Barcelona vs Bayern Munich 2-8 UEFA Champions League 2020 All Goals And Extended Highlights

Bayern Munich sent out an emphatic and ominous message to their Champions League rivals with an absolute demolition of fellow European heavyweights Barcelona in a gloriously chaotic and utterly one-sided quarter-final tie in Lisbon.

The high-pressing, energetic and ruthless German champions were on a different level to their Spanish rivals, as they have been for pretty much every opponent they have faced in Europe this season and in every competition since football restarted in June.

They scored four times in the first half, added another quartet in the second, and could easily have netted more against a shell-shocked and shambolic Barca side whose defensive errors were too numerous to recount and who now have a new and embarrassing record defeat in European competition to their name.

Bayern were not entirely infallible, though, with Barca's forward players - inevitably led by Lionel Messi and Luis Suarez - regularly finding space in behind to cause problems and test Manuel Neuer.

In a dizzyingly madcap opening 10 minutes, Thomas Muller fired Bayern ahead following a one-two with Robert Lewandowski and David Alaba wildly sliced a Jordi Alba cross into his own net to restore parity, before Suarez was denied by Neuer and Messi hit the post with a curling cross through a packed box.

The following 22 minutes took the game away from Barca, with Ivan Perisic smashing in a deflected second for Bayern before Serge Gnabry finished off a delightful ball over the top from Leon Goretzka, and Muller poked in his second at the near post.

A neat turn and finish from Suarez after the break gave the Spanish side hope, but this was snuffed out by arguably the pick of the goals - a Joshua Kimmich side-foot finish following some stunning skill and speed and excellent delivery from Alphonso Davies.

Robert Lewandowski headed his 14th Champions League goal in just eight games before salt was poured into Barca's deep wounds as Philippe Coutinho - on loan from the Spanish side - netted a seventh and eighth via close-range finishes after coming off the bench.

Bayern are by far the most decorated side left in the competition, having won the European Cup/Champions League on five occasions, most recently in 2013 and look comfortably the strongest left in this season's tournament.

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Danilo Perišić
Danilo Perišić:
When it's 5-2 but you know that Lewandowski still hasn't scored 😂😂
Whenever I'm feeling low, I watch this highlights
Thankyou Barcelona♥️
Jeff Kaaa
Jeff Kaaa:
This will never get lost and be a benchmark for future generations of humiliation and crushing a big opponent.
It is in general just a perfect video from multiple perspectives. High quality, perfect replays, excellent goals, proper respect of the players towards each other and two big names of which one fails big time. Love it!
Ruhul Amin
Ruhul Amin:
Reason why Nuer is German Main Choice not Ter Stegen
Tushar Jaswani
Tushar Jaswani:
Just 1 day left in Barca vs Bayern 22/23 year 1st match
And This match still horrifying me😵😵
Hvasaa Nigga
Hvasaa Nigga:
I just watched this video as a Barca fan, just in case we lose again today. So even if we lose I highly believe it won’t be as bad as this video. I really hope we win, we need to recover after all these problems Bayern gave us past few years 😂
Visca Barca, Visca Catalunya 🔵🔴👏🏼
Deniz Gojak
Deniz Gojak:
Watching this makes me think Barcelona will never ever recover from this
Kingdom of Kush
Kingdom of Kush:
How many easy goals bayern waisted here that could have been much worse 😂
Arrazi Nebukadnezzar
Arrazi Nebukadnezzar:
Watching this back after you find out that Barcelona are on the same group with Bayern Munich again in UCL 2022/23 season.

