Australia's China Problem

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Animation by Josh Sherrington
Sound by Graham Haerther (
Thumbnail by Simon Buckmaster

Music by
Select footage courtesy the AP Archive
UNSW photo courtesy Sardaka, University of Sydney photo courtesy Jason Tong

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Cheesecake Jake
Cheesecake Jake:
As a resident of Alice Springs, I love seeing my town mentioned for something non crime related
G C B:
Australia is more comparable to Canada - another vast, affluent, mineral-rich, English-speaking countries and has the same Head of State.
Holphana Scott
Holphana Scott:
the "emptiness" (2 lane road) of Australia is relative to our population. Our roads may sound somewhat pathetic but it's not like we have traffic jams and a real need to change it.
More than that, we spend entirely too much on road infustructure. It's a great investment for sure but - again - relative to our population they are just not efficient decisions.
Mikey Raymond
Mikey Raymond:
It's interesting. The video doesn't mention Hobart, the capital city of the state of Tasmania. I bring it up because despite being the smallest state and only having a population of a quarter million, it's geographically the same size as England, resource rich and all arable.
Grizzled Nerd
Grizzled Nerd:
Funny story...I worked in the Australian higher education sector when the pandemic started. Not so many international students after that, resulting in a huge funding issue for our universities. The fact of the matter is that, for a lot of international students, Australia's lifestyle and social stabiltiy was part of the attraction. That's not such a big deal with remote-based education.
Socialist Ether
Socialist Ether:
"Australia is definitely not a superpower", tell that to our native fauna.
“Too much reliance on any economy, no matter how strong economy may be, is a risky strategy.”

*Laughs in Canadian*
When General McArthur evacuated from the Phillipines, he went straight to Canberra and addressed the Aussie parliament. He basically said “Australia has the full backing of the United States against Japan. We will send you troops and supplies to aus and everything will be fine”.

He got a standing ovation,
Samuel DeGrey
Samuel DeGrey:
I think its a shame that people view uninhabitated land as "empty." It's hardly that, there are tons of plants and animals that live there. Inland Australia isn't a waste, see it as a massive wildlife refuge. Comparatively, cities are far more empty if you look at biodiversity indicators, likely more so than a a wild desert (which just indicates an area of low precipitation, and can still have alot of biodiversity)
A random smash player
A random smash player:
“Australia is definitely not a superpower”
Sam’s apparently never played tf2
Aspen Lovelock
Aspen Lovelock:
Thank you for talking about this, it’s no secret here in Australia that we are slowly becoming a puppet state of China. In fact when a book was being published about this issue, despite having gained media attention before release 4 publishers refused to publish it out of fear of China. 1 of them has never sold a book in China.
Tim Tian
Tim Tian:
well, I guess Australia is more than happy now that they wont have any "china problem" any more.
Use Australia’s inland as a testbed for Mars terraforming
Liyan Xu
Liyan Xu:
Dec 2020: this channel predicted the future
Pulsating Sausage Boy
Pulsating Sausage Boy:
Of course things aren’t as heavily skewed in favor of the Chinese as you might think. It’s not that easy to just find an abundance of these natural resources Australia is selling to China elsewhere. And if they can it’s probably going to cost them a lot more to have it shipped there since Australia is relatively close to China and those places would likely be further away.
Update as of the 3rd week of July: Australia has openly taken sides in the South China Sea maritime dispute, and has sided against China.
Thank you for featuring Australia and its relationship with China, but this video did not even scratch the surface, and provided no analysis of the “China problem”..Australian politicians have tried to reach out to Chinese government officials for two years and have been ignored by those Chinese officials. What your video did show is the need for Australia to have a diverse economic interaction with other countries other than China
Eu By
Eu By:
Be tough, aussies, dont give in!
The whole world is proud of you!

The other countries really need your help to get more trades from China.
I died a little when he said "irregardless" at 11:05.
Ruth Goh
Ruth Goh:
Thanks for sharing the truth about China’s manipulation of other countries
Will Kirsch
Will Kirsch:
"Australia is definitely not a superpower"

This man has clearly never played Risk
The Apricot Gamer
The Apricot Gamer:
I'm convinced Sam can time travel, cause everything he said China could do to Australia, they have done, we literally just wanted to know a bit more about covid, and now they're acting like complete children
fred smith- king of the lunatics
fred smith- king of the lunatics:
If you ignore the "America No.1" bullsh't at the start, the rest of the video is really quite spot on.
Zazper8 ChickenDumplings8
Zazper8 ChickenDumplings8:
As a citizen of Australia I would not say our landscapes are the same at all. When the first Europeans came hear they said it was to dry.
the j word
the j word:
We escaped recession because of Rudd's good financial management.
Thank you for the great video! This really helped me with an assignment. 😊
Peter T
Peter T:
The claim that Australia would be affected by a China/Australia trade war more than China would has not really been shown to be true. Blackouts etc are causing serious issues in China. Australia is just continuing on.
Desert Mantis
Desert Mantis:
Enlightening information about a country rarely discussed in the US. Thanks, Wendover.
Karl Slicher
Karl Slicher:
A hundred years ago the Outback was difficult to farm, today it's about double the cost of farming without greenhouses. Australia could be a completely self-sufficient continent with a population of billions if the old, old, old-time politicians all received enough bribes to get lost on the way to church. Towns have blocked government access for a while to build infrastructure themselves when the politics has denied the public what they desperately need so the final development of the abandoned land may come during the next global recession without the government bribery.
The Inquisitive artist
The Inquisitive artist:
And then there was a trade war, and China suffered significantly because of it's reliance on Australian coal for electricity generation.
rean reyes
rean reyes:
Australia should not rely on unpredictable China, it needs strong, dedicated politicians to push for and achieve greater economic diversification !😐
Amazing that I'm 26 now and we have been talking about China having to many of our eggs in their basket my whole change 😳
Pahat pahat
Pahat pahat:
China should look at her natural advantage of building up her trade across the Eurasian landmass especially Russia which can provide much of the agricultural produces and in the process assists in balancing the flow of cargo flow across the whole region. If Australia think her resources can be sold to more friendly parties so be it!
Martin Havenga
Martin Havenga:
The down votes are actually up votes from Australia
Love australia spent a year there and loved it but it's too expensive everything costs a fortune, if I'm being completely honest it's a little bit boring but I would go back
Hi Sam

Jest letting you know about Highway 1. Highway 1 can be split up into 6 sections.

1. (Brisbane to Sydney) - Its fully 4 lanes and 90% is motorway(freeway) standard
2. (Sydney - Melbourne) - Its only really used up to Berry, NSW. To go to Melbourne, you have a fully 4 lane freeway (also M31)
3. (Melbourne to Adelaide) - You have an option of using Highway 1 or Highway 8, depending on where you want to go, once A8 ends up at Highway 1, its mostly 4 lanes.
4. (Adelaide to Perth) - Hardly anyone drives there,
5. (Perth to Darwin) - Same
6. (Cairns to Brisbane) - High quality road and 4 lanes in some parts.

Hope that helps
Toc Rat
Toc Rat:
So it sounds like the take away from this is; Australia needs a replacement major trading partner. One better aligned politically or at least, benign as opposed to outright malign.

In other words, this represents an opportunity for other nations to increase their share of the Australian market while at the same time, curry favor with the Australian government. Favor they can bank for use at a later time of need.
late night logic
late night logic:
That enormous period of continuous growth can largely be attributed to the former Prime Minister Paul Keating. A political juggernaut.
Australia clearly has much more in common with Canada than America.
Really impressed with how this video went so smoothly
B L:
They forgot one massive difference between the US and Australia.... slavery. The US developed an agricultural industry on slave labour, which provided cheap food to sustain a growing domestic population in the 1700's and 1800's. By the time Australia became independent from Britain in 1901, the US was already an economic superpower.
France already had there eye on Australia and were planning to colonise it, so we would still exist we would just have a different language and different millatry allies
Please do a video on the geography of the Middle East. You could also probably talk about how its geography makes it a transit hub for the world
Wiseman's prospect excessive dependency is unfortunate. Considering longterm benefit, worlds politics & policy of China, diversification is a must alternative.
Doctor Jack Has Your Back
Doctor Jack Has Your Back:
Thanks for this backdrop information. I’ve been wondering why there’s been increasing tension between China and Australia. This explains a lot.
Johnny Tsang
Johnny Tsang:
Agreed Australia should stand on its own two feet ! No recession for 30 years, I am sure the people is not complaining only the politician.
Biggest industry is mining..lots are foreign owned..2nd is international students that work full time unless rich parents..3rd is selling prime realestate to foreign investors.
As a 3rd gen aussie, Sydney no longer feels like home with more suburbs being cultural hubs in high risers..divided cities and divided states and yet we are a mineral rich Island..spoilt by greed...
S. Munro
S. Munro:
"Chinese media mocks australian prime minister."

Hah! So do Australians.
markus gardner
markus gardner:
"China mocked Australian president" I think the general population does that aswell
Neil Reid
Neil Reid:
Fascinating! I did not know these things about Australia which is a country I love.
It is very sad to see how much untouched Australian land is bought by Chinese developers who try to turn it into farm land or luxurious resorts
Lin Gordon
Lin Gordon:
"Australia should not too much reliance on any economy".
Australia relys on China - NO!
Australia relys on US - OK...
New Zealand made the right move to block any purchasing on its land
Australia is clearly more like Canada. And to say they got the same hand as America when much of our land in uninhabitable desert (when much of the American heartland is rich for farming and manufacturing) is laughable lol
Pretty ironic that the economic and therefore political dependence on the USA that a huge number of countries have had during a large part of the 20th century has been regarded as a good thing in mainstream thought, but the minute a country has economic and therefore political dependence on a different county, that is immediately scary and dangerous!
David Hamilton
David Hamilton:
*Hamo's pick of the month* I came across this piece of poetry about our very own Aussie cattle dog that I would like to share with the World. It is quite long, but nonetheless a real treat to read. Enjoy.

From: C J

Great poem I love it, thanks CJ,

The Story of Bluey the Retired Cattle Dog...

We pensioned off the old blue dog
when old age got him down.
We sent him in, for company
to Grandma, in the town.

But, while Granny was elated,
he still craved the great out doors,
and would roam the town exploring,
while old granny did the chores.

So it was this Sunday morning
Blue was fossicking about
through the paddocks near the township
on his normal daily scout.

When a canine 'gourmet odour'
overpowered his sense of smell.
Though his eyesight had diminished,
his old sniffer still worked well.

And the source of his excitement
was reposed down by the creek,
where a sheep had met his maker,
for the best part of a week.

For its woolly corpse was spreading,
and the air was far from fresh
from this rancid flyblown carcass,
with its seething greenish flesh.

It was a dogs idea of heaven,
and old Blue, he rubbed and rolled,
till he ponged just like the sheep did,
and with ecstasy extolled.

Then an idea formed within him
as he gave a gentle tug,
and he found the carcass followed
like a matted lumpy rug.

He would take it home for later!
it should last a week or two
if he stored it in his kennel,
he could keep his prize from view!

So he gripped the carcass firmly.
Bravely into town he went,
but his load proved fairly heavy,
and Blue's energy soon spent.

And the only shade on offer
was the building with the bell,
and he dragged his prize towards it
with its flies and feral smell.

Then dog and sheep both rested
in the front porch of the church.
Old Blue looked up the gangway
at the parson on his perch.

He was revving up the faithful
to repent to save their worth,
and said: "Satan is the culprit
for the rotten things on earth."

And he roared of fire and brimstone
and redemption for the throng!
Up the aisle came 'Satan's presence',
in this godforsaken pong.

And they all cried “Hallelujah”
and they fell as one to pray,
but by now old Blue was rested
and he hadn’t time to stay.

He proceeded up the roadway
with the woolly corpse in tow,
with a shortcut through the Nursing Home
the quickest way to go!

Where the matron, in a panic
counted heads in mortal fright,
with a smell like that they’d surely lost
a patient through the night!

And the members at the bowls club
lowered all their flags half mast,
doffed hats in reverend silence,
for the 'funeral' going past.

Blue lugged his prize on homewards
traveling past the bowling club,
till he took a breather under
the verandah of the pub.

There, old boozing Bill was resting,
sleeping off the night before,
to await the Sunday session,
when they opened up the door.

When the stench that woke his slumber
was so highly on the nose,
that he thought his pickled body
had begun to decompose.

So he missed the Sunday session,
and ran straight home to his wife,
to proclaim the shock announcement
"he was off the booze for life!"

Meanwhile Blue could see Gran’s gateway
at the far end of the street,
so he started up the pavement
with his ripe and tasty treat.

But there was movement in the backstreets
as the town dogs sniffed in deep.
They broke chains and climbed high fences
for a piece of Blue’s dead sheep.

And Blue felt the road vibrating
from the stamp of canine feet,
as this pack of thirty mongrels
came advancing up the street.

But he wasn’t into sharing,
so he sought a quick escape,
and he spied a nearby building
with a door that stood agape.

Through this door he sought asylum
but his presence caused a shriek,
for he chose the local Deli
that was run by Nick the Greek.

Then Blue shot beneath a table
where the sheep and he could hide,
but the dog pack was relentless
and they followed him inside.

Now the table Blue had chosen
was indeed a big mistake,
with the law enforcement sergeant
sipping coffee on his break.

And the sergeant sat bolt upright
with a dog between his feet
and his eyes began to water
from the stench of rotting meat.

Then the Sarge leapt up in horror
but in his haste he slipped and fell,
falling down amongst Blue’s mutton
with it’s all embracing smell.

While he lay somewhat bewildered
in the gore, flat on his back,
then the mongrel pack descended,
in a frenzied dog attack.

With thoughts self-protection
from the rows of teeth he faced,
the Sarge fumbled for his pistol,
in it’s holster at his waist.

There were muffled bangs and yelping,
as random shots rang out,
and the whine of bouncing bullets
off the brickwork all about.

As he blasted in a panic
from beneath the blood and gore,
a front window and the drink fridge
were both added to the score.

And the cappuccino maker
copped a mortal wound and died.
Hissing steam, it levitated,
falling frothing on it’s side.

And Nick the Greek, the owner,
grabbed a shotgun in his fright,
blasting into the confusion
of the frantic canine fight.

At short range it wasn’t pretty.
Dogs were plastered on the wall.
There was Laminex in splinters,
clouds of dog hair covered all.

Then the smoke detector whistled
with the gun-smoke in the air,
which tripped the sprinkler system,
and a siren gave a blare.

And the echoes still were ringing
when beneath the dying heap
there emerged old Blue, still dragging
at the remnants of his sheep.

It’s head was gone, and several legs
but still retained it’s smell.
In the armistice that followed,
Blue decided not to dwell.

He leapt the fence at Grandma’s,
for his feet had sprouted wings.
Pure adrenaline propelled him,
fleeing dogs and guns and things.

Now, Gran had influenza,
and had lost her sense of smell.
With Blues sheep out in the garden,
that was prob'ly just as well!

And she looked out from her front fence
at the town in disarray.
At the ambulance, police cars
and the R.S.P.C.A.

Then the fire brigade rushed past her,
flashing lights of rosy hue,
and she hugged the old dog tightly.
He’d protect her, would old Blue!

"You just stay here like a good dog!"
Grandma told him with a frown,
“cause you’ve no idea the trouble
you can get in, in the town!”
Ari Lehtiniemi
Ari Lehtiniemi:
Australia has lots of solar power and deep geothermal power. Wind too, I suppose, but I consider wind turbines nasty.
Cloud C
Cloud C:
Australia: *manages to go 28 years without a recesison*
Coronavirus: I'm about to ruin this man's whole career
Old Mate
Old Mate:
"Five major city centers have immerged" *Hobart* "What about me it isn't fair!"
What price should Austrailia pay for continuing economic growth? Is it worth it?
the reason there are 2 lane roads is because almost no one drives threw the middle of the desert so you don't need huge roads
Alexander Alldritt
Alexander Alldritt:
In all honesty the USA and China both have similar shipping times to get here, that being a couple of weeks. However shipping costs $100+ per item from America and essentially nothing from China. A free trade agreement would easily eliminate our dependence on Chinese manufacturing, although America is facing a similar problem itself. The five eyes need to be closer trading partners!
It feels like it's too late for Australia. When it comes to our political issues everybody is just too self-centered and disinterested to care, years of easy living have made many of us soft and complacent, a recipe for collapse.
Xiangyue Zheng
Xiangyue Zheng:
Yeah, We definitely love Australia, it's a beautiful country. Hope all Australians have a good rest of their life XD
Fair to say the China export numbers will have substantially diminished by this point in time.... As has the entire relationship between us.....
Leo Maher
Leo Maher:
1:42 I hate the idea that Australia (and probably America) started with an exclusively British population. So many of the convicts and settlers were Irish. Frustrating how we've forgotten that...........
Nick Foxer
Nick Foxer:
This video definitely has flavors of the book "The Accidental Super power", which I highly recommend.
Lachlan Perry
Lachlan Perry:
There's a strong sentiment in Australia to bolster trade relations with India and countries within Africa in a bid to reduce reliance on China. A lot of the issues with Australia and China can be easily fixed with policies like unoccupied real-estate tax or foreign land investment blockades. This would obviously tilt China and they would cut trade but if we're positioned to work with India and Africa then the retaliation from China is not as harsh.
You know it’s bad when the only way your country could really recover would be a near collapse of humanity and society stopping all trade and international politics and dropping populations that aren’t self sustaining. Giving Australia a chance to regrow without China until the world recovers and come back potentially stronger than ever before and not reliant on one other nation. Unfortunately such an international disaster is impossible and would probably not result like that so I don’t think Australia is recoverable
Joe Bloggs
Joe Bloggs:
After 18 months of trade "disruptions", the title of this video can now be summarised as: "China's Australia Problem".
Michael Phelan
Michael Phelan:
Technically, there's no such word as "irregardless", otherwise, good video
surprising he nailed the pronunciation of brisbane and melbourne
Le La
Le La:
Australia: we like western ideals of freedom and prosperity!
China: no you don’t
Australia: no we don’t!
I was really hoping that Toowoomba would get a mention as Australias lagest inland city because technically Canberra has property on the coast (Jervis Bay)
anne chen
anne chen:
October 2020 - kept seeing my office building in that aerial view - not missing it. Due to COVID-19, my campaign to work from home has became reality overnight and we are NEVER going back. Thanks!
Law WA
Law WA:
As a Chinese student in Australia, I got to say its true that gov. does have some effects on Chinese student community, mostly on Hongkong and Taiwan political issues, but i dont think there are spies watching over us. why do such a huge gov care and capable work so hard on a few students? Except they would do that on social media, i got to say that could totally
Apex Slide
Apex Slide:
"Australia has never had a recession"
Yeah.. ok, sure mate. You've obviously never looked at the period of 2007 - 2012, where Australia went through 2 major economic downturns, which resulted in hundreds of thousands losing their jobs, wages being slashed, and people committing suicide because they found the situation helpless and the Government ignored them.
Dylan Kennedy
Dylan Kennedy:
Even China's got a China problem at this point.
Kamanashis Kar
Kamanashis Kar:
As, someone from Australia, I feel like Australia should start moving away from China slowly and maybe join a trade union called CANZUK since it is an anti-Chinese influence trade union including NZ, Canada, and the UK.

PS: CANZUK doesn't exist yet though, but we can create it since I heard that the UK, did something called "Brexit" and is now looking for trade-deals. Also, even NZ and Canada want to get off the back of China. So that's why I support CANZUK.
How crazy that literally the very next year australia goes into a recession. Obviously it was for a very extreme unrelated reason but nonethless still interesting
It's Impressive how well this aged
Jeffrey Wallace
Jeffrey Wallace:
Are we saying Australia made a major mistake allowing China to invest, including land purchase?
Sir Loaf
Sir Loaf:
'Australia has had 28 years without a recession'

Covid-19: hey
"an australian-chinese trade war would certainly cause more damage down under than up north". Well that was very wrong in way that would have been obvious if you looked into what China imports from Australia.
Australia's biggest problem that it has with China is that China is well positioned to invade Australia and more so every day. And by the way, ownership of land and agriculture, not gold or other types of mining is what propelled the settlement of the United States.
3lite EEY
3lite EEY:
I'm just happy he pronounced the states/cities right
D Gillies
D Gillies:
Australia needs to open a strip mine on top of a mountain and build the world's largest mountain reservoir so they can terraform the desert into arable land.
This video has aged well. COVID-19 will force Australia focus on more self-sustainability and move away from Chinese dependency. Note: The problem I have with China is its tyrannical government, not much else.
Dr. Ludwig
Dr. Ludwig:
After recent events it's a good time to rewatch this
The definition of irregardless is "regardless." Just say regardless.
Andy Homer
Andy Homer:
When I read this, I feel it is an opposite, it is a China's Australia problem.
Here we are in 2022, still proving the nay-sayers wrong. Despite Covid, and the best efforts of a certain country trying to destroy Australia's economy with ridiculous sanctions - Australia is still thriving. There's a message in there somewhere. Do you think they've got it, yet?
Canned Dinners
Canned Dinners:
So this video wasn't made possible by Skillshare?
I'm uncomfortable
So how do we guarantee independence from the Chinese? Is there anyway possible by keeping Beijing on the map or must it be turned into an uninhabitable crater?
did I just witness an american pronouncing Brisbane right? You sir, have my respect.
Alexander Innes
Alexander Innes:
if you would have waited untill Oct 2020 for this video, you would have reported how China tried to crush Australian coal imports to China. But I just love how Australia just said FU to china and purchased all those US Nuclear Subs with a whole new Defense treaty with the US to boot.
While many of the issues associated with China's colonization of China are presented here, the analysis ultimately degrades to neoliberal solipsims, such that Austrailia cannot "afford" to exist without granting suzerain status to the CCP.

Of course Australia can continue to exist without being the next integral part of the Motherland to be annexed with the caveat that it's historically always been an integral part of the Motherland. Australia's economy can become more devoted to sustainable development and linkages with other sustainable locales can replace ecocidal economies that ultimately generate profits which aggrandize to elites.
Mia Zz
Mia Zz:
“If Australia wants to keep up its unprecedented period of economic growth irregardless of how China is doing, diversification is crucial”

Easier said than done mate
Per Son
Per Son:
He says a lot about how an trade war with Australia would hurt them is just not true. An example would be china banning Australian coal. A year later they could only power 80% of their country.
And now, after a trade war with China, Australia pulled through and wasn't broken. Great video though, still.