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100+ komentarze:

brondea robinson
brondea robinson:
Who else is just sitting here in their bed just starving and mouth-watering
Kaitlyn Purdie
Kaitlyn Purdie:
It’s 1am I have school tomorrow and I am starving now
TikTok Mashup
TikTok Mashup:
Hunibee: Eats junk food like crazy and never gets fat

Me: Eats one fry then gains 815 lb the next day
No one:
Me on my my period:
Shalom Ohad
Shalom Ohad:
HunniBee: eats meal for ten people and never gets fat

Me: eats 1 nugget, tomorow=346 pounds
Aysha Slagter
Aysha Slagter:
Who is just laying in there bed being hungry asf! (This has so many likes wow)
Adin Marche
Adin Marche:
dont mind me im just sitting here starving TO DEATH watching her eat! LOL
Mcdonalds Employee: Hi, what would you like today?
Hunnibee: Emmmmm.. the whole menu...
Mcdonalds Employee: *death stare* Oh, okay.
Hunnibee: Don't call my dentist doe..
Mcdonalds Employee: .......
Hunnibee: Cya around.
Carina Maria
Carina Maria:
My mouth is literally an ocean after watching this
rainbow X Mochi
rainbow X Mochi:
I'm literally vegetarian but I miss this food lol
Indy vdmx
Indy vdmx:
Me when i drink water: 🤰🏼
Nevaeh Facey
Nevaeh Facey:
Who's watching this during quarintine just wishing for a McDonald's
Sassy Spongebob
Sassy Spongebob:
Chicken nuggets: 5:36
Fries: 7:54
More fries: 8:51
Ice cream: 9:40
Drink: 12:10
First burger: 12:35
Fries: 13:54
Second burger: 14:10
Drink: 15:54
More fries: 16:10
L_l Y
L_l Y:
For everyone who says that it’s a waste of money, she literally said that someone ate the rest of it and to not worry. If you where paying attention to her commentary, don’t expect her to finish everything we always have left overs. Like nobody’s perfect! Love you sm
* • Blossom Tea • *
* • Blossom Tea • *:
5:37 eating finally starts :>
Fortnite._.king123 Rivera
Fortnite._.king123 Rivera:
Who else is in bed dying to eat McDonald’s
her: enjoying
me: drooling
Me laying in bed watching her eat food when I am af hungry me starts to quitly go downstairs to get food and I open the fridge it's empty and me getting creepers out downstairs run back upstairs with fridge open
Can this relate thumps up its can
Next Caller
Next Caller:
Why Canada McDonald’s look like the food in the ads
Fries and milkshake combo: *No one like me*
Me and Hunni: It tastes good.
ali b
ali b:
who’s watching this during quarintine just wishing for a mcdonalds
Hunni:stuffs her face with McDonald's
Me: eats one French fry 🤰
Xx Issy xX Xx Gacha xX
Xx Issy xX Xx Gacha xX:
Okay other people’s ASMR is DISGUSTING but yours is my favorite!!!
ruth P-L
ruth P-L:
I'm rewatching this again and don't y'all ever want to eat it slowly so that it doesn't finish fast? Or is it just me...😕
This is a video of my sister eating when she says she’s going on a diet lol
Rinnie _bangtan
Rinnie _bangtan:
When u watch this and get hungry but I have something very un-tasty for dinner.
niah spearmon
niah spearmon:
Hunni: chewing her ice cream
Divya Manoj
Divya Manoj:
5:21 this is when she starts eating..
Jade Käki
Jade Käki:
Hunni: Hello, hello, hello.. how are you..doing today
Me: hungry
When the Sauce dont wanna come out the box:
S̆̈kylă̈ Potato シ
S̆̈kylă̈ Potato シ:
I like torturing myself by watching other people eat when I’m sitting here starving bc I AINT have no food XD
Litterly almost 5 minutes she wasted just talking and talking I always skip it. Too much talking
Manha Khan
Manha Khan:
I'm just laying on my bed torturing myself 😢
Madelyn Stamper26
Madelyn Stamper26:
“How much did this meal Cost?” ( it actually looks much better then Wendy’s (McDonald’s, is my Favorite food) - even the Big Mac has a good sauce to it. UwU .”
Sienna Destecroix
Sienna Destecroix:
Anyone else think when they see McDonald’s they want it
Althea paxton
Althea paxton:
I wanna be able to eat this much McDonald’s and not hate myself after
뭐야 이 언니 짱귀엽잖아??
Kathleen Sim
Kathleen Sim:
Hunni: Mcdees ect
Aussies watching this: HoW DArE yOU
Mariana De Leon
Mariana De Leon:
Her freaking out that 1 drop of the Mcflurrey: me nor caring 10 water drops on my shorts or shirt

