At least 110 civilians killed in alleged Boko Haram terror attack in Nigeria | DW News

Militants killed at least 110 farm workers in rice fields near the northeastern Nigerian city of Maiduguri on Saturday, news agencies and Nigerian media reported. The attack, which injured six other people, took place in the village of Koshobe in Nigeria's restive Borno state. A local anti-jihadist militia told news agency AFP that the fighters tied up the farmworkers and slit their throats. Although no group has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, the local anti-jihadist militia said Boko Haram was likely behind the killings.

he incident comes a month after Boko Haram fighters killed 22 farmers working on their irrigation fields near Maiduguri in two separate incidents. Boko Haram and ISWAP — its "Islamic State"-linked rival which is also active in the region — have increasingly targeted loggers, herders and fishermen, accusing them of spying and passing information to the military and the local militia. Saturday's attack took place as people voted in local elections in Borno state. The elections had been postponed repeatedly because of the increasing attacks.


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Mr. Dongare
Mr. Dongare:
Same story people of Allah killing people of Allah. The entire history of Islam is full of these types of stories.
Nadeem Najimdeen
Nadeem Najimdeen:
Why Farmers?
Of all people, Farmers?

How messed up should one be for one to do this.
Adrian Koh
Adrian Koh:
This is bad religion. They need to make a tv show about how bad religion is😕
Sandeep Meena
Sandeep Meena:
Something is going wrong with one religion teaching
Ricky Wong
Ricky Wong:
Why they killed innocent farmers who had nothing to do with their insane doctrine.Hyprocrites.
Diều Hâu
Diều Hâu:
Their own government failed to protect their citizens
This is inhuman and I'm shocked by how the military is doing nothing to say the least
manik choudhary
manik choudhary:
this is bad, really bad .
Susan Coleman
Susan Coleman:
My dear the government is sold out and governments around the world are sold out against their own people. Nigeria is even worse
partha ghosh
partha ghosh:
Henoious act.strongly condemnable
John Johnson
John Johnson:
Europe take care of ur peoples too
Cecelia Lee
Cecelia Lee:
Really heart-breaking and devastating 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
David Flores
David Flores:
Is very important everything happening in Nigeria, a war could push millions of refugies to others countries. Just Nigeria has more population than Germany, France and United Kingdom combined..!
why is Boko Haram YouTube protected?
As it says in the bible. Kingdom against kingdom, they will go to war. Whether we like it or not, god’s words is the way and the truth.
Avneesh Singh Tomar
Avneesh Singh Tomar:
So ISLAM, Quran and Allah has nothing to do with it right..??
annette martinez
annette martinez:
This is so horrible 😞 my thoughts and prayers for all the victims family and friends (Apocalipsis 21:4 ) this news is so sad 😞 😞😞😞
the prophet would be proud
Daniel Cortés
Daniel Cortés:
this is a topic that really needs our attention, violence in Nigeria are much more intense than the seen in the European Countries.
shifrah candy
shifrah candy:
What's really happening in Africa God bless our continent please guards us the right path .
Chadx M
Chadx M:
taking out food supply?
Вита Прокопенко
Вита Прокопенко:
akinyele jones
akinyele jones:
In Nigeria my government will call this a photoshop
nishath ahamed
nishath ahamed:
Gavin Neke
Gavin Neke:
Where is Barack Obama? This is your hand work.
R. jt
R. jt:
this is where world military needed not on Border fighting each other
post 001
post 001:
Cutting the Hand that feeds you.
Won Don
Won Don:
When you see things like this..the first question is what is the purpose.then next question what is the profit .follow the money
It's sambisa not Zambezi
Chris Dreamplay
Chris Dreamplay:
Nigeria is evil and a complete failure it's a shame.
Sitanath Kar
Sitanath Kar:
I think all world must be taken a joint operation to control the boko haram.
afiaba kwasi
afiaba kwasi:
Awwwww 😢😢😢😢😢
Reem Suekar
Reem Suekar:
I cry!
Yuvraj Patil
Yuvraj Patil:
Peace and satisfaction is incomplete with such activities of terrorism 😞🙏
Kennito De Van Gavani
Kennito De Van Gavani:
Chai, Tooo Bad
brata sena
brata sena:
this is really outrageous, the terrorists got to be annihilated
