Barbara Pravi - Voilà - LIVE - France 🇫🇷 - Second Semi-Final - Eurovision 2021

Barbara Pravi from France performed her song Voilà during the Second Semi-Final of the Eurovision Song Contest 2021


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Eurovision Song Contest
Eurovision Song Contest:
Read more about Barbara Pravi here:
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]
Piano Hits! [Pandapiano]:
this is so cinematic it looks straight out of an indie french film 💯
This might be one of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
Arson — They Them
Arson — They Them:
For those interested, she sings abt how she hated herself and only dreamt abt performing on stages like this. In the song she goes from self hatred to starting to love herself through the crowd.
Katarina Markovic
Katarina Markovic:
She's utterly cute and interesting. The French should be proud.
Mickey Mouse fans
Mickey Mouse fans:
No one is cheering in the audience because everyone is just listening. She is able to grab people’s attention just with her voice. She is amazing, and has such a beautiful voice, it’s sounds like she’s singing effortlessly.
Kovu Kingsrod
Kovu Kingsrod:
Everything about this is absolutely magical. Hauntingly beautiful!
Stateira Ardashiri
Stateira Ardashiri:
For me, this song is the masterpiece of Eurovision 2021. We Persians love Barbara Pravi, she is half Persian. Barbara Pravi is a lovely lady and she has a beautiful voice. Love from Persia/Iran :)
Наталья Бокова
Наталья Бокова:
Когда говорят о французской песне, я представляю себе именно такое
If art had a face, she would look like her
Сергей Миасс
Сергей Миасс:
Она взяла лучшее от Эдит Пиаф, Патрисии Каас и Марлен Дитрих - потрясающе.
- France had their last win in 1977

Barbara: hold my baguette
I mean ..this is a pure MASTERPIECE. This deserves to win the eurovision. For those stating that she copied "Padam Padam" of Edith Piaf...please listen to the music and you'll see how ridiculous it is to say so: these two songs are different.
Barbara wrote, composed and sing her own song , that's a complete artist who sing in her OWM language (it became so rare in ESC nowadays to use the native language for a country , that I mention it now). I especially love the end of the performance. Barbara is a beautiful women inside and out and her song , I'll repeat it, is a REAL masterpiece. It deserves to win it all. 🇫🇷❤️
Jill De Weerd
Jill De Weerd:
12 points to France from Belgium 🇧🇪
Avdotya S
Avdotya S:
This is so fucking incredible.