But it still a good asmr
Aurora Ciotta
Aurora Ciotta:
Guys am i the only one Italian that’s going to say her, if you wanna go to Italy, i suggest you to do not say in Pizzeria i want a pizza with pineapple or they are gonna stare at you like: is this woman/man crazy?! Get 118 (ambulance)
V Stokes
V Stokes:
Mind: satisfied
Ears: satisfied
Stomach: hungry
Darcie Jarmy
Darcie Jarmy:
This is the first time where I’ve been watching asmr and i actually have the food in real life. Like I actually have McDonald’s
neon jay jj michael jackson fan
neon jay jj michael jackson fan:
me:eating mcdonald’s
dad:we have to go to the store
me: eating right know
and lol i’m eating it right know
so i got mcdonald’s and i found thsi video
then i said how about i watch that video .
Angelica L
Angelica L:
can we talk about those EYELASHES plz.....
Sansharae Ellwood
Sansharae Ellwood:
Me: I’m hungry Also me: okay time to Binge Mukbangs
Thea Rein
Thea Rein:
I watched this when I was going to bed and I was like: "Im so excited for breakfast tomorrow"
Amoungus Imposter
Amoungus Imposter:
When me and my cousin watch her were like just way we don’t need a introduction
Fran Oc
Fran Oc:
So I’m watching this at one in the morning and I’m starving because I never ate my dinner because I don’t like fish. This is TORTURE 😫😫
HunniBee: **Crunch- Crunch**
Real Time: **YAM YAM YAM**
End of Video: **Gains 1.5 Pounds**
Teagan McMahon
Teagan McMahon:
most people actually hate pineapple on pizza and i don’t like honey lmao or foods mixed
Blackcat Gacha
Blackcat Gacha:
Teacher: no eating in class

the kids in the back:
Cameron Hybels
Cameron Hybels:
Me: eating one French fri
What my mom sees:
Trell Godinez
Trell Godinez:
The saddest part about me watching this rn is that i havent eaten any fastfood since June because of quarantine 😭
Macey Buckley
Macey Buckley:
Hunnibee gracefully eating that nugget.
Me: shoving it all in my mouth cause u cany wait eat my maccis
Alison Blazevic
Alison Blazevic:
When she sead she wasnt gunna drop enything i imagined her dropping the nugget XD
Chuanwen Chan
Chuanwen Chan:
Me clicking in the video

Stomach: *Here we go agian*
McDonald's The Official
McDonald's The Official:
*I see you like the food we served you, just saying we made that drink in a mop bucket :)*

