Aryna Sabalenka vs Serena Williams Match Highlights (4R) | Australian Open 2021

Aryna Sabalenka takes on Serena Williams in Round 4 of the Australian Open 2021.

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Oliver Diamante
Oliver Diamante:
So we have 39 year old player who is already on “twilight of her career” and “past her prime” still beating a very in form and healthy young player at her peak. This is why Serena is GOAT.
David Mamet
David Mamet:
Serena the GOAT, still making the final 8 at grand slams, beating crazy young talents. She'd walk through this tournament in her prime..
Neil Solamo
Neil Solamo:
Sabalenka: No one can beat me..
Serena: Bow down gurl!
Serena's fitness was tested in this match. She has improved so much. Go Serena!
Lutfi F
Lutfi F:
I hope Serena can win AO this year.. I admire her passion for the sports.. Her never ending spirit amazes me.. always..!
my nguyen
my nguyen:
The best Serena’s looked in years! Let’s goooooo
world lover
world lover:
Once i realized how calm Serena was despite how amazing Aryna was playing, i knew she'd win this.
Wendy Shipp
Wendy Shipp:
The match was so good, it was like watching a final! Serena is back, she is looking AMAZING!!
James Wu
James Wu:
Serena nearly gave me a heart attack in the third set... but the Queen found a way to prevail !!!! She'll need to pick up her first serve going forward though... her serve is by far her biggest weapon and allows her to take control of rallies. On the other hand, Sabalenka would be very good at baseball hahaha
Mario OB
Mario OB:
Last year’s US Open, without a crowd we could all hear Serena’s heavy breathing! Today’s AO was her first match without the crown and no sign of heavy breathing! Her fitness has improved a lot!!
André Brown
André Brown:
Serena’s playing girls/women that weren’t even born by be time she had already won a Major... and Serena’s sending’em home. 😂
Diego Suchenski Loustaunau
Diego Suchenski Loustaunau:
Incredible matches today! osaka and serena both deserved their hard-fought wins :)
Willie Jones
Willie Jones:
Not often that Serena becomes a counterpuncher. Sabalenka was ruthless. Serena’s mental game just will never fade, ever. That was the difference. Sabalenka crumbled under pressure. Sabalenka’s ground strokes were otherworldly. She consistently hit super hard. Just crazy difficult match for Serena to win.
A R:
Honestly didn't expected Serena to win this one, but right now she looks good enough to win the tournament assuming that she can go like that.
Lawrente Harrison
Lawrente Harrison:
One thing about serena she's gonna put up a fight and we gotta respect it..
Ikmal Ahjussi
Ikmal Ahjussi:
Did you see how Sabelanka was playing though?? Still shocked how Serena still managed to win. MADDDD RESPECT for the GOAT!!
Yin Hou Khor
Yin Hou Khor:
Truly a Clash of the Titans in women's tennis today!! Looks like Serena played in the correct Aryna.
Battle tested both physically and mentally and came out on top. Her old weaknesses are now becoming huge strengths. Four down, three to go. Keep going Queen!
Serena knows how to hold her own under pressure.
forza cmo
forza cmo:
Sabalenka is such a shrieker, she annoyed the hell out of me with her maniac screams.
Well done Rena, hopefully she plays better in the QF ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Darius Malone
Darius Malone:
Tom Brady, LeBron, Roger, do they do it hovering at age 40?? Funny how people used to say Serena just relies on being an athletic freak, yet she's still pulling this off, tennis savant
Toto Silaban
Toto Silaban:
Big win Serena. Bravo...! Sabalenka is really so powerful but you can defeat her today. Wish you can get through the final and lift up the AO trophy again.
dana wijayanto
dana wijayanto:
So happy for Serena, it's proven that she does not only rely on power especially againsts a player like sabalenka
This match was excellent!!! I was a nervous wreck throughout every point. What a battle ❤️
Tyler Durant
Tyler Durant:
What a comeback by sabalenka in the 3rd set. Shame her mental game got the best of her though in the end. Serena looking strong for number 24.
Roy Santiago
Roy Santiago:
Sabalenka could’ve won, but she was toooo aggressive. Serena payed smart by just keeping the ball in. Sabalaneka tried blasting everything, hence the UE
Serena. You are my inspiration, girrrrrrl!!!!!
