Ashley Judd speaks to Diane Sawyer about her mother’s passing

Through her mother’s passing, Ashley Judd shines a light on mental health.

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100+ komentarze:

Eltard A
Eltard A:
Ashley I'm proud of you. Your mother would be proud of you. You were poised and dignified in the midst of unspeakable pain. God be with you and your family
Raven 2002
Raven 2002:
I watched clips of this interview but didn't see the whole thing until now.
This is too relatable.
"Her brain physically hurt..."
"She had a lot of trouble getting off the sofa"
"She was very isolated" 
Everything that Ashley said is true. Depression is something real. Just to get up everyday is a task. You literally have to pep talk yourself into it and then explain to yourself why you are doing it. The feeling is like a million bricks sitting on your brain and telling you "You'll never make it through the day"😔 It truly does take little steps at a time.
Beverly Jean
Beverly Jean:
Diane Sawyer was the right person to do this sensitive interview. She is calm, soft spoken and sincere. Beautiful woman inside and out.
The fact that they felt that they had to do this so soon to avoid rumors and drama is so sad. Diane was so respectful and Ashley is so poised. If you read River of Time, you would know this has been a decades long fight for Naomi. It took less than 5 min of being alone - in her previous darkest time, she hid a gun because her husband had gotten the rest out of access from her. My heart breaks for the family left behind, but I know that the “Prissy Queen of Everything” is finally at rest after a hard early life and a super productive and influential later life. Thank you, ma’am - rest in the peace you so very much deserve. I hope you are wearing the red part dress, it was my favorite!
Maclaine Noxon
Maclaine Noxon:
The elderly are the forgotten demographic when it comes to this disease. My grandfather had a very similar story. No matter how much life you’ve lived, leaving even a day before you’re meant to is too soon.
Such a heartwrenchig interview but wow the strength Ashley has displayed is amazing.
C Crow
C Crow:
The amount of strength and dignity that Ashley just exhibited is remarkable. I am heartbroken for this profound loss. She was a National Treasure.
Megan Dunklin
Megan Dunklin:
When a person has cancer, there is no stigma, only sincerity. But when a person is diagnosed with a mental illness (a brain sickness), there is stigma and feeling shameful. Hopefully, that can change one day, and Ashley bringing it up is only the beginning.
Sarah Wagner
Sarah Wagner:
I cannot imagine Ashley’s trauma finding her mom after she died. Ashley, get help and take your time healing. My thoughts are with you and your family.
Melissa Reed
Melissa Reed:
I'm sorry you had to do this so soon or at all. Common sense explained when you made the statement "we lost our momma to mental illines".That should of been all people needed.I am praying for your family to find the strength to recover from this tragedy.❤️
Danielle Misin
Danielle Misin:
I’d just like to thank Diane Sawyer for being the understated listener in this piece with Ashley. She is a true professional and handled the interview respectfully.
Cecilia Laude
Cecilia Laude:
Ashley I have always admired you, your sister and mom. I am ashamed for people who would actually criticize your face. That is so inappropriate and cruel. It says volumes about the kind of people they are. So sorry for your loss. Thank you for your bravery in disclosing your mother's final moments and being a spokesperson for people everywhere who struggle with this devastating illness. You are beautiful inside and out. Thank you Ashley.
Hike System
Hike System:
This is so heartbreaking. My heart goes out to her daughters and whole family. I admires the strength of Ashley who has been traumatized. Her mother did the best she was able to do, but mental illness can sometimes be too much to bear for even the most loving souls. God will welcome her with loving arms, and at this very moment she is now experiencing something glorious, and free of all illness. As a side note, Ashley has also had to deal with the horrible criminal Harvey Weinstein. She is so strong.
Ginger-Bread Girl
Ginger-Bread Girl:
Broke my heart watching this. I can’t imagine the trauma from finding the person you love the most. My thoughts are with you Ashley, your sister and step dad. I suffer from sever anxiety and depression and I can relate with the isolation. 💔
Nancy Jukanovich
Nancy Jukanovich:
The absolute courage it took to give this interview is an act of heroism and pure love. God be with you Ashley and your family.
Barbara Rucci
Barbara Rucci:
So sad listening to her struggle to tell this. Had me crying just watching and listening to Ashley. Your heart breaks for them. Condolences to this family. I wish my family understood depression better. 😪 Mental Illness is not treated like physical illnesses still. Often you are shamed and treated like an animal or less than human. It's awful. The Psychiatric Facilities are so substandard. Just awful. 💔
Marlon Johnson
Marlon Johnson:
Words escape me. It's only been 24 hrs since I've found this out. To not only lose your mother but to add the circumstances how & be able to push through an interview, I see the strength your mother has blessed you both with & I offer my heartfelt condolences. She was my kind of woman
Stephanie Orlowski
Stephanie Orlowski:
Heart breaking to watch this interview. You spoke so beautifully of your mother. I agree with you and your family that your mother deserves her privacy and dignity. My prayers are with you, your sister and step father. God bless you
Lizzy Woody
Lizzy Woody:
My prayers go out to the Judd family! Thank you, Naomi, for everything you gave to us throughout the years. We learn so much from people's stories. We may never understand why someone takes their own life. We can only pray that your daughters can take one day at a time and hold your memories close to heart. Thank you, Ashey, for sharing this. It really shouldn't matter how someone chose to leave this world; all we can do is pray for the ones left be hide.
Antonia Sullivan
Antonia Sullivan:
Ashley amazes me. Her strength and her sadness are profound. I want to thank her for sharing all of this with Diane Sawyer and therefore, us. Depression is a feeling that comes over people that they can't fully understand but that they very much feel. It is persistent and debilitating. One wouldn't know unless they have experienced it. It is comforting to know that Ashley and Wynona recognized this illness and wholeheartedly supported their Mom. You wouldn't believe how many people say, "Pull up your bootstraps and get on with life." Just the way Ashley addresses this is hopeful and real. Thank you, Ashley. This was obviously painful but know that you have truly helped those of us who are depressed or know someone who suffers from depression.
Amy D
Amy D:
My heart so breaks for this beautiful family. I love how she said “she was walked home!” Those are just beautiful words. Prayers for this family.
I didn’t know anything of Naomi Judd before but This makes me extremely emotional because I know the feeling of what Naomi went through. Mental illness is REALLY hard thing to live with, I struggle every single day. I knew Naomi couldn’t anymore. RIP 💔😔
Alexis Johanson
Alexis Johanson:
I am so sorry for your loss Ashley! I have grown up over the years learning about your family's faith, strength, and belief in miracles! I get a lump in my throat when I try and find the right words to share with you, Wynonna and Pop. So many of your fans truly understand the COURAGE it took for you, to do this interview, and your reasons why! Let it be known that our hearts are breaking with you, we love you, and pray for you and your family during this difficult time! And I believe, all that you have been taught, your mother shines through today when you speak! Remember, what she said, when you were born, you are "the sunshine after a hard storm." Forever, in our hearts! Your words will travel far on this next journey and help the listener who needs to hear what you have to say so they can heal too! God Bless You!
Joanie Drozd
Joanie Drozd:
Diane Sawyer handled this interview in such a compassionate way by listening and allowing Ashley to say what she said.
Mrs L
Mrs L:
The moment I heard the news, I knew the hall of fame induction was the catalyst. It was impossible for her to step into that next day. I understand. Depression is evil. It completely warps your self image and you believe what it tells you. Naomi, you were so beautiful and loved. Words weren't powerful enough to convince you. We understand. Your daughters will carry the torch, wounded, but they will carry it. Peace be upon you all.
I’m so sorry about what happened to your mom, Ashley. That is tragic. My deepest condolences and heartfelt sympathy. 😞❤️
Sue Keida
Sue Keida:
How sad that she had to discover her Mom. Ashley is the only Judd I'm really familiar with and I find her to be very intelligent and well spoken. Even in her grief she is reaching out to the masses about mental illness. Wow.
Hernandez Angela
Hernandez Angela:
There’s no amount of love money or fame that can pull a person out of the darkness of depression. My heart goes out to the family.
Meghan McKern
Meghan McKern:
Oh my God, thank you so much for speaking for so many. You described so well the pain of mental illness and my heart breaks for you and your family. Thank you and much peace to you all.
PamEla S
PamEla S:
I am so proud of Ashley. She’s been traumatized I’m sure and still had the strength to do this. It says a lot of the woman her Mom raised her to be.

I just hate that this has happened to precious Naomi and that this disease is so bad. My heart hurts for all of them and praying for them. 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Taylor N
Taylor N:
She is such an incredible person. My heart hurts for her and the family. My prayers go out to everybody. May their mother Rest In Peace
I lost my mom to suicide on 3/2/22 and I was the one who found her, so I know how this feels. My heart goes out to the Judd family and to anyone else who has lost a parent (or anyone they love) to suicide.
Kat Rose
Kat Rose:
My heart goes out to the family. I too, lost my mother to depression and suicide. I never blamed my mother for what she did. It is a horrible disease. Too many people suffer with it and it is something they battle with all of their life. So proud of you Ashley that you were able to talk about this disease and from talking about it ,hoping that there is someone out there can know there is help for those who need it. May the Lord be with you and your family in the days ahead and that you keep your faith in the Lord, He will give you peace. It will come.
rick ross
rick ross:
Love, thoughts, and prayers are with you all during this terrible Storm. I am so sorry for the loss of your wonderful Mom.
I can tell you this. I've been so blessed to have her entertain not only me, but the rest of the world for many years.
Thank you for sharing her with me and us
lon mellenthin
lon mellenthin:
My love and prayers go out to the Judds at this time. Ashley and Winona and the rest of the family deserve not only our love and our prayers but our sincere respect. You have all become warm places in our hearts and we will lift you all up in any way we can. God bless you all and your beautiful mother will be sadly missed.
“The size of the love is the size of the loss…and sometimes that can be infinite” Oh beautiful Beautiful Ashley! You, your sister and Pops are truly loved. I hope you know how much the world appreciates your strength and grace during this most difficult of times. May you go forward knowing that all your advocacies continue to make a difference in countless lives. I’m but one of millions of nobodies, but my heart is with you. Thank you so very much for helping the vulnerable.
Tom Walsh
Tom Walsh:
That interview touched my heart. It was well done and well spoken by both Ashley and Diane.. My thoughts are with you all…
As a little girl in the south, I grew up listening to & admiring the Judds. Seeing & hearing such talented, faithful, God fearing, intelligent, beautiful, honest, & most importantly genuine ladies was a huge inspiration. I especially appreciated the honesty & unashamed openness with which they were both willing & kind enough to also share their struggles to help others. Their music is often like the soundtrack for my memories & I treasure that as I would a precious gift. As someone who’s lived through an intense traumatic childhood & formative years that resulted in a continuing battle & struggle with my mental health & well-being, it really helped to know I wasn’t alone. To know how great or how small in status or stature that life is a complicated kind of dance of endurance from the mountains to the valleys for us all was helpful. There is a deep pain that can come with opening up & talking about your difficulties. Those who have such empathy that they’re endure it & in a way relive it through memories, because they care more deeply about helping others, to me is an example of selfless love. That kind of quality in a person raises them from simply being endearing to an admirable, powerful, motivational, inspiration.

My heart goes out to the Judd family, for us they were such a staple in life it almost feels like loosing a family member. Naomi leaves behind an incredibly legacy & a powerful message. More often than not we can see the beauty & best in others they can’t see in themselves. Remind those you cherish & adore not only that you do, but why you do. Encourage them, labor with them, & never take a single breath for granted. I pray the grace, peace, & comfort only God can give be with them & strengthen them in their loss.
So eloquently and beautifully said by Ashley. My deepest prayers for her, Wynona and Naomi’s husband.
Armando Ucles
Armando Ucles:
That's so sad. My heart breaks for anyone who has a person in their life who is suffering from mental illness. We have to keep the message out there that mental health is so crucial and it's so important to keep our focus on. Mental health affects everybody no matter what your background is.
Ashley: You have shown such dignity and courage for the way you are handling this awful family tragedy. You will be in my prayers at this most difficult time. I am so sorry for you. It's out now, you have nothing to be ashamed of. This is so sad and heartbreaking. Sending love and hugs from NY.
Genevieve Barton
Genevieve Barton:
To know that this family of beautiful women have gone through so much sadness is truly heartbreaking.
miss Dee
miss Dee:
I'm so sorry for their loss. This took great strength for her to do. God bless and keep her through this process 🙏
This is mental health awareness month, so I appreciate the transparency. Thank you for sharing your grief. May your mother’s soul Rest In Peace.
Ann Chovey
Ann Chovey:
Ashley is beautiful and always articulate. She made suicide so much more understandable. My heart breaks for her and her sister.
Florencia H
Florencia H:
This is so brave.
I'm so greatfull when true expression and description of the realities of mental illness is spoken, by those who suffer it and witness it.
They get to be our voice, for those of us who are muffled sometimes by this decease and cannot speak for ourselves.
She fights for her mothers dignity and brings forward the desperate need we, which we battle with this demon, have to cling to our own dignity and it seems so hard, so very hard.
Thank you Ms Judd.
Sherril Parks
Sherril Parks:
Ashley. Your mom knew that she was loved by family as well as fans. Mentally illness takes a toll on ones soul. I lost my daughter on New Years Eve rt before the pandemic. I hurt everyday but I know I must go one because I have other relatives that need me to be strong. You girls hang in there. ❤🙏🏿
Forever 18 Fentanyl Awareness
Forever 18 Fentanyl Awareness:
Spoken like a beautiful daughter with an infinite amount of love, respect and pride for her mama. I hope and pray that media will respect your wishes and allow you all to have the privacy you all deserve. I have battled depression for many years and so have my children. My heart is with you all.
ohio skane
ohio skane:
My respect for Ashley has gone up even further. Ending the stigma of mental illness is so important!!! ❤️
I’d like to commend Diane Sawyer and her always compassionate and kind way…
of allowing people to tell their story
I so appreciate Ashley’s boldness in “taking control of the narrative.” I grieve over the fact that you felt that you HAD to disclose personal information but I am glad that you cut the head off of the gossip beast. Now is the time to grieve and mourn but also to celebrate the deep love you family shares with one another. My deepest sympathies to the entire family.💕
Sharon Ramone
Sharon Ramone:
Bless them all, my heart breaks for them .Ashley, you are a shining example of the wonderfulness of having been raised by your Mom. I'm sure she is so very proud of you girls and the grace with which you're both dealing with this.My prayers are with you all
Ursula Reeg
Ursula Reeg:
I find Ashley's words expressing her loss so well put together, so carefully thought out with such intelligence. I'm in awe of this ability.
Kristine Tucker
Kristine Tucker:
As a fellow child of a parent with mental illness witnessed my entire life and watched that light go out, I want to tell you are not alone. You did lovely explaining what your Mother went through.
The torture she endured yet was such a bright beautiful light for others. I also suffer with mental illness and spend a lot of energy fighting back with the help of professionals.
Finally, Thank You for sharing with everyone what is so personal and painful to tell.
Real Tangerine
Real Tangerine:
Always loved the music of the Judds. Naomi was such a talented lady. Thanks, Ashley for your courage to tell your heart felt message, on behave of yourself and your sister and stepfather. Peace and blessings to the extended family.
I’ve struggled with mental illness since I was a child. My heart goes out to them. This is heartbreaking.
Emily Vogt
Emily Vogt:
Ashley Judd is so brave to have shared this personal information on her family's behalf with such dignity. She looks SO much like her and Wynonna's beloved mother...what loving daughters Naomi Judd has (yes, Naomi still has her 2 daughters even though she's gone from us) to help carry on her memory. 💜
Betty Boop
Betty Boop:
As I sit here, unable to get out of bed, listening to this, I want to share a little bit. The fight never goes away. More times than not I'm tired. Life has became something I endure, not live.

I noticed a few comments of passing judgment upon Naomi.... this is what I say..... stop shaming us that suffer from this disease, for taking medication, for going to therapy.... we are literally fighting each day.

Thank you Ashley!! what a remarkably strong woman you are to talk about this.

Much love from a fellow Kentuckian.
Jenny Bailey
Jenny Bailey:
My heart breaks for this family. May God give them peace and love.
Joan Henschel
Joan Henschel:
Ashley, I've always admired your acting talent, you're so gifted. It breaks my heart to see your heartbreak and pain. I'm so very sorry for you, your sister and step-dad. Because of your honesty you've encouraged me to take drastic action in getting my depression sorted. I'm in a very sad and challenging place right now, and I feel your the agony your mommy must have felt. You gals inspire me to stand strong now, I have a daughter who really needs me to help her stay grounded. She's had her fair share of challenges due to epilepsy. I'll share this interview with her over the weekend, as she needs to hear what you shared. May you heal and find peace. Lots of love ❤
cindy Somes
cindy Somes:
I'm so sorry for your loss!! I've lost my mother so I know how that part hurts but I couldn't imagine what you are going through!! Please hang on to each other and prayers to your family!!
Dana Spallina T
Dana Spallina T:
“Dignity”. So important to allow her that!!! My prayers to all of you and all my respect! Respect for the family and how you all show how much you love and respect her, and so much respect for Naomi for the love she showed her fans and people in general, from all walks of life! What a wonderful woman! I’m so sorry she suffered from this disease, but thank you for publicizing awareness so others may seek help, or be the help to those who may need it! Lots of love your way!!
Such a beautiful soul and spirit that lives on….Thank you Ashley for sharing memories of your beloved mom. “her brain hurt.” I’m a survivor of abuse and the complexities of mental health is a disease. I can relate on so many levels. God bless your beautiful mother for all she has given to the world. Praying for strength, healing, love, and lots of hugs.
Sherry AB
Sherry AB:
I’m so gutted for the Judd family and Ashley, I’m so proud of you to share your grief with us and to continue your Mama’s legacy through raising awareness for mental illness.
Pamela Mitchell
Pamela Mitchell:
I am praying for these beautiful women, and their stepfather. I pray God comforts them in this time of intense grief. Mental illness doesn’t discriminate. I’m so sad for Naomi and that she couldn’t feel the love so many people have for her. R.I.P. Naomi, you will be greatly missed by so many.❤️❤️
Sue M
Sue M:
My heart aches for the Judds and their loss. May God hold them in his loving embrace through this extremely difficult time. Love to all. ❤
Jade Tolbert
Jade Tolbert:
I've walked with my heart in my hands worried for my 26 year son, now I walk with emptiness, 9 months and counting, fly high son 🕊️💙
It's unbearable. My heart goes out to them and everyone that's lost a loved one to this debilitating cunning lifelong disease 🙏🏽
L tilli
L tilli:
My dad died from a self inflicted gunshot wound on March 10, 2022, so just before Naomi judd. I am so sorry their family is having to go through such as horrible thing as well, but I am thankful to them for speaking out and spreading awareness and talking about this, even tho its hard for them ❤

It's crazy we have come so far with mental health , but not far enough. I tried to dad the past 4 years - he retired, was diagnosed with diabetes, and it was like he changed mentally, he was suddenly obssed with his diet and health and he had chronic pain every day and he wouldn't ask a dr for pain pills. He went to a psychiatrist and they tried him on several anti depressants, but nothing was working. It was still so shocking when we found him, even though we knew he wasn't doing well, I still never thought he would do this. I have guilt now bc I feel like we should have forced him inpatient, but he didn't want to go and I didn't want to call the police to get him to go. We did try most everything for the past 4 years, and I know we did, i just wish we could have somehow found something that worked.
🙏🏾🙏🏾 Prayers for the whole family. I wished we lived in a world with more compassion, peace, respect, and understanding where this wouldn't have to even be disclosed.
Linda Deisher
Linda Deisher:
My thoughts, my prayers are with the entire Judd family. May God bless and comfort the family and give the strength and guidance to face their loss.
Joy Weikle
Joy Weikle:
Unbelievably brave! So sorry for y’all’s loss! I can’t imagine what she or y’all went through! I have had friend very close with mental illnesses ! Some people
don’t have the understanding, compassion not sure but I will always keep y’all and all in my prayers!!
Devin Maciel
Devin Maciel:
Ashley was so well spoken and so brave for having the courage to do this interview. And Diane is sooo calm and such a good choice for this interview. My heart goes out to the whole family. Such a devastating loss
The size of the love is NOT the size of the “Grief” though. These 3 women are iconic in our American culture. I never imagined the passing of someone with mental illness could be handled so responsibly and with such reverence and grace . Of course we will honor you mother’s dignity and privacy. Thank you for sharing this information with the world. I hope you feel all of the hands reaching out to comfort you and find some relief from that. We are not, tens, hundreds, or thousands even. We are millions grieving with you, MILLIONS. Thank you for taking the planet to another level of understanding of the disease of mental illness. Ashley I hope in your time you find resolution and healing from this trauma. One minute of peace added to another minute of peace will pretty soon add up to an hour, then a day, then a week, then a month maybe. You will get through this girl. You are a MF JUDD. No rush though. Take your time because With all my questions I feel like this interview was right on time. Not much more is left to say. Well done! Now REST!
Diva Dory
Diva Dory:
Naomi is finally at peace. It's gut-wrenching to know that while her pain has ended, her family's has just begun.
Jackie Howard
Jackie Howard:
I’m from Ashland, Ky and in 1990 I met a three of the Judds. They were all so kind and accommodating. Thank you for emphasizing how devastating mental health problems can be. Thinking of all of you who are struggling.
susan duncan
susan duncan:
Having found a suicide myself, I can relate in some way to the trauma that this poor daughter. is enduring. Prayers for peace for her and her sister.
Gwendolyn B. Williams
Gwendolyn B. Williams:
Our hearts and prayers goes out to you and family. Sending love, empathy and deepest condolences. 💐 💔❣️
Katherine Gibson
Katherine Gibson:
I just lost a dear, close friend to suicide two days ago. My heart is shattered. The worst pain I've ever gone through. I so, so, so feel for the Judd family. Hearing Ashley speak, I wanted to reach out through my screen and blast her with hugs, comfort, and love. It would be cathartic to meet her some day and talk about this heavy subject privately. She knows. She understands. I'm in awe of her bravery to come out and speak the way she did. I did my best to channel that similar energy on my end, but no matter how we form our words, words simply can't describe pain and holes left in our hearts. May Naomi rest in love, and hope she has found her new self-love and freedom wherever she may roam in the universe.
T10Clay Tempered
T10Clay Tempered:
Thank you Ashley. You are an inspiration. This puts my depression into focus a little better and renews my desire and ability to fight it. Bless your family and my deep condolences.
Incredible how much she looks like her Mama. Praying for her 🙏
Big D
Big D:
Ashley, Thank you for sharing your knowledge to help others who may be suffering from mental illness at such a difficult time in your life. You are a reflection of your mother's sprit, strength and love.
Lynn Rose
Lynn Rose:
I have a tremendous amount of respect for you to speak about her passing during the extreme pain you must be feeling. My prayers go out to you and your family.
Dorothy Zijlstra
Dorothy Zijlstra:
Such an awesome interview .
Ashley thank you for taking time and talking with the people .
This is a terrible illness , many people don’t understand it .
I hope you find peace in your heart.
Never ever, ever go to that space of if only I had done this or that .
As you said that illness lies .
You and your family are in my thoughts .
Lynx40 Forever
Lynx40 Forever:
Ashley did amazing. She handled this interview so beautifully. My thoughts and prayers with the Judd family.
L. Baughman
L. Baughman:
💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜 Peace. To everyone who has ever suffered, and is suffering now, please make those calls. Reach out. Ashley, thank you for being who you are. Sending you and all your family cyber hugs and prayers for healing. Your mother's voice rings out with the angels.
This is heartbreaking, my prayers are with this family. Naomi was so loved, so cherished, by so many. Her kindness and compassion for people was obvious to all, and this evil disease has taken her from her beautiful family, and us fans who loved and adored her. I know she helped so many who suffer with mental illness. The solace and hope, is that she is definitely with the Lord, and her family will see her again one day. My sweet Mumma is in heaven too, and bc I know I will see her again, it helps me get through each day, along with Gods comfort and peace and all His promises.
So proud of you Ashley for going and giving/doing such a hard interview on what happened to your mother. I want you & Wynonna to know that I have you both in thoughts & prayers, and I send you all my love.
Teresa Furchess
Teresa Furchess:
Prayers for the family, lifting you all up during this time. Much love, may God hold your hearts 💕
d girl
d girl:
My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family during this difficult time. 🙏 Truly heartbreaking.
Valerie Zushin
Valerie Zushin:
Love and prayers to them and anyone dealing with the loss of someone and also to everyone dealing with depression. My heart goes out to all.
Lilly Evans
Lilly Evans:
She was such a wonderful and amazing person!! I wish she could of saw herself thru everyone else eyes!!! We need more mental health awareness, it effects every family in some way!!
Carol Mcneill
Carol Mcneill:
I have had depression most of my life !!!! I'm so sorry for your loss and thinking about you both ! Praying for you
Jennifer Holmes
Jennifer Holmes:
My heart hurts and goes out for all 4 of you. My 2 kids and I deal with suicidal ideation and major depression so I know exactly what she went through. My prayers are with you all.
Mike Johnson
Mike Johnson:
The strength it took to share her most personal thoughts and emotions surrounding their loss. Sending love and prayers for the family through this period and beyond! 💞🙏🏼💜
Dawn Bryson
Dawn Bryson:
I am so proud of you Ashley. You are an amazing woman. Thank you for sharing. Peace be with you while you are processing your grief. The world loves you and your family.
Rain drops
Rain drops:
This was the most open &honest, yet excruciating explanation, of mental illness when it comes to their mother.
Sending heartfelt condolences and thoughts to anyone suffering from this disease.
Crystal Lee
Crystal Lee:
Oh my heart aches for the Judds. They brought so much joy and the memories I have listening to them with my dad are priceless. Sweet lady, I pray you're at peace now
Beach Lover
Beach Lover:
Ashley Judd, thank you for opening up your broken heart to share some details publicly that likely would have been shared by others in a less-desirable manner. I share your pain in mind & heart, and I am sincerely sorry for the trauma you and your family have to experience. I loved your dear Mother and her music. I did not know Naomi, but with this situation you have so eloquently described, her death will not be in vain. This truly makes one ponder the hell that mental illness inflicts on people, and compassion and love is key in dealing with those affected. God bless you and comfort you with peace.
Daisy B
Daisy B:
Thank you for sharing Ashley. You articulated exactly what mental illness is perfectly. I am so sorry for your loss.
Thank you Ashley for sharing this tragedy with the world. I understand exactly the beast of mental illness. Depression has been a curse on my life for 40 years. Decades of taking antidepressants. Christ Jesus is the only source that is keeping me alive right now. Just know that here in Michigan someone is feeling your pain. God bless 🙌