Ark: Survival Evolved Crystal Isles And Anniversary Event! Back Where It All Started

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Escape to Your Personal Island Paradise
Escape to a deserted island and create your own paradise as you explore, create, and customize in the Animal Crossing: New Horizons game. Your island getaway has a wealth of natural resources that can be used to craft everything from tools to creature comforts. You can hunt down insects at the crack of dawn, decorate your paradise throughout the day, or enjoy sunset on the beach while fishing in the ocean. The time of day and season match real life, so each day on your island is a chance to check in and find new surprises all year round.

Show off your island utopia to family and friends—or pack your bags and visit theirs. Whether playing online or with others beside you, island living is even better when you can share it. Even without hopping on a flight, you’ll meet a cast of charming animal residents bursting with personality. Friendly faces like Tom Nook and Isabelle will lend their services and happily help you grow your budding community. Escape to your island getaway—however, whenever, and wherever you want.

• Build your community from scratch on a deserted island brimming with possibility
• Create your personal getaway and customize your character, home, decorations, and even the landscape itself
• Collect materials to construct everything from furniture to tools! Then, use what you create to give your island a personal touch
• Watch as the time of day and seasons match real life—even your hemisphere! Each day holds potential for surprises and discoveries
• Get to know the island residents, garden, fish, decorate, hunt for fossils, and more!
• Show off your paradise – play on the same system with a total of 4 people, or play together online or over local wireless for fun with up to 8 players
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36 komentarze:

Dat Potato
Dat Potato:
I just realized I watched you a long time ago for ark and redound you again from animal crossing niceee
TAG!!! LONG TIME NO SEE!! Ark is been a rollercoaster, brings me back with the golden days for the older members and the lost members cheers for all!!
Liz Ann
Liz Ann:
Bummed I missed the stream! Watching now though while I wait for the next. Liking this so far! Never heard of Ark.
SAFFA - Vanessa - FunkyFireFly
SAFFA - Vanessa - FunkyFireFly:
So mad at myself for missing this stream. I’ve missed Ark soooo much!!!
My friends and I recently started up playing Ark again too on a Ragnarock map! So nice to jump back in
Kyle Morgan
Kyle Morgan:
What's up buddy?! I've been hoping you would play some ark. I caught part of the stream at least. Have a great big Texas day! Hope you and your family are staying safe.
Ecurie LicoriseBlanc
Ecurie LicoriseBlanc:
Back to the old days tag, happy to see you playing it again, dam i missed the stream ......cant wait for more!! <3
Flat4Buggy 2
Flat4Buggy 2:
Heads up: Ark is currently free on PC until next Thursday, (6/18/20) on the Epic Store.
Glad to see you back and enjoying some Ark!
Rick Satink
Rick Satink:
Breeding is how got to your channel you only had around 15000 subs good times
Evelyn Lester
Evelyn Lester:
Just hearing a scream followed by “I punched a dinosaur!” has me laughing way more than it should. 9:20
Randy Sparks
Randy Sparks:
I kinda got interested in Monster Hunter World and bought it a while ago. Gotta say, your videos are a godsend. I was struggling with pretty much everything but the videos have made sense of most of it
Sam Bryant
Sam Bryant:
I can see where the bad reveiws come from after 8000 hours gamelplay. You put in 8000 hours in official and then have everything you've worked for taken away at a moment's notice during to a bug that Wildcard has been aware of for years but too ignorant to fix.
Though it is a game that you come back to after after you've cooled down from your ragequit...
I started watching you when you where playing Ark, lost track at some point and then came back for Red Dead... staying for everything now. Had to retire from Ark modding (for now) with my carpal tunnel problems, so its nice to see you playing again. Your ACNH made me get a switch and it does NOT bother my hands, so happy to be able to play games again!
Glad to see you back on Ark! I really hope to see more!
Adrian Mora
Adrian Mora:
Murtations lol it's been a long time here's to more!
Misty Bledsoe
Misty Bledsoe:
I absolutely love Ark, even have a server. I can't wait for this map to be released on PS4, "sometime this summer", lol. I'll have to settle for watching your streams for my fix until then, ha!
Yeaits Kell
Yeaits Kell:
I recently started playing ark a lot, I’m crazy excited for this
Silverleaf Mage of Valentine
Silverleaf Mage of Valentine:
Oh no! I'm sorry I missed this!
You touched Stamp in her NONO square OMG!
This is the tag I remember haha good ol ARK, now time for some breeding lol
I watched your Zoo series, you brought me into Ark and introduced me to Mutations. Thank You Tag
Good to see you on ark again. I personally play on rag for the connivance of raising dinos from multiple dlcs. However, aberration is my favorite map, no doubt.
Jessica Martinez
Jessica Martinez:
Back to the start with ARK!! How exciting to see! Can't wait to see if you get those baby poop green mutations again. 😂
Scarlet Foxxie
Scarlet Foxxie:
Am I the only one who misses his Red Dead videos? I really wanna know what happened to that super cool server he was working on. ;-;
Anna Capps
Anna Capps:
Ooooooo how long until the Ark Zoo is back. I was wondering considering how much he was building and decorating lately lol.
Fishing Fool
Fishing Fool:
Dude I am so amped your back on ARK and the video is long one! I cant wait man especially if a series evolves!!
Miss Dire
Miss Dire:
Nice to always go back to your roots!

Do you have a Tiktok? I swear I've found your voice twin/long lost brother on there.
This flat landscape is now in the game officially? Or is it still a mod
how can I play on a private server with my friends pls help me :X
I will return Wilson for 100 metal ingots!
Leslie Tyler
Leslie Tyler:
I know you probably won’t ever do another mutation zoo, but if you ever do, I have a few mods that I recommend for it over Eco’s mods.
RR- Gardendeko and More has all of the trees, rocks, and foliage but you can adjust the size and it has way more varieties. It also comes with landscaping cubes, topiaries, pieces of the various ruins and many other things. The mod developer also has some other mods you might be interested in like a street decor mode, home decor mode and a building decor mod.
cool video my guy
44:31 the tag in its natural habitat
Brian Mccann
Brian Mccann:
No. saddle needed. It collects Everything you need. Berries. Fiber. Meat. Hide. Wood. Thatch. Etc...
Cyberra 01
Cyberra 01:
There are no event colors, sadly... They didn't think the game's 5th anniversary rated special colors. And we had to scream at the devs just to get the 3x breeding.

The event is out on consoles. The map, however, does not launch on console until September. We got the new dino, tropeognathus, but not the map.