Asmongold DISTURBED By DrDisrespect Last Stream On Twitch Before Permanent Ban

Asmongold's reaction to Dr Disrespect last stream moments, before he was permanently banned from Twitch, Mcconnell and Asmongold then speculate on the reason the Doc was banned by going through Livestreamfail threads about TimTheTatman reaction and Slasher explanation of the situation...

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So nice never having to worry about breaking character🤣🤣
He was banned because they did a background check and found out he wasn't a doctor.
Ninja : I will return to twitch but on one condition....
Can’t wait for internet historian’s video on this.
Swifty, Method and now Doc
June 2020 has been wild, wonder what else is gonna go down by the end of the year
ali nobnaga
ali nobnaga:
He knew obama’s last name
DJ Keannu
DJ Keannu:
He's trying to stay on character even though he's being crushed emotionally. My heart crack.
The end of Doc's stream was disturbing because you just watched someone at the moment he knew his career, and hopefully not worse, was over. I hope no one else is involved or harmed.
Im lowkey mad Reddit or 4Chan hasn't solved this yet. Y'ALL SLACKING OR SOMETHING?
Dobbydank 420
Dobbydank 420:
The Doc was operating without a medical license, the madman
"As if millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror and were suddenly silenced. I fear something terrible has happened."
A lots happened since the Twitch Council "with no power" have been formed.
I bet he found the cure to Corona Virus so he shut everything down and decided to become a real Doctor
Adrian Butuc
Adrian Butuc:
this looks like analyzing the recording from a black box
my game crashed
my game crashed:
If asmon gets banned for a random reason and we never get to see his evolution into "stone cold gold the bald". I'm gonna freak out!
"Guilty until proven innocent"

Okay but seriously what did he actually even get banned for? No one seems to know lol.
D E V O I D:
the world is currently being prepared for the coming age of the internet
This one is a generally interesting one, especially considering twitch refunded subs, and there is zero info, so when we eventually find out that will be big
From 6 minutes ago: "While the entire gaming world is pinned to their swivel chairs waiting to find out what Dr DisRespect did to get permanently banned from the popular streaming platform Twitch, his wife is reaching out to make it clear she's standing by her husband's side and thanking their loyal fans for the support."
Some things I have found on reddit:
#1. He gets a notification on his phone and his mood changes.
#2. He mutes and talks to his wife telling her something along the lines of "Don't bother me for a second come on". (We know it's his wife because he said she is staring at him right now)
#3. He plays the roblox video in the background while he is looking at some other stuff on his other monitor and phone. There is a point where he sees something and his face just turns to dread.
#4. He was keeping himself from saying something during the last 2 minutes of the stream. Then at the end he just yelled FUCK and ended it.
Brian Jordan
Brian Jordan:
10:23 this mystery got me so intrigued I'm watching a reaction to a reaction.
The part of his stream when he checks his phone is extremely disturbing.
Galactic Knight
Galactic Knight:
News tomorrow:


News next week:

someone get Ja Rule on the phone i need to make sense of this all
Well this thing sure turned out to be the best free advertisement David Icke could have ever gotten anyway.
Matt F Is BAE
Matt F Is BAE:
He is probably being taken to the gulag as we speak
In his last stream you see him taking out his phone and he looks a bit shocked then it looks like he is trying his best to hold back his tears (hard to see with the sunglasses) and then proceed to watch some roblox (because if your banned, ones you stop streaming or doing something unappropriated, that banned will be activated).
Gotta watch the full 8 minutes. There's so many more clues.

He gets a notification on his phone

Looks like he's about to cry for no reason multiple times but tries to move past it for the streams sake but you can clearly tell some shit is wrong he's looking worried

Someone, presumably his wife comes in and he holds his hand up to say give me a minute

Then he plays this very odd roblox video and the people in the video are talking about finding something that shouldn't have been found and somebody is in a lot of trouble now

Random David icke talk

Says goodbye and that we will get through this and shit like he knows something bad is happening, the says fuck and shuts off the stream.

To me it seems like he clearly knows whats going on, maybe he got metoo'd and didn't want to tell the stream and when twitch banned him he's now forced.
D G:
David icke how random, the reptilian conspiracy legend
Sigfried Zigurat
Sigfried Zigurat:
The roblox bit belongs on a twin peeks episode, twilight zone.
Blood Eagle
Blood Eagle:
If he hasn't said anything publicly yet there are probably lawyers involved.
"this is way worse than i thought it wsa gona be" same reaction i had after watching yoru eyebrows for 15 minutes and 10 seconds. <3
ali nobnaga
ali nobnaga:
He knows what’s in area 51
Zackdragon 42
Zackdragon 42:
The music that starts in the background at 4:20 is perfect for this whole thing
Traz Luz ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻
Traz Luz ⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻⸻:
He discovered the repitilian agenda, now they butt probed him
Gas Fitter
Gas Fitter:
"Hollywood star whackers" called him last week and wanted their cut.
Heather S.
Heather S.:
My guess is that the end of his last broadcast is his reaction to the news that he's being banned, and that the issue at hand is something related to his offline communications or discord.
Real Talk With Ricky Paquiot
Real Talk With Ricky Paquiot:
*Headline: chat gets upset because Asmongold wanted to mute the video he's watching LIVE on stream.*
Divinity D
Divinity D:
For those wondering: we have no confirmation from anyone as to why he was banned, and this is the first time ever twich refunded subs from a banned streamer.

My leading theory is that Doc did something highly illegal financially on or off stream. Maybe a undisclosed sponsorship or something similar. Twitch loves money and would not refund subs unless legally forced to.
D W:
4:22 Guarantee he doesn't manage his own Facebook. The dude has a PR rep and an agent.
only seen panic like that when someones been found cheating and knows they have to explain to their partner and that their entire world is about to implode
Keanu Reeves
Keanu Reeves:
Just got word from Suge Knight that he is now his cell partner
He might have been reading something on his other monitor
Kenneth Kinoshita
Kenneth Kinoshita:
Its because he was talking about David Icke
I Entropy
I Entropy:
My money is on drug charges. Dude looks like he does lines 24/7
banned for having too much of shungite in possesion as it has been officialy announced as a rare mineral in the twitch community XD
Chris Jones
Chris Jones:
Seven days one shirt that's how streaming is done
globenstine 1
globenstine 1:
gaming is done. they are coming after us all now. everyone is doomed.
Anthony S.
Anthony S.:
Gotta love the transition of a weirded out asmongold into a dancing asmongold with happy music at the end.
Urban legends say when you're on twitch for too long and have too many react videos you get sent a super fucking annoying roblox video, you try to click off but it displays on your entire stream, you try to look away but you're compelled not to. The cringe of the 12 year olds screaming becomes enjoyable as your pleasure centers are turned into fuel for the roblox data servers. The only thing you can do is tell everyone that everything will be okay and you do the one thing to save your stream and trip the cord cutting the stream. Twitch knows about this but is powerless to the almighty pressure of Roblox, so they try to hide it but banning the user before it leaks out and the most disturbing thing is that supposedly even commenting about this rumor causes Roblox to come after-
Ben Hardin
Ben Hardin:
With the money being sent back like that, it's gotta be fraud of some kind. Something that would make Twitch liable to being sued if they kept it.
he stole too much shungite from the lizard wizards
Daniel atkins
Daniel atkins:
iv been there before just waiting for the police to kick in the door. You just start to realize how everything is about to be taken away from you and all your senses go full blast colors smell everything you appreciate gone.
wtf Doc sounds so unconscious? Like he's under influence of something?
They probably found out he's QAnon
Sigfried Zigurat
Sigfried Zigurat:
What if he is going to another platform, canceled his contract, concocted this last stream with twitch approval, a bit of smoke and mirrors, and now the lawyers are working double time, blitzkrieking trough all the paperwork?
LEAVE TWITCH. Asmongold, go somewhere else. We'll follow.
Nooban World
Nooban World:
Justin Thompson
Justin Thompson:
I could fry some killer burgers with the grease in asmonds hair
I love how the longer it takes news to get out the crazier the theories get. So far we've got rumors of a federal investigation.
Not to long ago on stream when he was asked about mixer shutting down he said that twitch is the best platform for streaming, dont think that would do him any good if he was planning to go to facebook. So I doubt its something related to changing platform.
Aymen DZ
Aymen DZ:
Slasher saying that Twitch was told to ban him freaks me out !
matthew keating
matthew keating:
End of his stream was strange he took out phone and his facial reaction was odd.
Nino Johnson
Nino Johnson:
Asmon is right, we need to get Jay Rule on the phone.
Lost Marimo
Lost Marimo:
did he borrow power from the reptilian overlords and now he has to pay or something?
Although we don't know what the reasons are yet, if it were to be a conspiracy it might be that Dr.disrespect mentioned David icke and that he liked his book. This comes back to "The alternative influence network on YouTube" when big youtubers started having connection with far right people on big podcasts and media news. Twitch which is pretty far-left platform are scared to have Dr.disrespect on the platform if he starts signaling (like pewdiepie apparently did according to woke media sites) which give his audience a rabbit hole to look in to. For instance David icke is not a far right extremist person, he just a very controversial person. He has been on shows like the "Red Ice" which got banned off youtube because they are far-right, and they started becoming big (with high production standards). He has also been on Alex jones show which have also been banned off youtube.

Not to mentioned David icke is a name close associated with David duke which is one of the most hated person in recent times by woke mainstream media, and in the old youtube algorithm people whom searched up David icke could also get recommended to David duke (he is shadow banned on youtube). This might be far stretching, but who knows in this woke era with deplatforming and cancel culture.
Wolf Born
Wolf Born:
Damn he just bought that sweet, sweet PC..300 million PC
brad arnold
brad arnold:
im sitting here crossing my fingers saying " please nothing with a minor, please nothing with a minor."
with twitch and discord dropping him like that makes me think what ever he did was on discord and maybe was streamed/saved on twitch . the FCC have any power over discord?
saw one thing saying it leaked that he was wanting to start a streaming service behind twitch's back a lot of???????????????????
The mole on Chance's head has escaped and taken Doc down. The MoleLester has taken him, his power has grown.
Lucifer Uchiha
Lucifer Uchiha:
He was really suprised and it was sad too watch so quiet
Twin Towers was an inside job (David Icke).
Intro Arcade
Intro Arcade:
Twitch has not notified me on the specific reason behind their decision... Firm handshakes to all for the support during this difficult time.

-Dr Disrespect (1 hour ago on his twitter)
The best thing I could hope for at this point is if doc had done something that had angered PayPal or Mastercard. They aren't afraid to use pulling support out of sites as a tool for someone who they disagree with politically or who is even someone associated with someone they dont like.
Dag Lindgren
Dag Lindgren:
This is the crazy deer lady's fault.
John McClane
John McClane:
Doc was one of the only reasons that I made a Twitch account.
Dustin Grim
Dustin Grim:
Asmon's face lighting up as soon as he realizes how much content he can make out of this XD
He was trying to get streamers to move to an upcoming streaming platform that is owned by Spotify / Google.
Sounds more like a federal agency, who else has the clout to do this?
Reality is whatever twitch banned him for they had 100% good reason. After all one of the people in charge of handling these issues is a guy who cut his balls off to become a female deer and nobody told him that female deer does not have antlers. Mistakes just dont happen with such high quality personel.
Juan Vasquez
Juan Vasquez:
hahaha with the wow music in the background I feel like I'm watching an episode of True crime story.
Terry Fulds
Terry Fulds:
Wait, he had some kind of show coming up? Probably legal issues with his twitch contract or something similar.
Docs disrespect MD is no longer valid so now he’s getting sued by his patients
Lemmin Joose
Lemmin Joose:
This was really weird. I've been subbed to Doc for two years and this wasn't like him.
asmongold is about hype, sure. He neither watch the doc stream.
He knew when he checked his phone (or maybe even before) what it was that changed his mood and he mentioned davic icke after that. He is clearly in a state of shock and has no idea what to say or to talk about it's sad....
Moon Figueroa
Moon Figueroa:
I'll be honest and say I'm disturbed that usually when ANYTHING happens almost every streamer is afraid to talk about something bad. They're afraid it'll backlash or get them a penalty and I'm just thinking if that's true why is there a penalty? Seems stupid.

Also to me it seems he made a deal with mixer under twitch and mixer got killed just because it wasn't successful so he may just be done now.
Brandon Jarvis
Brandon Jarvis:
watched the video myself, it is disturbing. nothing inherently wrong with it, it just feels off. like hes trying to say something without saying it. eerie
Brandon Ross
Brandon Ross:
I've been in those situations where something so terrible happens so much thoughts running through your head it's hard to speak he is grasping at straws man
Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger:
Brime just said they don’t have any connection with Doc. Doc’s silence on the matter is sus too (his statement the other day was basically a non-statement). He 100% knows. I have a feeling this is really really bad for Doc.
Here's whats got to be scary.. there is momentum behind this now.. and anyone accused who doesn't get pulled at this point in time will appear to be receiving favoritism.
Not enough Shungite, 5G got him
Craig Ludlow
Craig Ludlow:
I just want to put my two cents in again it quite probably has something to do with doc shroud and Ninja starting their own platform while yes the Chinese are coming out with another streaming platform as well but maybe not that one the ones who produced mixer are behind a new streaming platform yes?
On this one I'm really reaching but it's possible that doc got woke to the globalist conspiracy and just can't bring himself to go on because in light of the fact that the people who want which are basically f****** evil so I've been told I don't know that personally
David Icke, for when Alex Jones craziest rants are just to damn sane.
sam adams
sam adams:
I think the ending to his stream was he found out and knew what was going to happen so he went out of character at the very end
The execution of the Order 66 has begun.
Mike Haffenden
Mike Haffenden:
He has signed up to Facebook behind twich’s back and they found out about it and cancelled him
Josh Bourke
Josh Bourke:
The Doc, Ninja, and shroud all been signed to another streaming platform yet to come. Doc gets banned for trying to get people to leave twitch and some with him to his new streaming platform. Spotify moving in and making a play maybe? they took Joe Rogan. They could possibly be trying to make it into the streaming scene