Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves 5-1 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021 HD

Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves 5-1 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021 HD
Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves 5-1 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021 HD
Barcelona vs Deportivo Alaves 5-1 Extended Highlights & Goals 2021 HD

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Dios Del Mame
Dios Del Mame:
I'm a cristiano fan, my sargent is awesome, he is a leader, but messi man, he just turns football into pure poetry, this guy plays a different game, what he does is something else, is above soccer...
Ndika Mahrendra
Ndika Mahrendra:
Mantab Trincao, semoga makin pede dan gacor
Ameen Roshan
Ameen Roshan:
അത് മെസ്സി ആണ് അയാള് അങ്ങനെ ആണ് messi 💓💓💓
Nawab Irshad
Nawab Irshad:
The two Messi goals were out of this world
Aswin Asok
Aswin Asok:
Messi absolutely deserve each of those million dollar wages
I Putu Myartawan
I Putu Myartawan:
Oh.... Messi and now, Trincao.
But I always love the spirit of Antoine. He is a smart player and will be able to adjust himself to Messi and the team. Though he did not score, his pass after getting the beautiful chip from Messi was incredible. He was a bit unlucky.
Deepak Gautam
Deepak Gautam:
Messi is the Most beautiful thing ever happened in football ❤️

Generations has to wait hundreds of years to watch more beautiful footballer than him 🙏🏽

I'm a Ronaldo fan 🙂 😀
Lionel Messi
Lionel Messi:
*Lionel Messi has now created 1️⃣0️⃣1️⃣ chances in 20/21*
Memmed Nagiyev
Memmed Nagiyev:
Messi❤ KING
Mhd Rashid
Mhd Rashid:
7:22 that pass from messi 🔥
Amin Laskar
Amin Laskar:
7:51 best goal of the season🐐
We're ready for PSG
Jeremy Agutu
Jeremy Agutu:
I see M6ssi's performance has reached the Turin.😂😂
Abishek Baskaran
Abishek Baskaran:
8:11 this is enough for us fans 😍
404_Priyanshu Srivastava_T15
404_Priyanshu Srivastava_T15:
To all those who says Messi can't score from outside the box.. Those 2 goals were for you!!!
Andrew Gyenfie
Andrew Gyenfie:
This is my Barca I fell in love with,growing up
Kalana Gamage
Kalana Gamage:
It's just look like the good old days.
Forkanul Azim
Forkanul Azim:
If we get coutinho and fati again that will make a benefit for us against PSG
Zoubair Oudrhiri
Zoubair Oudrhiri:
umtiti comes in, it's a goal for alaves.. his best days are behind him unfortunately
Rahul Roy
Rahul Roy:
Messsi anne uyireeeeee
Respect to Messi ❤️
Griezmann is such a selfless player man, always looking for passes that could earn a goal for the team. But I'd love to see him play a little selfish coz he's a World class player and can do magic himself ❤️
Samran Zafar
Samran Zafar:
8:17 when assists are cooler than goal🔥
Jaderson Brasilino
Jaderson Brasilino:
Messi fazendo dentro de campo parecendo ser fácil dá passes para gol, e até mesmo o próprio gol kkkkk.
Simplesmente genial
Farhan Zayan
Farhan Zayan:
8:07 - 8:10 played like Messi, scored like Ronaldo.
_Salman __leo
_Salman __leo:
King Leo❤
Dream league soccer
Dream league soccer:
Woow 79.03 messi amazing pre assist incredible look😍😍😍😍😍
To ReĐa
To ReĐa:
*FT* Alavés 1-5 Barcelona
Francisco Trincão (²⁹’) ⚽️
Leo Messi (⁴⁵+¹’) ⚽️
Francisco Trincão (⁷⁴’) ⚽️
Leo Messi (⁷⁵’) ⚽️
Junior Firpo (⁸⁰’) ⚽️ ..
Teddy M
Teddy M:
Messi has awakened in this year.
What's with their goalie, it's 5-1 still he made some super saves
Messi continues to do this crazy stuff even when he is getting older, insane accuracy.
Messi is insane with the passes
Maxmud Halilov
Maxmud Halilov:
Респект 👍👍👍
D K:
Leo is fantastic. Almost a hattrick and the balls to Griezmann were phenomenal.
Intisar Zaman
Intisar Zaman:
GOAT 🐐🔵🔴
Phonix fire
Phonix fire:
that Defense Splitting pass from Pedri 🥵
Zalaikam Haokip
Zalaikam Haokip:
Happy valentines day🥰
Vimala Mambrath
Vimala Mambrath:
Today messi should have scored hattrick if it wasn’t for the var
Two awesome goals
Anjalose Wilson
Anjalose Wilson:
Defence umbikal annenkilum trincao,puig, pedri okee out of this world performance
Jahidul Kabir
Jahidul Kabir:
that's why he is boss...,❤️❤️
anthony mitri
anthony mitri:
both messis goals <3 the pass on the last goal. messi never ceaze to amaze what a god.
ini isaac
ini isaac:
08:16 what a pass from Messi👏
shimkie 87
shimkie 87:
Be nice to see ansu fati back aswell!!!
Oogway ,
Oogway ,:
Alen Raphy
Alen Raphy:
What a goal by messi❤️
Dollor Sign One Time
Dollor Sign One Time:
Puig + Pedri in Midfield just change the Whole game after 70th Min
And Of course Messi is the Man Behind the Success
Sulaiman Amina
Sulaiman Amina:
Valentines gift ❤❤
58-Naveen G C
58-Naveen G C:
Messi that pass though💥❤️❤️
Anjani Ojha
Anjani Ojha:
Splendid goals , teamwork play
Our legendary Messi is finally back...💯💯
Tejas Gaikwad
Tejas Gaikwad:
This is real Barcelona ❤️🔥
Arya Hamal
Arya Hamal:
No one talking about firpo... He is really upgrading.
aw sw
aw sw:
iliax is a new player. He needs a bit more time in the pitch to adjust comfortably.
ismael castro mejia
ismael castro mejia:
Messi es de otro planeta sin duda alguna otro nivel
Kishor Rane
Kishor Rane:
2 goals 2 assist messi 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Bleck Man
Bleck Man:
🥺❤️Ohhh mann!!!
Dr. Aarti Gangurde
Dr. Aarti Gangurde:
This match proves that why Messi is known as Magician
ajith ma
ajith ma:
Parallel World
Parallel World:
There is magician in the ground who can make magical story from the ball❤️
Anus Tahshin
Anus Tahshin:
Goat was amezing tonight
Laise Santiago
Laise Santiago:
Puig Trincao e Dembelé é Titular Absoluto No Barça.
Sadly they'll all let Messi down against PSG, and he'll end up taking the blame for it again. He's proof there is no such thing as a one man team, no matter how talented a player you are.
Now I am really excited for PSG vs Barça
Pode Pá
Pode Pá:
1:00 começa o jogo
De Jong as cb 😔
Putra Bayu Septian
Putra Bayu Septian:
Best game trincao so far
Sm Ph
Sm Ph:
Angel bavron
Angel bavron:
MD Nesar Ahemmed
MD Nesar Ahemmed:
This is amazing Messi and the next level
Dedek mitt
Dedek mitt:
Great job
Ainun Najib
Ainun Najib:
Loh ini nama chanelnya ko juventus?
G A N Z:
Trincao di tangan Koeman GACORRR
Allen Octave
Allen Octave:
Everyone is talking about Messi, but the engine of the team was Puig. Watching him play for 90min was beautiful, with him there was never a time the ball would pause unless it reaches Busquet and slow down. Puig knew his options before he received the ball and his ball handling and vision is amazing. Oh mehn when Pedri came in it was icing on the cake it was just free flowing football. We did get 15min of what we wanted Pedri and Puig in mf.
Murshed ahmed Mahi
Murshed ahmed Mahi:
What a goal messi. We need eric garcia against psg.
Samir Murmu
Samir Murmu:
Love from india
Malayali undo
What a goal by messi
Bhiku Joshi
Bhiku Joshi:
What a form messi was in today. Superb.
Abdullah Sani Al Muna
Abdullah Sani Al Muna:
I gotta be honest. When Umtiti came in, I said, oh please not Umtiti
syarif ayiep
syarif ayiep:
Smoga tampil ciamik lagi saat lawan PSG dan Sevilla nanti.
Adil Nadeem
Adil Nadeem:
could have been 8-1 or 9-1 if trincao and griezmann did not miss those easy peazy chances
logical human
logical human:
When Barcelona score a goal 90% time there will be a LIONEL MESSI involvement 😍
Somi.zaidi Lahore123
Somi.zaidi Lahore123:
I am a Ronaldo fan but I support messi as well he is also a legend.
Respect for Messi from Ronaldo and his fans.
guarani cromado
guarani cromado:
I can't decide, who is the best, Messi or Maradona.
Champions League TV
Champions League TV:
Ferdous Miah
Ferdous Miah:
What a goal leo messi!
Ryan Dispecki
Ryan Dispecki:
The youthful history reversely paint because slope nationally preach inside a measly women. boiling, heartbreaking van
Wily kath
Wily kath:
Messi is the last star for barca coz the way he creates chances r 👌👌👌 his a perfect winger who can create n open up spaces plus shoot
កែស សម្បត្តិ
កែស សម្បត្តិ:
John Threeson
John Threeson:
Always Messi so Barcelona 👍🙏🙏
jhon wayne
jhon wayne:
Someone needs to tell off trincao he is extremely selfish he never passes the ball to the man that's free in the box he instead always shoots prime example is when ilaix assisted him but when ilaix was free in the box trincao ignores him misses
rizkisalis channel
rizkisalis channel:
Itu baju kayak baju psg
Salvation Nana Asamoah
Salvation Nana Asamoah:
Good work done F C B
I love u Messi
I love you Barcelona
Tp tech
Tp tech:
Malayilal come on
Nm Channel99
Nm Channel99:
Juventus vs napoli
Christian x
Christian x:
Gg barca 😉❤❤❤💙💙💙
Tonmoy hossain Roadh
Tonmoy hossain Roadh:
Love you bosss messi 🧡💛🧡
Mark Factor
Mark Factor:
Greizman leading the congratulatory team
RO na LD
RO na LD:
wtf dat wasn't an offside