Lion Jr
Lion Jr:
E~eeeiii don't forget Sars ee another boko haram
Valeria Cerón
Valeria Cerón:
I had to read the title twice, I was hoping this wasn't real... Lord help us... What a tragedy. Lost for words.
Oh my God
sajib sjb
sajib sjb:
Gut wrenching
Kimberly Perrotis
Kimberly Perrotis:
I’m stunned and horrified, what harm could rice farmers do to anyone? Another brutal massacre, why the heck isn’t the government clearing out these evil murderers instead of targeting peaceful protests? My prayers tonight are for the people of Nigeria, that this sickening violence will end now.
Ayush Giri
Ayush Giri:
Rip brothers may god bless your soul 2020 is literally the worst year ever
Great Life
Great Life:
Abu bakar Samura
Abu bakar Samura:
Nigeria, you are Saying you have the Best army in West Africa My Question is By Which Means Boko Haram Entre your Country?.
remember lads
Karma Robertson
Karma Robertson:
Dez Sam
Dez Sam:
Kok yo ra entek2 yo.......heran gue.....
fun ka antenna 📺
fun ka antenna 📺:
Yolanda Francisco
Yolanda Francisco:
Isorius Nongbsap
Isorius Nongbsap:
Is this jihad does Allah need human blood
Yoruba Princess
Yoruba Princess:
Danica blyth
Danica blyth:
☹⚘🌹God Bless
Kwabena Nkrumah
Kwabena Nkrumah:
Omg this is not fair killing innocent people.
Caryn Roxburgh
Caryn Roxburgh:
This is not right in Gods eyes this is evil and wrong May God heal the people that have lost family in this terror strike
Paulina Kołakowska
Paulina Kołakowska:
How is this possible? Why the goverment dont react?
Audio Maverick
Audio Maverick:
The people living there must be terrified.
Salihu Umaru
Salihu Umaru:
What a pain!!!!
Dave J
Dave J:
What you see what you get from eslam
hamid khan
hamid khan:
Why long it will go. Through brutal killing no group had achieved there objectives. From last 4 decades Afghanistan is witnessing non stop human tregedy.
shield maya
shield maya:
Truth prevails
Truth prevails:
How could we forget....Boko Haram killed 2000 people in single day when we were mourning for Charlie hebdo killing
Lijo John Keralite
Lijo John Keralite:
dj ethrak
dj ethrak:
They were also beheaded
Shu Huang
Shu Huang:
famer? why
N D:
Om mani padmay hoon.!
RIC's Corner
RIC's Corner:
OIC is sleeping or busy in f******
jack L
jack L:
Hiddu Kiff Kifayathulla
Hiddu Kiff Kifayathulla:
Unacceptable, this is not we need to see this terror during this pandemic.
Raj Bmw
Raj Bmw:
It is the name of allah n akber who forced them to killed such innocents peoples.
Kyaw Thu Sint
Kyaw Thu Sint:
Save Nigerian People😢
Tech Quantium
Tech Quantium:
Where are liberals
Edwin A
Edwin A:
they don't need weapon what they need to grow some ball you think i believe that they burning the food something fishy about that story
Parmar Meru
Parmar Meru:
Very good 👌
Peter ama Goch
Peter ama Goch:
Poor hardworking citizens
Ryma Hassani
Ryma Hassani:
Wizard Fate
Wizard Fate:
Call for International troops to go there to help and safe the farmers. This is insane!
sandi das
sandi das:
But y farmers? 😒
They killed 30k people's in 10 years
sarveswara reddy
sarveswara reddy:
Religion of piece strikes again😑😑
wait...did she just say 'funny?' funniest name i've heard lol
Tech Quantium
Tech Quantium:
Where are liberals
Steven friis
Steven friis:
R i p amin
Olakayode Ogboro-Cole
Olakayode Ogboro-Cole:
Buhari government is too irresponsible, do we have to wait until next election 2023 before we remove this brainless government? I can’t believe the number of people that came out for burial, but can’t plan a way out to defend their dead families. Shame to Northern leaders that these is happening in their life time
Bradley Brown
Bradley Brown:
Yes farmers please arm yourselves
Mr. NathanG
Mr. NathanG:
I think the government is not doing enough... They have to go to a war with boko haram
Millo Lee
Millo Lee:
The Nigeria Government is the boko haram
Rob Bravo
Rob Bravo:
stay away from religion
How terrible. Love from Australia.
Sunday Glory
Sunday Glory:
The nigeria government led by buhari are the main sponsors of boko haram
Lord Askia mohanmend
Lord Askia mohanmend:
Which company provide weapon for bokoharam and where is the company located
Anna Lissa's Family Mix Vlogs
Anna Lissa's Family Mix Vlogs:
So bad...
P Sahu
P Sahu:
Where is UN.The UN always fail to resolve the critical issues.
safio HUE
safio HUE:
Subhanallah al shabab and buko haram are same
sarah nyambura
sarah nyambura:
😭😭😭😭 why are some human beings so cruel?