Aryna Sabalenka vs Serena Williams Extended Highlights (4R) | Australian Open 2021

Aryna Sabalenka takes on Serena Williams in Round 4 of the Australian Open 2021.

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I understand why Serena was frustrated after the semi-final because against Sabalenka and Halep she played some of the best tennis we've seen from her since returning. I'd love to see a great rivalry develop in the future between Sabalenka, Osaka, Bianca and some of the younger generation.
Jessica Jones
Jessica Jones:
Wow. Serena has to be 39 years old before todays top players can be competitive. When she wanted to play she RARELY lost and if a player defeated her it was a BIG DEAL. I don't anticipate her winning another Major tournament, but I don't care. She has given me many years of enjoyment.
Wade Combs
Wade Combs:
This was such an amazing match. Serena had a pretty rough draw
marjorie tillman
marjorie tillman:
She’s loud as Sharapova, but it’s just a different loud sound! And the commentator is telling us who she wants to see as the winner here, but I’m happy for Serena winning!
Shame she didn’t play at this level at semis
Bryan Martin
Bryan Martin:
Sabalenka definitely played better here than Osaka did against Serena. Serena unfortunately showed up at 10% potential against Osaka. That's okay, because Serena still GAINED lots of points from this AO, improving from a 3rd round loss in 2020 to a SF appearance in 2021. She will re-enter the Top 10 and she needs to focus on the fact that at her elite level she is still IMPROVING! Hence the frauds who say she "needs to retire" have no idea what it looks like to put in work and IMPROVE, even leaps and bounds above other WTA players 10+ years younger than her. Be proud of yourself Serena and keep going!
Aj Hegi
Aj Hegi:
How did you guys exclude the main highlight point of the entire match ???

First set game score 4-5 , 15-0 was the best point of the match and you guys seriously excluded the main part ???
S M:
Sabalenka played really well against one of the greatest in the game. It is just bad luck she lost but she has a very strong powerful aggressive game and she is a very promising and potential youngster to win a couple of GS and possibly dominate women's tennis along with Osaka, Halep, Andreescu and Barty.
There's a major difference between being fired up and just being annoying as hell. And sabalika is the most annoying person on the entire WTA. There's not too many people I'm excited to see lose but when she loses I'm always like she should have just stop screaming.

