshua Ley:
I will vow to waste money for as long as I possibly can, for the sake of my own benefit and nobody elses
Abusing the body of a child whose brain and internal organs are decomposing... that's a whole new level of Karen-ness. She's fighting for herself, not the child. If he's breathing on his own, his heart is beating on its own etc, unplugging the machines can prove her statements true and immediate hold all the "unprofessional" people in this case responsible, forging medical reports is an illegal act. That'd be a complete victory for her and her son. Yet she knows once the machines are off, it's the end of the road. Deep down she knows that's the machines doing things for the child. Time to face the truth and deal with the guilt and grief rather than constantly berating the medical professionals and the whole country.
Kaiser Maligator
Kaiser Maligator:
The mother is ridden with guilt, she knew he was unhappy and had attempted suicide days before he actually carried it out. MSM should change their focus and be asking questions. Poor Archie x
ehau rader
ehau rader:
Yous know it's illegal to interfere in medical treatment
So why would you doit anyway
Should protest against this sad form of action

Probably them not happy due to the bridge arches in Los Angeles
Selfish mother. This is not about the kid, its about her own feelings. In years to come she will regret all this court action and wasted time she could have spent with him.
I hope she never needs use of the NHS in future. She clearly knows better than the professionals within the NHS and has no respect for them so she shouldn't need to waste their time and money.
Jamie Spoor
Jamie Spoor:
Where is the harm in him going to another country she says? How would he get there? What would they do differently to us? It's not logical
Ian Dawe
Ian Dawe:
Me me me me me its all about poor old me not her son. Time they stopped giving her airtime. Especially when she claims to know more than those treating him. Being that shes another facebook knowitall
Graham Jordan
Graham Jordan:
Seems to be a lot more to this situation than first reported.
Mr X
Mr X:
Letting go of a loved one is difficult and she has my sympathy.But to be brutally honest, the boy is dead already.
I don't say that lightly, I lost my wife to a similar situation.
So when I say this, know that I do so from experience: let the boy rest in peace.

The resources used to keep his body going could be used elsewhere to save others and this has now gotten to a point that it's hurting other people; the number of staff, be they doctors and nurses etc could be helping people who DO stand a chance.

Accept he has passed, the thing that made him, him, is gone.The body is a vessel and now that vessel is empty, kept functioning only by machines.

May he rest in peace and may the family finally accept this death and eventually find some closure or peace.
Lorraine Mcmahon
Lorraine Mcmahon:
I still support them even if the poor youngun is maybe gone but I'm the one not to say that
Alex Chapman
Alex Chapman:
The net is starting to close in on Hollie Dance
Siobhan Odwyer
Siobhan Odwyer:
Holly , don’t let them take your baby through organ donation, I wouldn’t , not the way they are treating you and Archie you poor thing , our hearts and prayers are with you , don’t allow them to take one eyelash X
she sure takes it to a bitter end.
Even if he could Come of the machines which is never going to happen he would be so brain damaged every single second of his existince would be pain and fear the boy he was is dead
Death is but another door, do not resist the inevitable
I’m sorry but your just keeping the son technically still alive (consciousness) it’s easier to just unplug the life support and end all the heartbreak the rest of his family must be going through
Darren Willis
Darren Willis:
And she slammed the misuses for going on holiday.
I'm intrigued to know what treatment these two countries have offered (and which countries these are).
Sie P
Sie P:
Also we are in desperate need of available hospital beds and we are crying out for available staff. The child will need 24/7 care and that’s taking away a bed and staff from another child. There are implications to this and it impacts on other children.
As her sons brain continues to decay what defines "the bitter end" ???
rubble 0121
rubble 0121:
let him be at peace luv i no your heart broken but please let him sleep now an be with other family in heaven cant imagine your pain 😪 such a sad time🙏🙏🙏
Third Meow
Third Meow:
I think that the bitter end surpassed when recognised professionals couldn't detect activity on an MRI scan
They’ll take him off the machine by next week definitely
Ho Ping
Ho Ping:
Wheres the Lynch mob for tictok?? That's the one thing I agree on being cancelled, literally the only thing ever,it's as evil as the government
anthony Speakman
anthony Speakman:
The next thing is ,let's set up a trust fund.
Jim Court
Jim Court:
No talk of the silly tic tok challenge that has caused this situation
Tracy Davison
Tracy Davison:
Seriously 🤦‍♂️
Simon Stewart
Simon Stewart:
If you genuinely want whats best for your child the do whatever you've got to do for there life ...but if the standard of life is that of just an existence then its time to let go and allow your child to be free
Meinn k
Meinn k:
You Want Your Son To Be Alive?!! TURKEY 🇹🇷 is the Answer!
Sukhbir Sekhon
Sukhbir Sekhon:
Please report spammers. I've reported a pornographic one on here. Youtube doesn't care. We have to do ut ourselves. If everybody reports just one a day we might be able to eradicate them.
Jean Raphaël
Jean Raphaël:
God bless
Turbo Nutter Bastard
Turbo Nutter Bastard:
Always has time to paint her eyebrows….Just sayin’.
mdlyonn 00
mdlyonn 00:
It is already the end. He is not alive himself, The machinery keeps him alive and she is just prolonging the inevitable. Selfishness
Time to let go. Stop being selfish
Daniel S
Daniel S:
Who exactly would pay for Archie to go abroad? Presumably not his mother or family
Linda Biggs
Linda Biggs:
Why do doctors use machines,, if someone is dead you have to except it, bless him let him go,,
Sie P
Sie P:
When they say there are hospitals in other countries willing to treat the boy, so what’s the harm in transporting him to one of those countries, well who is going to pay for it and who is going to be responsible for transporting him?

Who is going to charter a flight and what airline is going to be happy allowing a child to be brought on in a stretcher, with all the appropriate equipment, what are the implications in transporting electronic equipment and oxygen, not to mention all the drugs needed. Also who is going to pay for the staff and which hospital is willing to let a team of clinicians be away from their hospital? It would require several nurses, specialists and doctors.
Jim Court
Jim Court:
She is being silly. I understand it must be awful. But denial is not a defence
Robert Wilkes
Robert Wilkes:
True love is letting go!
Robert Anthony
Robert Anthony:
Just wondering why is this kid getting so much attention
Hans Hartfiel
Hans Hartfiel:
For goodness sakes, if they really would love the boy they should do the decent thing and let him go.
My heart goes out to the family, i feel so bad for the situation they're in, but are they doing this for Archie or for themselves?
Laurent Hallez
Laurent Hallez:
Well looking at all the terrible photos and videos of this poor little chap on his hospital bed, he's clearly not with us anymore. Let him rest in peace. All support to the parents.
jak jordn
jak jordn:
Alles sehr schön. Aber zuerst zusammen die Nummern 10 und 1. Eine warmthhh.Online Brünette und eine anderea Blondine. Es wäre unfair, wenn ich 4 wählen würde
Coco Ocvo
Coco Ocvo:
Time to let go. Stop being selfish. He wants to end in peace. He passed and u cannot accept this. You are a very selfish person. Drs are telling u he gone accept this not fair on this wee lad. No money will bring him back. Its hard but u did what u coukd for him. It was awful for him to act out this and hope others do not try it at home.
Dave Howe
Dave Howe:
Why did he do what he did?
Jesus woman let it go. Someone needs to give her a shake or a connery-slap. All she is doing is prolonging the hurt. Its not fair on the boy.
Trebor LTD
Trebor LTD:
Sometimes you've gotta Listen to the specialists, it's almost asif people think they make these decisions lightly
Red Pill Nibbler
Red Pill Nibbler:
Why have this so public.It is their business.
Bungle Joy
Bungle Joy:
Belfast boy you don't hear of many cases as most agree with doctors and take their child to a children's hospice you can't sumize that there all lower class there will be many lower class families who listen to advice and follow it and upper class families who don't I know it's not same but my name and dad were lower working class I was born to average family but when mum was84 after 20 years of suffering with heart and strokes and brain damage they caused on her last hospital stay when staff rang and said she had detoriated I rushed there in taxi she was alive but not good they asked me what I wanted to do if she arrested straight away I signed dnr papers and on the Friday 3 days later when all things had been tried we all loved mum to world but I and family all decided it was best along with medics to commence palliative care she wasent in pain she had morphine and never woke up again they stopped all meds apart from morphine when breathing settled and she was peaceful took her off oxygen 3am on the Saturday morning she peacefully went to her husband friends who were in heaven and our beloved dog Sam she was in a four bed ward but curtains were round all time a staff nurse never left the room from 11pm kept checking her pulse she had been dead 15 mins before we all realised and nurse confirmed it it was best death possible I'm getting a dnr done this month so that if I was in Archie's position I wouldn't be ventilated being unable to respond minimally alive even if he had have lived is no life and as a twelve year old if he could speak and you told him of disabilities he'd say I don't want to be like that mum I feel. deeply for family but it's time to Let go
Sweeney Tod
Sweeney Tod:
One of the reasons I voted for Brexit was the European Court of Human Rights. Even before we left the E.U. their looney leftie rulings were not law here.
Naira Fizleey
Naira Fizleey:
*Even with the economic fluctuation, I am very excited to have earned $45,000 on my $10,000 investment every 10 days*
I think the NHS must be allowed to use resources effectively. It's sad when things like this happen but these heart-strings battles are a giant waste of resources. We are footing the bill for this
mick jones
mick jones:
Brain dead means what it says. Yes you can keep the body 'alive' artificially but that is not living. It seems the family are more interested in milking the situation for themselves. I hope there's no money in the pipeline for 'their story' !!
Meanwhile he is taking up equipment, a bed and several nurses.
Christopher L
Christopher L:
He died in April. He is already dead. Brain stem death is death both legally and medically.
If Archie is truly brain stem dead then moving him is neither cruel or risky as the Doctors say. They can’t have it both ways.
R M:
This greedy woman should have monitored her child when he was alive. Now publicity hunger and greed has taken over. Longer he's on that hospital bed more the funding she gets. Give poor boy some dignity.
howard mckenna
howard mckenna:
He's DEAD already. There is NO treatment for a DEAD person.
Stop the madness!
This still doesn’t change the facts that there are 49 million kangaroos in Australia and 3.5 million people in Wales which means if kangaroos were to invade Wales each person will have to fight 14 kangaroos. 😃
Paul Blackman
Paul Blackman:
Did she vote for Brexit?
Andy B
Andy B:
Which are those 2 countries?
Ka Is
Ka Is:
Contact Alexandru Iorden he lives in England and pray for sick people in the name of Jesus Christ 🙏🏼❤️
I assume tax payers are paying for this?
Sie P
Sie P:
I’ve seen this happen many times, where the parents want to keep their child technically alive without considering pain, dignity, ethical, or cost implications. They do it because they don’t want to have to deal with the death of a child, which I can sympathise with, but they’re putting their own feelings ahead of what’s best for the child.

I’ve seen it countless times where a patient is in pain, has no quality of life, loses all dignity, has what were their wishes completely ignored, and the advice of clinicians is completely ignored.

I dare say they’d change their mind if they were the ones who had to foot the bill.
Of course he should be allowed to pass with dignity now, or at least his body stop breathing, as Archie himself is long gone.

However the bigger issues are the staff being forced to care for a body and the use of resources that could be saving someone's life.

I know how hard it must be for the mother, but she's had 2 months. She could have been by her son's side, getting ready to say goodbye. But no, she has to keep running around from court to court.