Ashleigh Barty vs Karolina Pliskova | Ladies' Final Highlights | Wimbledon 2021

World No.1 Ashleigh Barty is the 2021 Wimbledon Champion after beating Karolina Pliskova in a three-set thriller - catch up with all the highlights from the Ladies' Singles Final here...

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Srisharan upadhyay
Srisharan upadhyay:
Pretty incredible how she went from quittin tennis to take cricket as profession playing for Brisbane heat and then came back and Made place in history books of Tennis, champion Barty
Beautiful match. No ear splitting grunts, no drama, no tantrums, no tactical medical time outs. Just Pure Tennis 👍👍👍
Come on Wimbledon channel editors.... At least show more of the ending, the congratulations, the handshake, etc....
I was so happy watching this match. After a long time, I watched a match where I could hear the click sound so distinctly - the sound when the racquet hits the ball. It was a beautiful rhythmic song in this whole match. Thanks Ash Barty & Karolina Pliskova for the grunt free beautiful match!!!
JP Sanchez
JP Sanchez:
The most quiet finals ever✌
Ash is number one for a reason she came through overcoming nerves and pressure! This is big news in Australia! To be only the third Australian woman to win Wimbledon incredible by Ash😀
Call me S
Call me S:
For two years in a row (excl 2020 obvs) Barty has won titles on all three surfaces
2019 - Miami, WTA finals (Hard) Roland Garros (clay), Birmingham (Grass)
2021 - Yarra Valley, Miami (Hard) Stuttgart (Clay), Wimbledon (Grass)

Deserving of her Number 1 ranking, solid all court game across all surfaces and an amazing repertoire of skills!
That turned out to be a great match. Congrats to Barty for keeping it together. And very nice comeback by Pliskova to make it exciting.
Oyama Dyosiba
Oyama Dyosiba:
I'm from South Africa and I'm so proud of Ash. Beautiful tennis from both ladies. #Bartyparty
Manish pandey
Manish pandey:
No ears were harmed during the match, very few will get this
Pliskova was brilliat as always, but Barty is exceptional, I feel in sometime Ons Jabeur can reach the peak too, she has some potential to be there in top 3
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
The placement and depth of Barty’s forehand 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥. I’m constantly shook. And the spin she can get on her slice is incredible. She’s such a deserved winner, and a great role model and ambassador for Australia, sport, and tennis 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻.
Darsh :
If I ever have a daughter, I would want her to have Ashleigh’s beautiful, adorable smile. Her smile can make somebody’s day, can mend somebody’s broken heart. So pure and so divine. ❤️
chris kelly
chris kelly:
humble in victory and gracious in defeat. A great role model for young tennis players.
Bobby C
Bobby C:
No screaming, just pure magnificent tennis.
Ian Jr
Ian Jr:
🇦🇺 Aussie Aussie Aussie, Oi Oi Oi! The Barty Party has begun down under! 🙌🏼❤️
And I hope Pliskova will get to win a grand slam soon! They both very admirable
Benjamin Thomas Tesoro
Benjamin Thomas Tesoro:
Ash Barty is amazing!

To be 5’5” and a multiple Grand Slam champion against women like Plíšková who is 6’2, is unfathomable.

