"Arsenal were the better team." Pep Guardiola reacts to Arsenal 1-2 Man City

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola praised his players for showing character despite being low on energy, but admitted that Arsenal were the better team in their clash at The Emirates.

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Romelle King
Romelle King:
Arsenal played really well and showed they are serious about where they want to be. For me, that was the best performance of the season even though they lost
Fair play to pep, arsenal fans should not be disappointed at all, if they keep up form like this through to the end of the season, they should definitely get top 4. Deserved to get something out of the game today, probably deserved the win overall. 👍
Serene 191
Serene 191:
How did the best team in the league not have even ONE shot on target in the first half? That’s how well we played today.
Hands down a performance from Arsenal that we haven't seen in a long time - they were the better team. However, a bit of disagreements in the 2nd Half which led Arsenal down - hate towards Xhaka is unnecessary.
Respect to both sides - A war begins in the comments
Best performance I’ve seen against a top team in a while. Gutted but proud
Respect for Pep saying encouraging words to Arsenal. Classy man. If it was Mourinho, he would have said something classless. Well played Arsenal, very proud of the team.
Julian Tsenkov
Julian Tsenkov:
Arsenal deserved the win today. And they must be very proud of themselves. I'm just surprised how the assistant coach was so calm through the game.
Ian Williams
Ian Williams:
First time I felt frustrated and like we were genuinely being outplayed. Fair play to arsenal, they belong to be in the top four
As a Utd fan I have to say hats off to Arsenal honestly were the better team
I'm buzzing that we won but no one in the world can say that Arsenal didn't deserve at least a point, if not all 3. Me as a City fan saying that really shows that Arsenal were better because people have told me I'm quite biased but Arsenal were better. If Arteta was on the touchline Arsenal would have won. Both penalty decisions should have been given as a penalty as well.
Patrick Stewart
Patrick Stewart:
As an Arsenal fan, I’m very surprised because City demolished us back in September. I thought the same thing was about to happen.
Pushpender Gusain
Pushpender Gusain:
Wonderful performance by Arsenal. I have seen them playing artistic/rhythmic football after a long time. Arsenal is improving its performance gradually.
František Vtelenský
František Vtelenský:
Sometimes we must suffer before we will celebrate one day. And with this team, we can defo see progress. Proud of the boys today! COYG
paarth johri
paarth johri:
"We're not a team that scores in the etra time to win matches."
He's not wrong. City always take their fair win and destroy their opponents to the point of frustration. Today's performance was a bit clouded.
Serene 191
Serene 191:
They completely dominated Man City. Very proud of the boys today. annoyed and frustrated by the result
Amol Bachhav
Amol Bachhav:
Greatest manager and coach of this generation..coming from a man UTD fan!..Class person
the pep and arteta respect is great to see. I hope to see us compete with city - the master vs the prodigy
Shad Ibrahim
Shad Ibrahim:
MOTM- Stuart Atwell, won his team a penalty as well as getting an opposition player sent off. Also prevented a opposition penalty. Great performance👏
Sunsaeng Nim
Sunsaeng Nim:
We needed that performance to show we're serious about competing for years to come. Proud of the boys today. We need to keep that heart we've shown for the next few games.
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
City weren't at the races against Brentford but Brentford tried to pounce on mistakes City caused themselves. I have never seen a team bully and dominate City the way Arsenal have and the fact that this team are not even in their prime yet is scary. Mikel Arteta has proven to me that he is tactically astute enough to tango with the big boys. Arsenal didn't even park the bus they played their football and got the better of city who in posession looked totally devoid of answers. I can't say this for sure but If Arsenal's owners back Arteta and get in more quality and depth into this squad they could end up being where City are now dominating the prem for years in the next 2-3 years.
What a performance by Arsenal. Got unlucky but if Arsenal perform like that every match, they are a force. Issue eith Arsenal is consistency though, we'll see if its same old Arsenal or not in the next few weeks.
Arsenal we’re brilliant today, respect to that team but glad we got the win, massive for us
I’m happy the way the Arsenal team is turning out. Normally we would be going home with. 3-0 lose but today we play like we wanted to win gg
Lizzy Rose
Lizzy Rose:
Well done boys! Even though we lost, we have to be so proud of this team, they were great today!
I’m proud of the team today hope we can keep this up and get some Europe this season ❤️
Blah Blah
Blah Blah:
The perfect ending to this game would have been Stuart Atwell taking the penalty himself and scoring one for City
Dennis Sarpong
Dennis Sarpong:
Man of the match performance from Stuart Attwell, really dictated the game with his astonishing decision making.
Man Dem
Man Dem:
Partey went super Saiyans today. Absolutely monstrous display. Like against Liverpool in the 19/20 season. 🔥
The Makaveli
The Makaveli:
Pep knows what is going on at arsenal right now and that his team would be up against it today.
He knows Arteta
He trained him.
mohammad mahmood
mohammad mahmood:
Great play by Arsenal today. They need to reinforce over this January window. A striker and two midfielders - one to take over Xhaka and one to compete with Partey
sanjiv bhattacharjee
sanjiv bhattacharjee:
He was always backing Arteta even City beat them comfortably before...finally Arteta's effort are showing, Arsenal looks like a superb side and might finish top 4 this season and deservedly so
・your non favorite person 👍・
・your non favorite person 👍・:
Best performance I’ve seen against a top team in a while. Gutted but proud
I'm actually surprised this is the same Arsenal team as a few months ago. First time I really saw City under pressure this season.
Too bad there's still a few hotheads in the team.
Oran McAnaw
Oran McAnaw:
Proud to be an Arsenal fan today ❤️
Ajellica Ihugo
Ajellica Ihugo:
I respect Arsenal now and those young players especially
Kyle Kennedy
Kyle Kennedy:
Love pep win lose or draw. If his team hasn’t been the better team he’s upset and not happy. That’s what makes him the GOAT
Morgan King
Morgan King:
arsenal played really well today but just a shame that they ran out of energy and lost their temper a bit towards the end (however imo rightly so)
connor o'Neill
connor o'Neill:
Saka was carded for protesting but the city players were crying the whole game. This city team actually looked poor today and were lucky to scrape a result 😂
aravind srinivasan
aravind srinivasan:
Well definitely City were tired and hence weren't at their best, but Arsenal played so well. Partey Saka Martinelli and Tomi were good. Sterling usually has a field day against Bellerin whenever we play City, but yesterday Tomi defended superbly. Ben White is improving day by day. Gabriel, a moment of madness in the heat of the game, but not gonna complain. Our goal was also good. Started with White winning the ball and Partey and Ode moving it forward and Tierney cutting open City and a calm finish from Saka. Love the way Martinelli tore into Cancelo. Next season is gonna be lit. Coyg. So proud of this team. Improving day by day. Next league game against Conte's Spurs is gonna decide the top4. We still have matches against ManU, WestHam. So basically it is upto Arsenal to claim the 4th spot.
[MARIA] 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]
[MARIA] 🔥𝐆𝐨 𝐓𝐨 𝐌𝐲 𝐂𝐡𝐚𝐧𝐧𝐞𝐥 [𝐋!𝐯𝐞]:
Hands down a performance from Arsenal that we haven't seen in a long time - they were the better team. However, a bit of disagreements in the 2nd Half which led Arsenal down - hate towards Xhaka is unnecessary.
Respect to both sides - A war begins in the comments
Best performance I’ve seen against a top team in a while. Gutted but proud
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast
North London's Most Red - Arsenal Podcast:
Proud of the boys today! Better luck next time I hope! Congrats on the result city! 🥴🔴⚪️
Sean C
Sean C:
We are not disappointed with our great effort we are disappointed with VAR'S inconsistency..
This is the first time in a long time I've actually seen Man City players tired after this game collapsing on the floor Arsenal brought the game to them and was the much better team shame about the red card and the penalty Arsenal are definitely going Places with this very exciting team that I have
Angry Biker
Angry Biker:
Pep showed a lot of respect to Arsenal today. He knew he was losing the midfield battle. Although I'm pissed off we lost the way we did, the boys have done us proud! With a performance like that every week, we'll be top 4 every year!
Well done to the Arsenal. Its a loss but definitely not losers. I just hope Arteta is brave and serious enough to bolster the CM and CF positions in Jan or the Summer to take us to where we need to be.
Ragner Louthbrok
Ragner Louthbrok:
Arsenal played well very well actually city looked tired, but there ego got to them they thought they won coming in the 2nd half and Gabriel shenanigans cost them heavily, they deserved at least 1 point from this game but city capitalized from their mistake and ended the title race.
Salvador García
Salvador García:
This is pointless, give the trophy to city already, even when they don't play well they managed to get te result, it's hard to describe how frustrating it is
Rajesh Sirinarain
Rajesh Sirinarain:
Fair play Pep for acknowledging the Arsenal effort. This guy is the complete manager. Doesnt whinge and cry like Klopp.
Albert Selimi
Albert Selimi:
Only we can claim our best performance was a loss T_T 

Proud of the boys, inconsistent decisions by refs is a shame but we move!
Mr. P
Mr. P:
Arsenal need to learn to be more cunning against these big teams..we are now..as good as any team in the league.. but Liverpool and Manchester City have players who are willing to be cunning..and play bad and dirty.. to win
.. this is not an arsenal side that is soft..unlike in the past..where we were soft and could be roughed out and beaten...however..this team needs to learn to be a killer..and play cunningly against big teams especially.. as still young.. i believe that will learn these experiences and bring that cunning aspects into their game as well..when meeting big teams..
Christiano Pulinaldo
Christiano Pulinaldo:
In the first half arsenal was on another level
They were like bayern farming against some team full of plumbers
Jaden 123
Jaden 123:
We had a great performance, but we lost our heads for 10 mins but then got together again then city had their chance and they took it straight away
In terms of stats City were better, we had 71% of possession over Arsenal's 29%. However, Arsenal's performance was outstanding this shows that they are growing as a team and well deserve a place in the top 4.
two world
two world:
👏 Firstly well one to both teams in a good competitive PL game.

Sadly this is another game that will be overshadowed by VAR!! or should I say the inconsistent approach by the people who are control VAR!! it's undermining the game.
Great performance from the Ref, especially in the second half
Arsenal were great. First real competition city have had in ages.
Celso Diogo
Celso Diogo:
For those who can't see, Pep is really giving props to Arteta...plus remember Pep is his mentor, so the guy is really proud of what Arteta has done with gunners
Jack Hammond
Jack Hammond:
We don’t have the best squad or the best manager of the top 4 candidates, but no one can tell me we don’t look like the best team atm. After playing like that against the best team in the world gives me confidence we will finish 4th
Andy Fernandes
Andy Fernandes:
Xhaka has to go. Yet again he should have stepped up and again let us down.
The thing I like about pep is he always talks honestly
Ahmed Sido
Ahmed Sido:
There are alot of discussions on whether that was a penalty or not but i i dont think it was necessary for Xhaka to pull the shirt, there was litteraly no chance of goal in that position.
The way he speaks with the media...so carefully, so cleverly. It says a lot
RD Holyfield
RD Holyfield:
Had Rodri been wearing an Arsenal shirt he would have been sent off for those challenges
josiah longe
josiah longe:
Of course Guardiola didn't see the opposition's penalty claims! He never does! 😂😂
Jonathan G
Jonathan G:
Love the part when he acts like he’s flipping a coin....it lot like how VAR works lol 🤣
Idowu Adedipe
Idowu Adedipe:
Well done, arsenal future is bright
avaneesh singh
avaneesh singh:
Respect for pep from an arsenal man 🙌🏻
City looked Tired today , their movements were very slow & passing is their strength. That being said , Arsenal exceeded my expectations but today it was more about handling the situation when they're up. They were body checking City Players for no reason, shouting unnecessary & acting like they're up 3-0 in the 90th minute of a UCL final in the second leg. Kiddish acts & it made them cost the Match that was well Made. Second thing that I was looking is , over reliance on counters. Ramsdale get the ball , long ball & city gets the ball , ramsdale get the ball , long ball & city gets the ball again. Those things work once in a while. Attack with quality, city looked under pressure surely.
Pep has looked so done with Man City this season
Chandra Lukito
Chandra Lukito:
Arsenal mentality against big teams still need a change, that red card after penalty is such unnecessary thing
Mysteriously Weird
Mysteriously Weird:
How many times has this VAR and officiating been inconsistent, how does a top flight league allow this inconsistency when it costs teams points?
This is starting to look like the NBA where drama brings in money.
Jesus R-Grossmuller
Jesus R-Grossmuller:
I looked at the ball possession and I see that City had 71 percent how can someone say that Arsenal was the better team? I am confused.
Spiros Vrettos
Spiros Vrettos:
He is glad that an underachieving performance turned to a win against a good team! So am I . This is metal,this is teamwork,this is Rodri,these are better chances to win CL.
DMT Hasdagoat
DMT Hasdagoat:
Xhaka has been a brilliant signing for Arsenal. From a rival team pov
Andreas Vandoninck
Andreas Vandoninck:
Arsenal is soo good this season , play nice football
1 word
From a city fan
Keep up the good work
aniket gotarne
aniket gotarne:
It's not everyday that opponents manager's appreciate .
We deserved to win and least of it draw.
Micheal Harvey
Micheal Harvey:
When he says struggling to be in top 4 and way way way way at bottom
People forget City have played three games in six days. Arsenal had a rest before this match and played at home. Of course, they'd be up for it. Martinelli not scoring or assisting cost us this game.
Alex ckc
Alex ckc:
Arsenal were better and played well for long time now against a top team. Unfortunately we always lose in some way.
Man City's MOTM was the ref
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim
abdishakur ibrahim maalim Maalim:
We are very proud of Arteta .
Neo Varley Downes
Neo Varley Downes:
I never thought I would say this, but I actually felt sorry for Arsenal and thought they were hard done by. VAR still is not handled right and I guess all the time, unlike goal-line-technology, it needs a human behind it, it never will s they are still leaving it to interpretation. As far as Liverpool, Chelsea and the rest that are there and there about are concerned, I would say all would have preferred that 1:1 draw. Can someone also tell Silva that is Oscar is in the post. He must surely be a hot Contender for that "Ham Actor of the Year" Award.
“One extra player in the middle” tactical mastermind having the ref play the false official really helped control the game
Don Omar
Don Omar:
Great game let down by poor refereeing
rdam west
rdam west:
I never liked pep but this interview changed my mind.
most people: Arsenal played really well!!!111
me: 2-1 tho lol
Joshua Moffatt
Joshua Moffatt:
Big up arteta he going to take arsenal far.. MCFC ❤
Arsenal were a treat to watch . Sadly a silly mistake can put psychological pressure on a team . A great player would never like to put his team in that position . Unfortunate, but such mistakes should be avoided. Go for greatness guys.
Paul Chamberlain
Paul Chamberlain:
Great teams win tight matches. Ordinary teams don't.
My club finally looking like decent team onto the next guys
Abdi Omari Mohamed
Abdi Omari Mohamed:
Fair guy to say as it is! We were shinnings!!! Thx 4 telling the world the truth!!! Gunners 4life!!
Ibrahim Mahmood Khan
Ibrahim Mahmood Khan:
Glad to see Pep giving his former colleague some credit.
siyabonga matroos
siyabonga matroos:
Today results it's one of the reasons I grew inlove with Arsenalfc.... I trust and believe the process
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi
Lehlohonolo Mokotedi:
I love my team...arsenal all the way
Ronald Alexander
Ronald Alexander:
Well played to Arsenal & I agree with most that they at least deserved a point. However as Pep mentioned, Arsenal had a week's break, compared to City's 2 days. And our performance was a reflection
Neal King
Neal King:
Cheeky little smirk on his face … he knows what’s good behind the scenes …

Better said, what’s “rotten” behind the scenes
arsenal were definitely the strongest i’ve ever seen. there will always be a controversy about this but city deserved it.
Joshua Gray
Joshua Gray:
We won’t win every game it’s as easy as that the fact we kept reigning champions quite for the first half, if we continue like that we come top 4 easy as that. The only issue is the bar issue
Pep's XII - unbeatable