Aston Villa vs. Leeds United reaction: Marcelo Bielsa's system might not be sustainable | ESPN FC

Marcelo Bielsa and Leeds United proved once again they are going to be one of the most entertaining promoted sides the Premier League has ever seen, pummeling Aston Villa in a 3-0 victory. But is that entertaining brand of football sustainable over the course of a 38-match Premier League season? ESPN FC's Steve Nicol and Frank Leboeuf delve into what impresses them about Leeds, why Bielsa's side could "blow a gasket" before the end of the season and whether the real Aston Villa was revealed in a loss that destroys their perfect record. Plus, Nicol explains why he is getting annoyed with Villa star Jack Grealish.

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Jack Hardy
Jack Hardy:
leeds play less games this season than last season it is definitely sustainable
paul Cusirinzon
paul Cusirinzon:
These guys are way wide with their comments. Leeds played 46 games last year like this.
iPad App play
iPad App play:
All the usual tired cliches about Leeds - yawn. Championship - 46 games (more physical), EPL - 38 games and a bigger squad but whatever, as a Leeds fan I'm just enjoying this after years of utter garbage.
Clueless and drunk pundits stealing money.
Craig Andrews
Craig Andrews:
More pundits stealing a living. Leeds played 46 games last season and were fine .
ttam 12
ttam 12:
LeBoeuf nearly hit on an important point but missed it. Bielsa took these players from mid table in the second division, made them Champions and has showed that they can compete with Liverpool and Man City. They'll never quit on him.
Dupe Tajudeen
Dupe Tajudeen:
Y’all just gotta be negative. Lol
Well done Leeds don't think there's a better side to watch at the moment amazing fitness.
Hernán Cilley
Hernán Cilley:
The difference is Bamford got up and scored a hat trick, Grealish just contested the ref and scored a yellow card
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo:
Bielsa has been at Leeds for 3 YEARS!
What is this guy talking about?
He literally got them promoted, just don't know what these "experts" are talking about..
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
Leeds start to play Fifa with you once they’re comfortable. Their passing was sublime in the second half. I wouldn’t want to play against them. No thank you.
Pete Lawless
Pete Lawless:
If this lot knew anything about football they would know that Leeds have played the same way for 3 seasons with more games to in the championship and it’s very sustainable
Schäfer G.
Schäfer G.:
Why are y’all dogging on Leeds? They’ve put performed every team. Give them a chance jeez.
Ana López-Dóriga
Ana López-Dóriga:
“If they had any accomplished finishers up front...just how any goals would they score” Leeds just scored 3 with a very “accomplished finisher”, Paddy Bampford,! What more do you want?
Jacob Partridge
Jacob Partridge:
They have lasted 2 longer seasons in championship at the same intensity, these guys clearly didn’t watch them before we were promoted coz they can definitely sustain this level of fitness
Ranjan Abayasekara
Ranjan Abayasekara:
All the 'Big Boys' won't look forward to playing Leeds Utd...welcome back Leeds!
Hasnain Sajjad
Hasnain Sajjad:
Hernandez isn’t starting, Rodrigo Moreno is learning how to play Pablo’s role, Helder Costa is starting, he - Ayling - Jack Harrison - Stuart Dallas are the players with high work-rate, the replacement of them are, Poveda-Ocampo, Raphinha , Diego Lorente, Lauren De Bock, Barry Douglas. Raphinha can play DM tooso quality backup is already there for almost every position. Listen Old peeps, Marcelo Bielsa is here with plans in his pocket, he won’t let you see them all at once. Be patient and keep faith on him. Bielsa’s system is designed to improve players individual capacity as well as team capacity. All your doubts on Marcelo Bielsa deserve a simple answer; as the man himself stated “ every man with a new ideas is a madman, until his ideas triumph “.
Luka Mair
Luka Mair:
Bielsa teams are renowned for their fitness though. I doubt it would be as drastic a decline as they portray it to be
David Storm
David Storm:
Of course it is sustainable, 46 hard championship games last year, much tougher physically than this Premier League season.
Mike Lucas
Mike Lucas:
Remember Leeds don't have any European games . Their next game is a week on Monday which means 10 days rest ( training) to get even fitter
Tom Storey
Tom Storey:
How can you say Leeds will run out of steam when they're playing in a league with 8 fewer games and longer recovery periods compared to last season, absolutely hate pundits who don't do their research !!!
Simple: What goes around, comes around.

Villa defeated Liverpool
Liverpool defeated Leeds
Leeds defeated Villa.