Me: "Aw shit, here we go again..."
Jack Napier
Jack Napier:
It’s 2022 and as a Madrid fan I’m still laughing with this game🤣🤣🤣🤣!
elric sedric
elric sedric:
Coutinho was a barca player who got 2 goals and 1 assist against them in one game. How Does that feel 😭
Ayush Singh
Ayush Singh:
I see there aren't much views on Bayern vs Barcelona 8-2 match on all the available videos on YouTube 😂 even Barca fans ashamed of watching this
Debajyoti Roy
Debajyoti Roy:
When Alaba had scored OG that time i used so many slang on him 😂😂
First time in football history 8 goals against Messi !
ashya raskar
ashya raskar:
Messi is still searching goal.
Again 22-23 CL they Both are in same group😂😂😂
Damien O'Callaghan
Damien O'Callaghan:
Eight goals away at the not camp. What a shame there was no one there
watched this game with a friend of mine who's a barca fan. Poor guy got blitzkrieged by Bayern & me. We stopped trolling him after the score became 4-1. 😂
the finish from alaba to neuer was cool...
Pokkrong Undamrongkarn
Pokkrong Undamrongkarn:
Coutinho best game since he join barca
Бавария просто вынесла средняк
Carim Charles
Carim Charles:
and Atletico won the league and they still gave the ballon dor to messi -.- wtf
Sri Sulastri
Sri Sulastri:
Rekor dunia,,salut untuk Barca
Muhammed Waqas
Muhammed Waqas:
Who is watching this today before they meet again tonight 😂
Ruslan Mirzoev
Ruslan Mirzoev:
Карлик, тебя просто не почувствовали в этом матче...
Chargy Haynes
Chargy Haynes:
Can't believe this line up and formation coach was indeed a jack A**
Saidd haidery
Saidd haidery:
Vidal leaving bayern and joining barca in the wrong years
Afnan Muhd
Afnan Muhd:
We go again next week, This time with a much better squad. Time to see where we stand alongside the European Heavy weights.
Tactical masterclass from Queque Setien and vidal on CAM position
Ahmed Abughalia
Ahmed Abughalia:
griezmann is the best player but he accidentally to a very weak club
“Ah shit, here we go again”
Mickayla Henry
Mickayla Henry:
Two years 🙌🏻
Fatma Ajroud
Fatma Ajroud:
Bayren munich:⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️
Ra Ra
Ra Ra:
You want proof that Messi is overrated? This is the proof.
Mss Direction
Mss Direction:
Lenglet was the only reason barca lost like this, put a better cb at that time and barca could win that match with that squad
Messi & suarez vs bayern munich , that’s what the title should’ve been
Ahamed Kuraishi
Ahamed Kuraishi:
Biggest mistake barca made is not putting lenglet in bench
Millah Musyir
Millah Musyir:
This match make Barcelona always trauma when they face Bayern munich
Ciel-Inshyrhar Baidoe-Ansah
Ciel-Inshyrhar Baidoe-Ansah:
Barcelona has turned shaa. They used to be my favorite club
Good bayern muchen🥰
Assia Siaas
Assia Siaas:
Quelle humiliation
Samrat Dutta
Samrat Dutta:
Sergi Roberto still playing at Barca. Disgrace.
Thomas Muller is Goat 🐐
Jayaram J
Jayaram J:
Who is here after 2-0
Just Olsi
Just Olsi:
They will face each other again
Saad Durand
Saad Durand :
Xavi is not yet a competent coach.. why ferran torres in this kind of match, we need goal he brought up garcia, De jong should have start the match, lewangoalski didn't deliver well today, dembele was off because he was changing position with raphinha and ANSU FATI should've start ahead of raphinha... Nice first half but bad second half.... Better days ahead
skull breaker
skull breaker:
😂😂😂😂😂 8 goal
shubham yadav
shubham yadav:
should have been double digits man....
Sofiane Aouamer
Sofiane Aouamer:
🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 poor barcelona
Evandro Gouveia
Evandro Gouveia:
Grande desprezo pelo timinho da cidade condal
Red dot
Red dot:
Lewandowski future Barcelona player
Barca was humiliated that day..
Wild Animal
Wild Animal:
so barcelona basically have brazilian mentality.
Anish Ghimire
Anish Ghimire:
Wow mess da goat, the saviour, the messiah 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Evandro Gouveia
Evandro Gouveia:
DEudalona! Palancalona!
David Moïs
David Moïs:
C'est toujours Real Madrid les champions du monde
Noobmaster 97
Noobmaster 97:
FC Raped-lona 🔥🔥🔥
Communist twat
Communist twat:
barca was a failure but bayern players were high on roids its undeniable
1Fcb to other >>>>>>>>>>>>>> Fcb 🤣🤣😂.
they're facing each other again
Ruslan Mirzoev
Ruslan Mirzoev:
Карлик, ты забил в этом матче???
Scrappy Te cholo
Scrappy Te cholo:
*BAY **_2-0_** BAR*
Ali Hassan
Ali Hassan:
Bayern don’t need Lewandoski
Barca forever
Maeve Rajpal
Maeve Rajpal:
poor defence by barca
Bayern always better than Barcelona
No doubt
Ocimin Club
Ocimin Club:
Mantapcuy lewandoski bagus
so so satisfying
Unofficial Channel
Unofficial Channel:
I am still in shocked after watching this how horrible this defense was of barca
Iraq Iraq
Iraq Iraq:
Sourav Kanti Debnath
Sourav Kanti Debnath:
When you realised that araujo fati dembele riqi is benched and we start our line up with roberto vidal semedo pique and off form suarez
Line up should be
Firpo over semedo because he pocketed mbappe in 20-21 ucl .
Araujo over pique
Riqi over roberto because that time rakitic was known for backpass and riqi was his best potential form.
Messi in vidal role
In frontline fati and Dembele
We should end up atleast 4-2 or 4-3 loss not 8-2 .
Ash har
Ash har:
india unscripted
india unscripted:
Oluseyi Oluwadamilare
Oluseyi Oluwadamilare:
Who was that person crying?
Pierre Quentin Ruremesha
Pierre Quentin Ruremesha:
Arrêtez toute cette haine
Sergeant KTC
Sergeant KTC:
Who is here because of the game tonight
Pessi hahahha
Pique pique 🤡🤡🤡🤡
Seke Batka
Seke Batka:
Goalkeeper nb
abdulla firas
abdulla firas:
برشلونة فريق جيس حب
Parsa D
Parsa D:
This match shows that people made Massi something that he is not, how can he go as a legend after this shit 💩, that’s why you can’t never be a legend because it doesn’t exist 😮
Adou Iguila
Adou Iguila:
Bayern a ni tche encore
Luckily there was no supporter here
Best Zalefy
Best Zalefy:
Messi sucks ahhaha ronaldo best what à humiliation
Jay Tissera
Jay Tissera:
Well..... hahahaa
David Kupka
David Kupka:
Barca has Brasil flashbacks 😆
Science Buddies
Science Buddies:
fate is going to change today
Ismail Junior
Ismail Junior:
Barcelona Ismail Imip tahun 2022
Ghina Putri Ramadhani
Ghina Putri Ramadhani: