Argentina | Road to Final Copa America 2021

As Argentina beat Colombia in semis, to face Brazil in final this video depicts their amazing journey to the Copa America final.
Argentina consistently maintained the their blistering form throughout the tournament
Argentina will face Brazil in the Copa America final on Saturday
Argentina are now unbeaten in 19 games, with their last loss against Brazil in semifinal of 2019 Copa America

Argentina Road to Final:

Matchday 1: Argentina vs Chile 1-1
Matchday 2: Argentina vs Uruguay 1-0
Matchday 3: Argentina vs Paraguay 1-0
Matchday 4: Argentina vs Bolivia 4-1
Quarterfinal: Argentina vs Ecuador 3-0
Semifinal: Argentina vs Colombia 1-1 (3-2) on penalties
Final: Argentina vs Brazil

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I want to thank all the people in the world who supported Argentina in this cup more than anything for Leonel Messi who fulfilled his dream of smiling again, thanks to all of you.
Pro Gam93
Pro Gam93:
Messi is really enjoying his time with Argentina. Scaloni has transformed Argentina.

Edit : This is the first time I am getting these many likes
Saimon Gannon
Saimon Gannon:
Congratulations Argentina from England, so glad I watched this historic moment live!!
Mer Buhk
Mer Buhk:
This is ridiculous. Argentina only scored 3 goals without Messi scoring or giving the assist. Please, dear gods of football, let this man have his international trophy. He can't be denied again. For the love of god, how much more can a man do to win a trophy? Messi even shaved his beard to make sure he's in his best form. Vamos Argentina, bring it home.
Dont forget their keeper really did a great job
Rolf Marren
Rolf Marren:
Finally after so many years, Messi seems like he's enjoying playing for Argentina over Barca, hope it stays that way till 2022 🙏🙏
Messi has been spectacular this tournament man, the balance and strength on his dribbles are truly unmatched.
Sammy Aborbi
Sammy Aborbi:
We thank the Almighty God for helping Argentina and Messi to win the cup.
Q F&F:
Messi is currently the best in the tournament.
Liam Damster
Liam Damster:
Argentina owe this to Messi💯
Ibtesham_ official
Ibtesham_ official:
They have done it. For the first time in Messi's career, the team stood up for him when it mattered the most
Whos here after Argentina FINALLY WOOON!! LETS GOOOOO!!! 🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆🏆
Hind Swaraj
Hind Swaraj:
And now they won their finals. Thanks God that he kept me alive to see this match after recovering from covid.
Tuhin Motivation
Tuhin Motivation:
2015,2016 to the finals and 2019 to the semi finals . This time again to the finals. I really wish and hope Argentina wins this time after so much hard work🤞
Soumen Chatterjee
Soumen Chatterjee:
Argentina play such attractive brand of football that everyone loves watching them congrats to Messi on his first title with full strength argentine team
Swanand Buva
Swanand Buva:
Messi gave Argentina his best, and when he needed them, they showed up in the semi and the final!! Finally, he gets what he deserves!
If Maradona didnt die (RIP) this would make him smile.
Neymar and Messi was hugging it out
Di Maria first Goal and Richarlison got goal but offside.
Messi makes this sport look so simple...he's blessed
🏆 Finally I knew when the competition started I predicted Argentina would win thanks to Messi and it happened 😃 🏆
joseph owusu
joseph owusu:
"You can't hate Messi and love football. It's impossible." 🙌💙❤
Who is back here after what we've all been waiting for😢
So happy for Lionel Messi, such a wonderful way to gradually cap one's career...and I'm even more pleased for Martinez, who has been in the shadows seeing people around participate and win tournaments and to have finally emerged from the shadows and is now an FA Cup, Copa America champion...and to be considered one of the best goal keepers in the world....Great Congrats to Argentina
Moktar Mohamed
Moktar Mohamed:
I think Brazil will be favorite in the final, but I really hope messi wins it
Afia hasan
Afia hasan:
Watching this gives me goosebumps literally. Wonderfully played Argentina and the best player of the world Lionel Messi. You surely deserved it
Nitin Issrani
Nitin Issrani:
Messi finally gets his deserved International Trophy 🏆. Now he has everything a attacking player can have!
Dhroov Singh
Dhroov Singh:
Messi played really well this season!!!
I just hope Argentina give there best performance on field & win the final💙🔥
Man with the unfulfilled dreams!
Now look at him The man The goat with the fulfill dream ! The happy man with the international trophy! Thank you Messi for everything that you did for the footbal history! 🔥
Ian Rak
Ian Rak:
For me if he wins it he deserve the balllon d'or.
Animesh Dubey
Animesh Dubey:
No matter what happens Argentina showed real heart.
Sam Santhosh
Sam Santhosh:
Waiting for the thrilling final and messi 's first international cup
Leo fan from india🇦🇷🔥😍🇮🇳
Rishabh Tiwari
Rishabh Tiwari:
Beautiful journey, I feel so connected to this team. Thanks for this lovely video :)
Romario Categoria
Romario Categoria:
It's seem me like all Argentina best players, they are getting older in the same time. Like Messi, Aguero, Di Maria. So that's the perfect time for that Copa America Championship, cause maybe the last time for a very very very long time to win it again.
Ronald Simmons
Ronald Simmons:
Sometimes the best players make ordinary coaches, like Maradona. Scaloni, though, is a little more ordinary but has led this squad to win the Copa America. Now Qatar 2022!!! This team can do it!
Messi has playing very well ,his hardworking really become a greatest achieve,A big congratulations to all the team 👏👏👏👏🇦🇷🇦🇷
Banyar Naing
Banyar Naing:
The final's gonna be tight.
jonathan stromberg
jonathan stromberg:
I can't cope with Messi losing a FIFTH international final. Please God don't let it happen. he has given us so much.
For the love of god please let Argentina win the cup, Messi deserves to win
Amazing video thanks so much my friend!
These young boys from Argentina need to pay attention to their Master and learn from him! We are going to see some great start being born from Argentina in the years to come!
Eno -Tech & Facts
Eno -Tech & Facts:
Finally a good goalkeeper
deepanshu saini
deepanshu saini:
Argentina goalkeeper have god level reflexes....
Walid Waloda
Walid Waloda:
They beat the best teams in the Continent ,Brazil , Uruguay , Colombia , Uruguay .. , totally deserved for Argentina and Leo Messi 😍😍💓💓🙏🙏
Servant of The Expander
Servant of The Expander:
I wish this time argentina gets the cup
Anony Mous
Anony Mous:
Shaved Messi: FAIL
Unshaved Messi: FAIL
Somewhere in between: *PERFECTION*
Arghyaditya Halder
Arghyaditya Halder:
Congrats Argentina for maiden messi international trophy after 28 years,last in 1993... ❤️
Black Zetsu
Black Zetsu:
They deserved this win they played so well
Aleksander Drągowski
Aleksander Drągowski:
I believe that Argentina win Copa America!
Muntaha Chowdhury
Muntaha Chowdhury:
Hopefully we will win the trophy this year🙏 Even if we don't I'll still support them
Saqia Noor
Saqia Noor:
I wish argentina wins in the finals 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰
midget 420
midget 420:
I hope argentina wins and messi receives his 7th ballon dor
2007 ❌
2015 ❌
2016 ❌
2021 ✅

three times lost in the final of the copa america, finally the champion too, everything will be beautiful in time.
#Messi #Argentina #Copaamerica
El Maria Jin BTS
El Maria Jin BTS:
Martinez Is one of the reasons arg won ❤️ Amazing Gk
Maaz Khan
Maaz Khan:
The GOAT winning it all
Japata 1
Japata 1:
Please be kind to do another “Road to final” that will include the cup celebration.. thanks 🙏
abd here we made history..The world greatest player finally has an international Trophy 🇦🇷❤️
Sooraj cnair
Sooraj cnair:
I would say God of football( messi) and co are giving tribute to the man with hand of maradona 👑
rashidul islam
rashidul islam:
And now they are champion!
What a tournament this was!
Finally Messi achieved an International trophy. This is the Justice of football.
Messi still the GOAT
Lomas Turbaz
Lomas Turbaz:
Colombia was the team that complicated it the most, long live Colombia
Dhroov Singh
Dhroov Singh:
Oh god🙏😇 I wish Argentina win this time!! Messi is 💙
Erling Haaland
Erling Haaland:
They deserved to win
Gab Sen
Gab Sen:
Finally Messi's discouragement in the previous COPA has been relieved... congrats 🇦🇷 luv from 🇮🇳
Rahul K muralidharan
Rahul K muralidharan:
Spirit and dedication of Messi and teammates is fabulous ❤️
Patricia Bárbara Flores
Patricia Bárbara Flores:
Angel Di Maria ❤ always achieving /siempre definiendo.
umang gusain
umang gusain:
Congratulations to messi and his team because finally he gets a international trophy on his captaincy or for his country. His two special banana shot through free kick will never be forget
W. Kamara Njoku
W. Kamara Njoku:
Glad that the finals wasn’t against Chile again, they seem to know how to deal with argentina
Jedsun Z
Jedsun Z:
If the 2018 goal against Nigeria meant soo much for Maradona imagine how happy he would be right now. Rest in Paradise King I hope you are seeing this ⚽🐐🏆
Solo Gaming Boi
Solo Gaming Boi:
This time it’s the goalkeeper that leads Argentina to the final
RD Gaming
RD Gaming:
Messi carried Argentina in every match literally every match and was the hero for Argentina but last day i have to agree it was Emi Martinez who was the hero and carried Argentina to the finals ❤
Maka Lello
Maka Lello:
Felicitaciones desde Italia ❤
❣️Md Khokon❣️
❣️Md Khokon❣️:
Vamos Argentina 🔥🔥
shamveel anas
shamveel anas:
Rest is history🔥🔥🔥
Goosebumps 💥
epic gamer
epic gamer:
Oh god finally scaloni has build up the lineup which really should had been used before too I am so happy that my favourite player gets what he deserves I hope the Messi 11 wins the final against Brazil!!!
Sourav Paul
Sourav Paul:
Thanks bro for listening me and upload this video love u bro and keep growing up like this ❤️❤️❤️
Messi best playmaker ever his passes are insanely tremendous
Difficult roads lead to beautiful destinations. Congrats Messi
Finally the curse is over. You deserve it Leo 🏆
Khursida Moni
Khursida Moni:
After Messi there's a big spot of Respect for Di Maria,L Martinez and Emi Martinez
Mostak Ahmed Joy
Mostak Ahmed Joy:
Everytime i wanted this cup for doubt you are the goat...salute messi
Win Paid
Win Paid:
Congratulations Argentina❤
Mohiuddin Patwary The PMG
Mohiuddin Patwary The PMG:
Congratulations ARG n LM10🇦🇷🇧🇩
Vamos argentina🔥❤
Great teamwork play 👏
Holistic Living
Holistic Living:
Argentina needs to organize their defence if they want to get results in the world cup, especially against European teams. The goalie looks promising. I would love to see di maria and Gomez start.
*Emi martinez a.k.a Argentina Great Wall GK was the man messi has been waiting for this long time.*
5:17 goalkeeper is hard carrying
Litu Simoes
Litu Simoes:
and now the have won it.
Messi has one cup for himself with albiceleste. Congratz to the Goat
Mana Dampanya Channel
Mana Dampanya Channel:
Argentina deserved that trophy 🏆
This is me ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ
This is me ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ ಠ_ಠ:
When messi's beard is shaved he is the goat.
Shounak Mitra
Shounak Mitra:
This video came to me after Argentina won the final. Happiest day of my life.
Coolskeleton77 :
Congratulations From the roof of Europe🇮🇹❤️
Argentina will win for sure!!!!
Naah !! I’m not crying , you’re crying ….
zuygj bnsv
zuygj bnsv:
I think Brazil will be favorite in the final, but I really hope messi wins it
st ma
st ma:
chandler Medlin
chandler Medlin:
Saint Rich
Saint Rich:
Let's forget about Messi and the rest player's Emilano Martinez was a beast for Argentina team from starting to the finishing
Pawchan stories
Pawchan stories:
Amazing video my friend!
Love from Argentina 🇦🇷