Baby Yoda Will Bring Us Together

Disney+ has been a huge hit largely because it's the only place you can watch the new Star Wars spin-off 'The Mandalorian.' The big breakout star of which is 'Baby Yoda.' Unfortunately for Jimmy, there is big Star Wars fan in the audience who has some thoughts to share.

Marvel Meets The Irishman

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Baby Yoda Will Bring Us Together

100+ komentarze:

Just some bread
Just some bread:
Baby Yoda is 50 years old, making him a boomer
Nicholas Piechocki
Nicholas Piechocki:
Cutest thing out there, I have spoken
Snoke: how could we lure baby yoda into the dark side?

Me: feed him after midnight.
Why do I feel like I actually learned something about Star Wars by watching this?
Well, they just spoiled this for everyone who hasn't seen it lol
Brenda Ma
Brenda Ma:
Baby Yoda is going to change mankind
I thought this skit was gonna end with Jimmy showing the picture to the angry fan and they both come to peace with each other lol
Yoda’s species isn’t even known in the Star Wars canon so really the only possible thing to refer to him as is baby yoda
clonk bonk
clonk bonk:
Depression: exist
Baby Yoda: I'm about to ends this man's whole career
Gremlins: im the cutest thing ever

Baby yoda: *my beer you will hold*
Digonto Zahid
Digonto Zahid:
Star wars fanboys definitely act like that .......
Jonas of Persia
Jonas of Persia:
I told my girlfriend that baby "Yoda" was the cutest thing I've ever seen, she disagreed. I am now single.
that.kid. jp.draws
that.kid. jp.draws:
“You can’t silence the fans” are the most truest words ever spoken. No one can stop a die hard fan, no matter if it’s good or bad.
Baby yoda be like: gogo gaga ketamine I must consume
Mario De Rose
Mario De Rose:
that "fan" is a pretty damn good stage actor, i could see he was trying hard not to laugh, even he felt it was a bit cringy.
Emre Tozkoparan
Emre Tozkoparan:
I thought of Joker as soon as that fanboy went on stage
Official Wrann Productions
Official Wrann Productions:
Random Guy: Honestly baby yoda is really ugly, I wish he didn’t exist

Everyone: Wants to know your location
Toni Gru
Toni Gru:
Just imagine having a baby and it staying a baby/toddler for 50 years xD
Baby yoda will be president of Disney +” he will
Gracie Ambrósio
Gracie Ambrósio:
This reminded me of what Conan is doing in his show
The guy should have shouted "McClunkey!" As he was escorted out.
Firus G
Firus G:
... he's right tho
Miguel Carvajal
Miguel Carvajal:
"Disney + is the only place where you can watch the Mandalorian"

Me: Putlockers...
Pedro Ramos
Pedro Ramos:
Plot twist: the name of that race is yoda.
Pffft, obviously that fan was a paid actor, everyone knows that The Mandalorian takes place 6 years after Return of The Jedi, not 5, amateurs.
Joseph Qaqish
Joseph Qaqish:
This is literally the entire Star Wars fandom explained in one video
Dominik Stasiak
Dominik Stasiak:
Jim Parsons should be dressed as Sheldon in this video
TvFilm Fan
TvFilm Fan:
The perfect representation of some Star Wars fans online. I agree he should have shouted McClunky at the end 😂😂
Harvey baldry
Harvey baldry:
As annoying as he was 'you can't silence the fans' is something Disney needs to be afraid of
Perfect representation of the fans who complain about everything.
Star Wars Episode 5 (1980) Yoda
Star Wars Episode 6 (1983) RIP. Yoda
Star Wars Episode 1 (1999) Yoda
Star Wars Episode 2 (2002) Yoda
Star Wars Episode 3 (2005) Yoda
Star Wars Episode 8 (2017) RIP. Yoda
The Mandalorian Season (2019) Baby Yoda

Star Wars - Yoda (1980-2019)
Skippy Dinglechalk
Skippy Dinglechalk:
I know this guy is an actor but he still wildly pisses me off
Alex Trolls
Alex Trolls:
People should start calling him “LIL YODA”
Blade Valant
Blade Valant:
Not totally unaccurate depiction of THAT part of the star wars fandom. lol
Brolonko YT
Brolonko YT:
Baby Yoda is the strongest Jedi to ever exist, I have spoken
# 03
# 03:
I expected him to pull out the picture and make peace.
As a Star Wars fan.....this is accurate....
꧁Man Dero꧂
꧁Man Dero꧂:
"not baby Yoda it's a baby of his species which is still unknown"
Mike Ohonéz
Mike Ohonéz:
That was the mentally ill loner Arthur was talking about.
Melwa Rat
Melwa Rat:
I didn't know there was a hole in my heart until Baby Yoda came and filled it.
New Message
New Message:
I raised gibbons now and then when I was a zookeeper.. and 'Baby Yoda' looks just like one, if you glued ears on it.
Philip Schmidt
Philip Schmidt:
Not a true fan. No true fan would say, "Han shot first."
Han shot.

End of story.
I have spoken.
JW 88
JW 88:
"The only place where you can watch the new Star Wars series"...........I don't have Disney Plus and I've seen it....the force is strong in me!
guillermo sahuquillo
guillermo sahuquillo:
sometimes actual Star Wars fans remind me of Kathy Bates character in Misery
andrei darius
andrei darius:
When u realize he is 50, but HE IS TOO CUTEEEE
John Sandiego
John Sandiego:
Its sad that there is most definitely a fan who has done this
Kevin Noyes
Kevin Noyes:
That is literally how Disney and ABC are dealing with old school Star Wars fans.
Strategical Wolffe
Strategical Wolffe:
It didn’t bring that guy together that’s for sure
"How many of you have signed up for Disney Plus?"
*Jimmy Kimmel airs on ABC*
*ABC is owned by Disney*
*Disney owns Star Wars*

HAHAHAHAHA this is literally me explaining "Baby Yoda" in my office today 😂😂
We don’t know his species so he’s baby yoda that’s final
This looks like one of Conan's segment
H Schenck
H Schenck:
I can relay more on the 'nerd' character than on Jimmy Kimmel
Jokes about how Baby Yoda brings us all together, then fails to use Baby Yoda to bring him and fanboy together.

This is why Conan is better.
"How many of you signed up for Disney+?"
*Sighs in European*
Googling: "How to stereotypically portray Star Wars fans and nerds in general" got me here
200 subs without 1 video
200 subs without 1 video:
“baby Yoda can be president of the united states”
Vishaan Singh
Vishaan Singh:
The first 20 seconds of this seem like a paid advertisment
"Baby yoda will bring us toghther" change my mind
The internet: Say hello to Baby Yoda.
This Die-Hard Star Wars fan: *YOU ARE WRONG*
Bobby Andrews
Bobby Andrews:
Came here for baby yoda, ended up thinking about punching Kimmel in the nose
Arghajeet Chakraborty
Arghajeet Chakraborty:
Disney: How many memes will you make from this show?
Writers: YES!!!
Baby “Yoda” is one of the most adorable thing in the universe and ITS AN ANIMATRONIC/PUPPET/CGI! ILL DIE FOR HIM!
Rebekah Redd
Rebekah Redd:
1:16-:No you didn't misspeak, you were wrong."
HYDRA Stormtrooper
HYDRA Stormtrooper:
Nerd in the crowd: "Thats not yoda, you are wrong sir."
Kimmel: "Security a nerd is going off on me".
Wait so the mandalorian takes place 5 years after Return Of The Jedi (Yoda dies). And the baby is 50 years old, why is this guy saying that it cannot be yodas son? If yoda had a baby 45 years before he died.
Van Do
Van Do:
The baby is cute and all until it starts speaking backwards.
winsley ocampo
winsley ocampo:
Jimmy: Baby yoda
Every starwars fan: HmmmMMMmmmmmMmmMmMMM
Adam Dwane
Adam Dwane:
Better to be known as "Baby Yoda" rather then "Baby of Yadas species"

"The Child" sounds too ambiguous
Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison :
Space-Cadet David 'Spanky Bonespurs' Dennison ::
Now interspecies mingle Baby Yoda with a Porg, and Disney will have the cutest thing (merchandise) ever, the “Porda” or “Yorg”.
Nicole Hawkins
Nicole Hawkins:
The empire fell 5 years ago. The baby is 50 years old. It was alive when Yoda was alive. Meaning that there are more of the species than even Yoda, Ultimate Master of The Force, knew about. So it’s not even Yoda 2.0 lmao 😂😂😂😁
Corey Bullock
Corey Bullock:
ABC's parent company just loves the Star Wars fanbase. Just look at the cute little green gremlin and question nothing.
Bruce White
Bruce White:
The Purest comedy on Jimmy kimbel guys
Andrei Wheelbarrow
Andrei Wheelbarrow:
Nobody, literally no one
Fan 1: Agree greedo shot first
Fan 2: Never
Fan 1: "It's treason then"
Jonah Quintanilla
Jonah Quintanilla:
I’m that Star Wars guy 🤣
Me: Thinks of joker when watching this scene
"When 900 years you reach, look as good you will not" -Yoda
Master Builder Dragon
Master Builder Dragon:
“Be the next Gizmo I must.”
-Baby Yoda, 2019
BlastBoy2000 Lego Productions
BlastBoy2000 Lego Productions:
1:39 omg this is reminding me of the joker movie like the scene on the show I know it's a joke but don't you guys sense it 😂😂😂
Chase Mathes
Chase Mathes:
Makes me curious if baby yoda will be the one that brings the jedi order back.
MissConduct 1
MissConduct 1:
His name is SWEET PEA! 😊 Cause he’s a sweet, cute, little pea in a pod lol
Max Chambers
Max Chambers:
I mean what the “fan” was saying wasn’t thattt complex....
The most sense I’ve heard all month.
Amrit Panesar
Amrit Panesar:
"the only place where you can watch the mandalorian" lol no, there are many free streaming sites, just use them.
I wish they had called Jim Parsons for this skit
Roland New
Roland New:
Lmao everyone’s got it messed up so I’m glad they made this known 😂
May Angel
May Angel:
Obi-Wan Kenobi : "I have the high ground"

Baby Yoda : "It's treason then"
Daniel Luciano B
Daniel Luciano B:
I didn’t see the Mandalorian yet and Youtube spoils me everything in the home page, with titles and pictures... 🙄
Simon Says
Simon Says:
Why settle for baby yoda when we actually have baby Yang running as candidates...😑
Cool Game
Cool Game:
Ok now this convinced me of getting Disney Plus

Those geniuses have finally broke me
Wolf_Spidey time
Wolf_Spidey time:
That one guy had the guts to get on stage with Jimmy MAD RESPECT
Devan Devan
Devan Devan:
“Baby yoda” is the product of yoda+yaddle
He’s yoda’s baby, and we know yoda flips around words, so yoda’s baby becomes baby yoda
Nathaniel Calderon
Nathaniel Calderon:
I like how he talked his way on stage
Dan P
Dan P:
That dude reminded me so much of Michael Costa from the Daily Show.
Oliver Douglas
Oliver Douglas:

I think have been labeled. I saw somewhere that they are called Lanniks. Yoda was a Lannik
Mr Mean
Mr Mean:
I have a feeling that triggered fan boy situation was played out
Meiranie Nurtaeni
Meiranie Nurtaeni:
Yup, that’s the attitude many kind of fandoms in the world. Couldn’t see the context & always thinking they are only the right one.

Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda,
Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda, Baby Yoda...
Candace Grubbs
Candace Grubbs:
He’s my lock screen now 😹
Miles Skillman
Miles Skillman:
I like the fan shirt "Crumb 2020!"