Barcelona vs Girona 3-1 Highlights All Goals Pre-season 16.09.2020

Barcelona vs Girona 3-1 Highlights All Goals Pre-season 16.09.2020

Μπαρτσελόνα - Χιρόνα 3-1 Στιγμιότυπα 16.09.2020

Philippe Coutinho 21'
Lionel Messi 45'

Samuel Sáiz 46'
Lionel Messi 51'

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Elsever Babayev
Elsever Babayev:
First goal: greizmann-messi-trincao-coutinho. Beautiful combination
titos jeremias cumbe
titos jeremias cumbe:
Good to see Coutinho, Trincão Griezmman and Messi together.
Antonio Espinoza
Antonio Espinoza:
How did Messi make the 1st goal it was crazy 😜 lol
Rishabh Mishra
Rishabh Mishra:
that right foot shot was just fireeeee
Red Beast
Red Beast:
ARAUJO !! Played absolutely beautiful!! I will start him over pique !! He might not be as good as pique but ARAUJOS confidence has to be sky rocket !
maneesh abdul salam
maneesh abdul salam:
Messi shoots with his right leg 💯
Subham Mishra
Subham Mishra:
Thanks man for the quick highlights. Much gratitude.
Ruben Hernandez
Ruben Hernandez:
Messi tryna get that weak foot upgrade 🥵
Francisco Castillo
Francisco Castillo:
Si el Barza sigue jugando al tiki- taka sin bandas , se va a llevar mas de una goleada en La Liga....con una simple pared destruyeron la defensa barcelonista
Andre nesta Nesta
Andre nesta Nesta:
Messi's best answer to critics including old hog bertemou
Ousai Jallow
Ousai Jallow:
Its him again he is a genius lio messi🔥🔥
michael puente
michael puente:
Koeman playing Messi behind the striker is a W, this will be an exciting season!
Leonel Hernandez
Leonel Hernandez:
Estos madrenvidia minimizando al Girona, cuando el año pasado les gano 2-1 en su estadio Bernabeu, con goles de Stuani y Portugues. Jui jui jui.
Messi was 'right' this time!! :)
spanish kat
spanish kat:
Griezmann - Messi - Trincao - Coutinho, una gran base para el ataque.
trincao is really good! loved that play with messi and trincao what a goal!
Generasi Biru
Generasi Biru:
I'll give you a look at how to Shoot the right leg "messi"
Magicguy 1942
Magicguy 1942:
1:48 thats wht i miss so much
Promising- second half a lot more fluidity and movement. More willingness to pass forward and positionally a lot more better making it more open and more space to play in. Where as first half a lot more flat- Messi grizzamen and countinho all dropping deep and coming to collect the ball making it all cramped and making it hard to play. as much as grizeman is a good player and would be good for any other team but I feel he is a wasted posistion and one of the new guys would be more beneficial as we saw with Pedri the way he sits in that little pocket how iniesta used to showed when he could of scored 2 and he was more effective. Griez just seems lost- collects from deep does a two yard pass then runs back up play. The same with busqiests as once an amazing player he was I feel someone like puig is more effective and has shown that he is more capable and willingness to make things happen.
The sound of that post! nice
Pitt Bulldog
Pitt Bulldog:
Messi shot always aurprise the goal keeper.P.Countinho is improving since his move from bayern.
Shathiis Selvarajoo
Shathiis Selvarajoo:
The fact is without Messi, Barcelona will be over
Ago Hugo Altjoe
Ago Hugo Altjoe:
Messi really has been training his right foot 💥
Stanley Kinyanjui
Stanley Kinyanjui:
I have always looked forward to messi changing positions .. This was good
1:04 coutinho 21' BAR
1:46 messi 45' BAR
2:01 samu saiz 46' GIR
2:12 messi 51' BAR
Reda Ali Alsady
Reda Ali Alsady:
🗣 #Koeman: "Messi, Griezmann and Coutinho can play anywhere in attack, which is good for the team. Barcelona's future is guaranteed with all of these young, quality players."

"Suárez and I spoke this morning about his future. We're waiting to see if he stays or not. If he finally stays, he will be one more player in the squad."

"On Saturday, there will be players who play 90 minutes."
Mário Afonso
Mário Afonso:
I actually watched the highlights because I fell asleep in the first half....same boring team we had last year...take Messi out and it's a boring 1-1 draw vs are these guys gonna win the cl again? way
Onurbb Seripp
Onurbb Seripp:
We need to improve our defense...
Gerrard Clemente
Gerrard Clemente:
Barcelona playins equall that "Necaxa"
Demon Headmaster
Demon Headmaster:
Barca already look more fluid.. koeman is a good fit for them hope he does well.. messi 1st goal was sik
Sergey Makarov
Sergey Makarov:
Messi made his deal and go out.
When Messi shoots, goalkeeper prays 🙏
miguel isla
miguel isla:
Cuando Messi está dentro de una cancha los demás jugadores parecen amateurs , Messi y cristiano los mejores profesionales del futbol lejos....
Ramiro Godosian
Ramiro Godosian:
Messi: 👽
FootBall Highlights 01
FootBall Highlights 01:
No-look forward pass to create, Right foot long range and left foot long range( lucky deflection though).
Without messi what would they do?
El team esta buenisimo! le tengo fe <3 solo podrian mejorar la defensa
Lucas Vazquez Cuestas
Lucas Vazquez Cuestas:
Comparado con Messi, el resto se mueve como si tuviera un huevo atado a una pierna.
Jorge Alberto Peña Garcia
Jorge Alberto Peña Garcia:
Con cualquier entrenador , y con cualquier sistema , el mejor del mundo mesi es imprescindible.
Way wiz
Way wiz:
Necessitem un cambi en defensa molt dur
J.J. Jary
J.J. Jary:
What a Pink Jersey... T- shirt like a.. Beach Boys.. My God!! PLeasE You STOP - Punish Us..
Batman Bin Suparman
Batman Bin Suparman:
1:45 Messis insane goal
Jorge Fernández
Jorge Fernández:
Que paso con esos canales de Youtube que estaban transmitiendo el partido me imagino que ilegalmente
Dinand Audhoe
Dinand Audhoe:
Zak Noori
Zak Noori:
Woow Messi n cr7 continue to remain on top. First Ronaldo’s wonderful brace against Sweden to get his 101 international goals and now another beautiful brace by Messi and one with his weak foot!
Eduardo Franco
Eduardo Franco:
no soy tan seguidor del futbol español y veo estos resumenes por messi pero que colores de la camiseta del barcelona más horrible
the boss #
the boss #:
Thank you
Ovan Rii
Ovan Rii:
When nepotism no longer exist within the team. Great football 👍.
Why pink though
cicada 398
cicada 398:
Yes no 7 Griezmann is back 🥳🥳
nicolas miranda
nicolas miranda:
1:45 para vos FIFA 21
Titan General
Titan General:
Stunning 2nd goal from the GOAT!!
Zaki Sahlani
Zaki Sahlani:
i thought coutinho will be permanently at bayern munich
Mohamed Jama
Mohamed Jama:
does these 2 goals count for messi in breaking the pele record? most goals for a single club
Cŕeo que se confirma que el 7 esta maldito cou dejo el 7 y esta brillando griezman tiene el 7 y esta peor que antes
Messi has 5 week foot after this game :D
Countinho is come back to Barcelona?
Leo Messi
Leo Messi:
A A:
Konrad de la Fuente 👌💯
Ruben Duran
Ruben Duran:
en serio cuando este equipo juegue o su base sean mas españoles y unos dos o tres jugadores extranjeros, incluyendo a messi.
te diria que la liga españolaaa, es la mejor o el barca es un equipazo!!
aun asi dicen que messi es el mejor del mundo, pues nunca a funcionado en su seleccion y es una muestra que no la haria en otro equipo.
estando 15 años o mas en un equipo y que no anotes suficientes goles con todos los jugadores extranjeros que tiene este equipo, seria una farsa total!!
Mela Pelan
Mela Pelan:
*que pinche idioma tan de la verga* 😂
Isra Ubeda
Isra Ubeda:
Ahhhhh pero contra el Bayer 😂😂😂
K G:
I like this formation Barcelona played. Griezmann is finally playing up front, de Jong and Busquets playing as deep lying midfielders. This is what we need
Bonitos Y Gorditos
Bonitos Y Gorditos:
Araujo 💪✌✌
Franco Yackel
Franco Yackel:
La verdad que el arquero del Girona demostró bastante, buen arquero
Maxi Quiroga
Maxi Quiroga:
esa defensa del barca no va más, si no contratan buenos defensores, el 8 a 2 lo vamos a seguir viendo!
Mustofa Enzo
Mustofa Enzo:
Suarez mn
Coutinjho 👍👍
Berihun Asnakew
Berihun Asnakew:
amazing goal from messi..
Tahire Kovaqi
Tahire Kovaqi:
Messi or Messing ❤️👍😎
Balton Malson
Balton Malson:
I do not owe anyone anymore because of, *p a i d t o b e h o m e .c o m*
Lucas MDFK
Lucas MDFK:
en este partido participo mas griezman que en todo lo que lleva en el barca
tus ediciones son malisimas
Zhian Malik
Zhian Malik:
Willy Slv
Willy Slv:
I am Soldier
I am Soldier:
*King Lionel MESSI*
Mylah Sullivan
Mylah Sullivan:
Hi Guys 😍💋 💝💖
sulisadil BADRUDDIN
sulisadil BADRUDDIN:
Reda Ali Alsady
Reda Ali Alsady:
🗣 #Araújo: "I'm very happy to be with the first team. I worked hard to get here."

"I'm very happy with the level at which the team has shown, there are things we have to improve but we are happy with what is being offered."
Marcos Calderon
Marcos Calderon:
A pero contra el bayern 😂😂😂
Bargela perera
Bargela perera:
Bayern 😂😂😂
Cuendo jueguen en competición europea hablamos...
Juan Donaire
Juan Donaire:
leo Messi 👑👑👑
Titan General
Titan General:
Those very. hot pink jerseys though... Lol!!
Nazareno Vazquez
Nazareno Vazquez:
Esto es magia lo de Messi papu
Rubin 14
Rubin 14:
Happy to see barca b player getting promoted to barca a. Good job Donald Trump lite
J Haris
J Haris:
Imagine scoring the second goal with your weaker foot
Mike Angelo Amargura
Mike Angelo Amargura:
Ya quedó claro cual es el lío del barca???? La defensa por favor!!!!!!!
Sergio P.
Sergio P.:
I wonder how much Barcelona pays their uniform-stylist..
Who in wealth would do pink and light-green?
Serkan Taş
Serkan Taş:
Mekanin sahibi kral geri donmus
Juan Lopez
Juan Lopez:
Hahahahha pero con Bayer Múnich jajajaja
Reda Ali Alsady
Reda Ali Alsady:
#كومان: 🎙 "ميسي وجريزمان وكوتينيو يمكن أن يلعبوا في أي مكان في الهجوم ، وهذا أمر جيد للفريق. مستقبل برشلونة مضمون مع كل هؤلاء اللاعبين الشباب المتميزين". "تحدثنا أنا وسوارز هذا الصباح عن مستقبله. نحن ننتظر لنرى ما إذا كان سيبقى أم ​​لا. إذا بقي أخيرًا ، فسيكون لاعبًا آخر في الفريق." "يوم السبت ، سيكون هناك لاعبون يلعبون 90 دقيقة."
Colin Cha
Colin Cha:
valen el gamer villafañe
valen el gamer villafañe:
Todo muy bien se ganó, pero le siguen metiendo goles al barca y eso que es un amistoso habría que replantear si está defensa está para juegos más complicados!!!! Se nacesita un giro total en la defensa!!!
Barca pinky pinky 😁
Francisco Serafin
Francisco Serafin:
Está feisimo el traje :(
Ah... Pero contra el Bayer.
bilel off
bilel off:
Le gardien est pas humain
Worst ever kits for a big team like Barcelona 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jes Js
Jes Js:
Pink + blue kits?? Oh noo