Bamford, Dallas and Raphinha strike! Leeds United 3-0 Southampton | Premier League highlights

Premier League highlights from our 3-0 win against Southampton at Elland Road in the Premier League, with goals from Patrick Bamford, Stuart Dallas and Raphinha.

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100+ komentarze:

Flavio Haggis
Flavio Haggis:
raphinha dedicating the goal to ronaldinho's mom is awesome
EDIT: would you kindly stop fighting in the replies?
iPad App play
iPad App play:
We have had lots of heroes this season but to me the unsung one is Stuart Dallas
I don’t think other fans realise how much of a Stealllllll Raphina was. He’s actually insane. Bamfords goal was bloody class. The step over to get that yard of space and an inch perfect finish.
Scott Hands
Scott Hands:
One player who I do not feel gets enough attention is Dallas! He’s the engine of this Leeds team. ❤️
Fazil Ma
Fazil Ma:
Fan from Mr Bamford most likable man in football...
JP Figue
JP Figue:
Hey Leeds family. You have a supporter from Peru. Marcelo Bielsa will always be the goat 🐐
Ronàk Dash
Ronàk Dash:
i am a liverpool fan , but i watch every single game of leeds as well . they are the most exciting team to watch !
Hey Leeds fans, Bielsa's style of play made me fall in love with the club, then I watched the documentary and I can now say that you have a new fan from Malta 🇲🇹 Keep it up!
Punto Aparte
Punto Aparte:
Vamos Leeds . Vamos Marcelo.
Roberto Rodriguez
Roberto Rodriguez:
Come on Leeds, come on Bielsa. Greetings, from Mar del Plata, Argentina.
Robert Sambo
Robert Sambo:
Bamford and Dallas my fantasy heroes. if you've got any Leeds asset
cedric Bossman
cedric Bossman:
A team who has been out for 16 years is now in top half, cheers and respect to the players and bielsa long live leeds
Tom W
Tom W:
Costa actually looked hungry tonight and wanted to play, haven't seen him like that for a very long time so well played. Roberts is unlucky, his heart is in the right place and still only 22 so hopefully he can stay fit and make the jump.
Manuel Diaz
Manuel Diaz:
Vamos Leeds! Saludos desde Argentina.
Andres Retamar
Andres Retamar:
Vamos Leeds, carajo!! From Olavarría-Argentina
Tokollo Damons
Tokollo Damons:
I'm a Manchester United supporter but by golly Leeds United is the best team to watch in the Premier League. Every game is brilliant and exciting stuff
Raphinha looks the real deal 👀
Leandrinho Figueiredo
Leandrinho Figueiredo:
Golaço do raphinha joga muito!👏🏾
Dennis Blake
Dennis Blake:
Loved when Raphina smiled when him and Coops' embraced, I'm sure the boy from Brazil is happy but then again "we are Leeds" loved it
Harvey Holmes
Harvey Holmes:
Gets a lot of stick but Roberts was great tonight especially in the second half. Seems to be the only one of the younger lads the fan base aren’t completely behind, he’s only 22 at the end of the day and is growing in his role every game he plays
Callum Dunne
Callum Dunne:
how did we get raphinha for under £20m🤯 unreal business
The El Loco Leeds Football Channel
The El Loco Leeds Football Channel:
We played so well today!!! Leeds United, Thank You you've made my Birthday today.
1:41 - the way he says “lovely” like some sorta gremlin
Daniel Jacob
Daniel Jacob:
Leeds, its my bday tdy and I have been a long time fan of the club. Thanks so much for winning against this strong PL side and the win really has made my day so far. Greetings from Singapore!!
Martín Diaz 1810
Martín Diaz 1810:
Raphinha is top, i can´t believe how cheap he was
Hg Hg
Hg Hg:
This is one of the signs of the great coaches, improving the individual players along with clear tactics and increased on weekly bases cohesion in the tem. 80% of the Leeds guys would have been not rated good enough for the majority of PL teams in the beginning of this season and look at them now. Bielsa is something else for sure.
27 • Raditya Bani Ainur
27 • Raditya Bani Ainur:
“OoOoO Rrrraphinhaa with the free kick!!”
Ivan P Pillay
Ivan P Pillay:
I am one of the many who was highly critical of Costa. I must, however, admit that he turned in a creditable performed when he came on last night (contributing to the build-up of the second and third goals). If he continues to to sustain this 'revival', I shall gladly revisit each of the forums in which I criticized him and retract my comments. Hoping the lad continues to improve.