Welcome to EPL where no club is Boss over the other.
Cillian Mcdonagh
Cillian Mcdonagh:
These pundits haven't a clue 🤣🤣
MerZenary Don
MerZenary Don:
Everyone said this about pep at first, that his style of play will not work...looking now
Ryan James
Ryan James:
Marcelo Bielsa is the best manager in the league
Daniel Wilson
Daniel Wilson:
Literally Bielsa has already gone through two 46 game seasons in the championship plus cup competitions..... Afraid of 38 games now?
City On Top
City On Top:
That second half was crazy bruh, this Leeds team is a machine
Malik Mal
Malik Mal:
I’m like 100% confident that nobody predicted the PL to look like this, albeit the beginning of the season
lester obrien
lester obrien:
We sustained it last season lol, although plenty of injuries already this season but these lads are super fit
Joaquim Barreto
Joaquim Barreto:
Depends where the wind blows, a few weeks ago, these people say Villa are the best, they could do a Leicester, Dean is a mastermind, Watkins is the best thing since sliced bread, etc. Now, they are worthless, run out of gas, just try to survive, etc.
B C:
These guys are underestimating leeds this season, they might end up with egg on their face
Artful Dodger
Artful Dodger:
Bielsa really is a top drawer coach as shown by how much his players have improved under his guidance.
Kimani Smith
Kimani Smith:
Finally someone said it, Grealish's constant diving. Most of fouls he wins are very obvious dives. It gets very annoying to watch after a while.
chintan gupta
chintan gupta:
Liverpool Fan but loving Leeds. Especially the way they play with their hearts out.
Ashish Thomas alex
Ashish Thomas alex:
I want to leeds vs Bayern. It would be legendary
Young Heartthrob
Young Heartthrob:
Jack Harrison crossing accuracy is MAD. Bramford is the new Danny Ings, (underrated striker)
Arjun Layall
Arjun Layall:
load of bollocks leeds have done it the past 2 seasons consistently , these guys know nothing
Zeta Zaku
Zeta Zaku:
These pundits need to feels the murder ball training 🤣
Jordan Davis
Jordan Davis:
What do they mean not sustainable???? They have been playing like that for many seasons. That's why they're so fit and powerful. You don't get like that over night.
Dr.Rakesh Kumar
Dr.Rakesh Kumar:
I hope they sustain.. It's really great watching them play
Schoolboy Makhaba
Schoolboy Makhaba:
Bamford was unplayable after being manhandled by Mings
Emmett Oliver
Emmett Oliver:
We played in championship with 46 game season and finished the strongest team, with the better form.. mug with the beard hasn't a clue.. now with extra quality and less games.. we're ok.. ALAW..
Nathan John Journalism
Nathan John Journalism:
“Leeds three-nothing winners”😂😂😂
Hanin Muhammed
Hanin Muhammed:
Steve angry on grealish because he outclassed his liverpool players🤣
Shukri Siri
Shukri Siri:
Great performance by physical fitness..non stop a Liverpool fan.
Deepak Upreti
Deepak Upreti:
Steve seems not so impressed with Bielsa n Leeds again ..This old lad is tough to crack......
Elsamuel Shamseldeen
Elsamuel Shamseldeen:
Again with "they can't keep the intensity"
We did it in the championship
Which is longer 🤷🏿‍♂️
Hugo Marquez
Hugo Marquez:
The championship is 46 games, the PL 38. If they did fine in the championship two years in a row playing a lot more games, they will be more than fine in the PL, particularly with all of these international breaks that they are given. They will have a dip, like almost every team does, but it won’t happen in the last games. It usually happens in the middle ones.
Karut Molek
Karut Molek:
Meanwhile Liverpool fans are celebrating it more than Leeds united 😂🤣😅
Joshua Richardson
Joshua Richardson:
We’ve played this way for 2 seasons we won the championship last season which has 10 more games than the prem the only time the style might not be sustained is if we get europa league
Yall really just love being negative.
Abhimanyu Singh
Abhimanyu Singh:
Bamford hat trick was so beautiful, one of the most beautiful I have ever seen.
Seba Corsair
Seba Corsair:
I have been hearing the same thing about Bielsa for decades:
Too much running and no gas for deep in the season. We will see won't we.
I saw the title and thought leeds lost the game
Mohammed Osman Khan
Mohammed Osman Khan:
Steve is on point .if Leeds have good striker/winger they can score more goals .they r like mini Man city
Anaxi Kay
Anaxi Kay:
Marcelo Bielsa has been at Leeds for too seasons now and they've been playing with this same intensity.
Loui G
Loui G:
"Stevie wonder" didn't think we would spot that
Andrian Soelter
Andrian Soelter:
I missed the show where Stevie Nicos complained about Mo Salah diving
Giancarlo Torres
Giancarlo Torres:
If this was a British coach playing this style, no problem they’d hype the team and tactics
biniam mersha
biniam mersha:
Leeds playing good stuff & are flying now!! but we all know their high intensity ain't gona last long...Bielsa teams always crack at end
Sahabiya Mohamed
Sahabiya Mohamed:
Aston Villa, thanks for the entertainment, now go bk to mid table team and don’t mess up like last season. 👉🏾Everton!
fairlando marbaniang
fairlando marbaniang:
They sustained that intensity for 46 games in the championship
Remember this vid pundits, you'll be singing a different tune at the end of the season! They will not run out of gaz, more games in Championship league. MOt from Montréal Canada
Carlos Fontanelli
Carlos Fontanelli:
@espnfc does Stevie not know how to untie his headphones😂😂
Mariano Rodríguez
Mariano Rodríguez:
You do know he comes from doing this 2 years in a row with almost no signs of wearing down?
Akhil Chauhan
Akhil Chauhan:
Leeds will stay within top 8. They will prove it that they are sustainable.
2:12 Seb: Stevie, wonder... >_<
Icrazieelliot Gamer
Icrazieelliot Gamer:
We all love LEEDS!!!
Chewy Suarez
Chewy Suarez:
2:13 he called him stevie wonder and rightly so
Henderson UK
Henderson UK:
Typical lazy journalsm. How can you make statements without having knowledge, what a time to be alive.
Vito Recchia
Vito Recchia:
Leeds have a little Atalanta in their play style with movement of players without the ball being the key and attacking in numbers, great to watch! I hope they continue to get results!
Seven Cheong
Seven Cheong:
Prediction so early in the season ? Really ?
Pastor Yosua Riva
Pastor Yosua Riva:
when chelsea cannot manage bamford and leeds got so much of
poor chelsea management had decide yet.

Bielsa finding home in Leeds anything could be happen
Read the Manual - PRO Evolution 2017
Read the Manual - PRO Evolution 2017:
Hahaha absolutely clueless, not like they've been doing it for 2 years already or anything 🙄
Less games, bigger squad, we'll do just fine thanks. Watching some other teams they look like they can't last a full match let alone a full season.
This french donny doesnt know what hes talking about, hes been at leeds for 2 1/2 years
David Atuma
David Atuma:
Leeds are beautiful to watch. That's just it!
David Kasori
David Kasori:
I think it is too soon to rule them out, same was said to Leicester city when they became champions so let us give them time.
Marcus Holloway
Marcus Holloway:
Also, they play 1 genuine match a week since they don't play in Europe
the juan and only juan
the juan and only juan:
Bruh what is that thumbnail
Trip Vic
Trip Vic:
Or maybe,Steve, his manager told him - u gotta play as many games as possible as the star man, so if anyone touches u or gets too close, fall down.
Paul Holborn
Paul Holborn:
Won’t keep it up? You watch, never saw much of last season then fellas eh?
Anjishnu Roy
Anjishnu Roy:
Whenever espn fc hates on you or doubts you , know that you are doing something right
north lad
north lad:
I don’t think teams in the other leagues that were managed by MB would want to sustain the work ,this is the premiership and these lads are not confused by their egos,they play for each other and they have players to come in ,a lot of thought has gone into bringing in young talent ,Jamie Shackelton looked like a seasoned pro when he came in ,well done lads
"Hat-trick Patrick" or "Bam Bam Bamford" ?
GuanJun 1
GuanJun 1:
Leeds are flying. Good for them.
mark pearson
mark pearson:
Jack Grealish falling over. Good point Steve Nicol. The lad has the biggest calves in the premier league, but they’re made from spaghetti by the looks of it 🙄
Tim Odera
Tim Odera:
We did it for 46 games in the Championship last year. Come on ESPN😅
villa trinity
villa trinity:
Well done Leeds Utd congrats on the victory.
Be good to see both Villa and Leeds ruffle a few feathers of the plastics this season.
olutoye ABOABA
olutoye ABOABA:
Steve just saw it... Most fouled my foot I find him lazy 🦥
LEO # 1
LEO # 1:
I'll be saying same thing all year long..👣 step by step 🚶‍♂️ 💛💙🇦🇷🇬🇧
fighting for middle of the table .. jysk they 3rd rn
You could say the same thing about Liverpool previous couple of seasons
steven butler
steven butler:
3rd minute of injury time and a Leeds attack with 5 in the box. How many other teams would do that when they are 3-0 up. That's what they do week in week out
Let's all hope Leeds secure prem play next season before crashing.
alex sanchez
alex sanchez:
Their tanks is full for a full season. Cuz they only have premier league and the other top teams have to worry about Europe competition.
Paul Finch
Paul Finch:
But we have played like that for 3 year's
Yeah ok Nicol, Surely Leeds cant do this for the rest of the season. But hey your Liverpool could right? "rock and roll football" that you keep waxing lyrical about all day
Pato Gomez
Pato Gomez:
At the end of the weekend liverpool will be at the top and all this 💩 of everton and villa. We will win the league again and without van dijk
justin paris Imbert
justin paris Imbert:
Bielsa does have a tendency of doing good then fell off with everyone.