Serena is GOAT
Jordan Williams
Jordan Williams:
If she played like this against Osaka, she would’ve won. Or would’ve been way closer.
Mason Finley
Mason Finley:
Awesome match Serena ! Ya knocked out a top seeded player first round!
She played very well. BUT got the Hardest damn draw!!!!!!
No one can question the Reign of Serena.
Far from over. Next time someone must get 23 Grand Slam Titles.
Olympic Season
Olympic Season:
if serena played like this against osaka in the SF she could have possibly won. And also the way she played against halep
Amanda Cerny
Amanda Cerny:
The mental block against Osaka. She’s starting to get nervous at the early stages of tournaments. First the finals, now at semi-finals. Serena needs to just relax and play.
manny g
manny g:
Funny they won't show her throwing a temper tantrum, prolly bc it wasn't Serena.
Trent Timoy
Trent Timoy:
Pure power between these two.
Jayesh Pawar
Jayesh Pawar:
Serena is champion🔥🔥🔥
Ms Zandi M
Ms Zandi M:
At 39 still the GOAT
Steve Walters
Steve Walters:
I think I speak for tennis fans everywhere when I say, “Great March ladies. . . And SHUT UP Sabalenka!“
S Rogers
S Rogers:
Seeing my girl rolling at 39 with the younger generation is amazing. Very proud of her they better recognize who Serena is the ability is still there!
Damon R
Damon R:
Ugh, I want to be a sabalenka fan SO badly, but I just really wish she was a more consistent player. I LOVE Serena, so cannot wait to find someone new to root for in a few years when she retires. Hopefully Sabalenka can get it by then!
Kelvin Lau
Kelvin Lau:
Did she really need to extend her grunt even though the ball was clearly on Serena's side already at 9:07 to 9:09? Her grunt was delayed. Not sure if this was purposeful or...her normal
Jafet Chaves
Jafet Chaves:
I just hate Sabalenka screaming but she’s a good player!!
jon prou
jon prou:
The Queen!!!
Barbie Doll
Barbie Doll:
The commentators makes a big deal when sabelenka gets 15 lousy points but when serena gets a point crickets. Silence. I've noticed this a lot.
PE Expert
PE Expert:
Sabalenka sounds like when you try to turn the volume up on your phone but accidentally make it max and everything sounds distorted
Dion Paul
Dion Paul:
Sabalenka was really trying to intimidate Serena with all her shrieking. So glad she got beat!
B Floyd
B Floyd:
Australian open should be ashamed of the highlights of the 3rd set. Shameful!!
Ashlei Taylor
Ashlei Taylor:
Funny how yall didnt show the point where Sabalenka threw a fit on court. If Serena did what she did, it would be a different story.
Claude Policano
Claude Policano:
Serena husband cheering so encouraging
Andy Jacobs
Andy Jacobs:
I cannot stand Sabalenka. There is something about her that is such a turn off to me. Glad Serena won this match.
Stephanie Henderson
Stephanie Henderson:
I know one thing....🤣🤣🤣don't ever pissed the GOAT off. Girl who you screaming at🤣😂. Now you gotta go in time out!!!..but fr good game!!! #SerenaDaGreatest
En El Tee
En El Tee:
Sabalenka is trying so hard to be like Serena when shes not AND SHE WILL NEVER BE. PERIOD!
Lourdes Hernández
Lourdes Hernández:
Full match, please!
Jeon Jungkook’s 🍌🥛- 방탄소년단 💜
Jeon Jungkook’s 🍌🥛- 방탄소년단 💜:
When you face a copy of yourself…