Stuart "the Swiss Army Knife" Dallas Ladies and Gentleman! He can play it ALL in ALL positions!
What a game, the lads were brilliant and hopefully Llorente will be appearing regularly from now on because he played well today
Leeds are such an exciting team to watch! Good going guys👍🏼 From a lifelong Arsenal fan...
Defense is improving, this guys are really evolving
Abdo Ghozal
Abdo Ghozal:
Raphinha ❤️❤️
Tedd Katiku
Tedd Katiku:
raphinha is one of the best players in the world now, he is so underrated
Daniel R. Mejia
Daniel R. Mejia:
La mejor parte del video es el comentarista, se siente la pasión en cada jugada
Fionn O Donovan
Fionn O Donovan:
You love to see the gesture towards granny val💙💛 ALAW
Agustín Hernández
Agustín Hernández:
I hope Raphina stays in Leeds for many years. Correct me if i'm wrong but he is the best signing since Pablo Hernández. Unfortunately for Leeds, his excellent form will attract attention of big rich clubs. COME ON LEEDS! Greetings from Argentinaaaaa.
Let's go Leeds, let's go Madman Bielsa!
Really good to see Llorente playing so well. Let's hope he gets a run of games under his belt. Hat tip to VAR for calling that dive as well!
Micky Leeds
Micky Leeds:
Can always rely on lufc to actually notice how good that Dallas goal was MOT
That clean sheet, that 3-0 win, that masterclass free kick from raphinia was all for granny val. fly high granny val 🕊🕊🕊
T Mac
T Mac:
Raphinia to take free kicks from now on
Southampton are a Good Side they just going through a rough patch. This was a Very good result for Leeds onto the Villa.
From an Arsenal fan, I hope you guys can find consistency, it's delightful to watch Leeds play against any team with the same bravery, intensity and sometimes a bit recklessly.
Alan Lowe
Alan Lowe:
Brilliant second half. Raphinha bargain of the century!
Dallas and Llorente really good tonight.
Well done boys.
Jon o
Jon o:
Great result, happy for Llorente after a fustrating season.
Absoluto Fit
Absoluto Fit:
Ezekiel Nduli
Ezekiel Nduli:
I know Man City are winning the league. But Leeds have played the most exciting football this season.
Ivan P Pillay
Ivan P Pillay:
Everytime we see Dallas taking the field, we are witnessing another chapter of our glorious history unfolding. Here's another legend in the making, comparable to Madeley. He gets better like good wine. He's the kinda player who will spend the rest of his days at Leeds United. Up there with Ayling for the next captain. Definitely not one to be dazzled by the bright lights, the glitz, the glamour ...
Brian Kasanda
Brian Kasanda:
I want leeds to stay in EPL they hv classical kind of play💯💯
Tego Tracey
Tego Tracey:
We need raphina in d brazil squad
Joel Scoffield
Joel Scoffield:
🤍💙💛 another clean sheet !
Raph 😍😍😍
N N:
We could seriously go on a cup run next season if we keep everyone and expand to the squad
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?
¿De dónde flores si no hay jardín?:
Es genial que el Leeds haya vuelto al triunfo. Lo de Raphinha fue un golazo.
Sayi Mercado
Sayi Mercado:
Gideon BETT
Gideon BETT:
Leeds will definitely stay in premier league for long if they continue this way i love them so much
Erwin Agustin
Erwin Agustin:
Bamford one touch, use of space and timing of the shot and angle was impeccable. Raphinha and Dallas 💪🏻💪🏻
Marcelo Rojas
Marcelo Rojas:
Cómo sufro hasta que llegaron los goles ahí más tranquilo
Can’t wait for the BielsaCam & all angles goals 😍😍😍👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
What a performance, onto the next, ALAW 💙🤍💛
Monsiur Snowman
Monsiur Snowman:
The commentator is becoming more Brazilian every time he says Raaaaaphinha 😂 I love it
Million Maths
Million Maths:
All of these goals from Leeds United in this match are just 😳
Cruz Caffaro
Cruz Caffaro:
I swear every time Bamford scores the commentator’s voice becomes bass boosted to epic proportions
Saints fan her: congratulations. Totally, utterly deserved win...
brilliant strategic managing from our amazing manager, Marcelo Bielsa.
and thanks to the ref for being brave tonight.
Nitu Devi
Nitu Devi:
Bamford is always class. I believed in him from those Chelsea days
Martez Daw
Martez Daw:
Pundits: bamford won't last a day in the premier league
Ric Brook
Ric Brook:
Where's the Grandma Val shirt pic at the end LUTV?