Edit: *Its a joke Lol*
Amy M'f Rodriguez
Amy M'f Rodriguez:
Me watching this mouth drooling .. but covid made me lose tastebuds so im jus suffering in silence rn 😩😋
Lola Bunny
Lola Bunny:
“mcdizzles” NO😭😭😭😭
Mel Tuzi
Mel Tuzi:
5:38 シ
Manny Elsyad
Manny Elsyad:
Who’s watching during fasting for ramadan cause same
Gracie jimenez
Gracie jimenez:
What my two huskis see when im eating one nuggit:
hailey wright
hailey wright:
if i had this food i front of me rn i’d be picking the fries up with my hand nvm 5 fries i want 10 ☺️
Jhuly Mallmann
Jhuly Mallmann:
I would give up making the video, turn it off and focus at eating all this delicious food.
Melanie Leffew
Melanie Leffew:
My 7 year old son, Sebastian loves your videos. He is autistic and is obsessed with dinosaurs. Would you consider doing a Jurassic World theme for him?
aubrey goodchild
aubrey goodchild:
It is insane she can eat what ever the hell she wants and gains NOTHING LIKE JEEZ
Sedina Medic
Sedina Medic:
When i will be going to mcdonalts abog da im just ordering evrything that they have
Chloe Cat
Chloe Cat:
This made me so hungry....and now I'm craving McDonald's...
Sarah Banoob
Sarah Banoob:
OMG! She eats like I would eat! EVERYTHING! I LOvE YOu soo MUcH ! And your vids!💗💗💞💞💖💖🔥🔥❤️❤️💗💗
Red Riot
Red Riot:
I'm not here for the sound i'm only here to wach people eat food so i can starve cuz i aint got nun
Arthur Morgan
Arthur Morgan:
Bee when there's every single food in front of her:still look skinny
cream вunnчバニー
cream вunnчバニー:
0: love it <3
Doggo the Bowling ball
Doggo the Bowling ball:
Is it just me or I always watch these videos when I am about to eat the same exact thing she’s eating and I’m so hungry 🤤
Yadira Ayala
Yadira Ayala:
When she took the first bite, no joke, my mouth started to water 🤤🤤🤤🤤
Skilly Philpots
Skilly Philpots:
Hunnibee: eats all of this and doesn’t get fat me: looks at it and gets fat
5:34 i love the way she did sign of the cross before eating tho hoho i can say its a Catholic thing
Cristal Davis
Cristal Davis:
Me watching this vid to remember why I ordered McDonald’s
Natalie Gonzalez
Natalie Gonzalez:
I'm so obsessed with McDonald's like omg its my favorite as watching this i with I was eating it
Kayla Weefur
Kayla Weefur:
it just me or does my phone start smelling like fries literally trying to eat it
awda wadadaw
awda wadadaw:
I really do not understand how people like this eating that much and still be skinny and have a good face
Ireland Jones
Ireland Jones:
Today I’m getting a 4 for 4 from McDonald’s I am so freaking excited now that I watched this
Ella Walker
Ella Walker:
Omg I watched this I go up to my mom and I try talking but my mom says since you have been getting a pluses you can McDonald’s for dinner and said you have read my mind
마카 방곤라이하니
마카 방곤라이하니:
OMG This make me hungry i love McDonald's 🙀 its so yummy bruh now I'm hungry :(
colby and draco simp lol
colby and draco simp lol:
I want Mcdonald's now😭😭😭
Edit: I dont remember watching this a week ago but ok lol, my comment said a week ago but I dont remember.
Vivian Wang
Vivian Wang:
Who else is reading these “who else” comments
Abbe Forsberg
Abbe Forsberg:
6:49 ok i am lowkey getting karen vibes here
Luna Cat
Luna Cat:
I was watching this and I was EATING MCDS HAHAHAHA a lol 😂
Gaby Gorial
Gaby Gorial:
I like your meal especially your burgers do you look so tasty I rather eat one in first by now I just want to eat one and those look so good and I love la blah love love chicken nuggets chicken Nuggies I want some right now I really really really really really really want some and some of those fries and go to MacDonell one
Lexie Pendlebury
Lexie Pendlebury:
Anyone watching this in quarantine and literary crying cause they can't have McDonald's
Anyone else who’s fat after eating AIR?!
I watched before bed. next morning: pillow full of spit -_-
Christian Emil pedersen
Christian Emil pedersen:
imagine have a mic in your throat at this time
miguel hernandez
miguel hernandez:
5:54 when my mother do me brackfast for the school
Late comment but I've recently got into your channel and I'm binging these videos. I love your personality and your videos feel legit. (Also my favorite dipping sauce hands down is sweet n sour).
Gabs M
Gabs M:
I really wanna eat in the way she does without feeling like I'm going to get fat:(
Daria 2
Daria 2:
I don’t know why but I love toast with cheese and garlic sauce lmao me and my friends always eat like that
Me watches this when i finally get mcdonals 😂
• Natsuki •
• Natsuki •:
I changed this comment and now you'll never know why I got so many likes.