Barty has unmatched hand eye coordination, intelligence, technique and work ethic.
Jack Throne
Jack Throne:
Absolutely brilliant from Ash. Quite easily the most humble champion of this generation probably to ever play the game. I see her winning a lot more slams now she’s comfortably consistent at the top. 💪🏾🇦🇺
nijuo joing
nijuo joing:
1:58 My favorite play in this match :) Both played really well, and I was so excited last night 💪 Thanks to both Barty and Pliskova !!
opzz xsin
opzz xsin:
Ash Barty is simply extraordinary - she has every single shot, and her footwork is a dream! So hard to wrong foot her!
The Wolf
The Wolf:
What a grand slam match she's had. Ash Barty proving she is still the world number 1 🏆
Barty is always a pleasure to watch. She’s an amazing player and role model for young fans
Keith Foo
Keith Foo:
Barty was more than halfway through achieving a golden set..
Kiri Sen
Kiri Sen:
Barty is just phenomenal ! Just seeing her achieve her dream of a lifetime made me feel so proud of her! Good job Barty!
Marcy Trinidad
Marcy Trinidad:
Good job to both players!! This was a great final because both of them gave a good fight! Cograts to Barty!
Ambalavanan T
Ambalavanan T:
Barty is all class and the calm demeanour with which she plays!
Saablic John
Saablic John:
Congratulations to Ashleigh. Karolína was probably nervous from the start, but fortunately she found her gameplay later and it was a great drama to the end. Small details decided. If she will keep her game level from Wimbledon, she can win her GS as well. I am curious which Czech woman will make it to the US Open final :D J/K, but why not, we have so many talented players.
Mahjong Live Streaming
Mahjong Live Streaming:
The match turned out to be an instant classic
Painful world
Painful world:
pliskova did her best both are good and grt champions ❤️ congrats Barty ,all the best pliskova @ Olympics and US open
Regdu Geht
Regdu Geht:
Miami (Hard) Stuttgart (Clay), Wimbledon (Grass) Deserving of her Number 1 ranking, solid all court game across all surfaces and an amazing repertoire of skills!
1:58 My favorite play in this match :) Both played really well, and I was so excited last night 💪 Thanks to both Barty and Pliskova !!
xin liu
xin liu:
Bravo for A.Barty .!! Second GS title.!!
Ethel Morales
Ethel Morales:
A great final, congrats to both players, if only womens tennis was grunt & drama free it would be far more enjoyable to watch, hope these two can inspire others too play a similar style.
Great roller coaster of a game. Great to see it go to three sets, been a while at Wimbledon.
B .T
B .T:
Two classy competitors, it’s enjoying to watch especially without the moaning everytime they hit the ball
J W:
So great to watch a match without having to turn volume down. Barty will be so far ahead in world rankings now, she will have to break a leg for someone to catch her.
Keyser Söze
Keyser Söze:
INCREDIBLE MATCH !! Both incredible athletes! Ash is a great ambassador for the sport!
Barty’s striking of the ball is pure

A great final, super pumped to see Ash triumph!! :)
Ronan Rogers
Ronan Rogers:
Barty’s all court game was just a bit too good.
I’d almost forgotten it was possible for tennis to be played without grunting. What a delight.
Well played Pliskova for being able to fight her way back in to the match and take the second set. Both these players are so likeable.
Brendon Wills
Brendon Wills:
I feel relief when Ash gets to play her forehand- & from there She can do any level of damage to opposition:)
Well…that was better than the other recent final 6/0 6/0……Good Barty!!!
Truther11 Seeker
Truther11 Seeker:
Great finals. Great players both. Barty party!
vijayaraghavan narayanan
vijayaraghavan narayanan:
It is party time as well as Barty time in Wimbledon. Barty, a former Australian cricketer has a unique slice play, which was helpful against Kerber in the sf as well as pliskova in the finals
Zau Tun
Zau Tun:
Thanks for uploading, great champions Barty, both players played outstandingly
Look mommy

Great win by Barty... She's got such good hands, classic tennis
Hemi K
Hemi K:
"Grunt free" match so peaceful 😌❤
Well done Ash! Great job!
Monika Suryś
Monika Suryś:
This year final was a match of missed ocassions. Pliskova's errors and Barty choking at least two times.
Congratulation to Ash on the Championship and whole tournament👏
Little Ben Ningnit
Little Ben Ningnit:
She deserves it🎊🥳🎉💃🤟
I wish Plisk can win someday. I want her to win so bad.
Well done to both.
Some amazing skill and shots there.
nir S
nir S:
congrats to Barty for wining the Ladies Final she deserve that she played amazing
I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
Pliskova had us worried. Her nerves and errors rubbed off on Barty too. Great comeback though. It was looking real bad in the 1st set.
Sam Chan
Sam Chan:
Barty is playing so so good, hope all champions possess one ability and warmth that is stronger than the others, known as an ‘ultimate’.
Raja Thavapalan
Raja Thavapalan:
I was so happy watching this match 😃😀
M T:
I love tennis and been watching for more than 2 decade but never been a fan of women’s game becoz of disgusting grunts . But when u appeared then I had been following ur game ever since becoz of ur humbleness and decency on the court and the way how u making ur play looks so easy but only noticing that it is not easy when her opponents is running like a rabbit 😂. I am ur fan Barty . Wow what a game of yours .👏💥
Joy Ramos Pacilan
Joy Ramos Pacilan:
I am a Barty fan long before she is number. Even when she was not at the top 20... when she was more a doubles player. I love her composure on the courts.

