Ari Melber: People Who Work For Trump Confirmed 'Quid Pro Quo To Go After Biden' | MSNBC

On today’s testimonies, Ari Melber breaks down how the testimonies confirmed that “people who worked for Donald Trump confirming that this was a tit-for-tat, a quid pro quo, an extortion/bribe, whatever you want to call it, to go after Biden.” Aired on 11/20/19.
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Ari Melber: People Who Work For Trump Confirmed 'Quid Pro Quo To Go After Biden' | MSNBC

38 komentarze:

Mark of Excellence
Mark of Excellence:
It used to be the White House, but now it's filled with evil clowns....
Barbara Roberts
Barbara Roberts:
I am waiting to hear the news that trump has fired Sondland, VIndman, Hale, Williams, even Morrison. I am sure that almost everyone in the white house is trying to stop trump from doing this...but I seriously doubt they will be able too.
Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones
Ivanka speads for Quincy Jones:
Trump is toast and it's about time.
Ralph Boyd
Ralph Boyd:
The best bit was Nunes's face after Sonland testified. 😆
PS Bregman
PS Bregman:
One of the few times I disagree with Ari Melber. Painting it as only the Bidens ignores others who have been subjected to abuse by Trump and accomplishes Trump''s goal - talk about the Bidens in a conversation about corruption. Why not bail it as what it really is: Trumps uses taxpayer dollars and his platform to steal our votes. We need to be able to argue that waiting for the election just gives Trump and the GOP more time to try and rig the election. Its time fo the GOP to be honest with voters - will they help Trump fix the election or take action to make sure he can't do any more damage. The evidence points to helping Trump.
Adorable Deplorable
Adorable Deplorable:
S Al
S Al:
Republican Party Must pay the price of protecting Indefensible lunatic who bullies any GOP elected officials not in line with his LIES Shame On You
Luis Mendez
Luis Mendez:
Ari Melber when he’s on his own show he is nice when he’s surrounded by these HACKs he becomes just like them smh.
Spay Um
Spay Um:
Please do a program dedicated to trumps promises kept and promises not kept.
Mexico pay for the wall… No
Tax cur... yes for the rich
Released his taxes… No
Introduce moderate gun legislation… No
Ban flavored e-cigarette’s… No
Wait a minute here Geniuses you changed that Latin quote to one you understood : Bribery, So what’d next FOOLS?
Joel Bible Minor prophet
Joel Bible Minor prophet:
FOX news Hannity has the word for word testimony of Ambassador Sondland. No quid pro quo. Trump even said i want nothing. You can hear it word for word and not this made up story line this station seems to run with.
Norm alice
Norm alice:
Except it wasn't to go after Biden. Sondland testified that trump didn't necessarily want an investigation - what wanted was a >public announcement< of an investigation. The actual investigation didn't matter nearly as much as the appearance of an investigation.

My suspicion is that after CNN aired the announcement, it would stay mostly buried and then Russia (or whoever) would have suddenly revitalized and memed it sometime around november 1st of next year...
Terrified Wimpy Man panel
David J
David J:
Trump and Republicans seem to be generally outraged over the fact that people like Sondland, Bill Taylor, Lt.Col. Vindman, and Ambassador Yovanovitch aren't falling over each other for the chance to go to prison for Trump.😂
BECAUSE Crowdstrike has nothing to do with the Bidens.
This was a violation of the Founding Fathers principles.
Jefferson knew that a republic could not function if its chief executive would abuse his office—and the public trust—by soliciting personal political assistance from a foreign government

In fact, that isn't the only issue.

Madison : “If the President be connected, in any suspicious manner, with any person,” Madison stated, “and there be grounds to believe he will shelter him, the House of Representatives can impeach him.”

He doesn't even have to actually pardon them; all that is required is a connection and a BELIEF that he will.

Being OBNOXIOUS was sufficient according to Ben Franklin.
Madison included negligence and PERFIDY - aka not being TRUSTWORTHY
- not criminal at all but IMPEACHABLE

Federalist No. 65, Alexander Hamilton said, "those offences which proceed from the misconduct of public men, or, in other words, from the abuse or violation of some public trust. They are of a nature which may with peculiar propriety be denominated political, as they relate chiefly to injuries done immediately to the society itself."
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen
Nettle Boyss Sunvanbeen:
Fox news defend Trump like a baby .
Song Ohm
Song Ohm:
Read the stupid transcript. There is no quid pro quo. Biden the other hand...
Margo Lenney
Margo Lenney:
We are all forgetting people died while this clown played with his thumbs. The aid was vital in the fight against Putin. But hey who cares they are never Trumpers - who gives a ‘*hit’ about them. / This man is so corrupt I doubt he can sit straight on a toilet seat.
a. barker
a. barker:
It shows that it's not just Trump. But he has brainwashed sane men into a pack of lier's that does not care about anything but keeping their job's.
Tobias Street
Tobias Street:
Lies. Fake news. Just tell the truth and you'll leave this earth with a clean conscience and never have to look over your shoulder when the dust settles and all that's left is the truth.
J Barnes
J Barnes:
I think $50,000 a month for a former crackhead with no experience sounds fishy.
I think that a Vice President telling leaders of a foreign country that if they want their aid money, that they must stop investigating his son sounds fishy.
I think that Burisma giving Biden $900,000 in lobbying money sounds fishy.
I keep hearing pundits claim that the Biden corruption angle is debunked, but I don't see anyone giving a substantial explanation of what specific facts have been debunked. We should look into what appears to be outright corruption on the part of Biden, his son and his son's company.
Julie DePaul Johnson
Julie DePaul Johnson:
The funniest feature of Schiff's claims about Trump going after a political opponent? Biden DOESN'T and never DID HAVE A CHANCE of getting the nomination--he's DIRTY! That's why Obama won't endorse him lol. How about Trump for the NEXT 5 years- then Don Jr. Eric Ivanka..yup a dynasty..The libs will die off😂
The fools in the comment section in Fox news videos still believing this is a witchhunt
mieczyslaw herba
mieczyslaw herba:
Trump had right to think over so called „Javelin's deal”, because
Ukraine could simply resell this deadly weapon to Russians - not as a
state, but just piece by piece, Ukrainian soldiers could do this, for
a Russian bribe. In the past it was possible to buy any weapon from
Ukrainian's soldiers - even during the war with Russia Ukrainians
could sell to Russians their own defensive weapon. Ukraine is not
stable according to bribery, up to now everything is possible there
for bribery. Would Americans be happy, if Russia would destroy
American tanks or F-35 aircrafts using American „Javelins”? So,
it was big decision to Trump, to sell Javelins to Ukraine or not to
sell. He could and should think it over, many times. Dems interpreted
this delay as „waiting for bribery”. Trump waiting for bribery?
Person, whose every single move, even sneeze is commented by CNN?
What a naive accusation! Maybe they accused Trump because they had to
do it? Who ordered them? From the other hand, giving any weapon to
Ukraine makes USA participant in Russia - Ukraine conflict. This is
big responsibility, because for sure it made Putin very nervous.
Putin wanted to consume Ukraine piece by piece, in salami style,
kilometer after kilometer, and Trump stopped him giving Ukrainians
wonderful, semi-offensive weapon. Dems reaction is – Trump
cooperates with Putin by... giving Ukrainians weapon to stop him? No!
It's ridiculous! In my opinion the result of Putin's anger is Trump
impeachment! It is written „Know the tree by its fruit” - I
assume, according to my knowledge, that the Dems' impeachment is
simply Putin's response to Trump's “Javelins deal”. There is
strong connection, Dems simply follow Putin's orders - he pays them
for it, or they have to do it, because of blackmail, or because any
other form of obedience. They are dismissive to Putin, to Iran, to
China – they are not patriots at all, they sell US piece by piece.
They should be accused for that and should be sentenced for fake
impeachment, and they should go to jail. Including Obama, Pelosi,
Hilary, Kerry, Bidens and many others. They are illness to American
democracy, and illness should be treated with appropriate treatment,
with appropriate medicine.
American Paisa
American Paisa:
“I was presuming”
- Ambassador Gordon Sondland 🤣
That’s all the Democrats do. They presume, accuse, project and act on feelings. Not on facts.
Sondland's testimony sounded promising for the Dems this morning. That is, until the Republicans completely dismantled it. It's actually quite entertaining watching the Dems drink their own Kool-Aide while they give each other victory high fives. What makes it funny is the fact that the ship that they're sailing on is sinking. I hope this does go to trial though. I would love to see their faces when Trump's defense team is unleashed, completely exposing the corruption that lies within the Democratic party.
Jay Larsen
Jay Larsen:
Presumption presumption presumption.

Quid pro quo for PR meetings.

Still no evidence. Here's looking at you Ari.
TOTAL LIE Ari. From someone who watched the trial.
The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J. Trump
The Handsome Supreme Lord Emperor Donald J. Trump:
Shiff for Brains and Nadless, along with a whole bunch of other criminal deep state perps, are about to realize what the differences between political and criminal investigations are.
The 3 musketeers: Leaky (James Comey) Sneaky (Clapper) Freaky (Brennan) LoL..😂
jim harmon
jim harmon:
Biden, I thought you people were for getting the crooks not protecting them . Hunter is a crook.
Marton Steve
Marton Steve:
Björn J.J
Björn J.J:
Ash Roskell
Ash Roskell:
America is being asked to accept Trump’s guilt. The GOP are counting on the HATRED of the Dems, to make people, “OK,” with the END of the Republic! With jail and disgrace, staring them in the face, how will they NOT RIG 2020? With, “access,” to everything, from the inside, this time? With Russia, having, “experience,” from 2016, this time? OF COURSE 2020’s, “elections,” will be a SHAM! And, when everyone KNOWS it was BLATANT? . . . SO WHAT? “We’ll have an inquiry . . . “ The Republic is all but OVER . . . Smh
Julie DePaul Johnson
Julie DePaul Johnson:
Ari Melber is embarrassingly childish--hard to take him serious. MSNBC is a complete farce.
Jasper Perrywinkle
Jasper Perrywinkle:
It's so sad to see the dims chasing their coup dreams and being dissapointed every time. 😞
TULSI GABBARD 2020!!!!!!!
Councilman Les Wynan
Councilman Les Wynan:
This is all a circus. Trump won’t be removed from office and you know this.
Dennis Janda
Dennis Janda:
If Biden hadn't extorted the Ukraine's and been investigated, Trump wouldn't have needed to ask the question..Just Sayin' !!