Ashleigh Barty Wins Ladies' Singles Title | Wimbledon 2021

An incredible moment in the life of world No.1 Ashleigh Barty, as she clinches victory over Karolina Pliskova to become Wimbledon Ladies' Singles champion for the first time!

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I'm Always Right
I'm Always Right:
So humble, so talented. She deserved this. She had a great tournament. Such a great ambassador for tennis and sport. Congratulations, Ash 🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻
Mountain Guy
Mountain Guy:
In a world full of so many power hitters, Barty is an artist on court. Congratulations👏👏👏
Diem Phung
Diem Phung:
Congrats on your second grand slam title Ash! She never had to prove her worth as the world number one to anyone. Winning this title just further cements her number one ranking and should silence the doubters and critics who've questioned her ranking!
Olympic Lovers
Olympic Lovers:
She played like a champion in every match of the tournament.
Dion Lim
Dion Lim:
So well deserved by Barty, one of the most grounded, humble, and impressive players on tour!
As an Aussie it's good to see one of our players actually play well
She's like the Federer of woman's tennis! So gifted in talent! And so good to see that somebody like her wins it, because her playing style is so needed in tennis on the women's side! The variety in shot making the touch everything, she is the whole package! No disrespect to all those baseline players with powerplay..but I'm sorry this is just so much better! And it gives her way more options in play! Take Giorgi for example, she hits the ball hard and can hit winners like crazy! But if her game is not working she's losing against everyone...cause there is no plan B....huge congrats to Barthy, and Pliskova as well she also played excellent trough out the whole tournament!)
J J:
"It's more important to be a good person than it is a good tennis player." - Ash Barty
Ammi AMMI:
What a pleasure to watch Ash Barty play. Lovely personality too. Well done Ashley! So appreciate to watch a quality match where players don't scream their heads off on every strike of the ball.
sandy boehm
sandy boehm:
Congratulations to a very worthy Aussie champion. She did our nation proud.🇦🇺
the fat
the fat:
Seeing Ash crouched and teary after was me in my lounge room at the same time. 🇦🇺🇦🇺
Curtis Myles
Curtis Myles:
What a wonderful moment for Australian sport!
Congratulations Ash. What a great match; a true champion, #1 indeed. Be proud, be very very proud.
Badka Ladoo
Badka Ladoo:
So ya haters calling her a weak #1, game set match on ya sorry faces.
Santanu Das
Santanu Das:
Congratulations to her on winning her maiden Wimbledon title.
Ash Barty is such a fantastic number one! She is very consistent and the best! So proud of her! People criticized Ash for being number one during Covid. She proved herself today!
Roger Parker
Roger Parker:
Wishing she gets the accolades she deserves back in Australia. The only Grand Slam champion in decades in a country with the richest tennis pedigree. Goolagong Cawley can relate to this.
raghav ranawat
raghav ranawat:
Amazing performance by both! Ash was simply better today. Karolina looked a little out of form there :/. Anyways... it was a great match!!!
Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews
Derek's Watch and Coin Reviews:
Thanks Barty Welldone.Breaking a 41 yr drought for Australia Woman Wimbledon champion.Historical moment.🇦🇺😀🏆🇦🇺.
Congratulations to Ash and commiserations to Pliskova who made it a 3 setter & very entertaining.
Darsh :
If I ever have a daughter, I would want her to have Ashleigh’s beautiful, adorable smile. Her smile can make somebody’s day, can mend somebody’s broken heart. So pure and so divine. ❤️
vijayaraghavan narayanan
vijayaraghavan narayanan:
Oh yes absolutely superb stuff. Typical Australian fighting spirit was evident. She has a very good slice play. Graf dominated tennis because of her slice play. Novotna had a decent slice play as well. Barty has her own way though
Francis Ng
Francis Ng:
Congratulations to ladies tennis, well done Ash !!!
Tulus Ciptadi
Tulus Ciptadi:
4-0 at the beggining of the match, I thought that Pliskova will get bageled again.

But turned out Pliskova played well, even thou she's losing.

Congrats to both players ❤️
Eunice Suero
Eunice Suero:
Barty bravo bravo🌹👏 muchas felicidades Dios te bendiga te queremos que emoción❤ ambas son excelentes jugadoras bendiciones para ambas🤗❤❤🇩🇴 y saludo para príncipes Guillermo desde pequeño lo queremos a los dos y a la princesa Diana ella es un.ejemplo a seguir una persona bella y humilde carismática será siempre nuestra princesa que Dio le bendiga los queremos❤💙🇩🇴
Well done Ash, such a real champion! 👏❤️
I was rooting for Pliskova but deep down I knew Barty was going to win. Congrats Barty, such a fun player to watch as well and so consistent. She reminds me of Kirsten Flipkens (not an insult) but better. Great net skills, atp forehand, slice, ...
Congratulations Ash..!!!! Well deserved. 👏 The trophy back in Aussie hands.! ❤️ Well done.!!!
Graham Gordon
Graham Gordon:
What a truly magnificent ambassador for Australia !
K Min
K Min:
Congrats, Champion. What an exquisite play!
Umasankar Das
Umasankar Das:
Congratulations Barty. It was a great final match. Pliskova fought till the end.
Badka Ladoo
Badka Ladoo:
Happy NAIDOC week my dear indigenous brothers and sisters 🙂🇦🇺❤️
Chandan D
Chandan D:
How well this is deserved. Ash Barty, take a bow 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Frances Caratozzolo
Frances Caratozzolo:
Proud to be Australian ,so proud of Ash xx
Nick Gillett
Nick Gillett:
I am an old male Australian and this made me tear-up. Go Ash, congratulations & have a tremendous career.
An excellent role model for all Australian but especially for indigenous women. 👍❤
Andrew Buzzkill
Andrew Buzzkill:
Congrats to Ash a very much deserved win such a humble and moddest person
Hart K
Hart K:
2011 won Junior
2021 won Senior 😊
French DELF in தமிழ்
French DELF in தமிழ்:
Her calmness will bring to another extent in life , all the best mam 👍
Francis Lirios
Francis Lirios:
Ash!!! Well done..
Ambreen Faheem
Ambreen Faheem:
Beautiful player. Well deserving victory
G 650
G 650:
Congrats on winning her first Wimbledon title.
Troy Chris Carretas
Troy Chris Carretas:
Congratulations Ashleigh :)
I don’t know why I remember Justine Henin in her
Steve Murrell
Steve Murrell:
Great win, so deserved....she is a gem!
Shawn the Sheep
Shawn the Sheep:
How nice to have a "quiet" match. No screaming, grunting or dummy spitting.
Bukola O.
Bukola O.:
Well deserved Barty.. Congratulations.
Rina Moree
Rina Moree:
Congratulations Barty!!
P D:
So happy for Barty! Go get them Tigress!!!!
Giri M
Giri M:
Very happy for Barty, a wonderful ambassador for sport. Felt for Karina, a talent who did not get her due :-(
A B M Nasibul Alam
A B M Nasibul Alam:
Well deserved!
Belle victoire une battante bravo 😘😘
Syrel Gallo
Syrel Gallo:
Congratulations barty ur the best ♥️♥️♥️🏆💕
Nic Wilson
Nic Wilson:
Well done Champ
Ramakrishna Rao
Ramakrishna Rao:
Congratulations Barty 👏💐
Soevjaan Oemar
Soevjaan Oemar:
She's DESERVE to Be Wimbledon Champion.
Heri Heru
Heri Heru:
Congrats Ash...👍❤
Yay! Aussie Aussie… congratulations 🎉. Bravo!
Deadly as! Well done cuzzy
Ilan Plazola
Ilan Plazola:
Great match!!
Carmen Bugeja
Carmen Bugeja:
Well done. Congratulations. 💛
Lawrance Rajkumar
Lawrance Rajkumar:
Beautiful 😍 talented young woman 👧👌👏👏Barty one of the great 👍
Ray Butler
Ray Butler:
Ash even plays some of her shots like Evonne... both have solid slice forehands and both play the hardest shot in tennis (the backhand smash/get) with confidence...
From 2015 onwards, the player who wins the french open is winning next year's wimbledon😂😂

2015 FO-S.Williams-2016 WB
2016 FO-G. Muguruza-2017 WB
2018 FO-S. Halep-2019 WB
2019 FO-A. Barty-2021 WB(No WB 2020)

Oooo Shhh😔😔😔J.Ostapenko ruined my invention.
Kamya Gupta
Kamya Gupta:
Congratulations ❤️🤩👍
farid 92
farid 92:
With her points and her consistency. It will be long way before anyone will take her no.1 spot and no one will ever says that she's not deserve the spot. Congrats Barty 👏 🎾
Kuppannan Maruthachalam
Kuppannan Maruthachalam:
Hearty Congratulations
Ananya V
Ananya V:
To win in NAIDOC Week! What greater win could there be for Ash Barty?
Adefunke Adewole
Adefunke Adewole:
Congratulations Barty
Харниса Джалилова
Харниса Джалилова:
Поздравляю!!! Барти эшли!!!
С победой !!!
Rudy Wijaya
Rudy Wijaya:
Congratulations 👍👏👏
Its official now, one of the modern Australian greats, her name will sit comfortably alongside with Hewitt & Rafter. Well done.
Gowtham ram .D
Gowtham ram .D:
Congrats asliegh Barty😍🔥☀️😘🥰
Noel Gibson
Noel Gibson:
I'm not much of a tennis fan, but Ash is a great ambassador for Australia, and I'm proud of her win.
Congrats Ash!👍🍻🎾🇦🇺
Congratulations from Kerala, India
Demigod1 01
Demigod1 01:
*Undisputed #*☝️🏆
Let's Learn Maths
Let's Learn Maths:
I actually thought Pliskova would win, but Barty just proved why she is ranked No. 1 in the world.
minions Smith
minions Smith:
Hope a few more to come 🎾🎾
Sunrit Roy Karmakar
Sunrit Roy Karmakar:
Power hitting rejected. Well played barty
Modrey X
Modrey X :
ya killin me with the spoiler thumb nail, leave a little suspense for those of us who didn't see the match
Donny Lane
Donny Lane:
Awesome game for Ashleigh Barty!!!🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🎾🏆
Ash played a very good match, kinda got away with it. Good win nonetheless.
Leonardo Braynen
Leonardo Braynen:
Good match from BOTH ladies.
But a minute WIMBLEDON.
Adonis Top of Men
Adonis Top of Men:
fantastic ......
Maxi Pazz
Maxi Pazz:
An inspirational
Indigenous Aboriginal Australian
Well done to Barty . Good to see that everyone is congratulating this woman instead of saying “ if Osaka or so and so was there “ she wouldn’t have won , a win is a win regardless.
Congrats from India 🇮🇳
sumit singh
sumit singh:
Congratulations barty
Abinash Singh
Abinash Singh:
Congratulations ash
Sky Majozi
Sky Majozi:
Both are amazing players, hopefully Pliskova will get one too before she retires
Kevin P Carey
Kevin P Carey:
So...does she have to apologize to Serena Willams for winning???
Mick Kavera
Mick Kavera:
well done
Nine Nine
Nine Nine:
Bravo 🍾🎊🎉🎈
Елена Калужская
Елена Калужская:
Даже не сомневалась!👍🎉
Tony Navaro
Tony Navaro:
Real talk....this is Ashleigh Barty from Australia minus the racquet-smashing (Azarenka), temper-tantrums when loosing (Serena), fake injury/medical time-out (Ostapenko), no noisy grunting (Michelle Larcher de Brito), no drama queen (Jelena Jankovic), no one-slam wonder (Caroline Wozniacki), no choker (Li Na), no abusive father (Jelena Dokic), no alleged tax-evasion (Mary Pierce), no deranged fan (Steffi Graf), no childish-sulking (Martina Hingis), no complaint-queen (Alize Cornet) etc. the list goes on....LOL
Abdul Rohim
Abdul Rohim:
Congract ash
A.D.T Rocks
A.D.T Rocks:
Waiting For Hugh Jackman ig story 😂🔥
Maciek Zajac
Maciek Zajac:
Konar Amrav
Konar Amrav:
Sponsored by Fila. Wooooo🤘
Dolour Fitzgibbon
Dolour Fitzgibbon:
A golden nugget
Annette Somers
Annette Somers: