Barcelona vs Cadiz Extended 1-1 Highlights & All Goals 2021 HD

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50 komentarze:

Shadows xD145
Shadows xD145:
Barca needs a finisher. Dembele needs to stop shooting randomly. We miss 30 chances like we are a 3rd team.
Ntuthuko Ntanzi
Ntuthuko Ntanzi:
You're very good with this, keep it up. I just watched a longer video but I didn't see as many things as these here
Sending Luis Suarez and buying Braitwaithe... Even a Real Madrid agent don't do that. In addition what must Lenglet do to be out of squad anymore?
N.V .HùnG
N.V .HùnG:
it's still a lenglet that's a lenglet with disastrous mistakes 😌
Wily kath
Wily kath:
Sadly this is the last season for messi in barcelona jersey so enjoy the end is coming n new is about to come
SunSeeker 2000
SunSeeker 2000:
What is this finishing?Yes Dembele is trying and has pace and skill but his shots are disastrous.Antoine always destroying at least one good chance.The defence is terrible but the attack is not looking too hot either.
David C
David C:
Another gifted penalty
Dr Diabolical
Dr Diabolical:
Mohammad Abdullah
Mohammad Abdullah:
thnks for uploading
HERDI muhammad
HERDI muhammad:
thnx 4 upload
Maciel sales
Maciel sales:
Tem que respeitar a qualidade que esse Messi tem é outro nível 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
Luna Parker
Luna Parker:
thnks for uploading
Trojan Horse
Trojan Horse:
Was there too much wind? How did they miss this many chances?
Mirnes Cilic
Mirnes Cilic:
What time waa the game played?
Adhil Anu
Adhil Anu:
Hernan Caceres
Hernan Caceres:
Barca 🤦🏻‍♂️😂
Baluilui Sohkhlet
Baluilui Sohkhlet:
Time to sell Lenglet
Marcos Fernandes
Marcos Fernandes:
Só faz gol de pênalti kk
Key Key
Key Key:
Both penalties for dolphins...
Murugan PS
Murugan PS:
hating the new rules of penalty.
Jairo Maldonado
Jairo Maldonado:
Ninguno de los 2 fueron penaltys,
vibhav binani
vibhav binani:
Pessi anyone
Oliver Veloso
Oliver Veloso:
Espn😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 a llorar no mas
The singh
The singh:
Messi uyr
Zahoro Muhamed
Zahoro Muhamed:
Nazish Parveen
Nazish Parveen:
We had 20 chances on goal yet we just got 4 on target and 80% possession yet we concede a draw with cadiz . Come on!
Edgar Axel
Edgar Axel:
putra bahari
putra bahari:
No penalty no party..barca😁
Basiru Abdullahi
Basiru Abdullahi:
Juan Cancino
Juan Cancino:
Roberto Rios
Roberto Rios:
I knew Messi would do it again!!
Giezi González
Giezi González:
No penalty no party
william zuna
william zuna:
Rafa no me jodas
Pepe Grillo
Pepe Grillo:
Karimbay Rembayev
Karimbay Rembayev:
В барселона тебе нехуй делит
Wan Xhope
Wan Xhope:
Soy del madrid pero soy del madrid
k tom
k tom:
Messi scored a goal against Cadiz, from a penalty. GOAT! Genius! Definitely worth half a billion...
Ziad ishere
Ziad ishere:
the result tells nothing about the match, it was totally one sided ,Barca were just unlucky,
liverpool fan passing by ✌
Gokul Kanna
Gokul Kanna:
looking for barca fans who are blaming lenglet,pique,greizie,dembele whilst defending messi.
Oh my God, Messi is finished 😢
Sundaresh Kumar
Sundaresh Kumar:
Under Koeman Barcelona will never win any title. Koeman will cry for sending Luis Suarez out unceremoniously from Barcelona
Nicolás Suárez
Nicolás Suárez:
Frionel Fressi 🥶
Edgar Axel
Edgar Axel:
Alex Gallegos
Alex Gallegos:
Gaming Club
Gaming Club:
Varcelona 🤡🤡
Ρ. κοστα
Ρ. κοστα:
Disappointment from Barca fan... please give Messi away for free or just pay him to leave and build a new Barcelona