I am still glad that Italy won, but this gave me chills. France always brings it!!! Fucking awesome! What a stunning, captivating and compelling performance!!!
In finland we had translated subtitles for every song. Knowing the lyrics makes this song even more beautyfull and meaningfull. France should have won
Adrienne Farrelly
Adrienne Farrelly:
There's something truly AMAZING about a woman dressed in simple clothing MESMERISING millions with her voice.
Максим Симаков
Максим Симаков:
На мой взгляд самая красивая, талантливая и смелая девчонка!! Мой низкий поклон ей!!
Investigating Committee
Investigating Committee:
Я из России. Мне очень понравилась ваша песня, она очень красивая. Желаю вам удачи, французы :)
Nataliia Beckendorf
Nataliia Beckendorf:
Мурашки по телу гоняли друг друга без остановки. Восторг и огромное спасибо за такое шикарное выступление. Для меня -это 1 место!!!!!!
Volodymyr Melnyk
Volodymyr Melnyk:
She needs no dancers, no back vocals, she doesn’t even need us to understand French. Her whole being just radiates emotions and energy. Stunning! 👏🏻
3.8k dislikes = people without heart
Старая Франция вернулась. Это прекрасно.
Edmund Tory
Edmund Tory:
iconic performance. People will only start appreciate it with age
Shoe Cabin The
Shoe Cabin The:
So disappointed that she didn't win. Such a beautiful emotional song. Was in sweet tears after watching the finals.
Liran L
Liran L:
The real winner for me.
Едино Рожек
Едино Рожек:
Вот! Это и есть настоящая Франция! Давно не слышно было французской лирики! Песня и исполнение бомба!
simple man
simple man:
Magnificent performance. Love you Barbara from Turkey🇹🇷
What is she talking about? I love it! 12 points from cyprus!
I don’t understand a single word of this song but I love it so much. She is already a winner for me. Magical voice ! 🇫🇷 ❤️🇬🇷
Juliana Bergen
Juliana Bergen:
You’re my winner!!! You were great. Beautiful eyes aswel.
Tan RV
Tan RV:
Какая прекрасная песня и исполнительница...в духе Эдит Пиаф, очень атмосферно. Удачи
Yvan Le Bon
Yvan Le Bon:
can someone explain me how France didn’t win? XD
Nkechi Ruth
Nkechi Ruth:
I'm surprised they didn't win, they were my fav this year
Dünyanın en büyük ahlaksızlığı 40. videomda.
Dünyanın en büyük ahlaksızlığı 40. videomda.:
This song definitely should've won.
Очень сильное выступление,восхищаюсь ей!
lukas burzz
lukas burzz:
*she had to win, it has everything in the song, the story, the feelings, music*
Thor 27
Thor 27:
Pour moi tu as gagné!! 12 points de l’Espagne. Tu as fait un travail absolument magnifique. Bravo 👏🏻
Maxim Smitt Kölner Weihnachtscircus
Maxim Smitt Kölner Weihnachtscircus:
This is the Frenchiest French that France has ever Frenched!🇫🇷❤️
I love this song and it was my favorite. Best wishes from germany:)
This song should have won.
I'm Greek, this song is amazing!!! I'm so happy that my fav song from Eurovision won in the 2nd place!!! Love from Greece!!! 🇬🇷❤🇫🇷
Privet Ya Pandorushka
Privet Ya Pandorushka:
It was so beautiful that made me cry
Avre ESC
Avre ESC:
No dancers, no backing vocals, no giant LED screens, no pyros, Barbara needs nothing and nobody to be phenomenal. I'm rooting for France this year! ❤️
Dragana Kajis
Dragana Kajis:
Mesmerizing..pure art ! Just wow!
Γιάννα Χαγιά
Γιάννα Χαγιά:
Congrats! Such a quality of a song, such a quality of a singer...a full stage just by her! Good luck from Greece! 🇬🇷🇫🇷
Ally Vorman
Ally Vorman:
Big support from Russia to France 😍🇫🇷🇷🇺
Wonderful and sensitive, reasonable song love and respect to you from Armenia
xavi valencia villanueva
xavi valencia villanueva:
She deserves more than anyone to win this year. No dancers, no crazy special effects and so on. Just her, her voice and a lot of emotion in her performance. This is what they call a masterpiece!
Serdar Özbay
Serdar Özbay:
this song is too good for Eurovision :)
Lidija Stamenkovic
Lidija Stamenkovic:
This is really amazing! I like this more then Hurricane girls (Im from Serbia and this is better)
Azan Uan
Azan Uan:
Also after the final, it's good to notice TOP 3 SANG ON THEIR HOME LANGUAGE
It’z Lola
It’z Lola:
I’m supprised France didn’t win
Philippe Leclerc
Philippe Leclerc:
This is brilliant. Pure art. It gets better and better every time I watch it. Best song of the year for me and best French performance in Eurovision.
Marcelo Oscar Finestra
Marcelo Oscar Finestra:
Just an amazing song. I love this song. I can't beleve it didn't wins.
Isabella Green
Isabella Green:
Such a strong and beautiful song. Feels like expressing freedom.
Rampag3r:, this is a masterpiece
Ivana Samašová
Ivana Samašová:
the camera work is breathtaking and this song is incredible
Michela's disappointment and anger
Michela's disappointment and anger:
There are 10 potential winners this year but Barbara is the one ticking ALL the boxes. Not only a singer but also an artist
Szymon Cebulski
Szymon Cebulski:
Magnifique 😍❤ I love this song. 12 points from Poland 🇵🇱🇲🇫
Jo del
Jo del:
12 points from Greece🇬🇷 .. Magic.. Congrats!!!!!
Kent Celis
Kent Celis:
And she did that. How amazing!
katri lehvonen
katri lehvonen:
I literally cried when I saw your performance. Your music is Art. Thank you. You were the winners in my heart.
Live performance was even better than the official clip.

Paris 2022 🇫🇷
Николай Корчак
Николай Корчак:
БРАВО!!! Это было одно из лучших выступлений на Евровидении-2021, которое безусловно заслуживало на победу!!! Лично для меня Франция уверенно победила на Евровидении в этом году!!!
My god we are all France this year..! Pure magic
Лучшая песня. Голосую за вас. Привет из России
I don't care if she didn't end up in the first place. I'm just happy it allowed me to discover her :'3
Dorothea Rosta
Dorothea Rosta:
Beautiful! She really stands out. It's nice to listen to a song so different from the standard eurovision song and it's nice that she sing in her language and I just stop now. She gave me chills. Love from Italy 🇮🇹🤗
Nastii Chekh
Nastii Chekh:
I'm impressed, song from the heart!
this magical moment when you don't know language but understand a song! Thank you!
In my top three, would be so happy if France won - love from Serbia🇷🇸/Australia🇦🇺
I got chills!
12 points from Sweden!🇸🇪
Ice Wallow Come
Ice Wallow Come:
Don’t put dislikes just cause she front runner and your country isn’t.. tasteless people. This is amazing.
Lyndon Maddawat
Lyndon Maddawat:
This was stunning
This song has touched me so, emotional. Fantastic song, performance by a beautiful and lovable woman 🥰 Thank you Barbara and France for sending in this top class song! It will be in Eurovision history forever now !
otter96 _
otter96 _:
She owns the stage just by herself no need for anything.
Денис Востров
Денис Востров:
Потрясающая энергетика! Из России с любовью! ❤️
David Álvarez
David Álvarez:
Her emotion, her passion, her voice, everything. In Eurovision 2021 there’s only one song that makes you get emotional, that makes the emotion run through your screen, and that is this SONG. Whatever happens this song for me and for a lot of people is the clear and deserved Winner🇫🇷🇫🇷🏆🏆. Congrats France and Barbara. Et Voilà!!! ❤️
It’s Delli
It’s Delli:
This is legendary.
Single most beautiful and influential songs I’ve ever heard, I’m going to see her perform this love one day no doubt
Татьяна Крафт
Татьяна Крафт:
Остановите табун мурашек,победитель однозначно,невероятно проникновенная песня и сильнейший вокал👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Anime_Days_ Azerbaijan
Anime_Days_ Azerbaijan:
Greetings from Azerbaijan. This is perfect song. Really I am love this song... Good Luck💫
Luca P
Luca P:
I feel like my soul dancing, sad and happy at the same time. An artist full of poetry who knows how to "live " the song. What can I say? She drags me totally into her world. Everything about this song is beautiful in so many ways. Bonne chance à la France de l'Italie.
Dayna Lau
Dayna Lau:
Mandragora TB
Mandragora TB:
It really looks like an official music video, good job with the camera and direction in general
Adam EZ
Adam EZ:
Beautiful, just WOW
Пингвин Панин
Пингвин Панин:
It’s so beautiful ✨✨
♥️ from Russia
Ксения Фияло
Ксения Фияло:
My personal winner! 💛💚💜 12 points from me and hope from Russia 🇷🇺
Infamous Rj
Infamous Rj:
Wish we could participate just to give her 12 points. This is literally one of the greatest performances I've seen on this show. Greetings from Kosovo🇽🇰
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman:
I get cold after watching this song. Cold with goosebumps
ultima ratio regum
ultima ratio regum:
i'm just crying for such an intense emotion.....what a wonderful text, she puts her guts on the stage....just beautiful.
Omar Borg
Omar Borg:
That voice is absolutely beautiful I love it!
Princess Montana Deluxe
Princess Montana Deluxe:
This would be such an amazing winner.... 12 points from The Netherlaaaands
oscar montell
oscar montell:
12 points from Romania .
Syuzanna Hovakimyan
Syuzanna Hovakimyan:
the vibe coming from the song reminds me of Charels Aznavour and Edith Piaf <3 damn, this is soo touching!
TviySosok lubimiy
TviySosok lubimiy:
Какая же она невероятная
laura_hz 55555
laura_hz 55555:
Espectacular! Tiene que ganar Francia 🤍
Respect to the French people who really know that their language is gorgeous and they present it on Eurovision. Le magnifique! <3
Rakis Derra
Rakis Derra:
Congratulations with being second place! This song is beautiful❤
Football fan
Football fan:
2:18 the best moment