Literally, the grunts, the power, the serve, ooft
Love Tennis
Love Tennis:
Their games are very similar.
Dimension Exo
Dimension Exo:
I'm so glad "Serena" won this match 😠.
Eric Lowe
Eric Lowe:
sabalenka reminds me of Mauresmo!
k odu
k odu:
The copy vs the original. Aryna must have cherished this opportunity. She needs to work on her moves. Power alone did not make Serena.
Sablanka was trying to pressurised serena by screaming...but that helped serena i guess...nywys queen know how to perform under pressure
Sabalenka is obnoxious and rude.
Wow good playing
Preposterous. This is not tennis. What the hell has happened to women's game? This scream and grunt fest is truly embarrassing.
To quote a tennis historian: "The regrettable, shortsighted, very unwise decision to abandon wood/metal rackets in favor of the high tech, graphite rackets which have, as Jimmy Connors accurately stated in 1989, made "C"-level pros into "B"-level pros, "B"-level pros into "A"-level pros and "A"-level pros into Wimbledon-level pros and that if the sport went back to the wood and metal rackets, you would very quickly discover which players both men and women, really possess the talent to make the pro tours and the 4 major events. Also the copolyestor-lubricated strings which studies have demonstrated allow players to put 20% more spin on the ball, thereby making it easier for baseline players to pass the player at the net crosscourt or down-the-line and harder for the net player to play serve-and-volley successfully and, just like the larger Type3 tennis ball, make it too easy to avoid making unforced errors!"
Ashutosh Singh
Ashutosh Singh:
Sabalenka's on court antics remind me of a clown.
sabalenka needs a chill pill
Lexi Smith
Lexi Smith:
"Another serve from Venus Williams?"
Is the reporter drunk?
Viacheslav Seliutin
Viacheslav Seliutin:
Sobolenko Is the one who gonna win it all
RockBeachGirl Sand
RockBeachGirl Sand:
Serena is the greatest period, her outfit was ode to a great runner Flojo, you people better learn something. Sabalenka is an animal with zero respect.
ronieschoice roque
ronieschoice roque:
The screams of the obnoxious sabalenka did not help her win the game
I'm sorry all the screaming is over the top! It's not necessary and detracts from the beauty of game
Carlo De Angelis
Carlo De Angelis:
Great sabalenka beautiful girl
Bruno Vanzillotta
Bruno Vanzillotta:
Sabalenka, wowww... such a fierce and strong player
Bujji Vallepu
Bujji Vallepu:
Blind hitter sab
A R:
Sabalenka shouldn't have lost this match. But IMO she is a future world number 1 for sure.
Shrieking like this should NOT be allowed!
Thank god Serena beat that Banshee
Komentar Viral!
Komentar Viral!:
When you won against a buldog in 4R and lose to a pug in SF.
Truck driver always screaming like crazy
Jeane Naisse
Jeane Naisse:
I see some comments about why serena did not play like this against osaka or serena before pregnancy would beat osaka or osaka beat serena because of sascha etc, AS IF LIFE DOES NOT HAPPEN AND AS IF SERENA NAOMI AND TIME IS GONNA PUT ITSELF ON HOLD FOR YOUR WISHES! Lol!
booyah2u 2
booyah2u 2:
All that moaning, aaaarrhggghhh 😆🤣😂
Why not show games where each player is broken, such bullshit highlights. Fire the video editor.
Leo Nardo
Leo Nardo:
I watch Aryna Sabalenka here
iyilik prensi
iyilik prensi:
Comon sabalenka comöön ahhahhaha
K. Alvarado
K. Alvarado:
Branko Muñoz
Branko Muñoz:
Regarding the game, I think that serena was no better than sabalenka, serena only won by experience, sabalenka showed a great level and that she has all the tennis to be a Grand Slam champion 🔥🔥🔥
I do not like it when these young players do not show enough respect for Serena when they play against her? Do not they know who is Serena? Have not they watched her matches? I really hope that they humble themselves a bit.
Sabalenka played like dog shit here! What was her strategy?! Did she even have one?! Just hit the ball deep, regardless of it being near her hitting zone?! The key to defeating Serena is to play as many returns as you can to her backhand on the run, as you can force a slice, she's done for it! Really bad match for Aryna!
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
Goliath sparrow
Goliath sparrow:
Unwatchable Sabalenka
Jafta Mhlongo
Jafta Mhlongo:
look at that
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
Why do I enjoy hearing Sabalenka granting so much?
neculai rusu
neculai rusu:
ach nix
ach nix:
This was such an ugly Tennis match
So you were posting bs highlights just for clicks? Here's a well deserved 👎🏾
Kwin Precious Vlogs
Kwin Precious Vlogs:
So noisy
f g
f g:
Две лошадки
Allain Marlon Marzan
Allain Marlon Marzan:
Sabalenka: waaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhh!😋😋😋😋👎👎👎
David Geertz
David Geertz:
That's ridiculous that one bare legged catsuit looks like something out of that wrestling circus 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Shoepera Türkiye Yüksek Ökçeler Kulübü
Shoepera Türkiye Yüksek Ökçeler Kulübü:
Sabalenka has the potential to be a kind of female Rafa Nadal. She is too good. Serena will have to retire in 1-2 years. I believe Sabalenka will win lots of grand slams in future.
Jafta Mhlongo
Jafta Mhlongo:
David Geertz
David Geertz:
Venus and Serena Williams have just announced their retirement on fox news 😂☺️☺️☺️
Aryna should have won this match and Serena was a passenger in this match and getting outhit truth be told.
Steven Fenley
Steven Fenley:
what is that hideous thing Williams is wearing? Grotesque
sekhar N
sekhar N:
Sabelenka is a fighter
David Geertz
David Geertz:
I doubt Serena could have beaten Margaret in the Australian open in the 60s! It was played in December and in Brisbane and Sydney a few times where the temperature gets to 100plus! No night matches! No heat rules! No injury time outs! No tie breakers ! That's why Margaret is the greatest!!
Arina is great!
Inese Stockenberga
Inese Stockenberga:
Sabalaneka is wild....absolutly no manners....hate hers screaming
Kevin Blaizet
Kevin Blaizet:
Sabalenka's grunt is annoying