Barcelona 0-3 Juventus | Ronaldo & McKennie Seal Top spot in Camp Nou! | Champions League Highlights

Two Penalties from CR7 and Weston McKennie’s stunning first Volley was enough to secure the 1st place in the Group G of the Champions League!

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Founded in 1897, Juventus Football Club is the most successful team in Italy, with a rich history of winning and hundreds of millions of fans worldwide.

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Glen Opoku
Glen Opoku:
Nobody is on the level of Cristiano he’s the greatest footballer I’ve ever seen. Absolute legend, idol and role model I promise to be just like him one day 🐐
Haseena Ashraf
Haseena Ashraf:
Fun fact: Buffon is older than Pirlo
Aamir Furqan
Aamir Furqan:
Cristiano Ronaldo was really motivated for this match as he was tracking back and helped in defence too. He is 35 years young by the way.
We'll bring the real GOAT at Camp Nou🔥
Zeyd Ronaldo
Zeyd Ronaldo:
Most complete player ever greatest of all time
Csilla Der
Csilla Der:
Everyone's talking about CR7 but we should also realise that at age 42 ( 43 in a month) Buffon got a clean sheet in an important Champions League game
Yatharth Bora
Yatharth Bora:
The only way to stop the GOAT is by fouling on him, giving him a penalty and letting to score him, and then calling him Penaldo🤦‍♂️
“You probably looked it up in the wrong dictionary. We will bring you the right one at Camp Nou".
Rightly said 💯💯
We'll Bring The Real G.O.A.T At Camp Nou!
0:46 best moment ever <3
Albert Au-Yeung
Albert Au-Yeung:
Excellent goal, Weston! Keep up the great work!
MirkoPirrotta 01
MirkoPirrotta 01:
0:24 the work of CR7, he made lenglet and araujo follow him for letting mckennie score.
Not everyone can see that type of work
"1:11 He will definitely score it" = messi
Big Smoke
Big Smoke:
Respect both the GOATS ❤ we got to see every fan enjoy and break down at these messi vs ronaldo moments truly a legendary rival duo which can only be filled in centuries.
Domingo Us
Domingo Us:
Cr7 is the best ever👑🐐❤
Wilson Good
Wilson Good:
You've seen the champ at your side

You've seen the legend at camp nou
Selvi Oktavia
Selvi Oktavia:
don't talk about age. But talk about the charisma and mentality of the Legend's champion.
Joshua Nggau
Joshua Nggau:
CR7 King UCL+King Comeback
Sulaiman Yazid
Sulaiman Yazid:
Zidane : "i don't need player who driblling ten times, i need player who can score hattrick and win in big stages"
That why u need Dodo in big stages
Shinomiya Kaguya
Shinomiya Kaguya:
Hope to see more from Weston Mckennie at Champions League🔥
Unbelievable 😳. Cr7 ❤️
Dragan Disić
Dragan Disić:
Even if im Serbian and dont understand italian, I would like to have this man as a comentator. Such passion, its incredible.
Muhammad Fakhruddin Hanif
Muhammad Fakhruddin Hanif:
0:48 I love this moment
Rasathurai Sivaram
Rasathurai Sivaram:
GOAT moment 0:24 setting Mckennie free
R S W N:
I love both
Both complete each other
Nafim khan
Nafim khan:
Penaltyman on his peak🔥🔥🔥
Azhar Fikri
Azhar Fikri:
Thanks for putting Italian commentator..
So much passion, I love it..

Fino alla Fine!
Forza Juve!
Freddy - Wellz
Freddy - Wellz:
CR7 the real goat,#ForzaJuve #Finoallafine 🇮🇹💯👌
Juventus counter-attack was looking very promising. The only thing that was missing there was its finishing. If they work on it I am sure with likes of Ronaldo and Morata all hell breaks loose.
Hendra Lim
Hendra Lim:
CR7 the best
Juventus best of all 💖
From Juventini 🇮🇩
What a night was that, amazing and incredible 🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍👌
mom_efrat. hutasoitpanj
mom_efrat. hutasoitpanj:
Epic comeback 🔥🔥
Jony Be
Jony Be:
Best player i ever seen. G.O.A.T.
Swayam Gohil
Swayam Gohil:
Why can't we all agree both are GOATS?
*Sto ancora godendo.. GRAZIE RAGAZZI!* #FinoAllaFine ❤️❤️
Aditya More
Aditya More:
The match where you should give extended highlights, you give us a minute and a half.
kushagra sharma
kushagra sharma:
THE REAL HIGHLIGHT is Ronaldo stealing the ball from Messi and tackling him. These 2 are on another level.
Ridam Shiwakoti
Ridam Shiwakoti:
Cuadrado , Mckennie, Ramsey,Buffon ,de ligt and bonnuci were the best juve players on the pitch
Zakir Ali
Zakir Ali:
Greatest of all time=Ronaldo=G.O.A.T❤️🔥
Ajay Yadav
Ajay Yadav:
CR7=Father of all GOAT
Benjamin Delgado
Benjamin Delgado:
Felicidades Juventus !!!! Disfrutad de el mejor jugador del mundo.. Cristiano Ronaldo.
K o r o u
K o r o u:
Watching Ronaldo scoring is just so satisfying 🙂
Mckennie 🔥
Aditya Pratap Singh
Aditya Pratap Singh:
We brought the real Goat 💪🏼 CR7 💕
Amanullah Sa
Amanullah Sa:
Congratulations CR7 💪❤
Bittu Sarkar
Bittu Sarkar:
The G.O.A.T 🐐
The King Of Gamers
The King Of Gamers:
Fino alla fine forza Juventus!
Naresh Chandra Chakma
Naresh Chandra Chakma:
Finally Buffon can have his Champions league trophy this season with one and Only the greatest Goat Cristiano Ronaldo ❤️
AurCheez Gaming
AurCheez Gaming:
Whether in MU or RMA or JUV cr7 is going to score everytime against Barca
Matias León
Matias León:
Otros dirán, "no pero Messi es el mejor "pues no gano ya que no puede con el equipo del mejor que es CR7
Marios Gouzelis
Marios Gouzelis:
Ronaldo starts playing in the best timing of season!!!
0:35 🔥🔥😵
Leonardo Fiorini
Leonardo Fiorini:
Good highlights.

Mabye a little beet too short.

Why didn't you showed CR7 defensive skill vs Messi?
Wow what scorers both are 🙄😛💪
Enzo visco -_-
Enzo visco -_-:
😭😭😭💔💔💔 Vamos Barça
Mohammed Ali - 5024
Mohammed Ali - 5024:
And why nobody’s talking about BUFFON’s performance
Omg pure satisfactory god level performance!
Angelo Marcovecchio
Angelo Marcovecchio:
Finally the Juventus all the world know 👑🔥
How Mckennie can goal ? 0:24 you see how ronaldo make false run attack to lure 2 defender mark him..
Ayush Kr
Ayush Kr:
Why so short highlights 🙄
Let us enjoy some more 👍👍
Loved the interaction between Messi and Gigi
I just saw the juve we all want to see , the passion and dedication players showed , if they really play like this in serie a too even ac milan can't be as good team as juve...
Zakir Ali
Zakir Ali:
Smallest highlights of the epic and the greatest match😂😀
Ezza Ermuda
Ezza Ermuda:
Best moments of 20-21 season
Mustafa Çavdar
Mustafa Çavdar:
The goat stole the show at camp nou 🤫❤️💪💪👑
Texas Boy Mckennie first goal in Champions League! A Amazing goal!⚽😎🔥👍 Fino Alla Fine💪⚪⚫
0:24 Ronaldo draws two defenders towards him😂😂😂
what a game!!!
JD Racoon
JD Racoon:
0:48 I think it's a very beautiful moment
Roopam Mazumder
Roopam Mazumder:
We have brought the goat in camp nou💥
Francesco Ferlini
Francesco Ferlini:
What a team👑⚪⚫🔥
Prince Uday
Prince Uday:
Cr7 is legend🔥🔥
Gabriel Rocha Melo
Gabriel Rocha Melo:
Que delícia ver minha Juve espancar o Barcelona!!! CR >>>>>>>>>> abismo >>>>>>>> messi pipoqueiro
We brought the real goat to them😉🐐
We will bring the right one in camp noun
Michael Piffer
Michael Piffer:
Tralasciamo i rigori che ci hanno dato abbiamo giocato una buonissima partita da tempo non vedevo un gioco così speriamo di mantenere questo gioco ragazzi
Elizabeth Enciso Santiago
Elizabeth Enciso Santiago:
Cr7 goat 🐐🎉🎉
Abdul Haq
Abdul Haq:
That was very amazing
Joshua Lopchan
Joshua Lopchan:
CR7 king 🤴 forever ⚽
Ini Akun Siapa?
Ini Akun Siapa?:
Did you see that mckennie does one-two pass before doing beautiful goal?
md mûßâb
md mûßâb:
Real G.O.A.T🐐🔥
santhosh Nair coorg
santhosh Nair coorg:
CR7 ❤️
vapm Pro09
vapm Pro09:
Dajeeee continuamo così dajeee 🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤🤍🖤
Jordan Roger Racing Team
Jordan Roger Racing Team:
Minchia una partita così bella, anche per qualche azione del Barcellona, ridotta a un minuto di highlights con solo i gol
Amine Dahbi
Amine Dahbi:
Grazie Juve 🖤🖤🖤
Hannibal barca
Hannibal barca:
"Ronaldo said we can"❤!
Bsa Ralte
Bsa Ralte:
legend best of all cr7
Buffon, Messi and Ronaldo are just having a laugh like old school friends reunited XD
Yoga Yudhistira
Yoga Yudhistira:
I am Milanisti, But I Love Buffon, Thanks Juve, make serie A great again..

For me, Juve like a brother for Milan
Shashank Bharadwaj
Shashank Bharadwaj:
1:10 hard to express till now 😍😭
Cr7 🐐
CR7 = G.O.A.T😎😎
Daniele Fantone
Daniele Fantone:
C'è chi vince con il Barcellona e chi esce con lo Shaktar Donetsk.
Vishal Vinod
Vishal Vinod:
Ronaldo fans boys dont appreciate the team. The team played very well.
Troppo Potente
Troppo Potente:
Che Goduria grazie Juve!!!!
Nico's Corner
Nico's Corner:
Big difference when CR7 is on the pitch :-)
I don’t care if he’s a penaldo , the only thing that I care is if he scores or not.
Football wins by scoring , it doesn’t really matter the ways. So Messi fans , pls calm down.
Barca : We are glad you were able to see the 🐐 on your pitch
Juventus : You probably looked it up in the wrong dictionary. We will bring the right one at Camp nou
Juventus : ( AFTER THE MATCH )
We kept our word, we bought it 🐐📖😘
Roberto Macrì
Roberto Macrì:
Ma un highlight un pò più esteso no eh? Questo va bene 30 minuti dopo la fine della partita, dopo 3 giorni vorrei vedere una cosa più approfondita! Sempre e comunque Forza Juve!!! FINO ALLA FINE
Faiad Nibir
Faiad Nibir:
Cr7 🐐👑