Arjen Robben - Flying Dutchman - Insane Skill Show

Living legend of Bayern, Arjen Robben's insane skills compilation in his glorious career.

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Tatason Felix
Tatason Felix:
Arjen Robben, one of the BEST wingers of all time
Without injuries, these past 10 years he’d be up with Messi and Ronaldo every year fighting for ballon D’or
Pushkal shah
Pushkal shah:
Absolutely fantastic. Easily top 5 players of this messi-ronaldo generation!
Roddy Enrique Rodríguez
Roddy Enrique Rodríguez:
What a truly fantastic player. We´ll miss him very much
Basti An
Basti An:
I remember how I sit on couch with my father while the game Bayern Schalke 04 runs. I said 'This match will decide by a single move.' My dad laughed and agreed immediately. A few minutes later Robben destroyed the whole Schalke defense.
Sebastian Nedelescu
Sebastian Nedelescu:
If there would have been a time without Messi and Ronaldo he could have easily won the ball on dor
simsek Denurkan
simsek Denurkan:
He remembers me to concentrate on your strengs then your of the best left foot of all time
Bruce Lee: "I do not fear the man who has practiced 10000 kicks once, I fear the man who has practiced 1 kick 10000 times."
One of the most fun players to watch, my favorite player EVER
In his prime, every time he was in position with his left foot, all screamed "shoot". Because it was always a goal. Unbelievably
He really is one of the best dribblers in history. With his speed and close control it’s unfair to defenders 1v1. From 2010-15 he was one of the best dribblers I ever seen easily.
I´d need a day to make a list of his "Scores the winning goal in one of the most important matches of this season" moments ... so many crucial goals, Bayern ows him the world ... Top 10 player in Bayern´s history for sure
Davis Zwalia
Davis Zwalia:
I love how he took Ramos, Piqué and Casillas for brooms to sweep the grass on his way to the net.
Prime Robben was up there with Messi and Ronaldo. No doubt.

Mia san mia Mr Wembley!
Best and most vicious left foot,one of the best dutch footballer and one of the best in the world.
Lukas Germes
Lukas Germes:
The way he just bents his body around a defender while running a straight line, not loosing any pace....
Robbens left foot can also swerve and curl rocks and canon balls.
Muhammad Mujahid jabbi
Muhammad Mujahid jabbi:
He's totally predictable but unstoppable ,
Everyone knows that anytime he gets the ball he's going to cut in and score , but still can stop him .. ..
Thank you arjen robben for making this game beautiful .every time you touch the ball...
Whatever they say... your the best
Navneet Singh
Navneet Singh:
99% Left Foot
1% Right Foot
Totally predictable but unstoppable, everyone knows he is going to cut inside with left foot but still can't stop him. Legend
Loved Robben and his hilariously weird celebrations. Great player.
football youth coaches: you need to be good with both feet!
Robben: no
Yordan Petkov
Yordan Petkov:
Hahaha love watching his signature move - outrun everyone on the right wing then cut inside and shoot with the left foot. Everyone knows what's about to happen but they still can't do anything to stop him.
CrunkIn mySysteM
CrunkIn mySysteM:
Danke für alles Arjen!
Wir vergessen dich nie!!
Mia san mia ❤️🔴
Ricardo Bingling
Ricardo Bingling:
Thank you so much, finally a proper video of arjen robben
Willian Gabriel
Willian Gabriel:
Saudade de quando assistia aos jogos do Bayern e via o Robben jogar. Admiro demais esse cara como jogador.
Dudu Shakur
Dudu Shakur:
Esse canhoto é um absurdo, joga muito!
jason m
jason m:
Was injured more than he was fit…. And still an incredible career
Dreamchaser for life
Dreamchaser for life:
The MOST underrated player EVER
Gabriel Barroso
Gabriel Barroso:
Jogadinha do Robben ✔️
Quando um jogador deixa sua marca assim no futebol, mostra sua qualidade!
Kevin Iglesias
Kevin Iglesias:
This man was practically unstoppable. Unforgivably underrated.
Muhsin eco
Muhsin eco:
3:21 those tackles with two legs looks too dangerous.
Varu 1985
Varu 1985:
A prime Robben was masterclass and his dribbling skills was amazing .
Mike Hak
Mike Hak:
So many beautiful goals..... class video and music timing
Sou muito fã desse cara,clk só de saber que vai se aposentar 💔
Robbery will get the most fantastic farewell game of all time, I will cry so much : ***(
Heinz-Peter Wolfgang Marcel Gerhard-Baumgüttler
Heinz-Peter Wolfgang Marcel Gerhard-Baumgüttler:
There you can see the full beauty of this game
Diadié Cissé
Diadié Cissé:
I will forever remember how he mercilessly my team Barcelona that one year, TWICE🥲🥲
El Haddadi
El Haddadi:
COMENTATOR: Robben bursting down the right wing with pace, he beats the left back and is charging towards goal, he cuts the ball on to his left foot, danger draws near, the on rushing centre back is hesitant on making the tackling, robben he still has it, shooots, its in! One nill, you know the goal is coming and there is nothing the defenders can do about it!
Himeur Mokrane
Himeur Mokrane:
he is the most spectacular player he remains one of the best player in the world
Miguel Madeira
Miguel Madeira:
learned a lot watching this
Jakko Zweerink
Jakko Zweerink:
he is ssssssoososooo goooood💪💪
Big Country0588
Big Country0588:
Any time the ball was at his feet, he was a threat. Maybe the best counter attacker of all time
Unstoppable on his day...
Trvvis Montana
Trvvis Montana:
Both him and Robert has similar styles
Robson Gonçalves Silva
Robson Gonçalves Silva:
Esse vou falar pros meus filho q vi jogar. Máximo respeito Arjen Robben 👏🏿👏🏿👑
Florian Sengstock
Florian Sengstock:
He did it against everybody, performing sensationally against every team you could imagine... Real, barca, spain, manU.... All teams basically atleast close to their prime...
Split Fantom
Split Fantom:
You can see every time he’s about to get a shot off at the corner of the box the other team already knows it’s going in
His speed 10/10 was his main weapon.
Rolf Penterman
Rolf Penterman:
When you where a defender and played bayern, and you saw Ribery, Lewandowski/Muller and Robben on the field, i would just say, F this, im going home. 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Urr Ha
Urr Ha:
The best wings player,,,,,,,
Esse é CRAQUE de BOLA... joga muito
Ekule Nwaiku
Ekule Nwaiku:
Really insane!
K. Pitroipa
K. Pitroipa:
Legend will never die ❤️🤍❤️
Younes Daif
Younes Daif:
this is hypnotising
Nicholas Good
Nicholas Good:
Every ten years or so we / the dutch have a legend that pops up - we need another one now !! :)
G Bailey
G Bailey:
Wonder why marcelo celebrate wen he wins the ball from him 😂
Nitin Yadav
Nitin Yadav:
What a player he was he could have won much more if he passed the ball more instead of shooting all the time by cutting inside caused him champions League final against inter, world cup final and other crucial games . Still one of the best dribblers of the football along side Messi Maradona George best.
Adolfo García Morris
Adolfo García Morris:
De lo mejor de estos tiempos, ese Bayern daba miedo con Ribery y Robben
jakk axn
jakk axn:
Robben was very fast see in that he outpaced sanchez easily
kabeer kmr
kabeer kmr:
Amazing driblling skill. superb
danilo oliveira bernardes
danilo oliveira bernardes:
Joga muito!!
Eternal Dreamer
Eternal Dreamer:
It looks like he has limited skill package. But that package has been perfected to excellent level. Dutch coaching philosophy, as I know, has objective to develop players with two technically good legs, smart and fast. But Robben shows that 1 perfect leg also good enough and acceptable. Even if it makes you more predictable player but still hard to handle with.
Always asked myself: "How is that happened that dutch youth developing system produced such one leg player." Interesting to hear his coaches, did they asked him to work on his right foot more or just told something: "Ok, boy, make your one leg perfect instead and use (or even abuse) your strengths". He's able to cut diamonds with his left foot.
Arjan Plantinga
Arjan Plantinga:
Except for that one moment vs Iker I have always loved him play so much
Vanillacream Coldbrew
Vanillacream Coldbrew:
Robben was absolutely best midfielder but I think the word ‘flying dutchman’ belongs to van persie. His header goal in 2014 brazil world cup was fantastic.
Irwanto Ali
Irwanto Ali:
When he kicks his postur like beckham. While when he run his speed and cut inside combination of bale + giggs. What a player
Pablo Seubelan
Pablo Seubelan:
The legend
Ariq Marwan
Ariq Marwan:
Chelsea legend 💙💙💙
My second favorite player of all time, without injuries would be top, the first is Cruyff, madly I am Uruguayan but lover and fan of Dutch soccer also known as total soccer
AjaxCompHD 14
AjaxCompHD 14:
Welcome back to FC Groningen!
Wen Ling
Wen Ling:
to be honest, I love the non-flying dutchman better
Happy Birthday Robben⚽🙌🙏
Same move but always effective. Thats arjen robben style🔥
Vinay Mundra
Vinay Mundra:
Most underrated player of this generation .......
he is seriously left-foot dominant. if he was a righty it wouldve hurt him a lot seeing he uses his dominant foot 95% of the time.
Asim Nadawi
Asim Nadawi:
Unreal player one of the best all the time
Ahmed Salah
Ahmed Salah:
Iam really sad that I won't see him playing again
Greater than Johan cruyff...who is my other most favorite dutch player
he really runs fast
Elijah Valencia
Elijah Valencia:
if only him and messi couldve got that world cup! they got as close as you can get
VietNam Farmer
VietNam Farmer:
people know he gonna cut inside and curve it with his left foot but they just cant stop it
Theodore Roosevelt
Theodore Roosevelt:
Dutch Soccer in early 10th was great
Black Samurai
Black Samurai:
Ribery and Robben without injuries could have been in Messi and Ronaldo's level no cap...
M. Xhof
M. Xhof:
best top four dutch footbal player of al time.
The king of speed
The left man❤💯❤
Z Z:
That FUT flashback card is almost as OP as he really was in real life
Top 5 forward of the 2010s
Weder Nunes
Weder Nunes:
Joga D+
My most favorite Dutch player
General Zeng
General Zeng:
Sehr bodenständiger Spieler. Viel besser als Goldsteak Konsument.
دودو دودو
دودو دودو:
Best player in hestori wene i group i well be like robn i well never forget that never forget,❤️💙❤️💙
arguably best of all time
Victor Omondi
Victor Omondi:
one of my role model in the world of football
Abdi samad
Abdi samad:
After this video iam telling myself iam lucky to see plying
Wallacy Souzq
Wallacy Souzq:
O melhor jogador que eu já vi
Nyoman Artana
Nyoman Artana:
the best winger of all time
Ronald Garcia
Ronald Garcia:
My best player in the word !!
Blen Queen
Blen Queen:
not even Ronaldo or messi are this fast... 😎
Jeanette B
Jeanette B:
That's a great clip, but could you put it on nicer music? That music is often horrible.