Moonlight Bae
Moonlight Bae:
serena fought well and stayed strong, so proud of her performance today! on to the next round 🖤
Roy Tabudlong
Roy Tabudlong:
Love that smile in the end it shows how really calm she is good job my queen serena williams #24grandslamtrophy
Jay Smith
Jay Smith:
Sabalenka should know that it’s hard to just out hit Serena. Prime Davenport, clijsters,Henin, Venus are some of the hardest hitters to ever grace the court and they couldn’t out hit her. Hello!!!!! Where is your second strategy?
Grace Turner
Grace Turner:
Serena Williams damn near gave me a heart attack watching this match. 😩😫
Tami Chyn
Tami Chyn:
Can the highlights be longer than 2 mins please
La Trale
La Trale:
I'm so in awe of Serena williams right now. ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎🤎
Dylan B
Dylan B:
I was watching this match online. Oh my god i wanna go shower during the match but the intensity holds me off and the feeling of relieve because she won the match. I don't im just happy for her. But sabalenka is a promising. She will get there one day but not today says mama. All in all one of super high quality matches.
Vismay Gupta
Vismay Gupta:
When you realise that Sabalenka is almost half the age of Serena. Unreal fitness and consistency. ❤️
Jans Marco
Jans Marco:
Since the begining of this tournament I have never Serena stepping inside the baseline to attack the opponent's second serve.
these highlights are awful.. there were so many good rallies in this match and these were your selections?
Portia DeBossi
Portia DeBossi:
Rena, I was rooting bard girl!! This was a good match, Sabalenka really worked it out even though she gets on my nerves. In the end, Queen prevails.
Winners Circle
Winners Circle:
It’s been a very long time (if ever) that I have seen Serena stay so calm even when Aryna was playing so well. Hats off to both players.
This was the battle of scream. Both also have amazing power, but I'm happy that Serena won.
Sachea Chin
Sachea Chin:
This woman is phenomenal!!! Love you Queen Serena 🖤🖤🤗🤗🔥🔥
That was a match!!!!! Serena I don't know what happened in that second set, but man did she come back! The movement is on point. She did what she needed to do, serve well and out last Sabalenka and wait for her to make errors.
Ron Miller
Ron Miller:
Yes Serena. Now it's time to get your revenge against Halep!
Jvl Jvl
Jvl Jvl:
More matches like this will make Serena sharp!!! Hopefully she keeps improving and fight for every point!!!
Alex Jackman
Alex Jackman:
Full match please!!!
Novlet Mills
Novlet Mills:
Wow, thanks God the game went in her favor. I was so anxious, especially the second set. Great job Serena.
Anna Burke
Anna Burke:
Congratulations on your win Serena I love how u play take it one step at a time get some rest for the next match I will be watching and rooting for u
Daniel George
Daniel George:
Sabalenka didn’t play bad. Serena was just too good. Good job ladies both of them were amazing💯
Serena looks good. Not getting ahead of myself this time though. One match at a time.
Orei Camarao
Orei Camarao:
"What a relief!" as Miss Williams😝 smile closing in the match.
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
Serena moved quite well surprisingly, and played with poise. The limited unforced errors was a factor as well. I don't think Sabalenka has what it takes to remain a top 10 contender tbh.
Spiritual Fire Productions
Spiritual Fire Productions:
Serena is one of my favorites! Hopefully she wins in the final!
Rousdy Noor
Rousdy Noor:
Wow, congratulations serena, hope you do well next round.
Anthony Elias
Anthony Elias:
Serena knows how to win ! Never count her out
Muhammad Iqbal Fauzan
Muhammad Iqbal Fauzan:
That was great & epic match🔥🔥🔥🔥
King Bouleé
King Bouleé:
This match was truly amazing! Serena looks so good!
Azrul Afeze
Azrul Afeze:
One of the best matches of the tournament thus far. I was so nervous watching the whole match. Thank God the 🐐 prevails!! Let’s do this 👑!!!!
Ameere Alves
Ameere Alves:
Last night i watched 2 finals happy to c the GOAT at this level at the young age of 39
Tri Murcahyo
Tri Murcahyo:
Serena gives the colourfull and fashion in tennis,,i like it!
Larry Shui
Larry Shui:
Harnessed power outplayed wild power!
T Clipse
T Clipse:
So many haters said Serena would lose this match! Hmmmm not playing her best but she still won? Where y’all at
merlita gacusan
merlita gacusan:
who said the queen of 🎾 can’t do it against sabalenka.
Maggie Smit
Maggie Smit:
Serena is on fire! Go girl! This could be the one! Good luck for next match💫💛
Serena lost her 1st serve in the 2nd set... good that she find in back in the 3rd...