Congratulations Ashleigh.
Ishmael Chatindivara
Ishmael Chatindivara:
Well done Ash. 👏. Congratulations 👏. We are proud of ya.
cqvio doli
cqvio doli:
Miami (Hard) Stuttgart (Clay), Wimbledon (Grass) Deserving of her Number 1 ranking, solid all court game across all surfaces and an amazing repertoire of skills!
Bahaa Mohamad
Bahaa Mohamad:
In every ball that Barty plays, she feels that her mind is running the match, how can she find in every stroke the right technique and then find this empty place that always surprises the opponents? Ashleigh Barty found to rival the greats of the game
Yes, l am Rajdeep
Yes, l am Rajdeep:
Pliskova is a very nice and modest person. I feel at 30- 30 and Barty serving for the match... She should have challenged the first service. I feel it may be worth a challenge. Still Barty would have won. So cool and composed.
Photon Boson
Photon Boson:
Thanks for Pliskova highlights will the Barty ones come later?
Barty living upto the expectations of no 1
MC Sub
MC Sub:
Both players have very big plates now, I hope they don't get much weight :)
Poorna chandra
Poorna chandra:
Barty rarely uses double handed backhand but uses backhand slice most of times which makes her unique from other players
ItzHenryTheGamer Guy
ItzHenryTheGamer Guy:
YES ASH! Best possible way for the Barty Party to depart to the Olympics and then North Amerixa :D
Nambawan Sports
Nambawan Sports:
What A Story! Well done Ash. Deserved Champion
Michael Weaver
Michael Weaver:
Very good tennis to watch & without the moronic screaming, well done.
Hi There
Hi There:
Great match!!
srikrishnar R
srikrishnar R:
Sheer Grit and determination which I saw in yester year vicario, I could in see in ashley.. She is a very tough player...
What an absolute champion in all aspects!
steve coleman
steve coleman:
The sound of the ball being hit by two quality players great job !!no dramas just great tennis.. thankyou!! I'm watching women's tennis again
Congratulations to Barty 👏👏👏
Opponent is so pretty I must mention 😍
Minh Le
Minh Le:
Aussie Ash doing all us Aussies proud congratulations Ash!!! ❤️❤️
So proud of her!
Jenkins S Thomson
Jenkins S Thomson:
Ah nice quiet final.
Reez A. Sam
Reez A. Sam:
Lose or win, Barty is such a likeable person!
So many of Pliskova's shots look like she's not really trying. Then she rips the next one. I can't figure her out.
Ileana Santamaria
Ileana Santamaria:
Ash Barty is simply extraordinary - she has every single shot, and her footwork is a dream! So hard to wrong foot her!
Depasse Benjamin
Depasse Benjamin:
Congrats Ash 🏆☺️
Валентина Васильевна
Валентина Васильевна:
Браво Эшли Барти!!! 👏👏👏Умница, молодец!!! 👌💪✊🥇🥇🥇❤️❤️❤️
chris de silva
chris de silva:
Congratulations Ash, wait a nailbitter. Karolina played an awesome game too.
El Australiano
El Australiano:
It was a top quality final between two really nice people. It’s a joy to see genuinely nice humans succeed in what they do. Barty is a very worthy winner!
Miami (Hard) Stuttgart (Clay), Wimbledon (Grass) Deserving of her Number 1 ranking, solid all court game across all surfaces and an amazing repertoire of skills!
Jaime Pebanco
Jaime Pebanco:
Congrats Ash & Karol!
Amazing that Ashley Barty has represented


in cricket's big bash league! Most popular sports star currently from down under! #wimbledon #BartyParty
Good to see Barty beat Karolina 'all of my shots hit the top of the net because I've practiced that and am kinda cheating' Pliskova.
only_ ace
only_ ace:
Well deserved win Ash! 🥂
Gail Dias
Gail Dias:
Congratulations Ash well done! 🎾🏆
choo yongkang
choo yongkang:
Quietest WTA match EVER!!!!!
Maciej Szyszka
Maciej Szyszka:
Well done, Ash is back ! congrats .
andrew pak
andrew pak:
hidden winner of this match is Fila😌
TEP Productions
TEP Productions:
The Barty has done it, What a legend
Victor Hassan Wirawan
Victor Hassan Wirawan:
Barty play smart in the third set, she slow down the game and make Pliskova cannot attack. Congrats for Ash
¡Bravo Barty!... the image presenting the video with Barty with the championship trophy remained me of my local movie theatre years ago: When the movie had only one or two minutes left to the end a door opened rigth at the side of the big screen and an employee entered with a brush and a garbage can.
Steve Eisenburger
Steve Eisenburger:
Well deserved. Good one Ash
Wowwwww, Congratulations Ash.👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼🥳🥳
It's ken rosewall vs stan smith. Skill and awesome technique trumps size.
caramel coffee
caramel coffee:
it was a wonderful match. really great to see pliskova rally and close the gap, superb playing from barty. both players so poised and graceful
Vladimir Lasmarias
Vladimir Lasmarias:
Athleticism still has its advantages. Karolina tried her best but she doesn't have the sheer speed and easy power that Ash has. Loved how quiet this final was. I was dreading it had Sabalenka won.