C'Mon sort it out.
Virgil Blaze
Virgil Blaze:
It was nice to see Hernandez come on tonight even if it was brief. Great win, all 3 goals were superb. Couldn't be happier!
Γιάννης Μπ
Γιάννης Μπ:
The reactions of the commentator are something else
Radha K. Ugo
Radha K. Ugo:
10th - 43 goals for - 43 goals against.
~ Leeds season in a nutshell.
Wes Hem
Wes Hem:
I love the way he says Raphinha
Demian Giraudo
Demian Giraudo:
Fan from Bariloche Argentina. Leeds united!! Marcelo is an expert. He extract 100% from all players. They grow up individually, and the team too..
dedi juliawan
dedi juliawan:
Beside leeds excellent performance, can we talk about that tackle ?

What a tackle it was, romeu.
Christian Simons
Christian Simons:
Well done guys, keep scoring more goals than you receive.
Regards from Lima - Peru.
Fitonation. com
Fitonation. com:
That tackle on Rafinha was pure class ! 🔥🔥🔥
Leeds are doing awesome.. love from Bhutan 🇧🇹
Romeos tackle on Rapha is world class, almost physics defying.
Since Bielsa took this team, I became a big fan of Leeds! I can not wait for the lockdown to finish and watch a game in Elland road!
Maszama P
Maszama P:
Imagine Kalvin being back in the squad wow
YEAH, BAMFORD !!! We Love U,

Fans from Indonesia
miguel Giorgio
miguel Giorgio:
Bien esos huevo leed . Huevo huevo huevo , leed leed leed ... Fuerza y corazón 💪💪💪💪
Darío Gutierrez
Darío Gutierrez:
Finally I see something good in this tough day
Chidiebere Nwaoha
Chidiebere Nwaoha:
What kind of guy is this bamford,he is second to halaand if we are talking about striker's.Aaaaaah,just take my like joor❤️❤️❤️❤️.
Kev McNally
Kev McNally:
Llorente doing a Ben White and nearly scoring on the return made my day. Chuffed for the lad.
myg 22
myg 22:
Great result, great performance, 3 great goals, good luck to llorante for rest of season
Raphina another level...
Costa looking good recently and llorente looks a right player! Let’s hope he stays fit 🤞
Great game. I love watching leeds play
Alan kavanagh
Alan kavanagh:
Great to see llorente play a full game . Very good player
If only we had a settled defence this season we would be top 4 . Only way is u now
Mariano Rodríguez
Mariano Rodríguez:
Tyler actually creating good plays is such good news. That number 10 spot needs to be filled by someone who delivers. Bamford, what to say. Only ONE man stood by him and believed: Bielsa. Nobody else did. Hardcore Leeds fans, mild eventual match of the day watchers, everyone said he should go. Everyone (me included) except Marcelo.
Zeta Zaku
Zeta Zaku:
5 more points to survive in premiership .... we can do it 💪🏼
Maureen Tait
Maureen Tait:
Fantastic result turned it on in the second half... All the lads fought for a win and got the win.. Sooo 😊.Happy, marching on together..
BoBoLa Goal
BoBoLa Goal:
Rapinha the next Star Premier League ❤️❤️❤️
Love these club tv highlights
Bo 3
Bo 3:
Great season so far and I hope we can continue with that level until the end of the season , love leeds
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a
R u k a w a _ 1 7 H i k e r u y a:
Diego Llorente performance and I feel we are hopeful to stop conceding goals and help the team keep a clean sheet for the team. And he's really doing well.
This was a great game because we didn't concede any goals. Great game, everyone plays great. Thank you guys for making me happy to win. 💛 💙 Leeds FC.
Messi The GOAT
Messi The GOAT:
Bamford is so awesome he Will be a future of fottball
Alexis Sanchez
Alexis Sanchez:
I love the way the commentator says raphinha long may that continue