Rohlen Falweth
Rohlen Falweth:
Sabalenka's grunt when the ball was over the the net and hitting Serena's racquet should've been a hinderance.
Well done, Serena! Wish u may raise the throphy once again in Australia..
Anna Watson
Anna Watson:
Amazing that Serena's dismantling pro's when she's old enough for their mother&decades younger! She's truly The 👸🏽&🐐!
Much success!❤️
Pedro Dytz Marin
Pedro Dytz Marin:
Serena, you have to win this, just gives 24 plz
eleita lyle
eleita lyle:
The queen is back superb win very determined, determination will give her #24 Go Serena loosing weight is such powerful you look phenomenal I need more grunting 🔥🔥🔥
Blazing Swarm
Blazing Swarm:
Serena... my anxiety girl. Let’s go !!! #24
I honestly don’t know why Serena was so dead set on serving to Sabalenka’s backhand. She kept killing her with it. Serena gotta make sure to use the variety she possesses on her serve. With all this said I am very pleased with Serena’s movement. She had to defend the power shots and she did that pretty well.
Edwin Kapurura
Edwin Kapurura:
Aaaaand, here come the Karens... 🤣🤣
I've bitten my nails off from watching
this match. Love you Serena 🎾📈
Virginia knighten
Virginia knighten:
Sandalenka’s yelling after and while she’s hitting is something else!
Jess G
Jess G:
Lol, none of the young girls can defeat Serena and they want her to retire.
Page Kapufi
Page Kapufi:
Honestly I didn't expect Serena to Win this Match. The fact that she won, she only has Osaka standing in her way.
This side of the draw has all the biggies serena, halep, osaka, muguruza, kvitova, kerber, andreascu, iga that's 37 grandslams I may have miss some but on the other side of the draw we have barty ostapenko n kenin that's 3 grandslams and an old venus who has 7 grandslams but she is not a threat nowadays. How is this fair?
Jay D
Jay D:
simply amazing Queen Serena!
Serena play more calm than Sabalenka.. lot of anger and stressfull made she lost this game.. I'm glad Serena won this match!
Neil Badillo
Neil Badillo:
Need updating of the comments here below after the finals when Osaka dominantly defeated Serena in two sets.
This was such a good match. GS# 24 here we come
Kaaun Hall
Kaaun Hall:
Why are the highlights so short... Come on we need to see more
Mohamed Yasin
Mohamed Yasin:
Serena Vs Osaka in the final 🔥🔥🔥🔥
What a competitive match! I saw it last night. Serena really hustled on some points that she won and that first serve bailed her out. Sabalenka played a great match, but nerves got to her on some of her service games. She’s young and the more experience she gets, she will be able to be more solid in the pressure games. She has a bright future ahead of her.
I have to say that once Serena retires, Sabalenka might be the girl I cheer for. I loved this match.
Anand Hardas
Anand Hardas:
Go Mama!! The entire world is rooting for you!
Omar Essam Eldin
Omar Essam Eldin:
Come on Queen wins this tournament
Great match. 🤙🏻
shadya mohd
shadya mohd:
omg, hell no, i couldnt watch live. tough match 😭
Screaming, howling, and shrieking, thats the match is all about
Shae' M.
Shae' M.:
Congrats Serena!! Stay calm, have fun... you can and you will do this!! 💕🖤🥰
Pro tip: turn off the volume for this one, my god.
I couldn’t imagine Sabalenka in the bed.
Too much noise. Ny neighbor will call 911.
Aleph Beta
Aleph Beta:
They took it to a whole nother level... of grunting. My goodness!
Prashanth M
Prashanth M:
Serena is clutching only when she needs.. else she is relaxed.. good to see.. she looks extremely content and happy with her life after having Olympia in her life.. atleast I feel.. :)
Wahn Yoon
Wahn Yoon:
Serena's mental calm and movement were amazing to watch. She prepared well for the AO, and had a very tough match under control.
The Virgo
The Virgo:
Im just watching the highlights of the game and my heart was pounding all through out! 😅😅😅 Yeyyy welldone Mama S!!! 👏🏻👏🏻🥰😍😘
Anuj Tomar
Anuj Tomar:
Serena's outfit is gorgeous.😍
Buke Aor
Buke Aor:
Serena has a strong 💪🏿 solid mental game ! Sabalenka was just hitting aimlessly so hard and had tons of errors ! I myself thought she would win but she needs to finesse her game ! This game was just gruff !