ARSENAL vs BENFICA LIVE - Europa League Reaction

Watch Arsenal vs Benfica Live in Europa League, Reaction with Thogden & Thogdad! Leave your Arsenal Benfica and other Europa League score predictions in the comments now!

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Robert Lewandowski
Robert Lewandowski:
Arsenal fans during the game:📈📈📉📉📉📉📈📈📈📈📈
Add Name
Add Name:
aRseNalL aRe CrAsHiNg OuT oF tHe EuRopA lEgUe
1:18:00 = 1-0 goal of aubameyang
1:40:12=1-1 goal Diogo goncalves
2:15:56 =1-2 Rafa Silva
2:21:46=2-2 tierny
2:41:56=2-3 aubameyang
You all laughed at us... well I have to say, you’re not laughing now are you.
1:18:00 1-0 Auba
1:40:12 1-1 Diogo Goncalves
2:15:57 1-2 Rafa Silva
2:21:48 2-2 Tierney
2:41:41 3-2 Auba
Lesson to be learned for Thogden: Next time don’t open your big mouth before a game ends
Moses Ibironke
Moses Ibironke:
The way they were getting onto to Arsenal before😂😂😂😂
Echo_ Puls
Echo_ Puls:
football fan for life
football fan for life:
When the pl is finished do your pl team of the season
Efree Day
Efree Day:
Yes COYG.. Love that Saka's assist
David Day
David Day:
I love watching the chat about arsenal
future Footballer
future Footballer:
I love it how you stream europa league and champions league LEGENDS
Ollie Plays
Ollie Plays:
First comment first YouTube view as I was watching rangers
Scott Jones
Scott Jones:
Thogdad looks like he needs a beer! 🍺👍 Maybe a crate of Super Bock will do!
it's Dixinie 0
it's Dixinie 0:
Never underestimate anything everyone can learn from villa liverpool 72
Spider-Man Trilogy
Spider-Man Trilogy:
Love how thogdad watched this like an arsenal fan
Matthew Davies
Matthew Davies:
2:41:50 - 3-2
2:21:30 - 2-2
The Muffin Man
The Muffin Man:
Yahya Mohamed
Yahya Mohamed:
Aubamawho aubamawhat aubamabloodclaayyang
eggs benny
eggs benny:
Why do we make things so difficult for ourselves ffs
Jack Mcspadden
Jack Mcspadden:
Do a reaction to the eruopa league draw
Amal 66
Amal 66:
1:18:23 theo😜😳
Raunak Das
Raunak Das:
Yo he is actually wearing an FC Goa shirt from Indian Super League 😳😳😳🇮🇳
Grant Hibberd
Grant Hibberd:
This lot can’t have been happy with that result...
do you think arsenal and tottenham will be in the final of the europa league and if you do who will win Thogden an Thogdad pls reply and answer the question
Snatc !
Snatc !:
arsenal haters are always funny haha
2:16:15 they win 2-1 yeah? Clipped it for you 😂
jo goodman
jo goodman:
Omg!! I Guess 3-2!!
Jj Olijede
Jj Olijede:
William Moulsdale
William Moulsdale:
When are you doing the Premier league productions video
Luca Udron
Luca Udron:
Joshua Igbuya
Joshua Igbuya:
Why heart stopped each minute they had a attack
Joey on 60 Hz
Joey on 60 Hz:
Thogdads a mug 🙈🙈
football fan for life
football fan for life:
Echo_ plus patrice evra rant
Gaverio Reid
Gaverio Reid:
I can't see them coming back
Lew M
Lew M:
Best hope they dont draw high flying Rangers next round 👀
Sam Horton
Sam Horton:
EUROPA LEAGUE winners than lads who do we think
Tommy Plays
Tommy Plays:
But little did they know arsenal didn’t give up
adam scott
adam scott:
is he streaming man u game live or what
Γεω Τεκ
Γεω Τεκ:
he looks like a young D.Gahan
Daniel Patey
Daniel Patey:
Theo Murray
Theo Murray:
Thogdad looks like he needs a beer
It's so funny hearing a neutral because some of the stuff is so weird like bellerin better than cedric. I do understand why he said it but it is wrong.
Bobby Duncombe
Bobby Duncombe:
2:16:00 arsenal r crashing out of this competition
Adam Baker
Adam Baker:
Why does he always say Will I am this is triggering me
Sam Hills
Sam Hills:
If benefits scored again they would have looked like right fools
Jaiden KB
Jaiden KB:
2:15:59 Spoke too soon
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington:
Kockevin school 3 Vs 1 work shop 2 Paul Richard Adrien Tracy Watson council's Van Adrien rocky die now
Family Email
Family Email:
Come on arsenal
badders about
badders about:
Come on U Rrrrrs
Martha Faherty
Martha Faherty:
I love you
Phillip Kwenda
Phillip Kwenda:
Robbie is not mudded
Shahmeer Turk
Shahmeer Turk:
Come on!!!!!!!!!
Ben Krempel
Ben Krempel:
Cmon arsenal
Kurtis Davies
Kurtis Davies:
Come onnnnnnnnnnnnnn
Mathew Hughes
Mathew Hughes:
Why u doing this and not utd
Rhys Padan
Rhys Padan:
They clearly wanted arsenal to lose
Aaron Whittington
Aaron Whittington:
Stephanie says Aaron I am fight with you 👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊👊