Arsenal vs Aston Villa | Match Day Live

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46 komentarze:

D Patel
D Patel:
Arsenal 1-0 Villa - 51:20
Arsenal 1-1 Villa - 1:52:29
Arsenal 2-1 Villa - 1:54:55
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Again fantastic character to recover from another set back and score the winner. There's a new mentality in this Arsenal team and I am loving it.
Generic villa fan
Generic villa fan:
Best I have seen arsenal look in years - Such a vibrant team
Puff Ader
Puff Ader:
Massive massive performance from the boys...and the Audio is on point.
Ferenc Szűcs
Ferenc Szűcs:
1:07:50 Martinelli big shot
Johnny Sounds
Johnny Sounds:
The only thing that worry's me this season is injuries.
Uche Attoh
Uche Attoh:
Complaints even with a win gosh..too many complaints...we are not Man city .... We have gotten the job done....there will be good and bad days.....guys please don't make it tiring being an arsenal fan when we cant even enjoy a win without peeps complaining left and right...
Simphiwe Mnomiya
Simphiwe Mnomiya:
Nketiah made a difference n allowed us to retain possession in the dying stages of the game
The Joker
The Joker:
These points will make the difference at the end of the season. We need our front three to score 50 goals between them to finish 3/4
Vincent M. Mutuku
Vincent M. Mutuku:
Basically, Arsenal has sold very nice shot stoppers, Martinez and Leno had a very good training at Arsenal
Set looking clean🔴⚪
Talli Ban
Talli Ban:
Yes we are still top of the league
Marcus Comfort
Marcus Comfort:
He had a couple of saves. 3 other ex arsenal keepers in premier league
hilary gami
hilary gami:
Arsenal my love....
Maxine Muhammad
Maxine Muhammad:
😍😍😍❤️❤️❤️👍🏿👍🏿👍🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿well to the Arsenal. That is what I don’t like is that we cannot keep a clean sheet at home . These teams we should be killing off at home gold difference really counts later on as we know . We need more signings for sure with all the games we have and all the injuries we seem to get . I love my team however we have to have a bit more of the killer instinct
Nischit Ranganath
Nischit Ranganath:
Hope our captain is good for United
Another good Victory against a 12 man team 👏
RobertRam Mullen
RobertRam Mullen:
I was criticised for saying we need three physically strong players all central players defender midfield attacker and a striker we could then be the best ever. now we have like I predicted many injuries and we will because the style of play we have fast and accurate. it pisses off opponents who get frustrated.
Justin Carroll
Justin Carroll:
These injuries will cost us top 4 if long term.We still have time for back ups.
mikey mike
mikey mike:
Ramsdale keeps making mistakes,that's atleast one every game.
two world
two world:
Say what you want the detractors that is.
5 games
5 wins
Top of the league
You can ask no more
Ebiegberi Adonkie
Ebiegberi Adonkie:
Nketiah, absolute baller
I don't know what is a foul on keeper anymore.. You can basically lock a keeper with your hands not allowing him to move in any direction, no intention on winning/competing for the ball and just cuz you are standing your ground, its not a foul? Is this football or basketball?? Pull a player by the hair in corner, not a foul?? But if its a lower placed team or dare I say the PL darling Liverpool or Spurs, if you breathe on the keeper it will be a foul..
Madalitso Juwa
Madalitso Juwa:
King of the match Granit Xhaka
Drink Snapple
Drink Snapple:
FORZA Gunners!!!
Do you think we need to sign more personally I think we need a DM and a winger still
Now i really wish that amazon documentary was for this season!!!!
cynthia chriss
cynthia chriss:
Arsenal oyeee 💪
Don Wan
Don Wan:
These clowns gave up when Villa equalised. Wtf, guys?
Hamza Burhan
Hamza Burhan:
This is unbelievable
Can the Invincibles be repeated?
Dev Singh
Dev Singh:
18 points ez clap
Marcus Comfort
Marcus Comfort:
Gr8 result awful ref
Michael P
Michael P:
Turkish staring at the tablet the whole time. Enjoy the game brother
Omar Yahya
Omar Yahya:
Simon Jordan and Andy Gray are you watching? We are too of the league and celebrated the winner, oh wait we aren't allowed to. 😢
Magic miQ
Magic miQ :
we need players.
Michael Glover
Michael Glover:
The 114 club will be christened the Invulnerables
Studio was quiet tonight
Akam Salar
Akam Salar:
Our captain is a joke
Nischit Ranganath
Nischit Ranganath:
Our squad is being exposed now. So little attacking depth without Nico
Suwane Burgess
Suwane Burgess:
Turkish have no faith in the team
Terrion Williams
Terrion Williams:
Un Named
Un Named:
Sambi doesn’t soon confident we’ll get punished against United