Barcelona vs. Real Valladolid recap: 'CRITICAL' 3 points for Lionel Messi and company | ESPN FC

ESPN FC's Julien Laurens and Alejandro Moreno share their thoughts on Barcelona's 1-0 win over Real Valladolid pulling within one point of league leaders Atletico Madrid. Laurens says despite Lionel Messi's bad day at the office, Barca was able to find a way to win. Moreno points out how important the three points is for Barcelona, and outlines what Atletico Madrid's locker room must be like with their first-place lead gone.

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Jared Vasquez
Jared Vasquez:
People saying messi ghosted but this was Messi's 1st game without a Goal/Assist in the league in 5 months
Best thing of this match that Messi and Frenkie didn’t get booked
Ndukwe Samuel
Ndukwe Samuel:
Barcelona winning the league would be one of the biggest league miracles ever
Latria Inspirations
Latria Inspirations:
Being a Barca fan is a rollercoaster of emotions.
Murray Marshawn
Murray Marshawn:
Riqui Puig made the goal possible. He entered the pitch and things started to happen. He's a special player, the kind of player that makes magical things possible by his inclusion.
Kareem Lawson
Kareem Lawson:
I hate watching first games after international breaks lol, but boy when dembele scored I screamed lool
This is how league titles are won, great determination for the boys
December, espnfc: will Barcelona make it to top 4 champions league football????

Today: 1 point away from championship
Chadrick Hollingsworth
Chadrick Hollingsworth:
Ale Moreno would die before he admits that Dembele had a good game. That whole second half he was dangerous, winning fouls , making runs and chances and yet...
Willem van Haaren
Willem van Haaren:
Once again, no mentioning of Frenkie de Jong. He's like a superman playing all positions perfectly every game. After Messi the backbone of this team. Perhaps he should have been French or British to be noticed?
John Abraham
John Abraham:
Barcelona are clear favourites to win the league without any doubt
Leonardo Cruz
Leonardo Cruz:
The back and forth was insane, entertaining match.
Mateo Perdomo
Mateo Perdomo:
I pray to god El Clasico has no controversy from either side. Plsssss 🙏
This was a must win match and Barcelona won it. It was a difficult game but they find a way out.
Messi Skills
Messi Skills:
Dembele is very important player 🔥🔥🔥
Lab Mix
Lab Mix:
ESPN hates Dembele cuz even when he does something good they always find a way to criticize him 😂😂😂😂
Vipul Sehgal
Vipul Sehgal:
Credit to koeman who changed the tactics, went to a back 3 that suits these players. Great work coach should be applauded the most. From where they were few months ago when playing back 4 to where they are now with a back 3 is great work by the coach. He is key to this success coz if this was any other coach i don't think barca would have changed their style. What he did with netherlands and now with barca is just magnificent.
Censored by Google
Censored by Google:
Only Spain and France have title races. Germany and Italy were decided two days ago.
And the "most competitive league" last had a title race two years ago.
Kareem C
Kareem C:
Everyone is rusty after international break. We’ll be fine
Ahmed Mohamed
Ahmed Mohamed:
Credit to Valladolid, they made life very tough for Barca. Never a red card in my opinon. It was soft. The win is all that matters, El Clasico will tell us who will win La Liga.
This clasico will be the first entertaining and deciding clasico since ronaldo left. 🔥
mani kmd
mani kmd:
Messi 🐐
Knows how to get the work done without getting booked ..
We goona see free flowing natural Messi in el classico with expressive Frankie de jong
Marchel Sugi
Marchel Sugi:
Thank God there was no "Lenglet's Moment" in this game.
Hassan Ayoade
Hassan Ayoade:
It's a pity, no one is really praising Dembele for that goal. I know how they would have sounded had it been Messi.
what a tight season this has gotten!! Personally i think whoever wins from the Classico will win La Liga. Atletico has lost so much momentum, i think they will be 3rd favorites
Ro Qisney
Ro Qisney:
Messi was trying to avoid a yellow card, he said himself that referee wanted to give a yellow card whole the game so that he would miss Elclasico
Ashish Mudoo
Ashish Mudoo:
Messi never speak about himself .He is so humble . Every time he score a goal . he lift his both hand and thank God for his gift . This is amazing to see. He share his money to needy what a wonderful goods works
Precious Adedibu
Precious Adedibu:
To those saying messi ghosted, I'm glad he did. Its good to finally see someone else like Dembele carrying the team for once in some matches, another player that can consistently take on defenders and create chances from nothing.
I haven't seen this since Neymar, because there will be some games in key moments where Messi will be completely marked out and someone else has to step up.
StevenyGabby Perez
StevenyGabby Perez:
As Dest becomes more comfortable with Messi i think Barca will continue to improve.
khalil Kaouane
khalil Kaouane:
Kudos to valladolid tho i think they fought well, tackles right and left and tried their best on possession, but in the end with that red card, (which was fair considering it was a challenge from behind)they couldn't hold on long enough (Also don't get me started on that Alba handball).
Papa Yaw
Papa Yaw:
Ale always has the best stories up his sleeves 🤣
Aayushmaan Sharma
Aayushmaan Sharma:
Apart from the formation, the rotation has been good too since we bounced back in the league, I hope it continues and in future we dont have to rely on some trash signing.
Caleb Kay Yeboah
Caleb Kay Yeboah:
Just when you think it's all over then boom, Barça takes off in grand style.
Perceptionist /
Perceptionist /:
It really wasn’t a great performance but if you want to win the league you need to win these kind of games too.
N C:
Man, these players looked absolutely exhausted and rusty. A 2 week break for non intl players and 3 games plus travel for intl ones crammed into that time is too much for these players regardless if they are world class or not. They are human and we saw that today. Feel for Vallodolid who should have drawn.
Mike Ezuruonye
Mike Ezuruonye:
I laughed so hard when Dan asked Give me ur list of favorites ALE and he said BARCELONA 1st. Why have you changed your mind finally ALE 😁😁😁
gaurab bose
gaurab bose:
half way into d league people were speculating about whethr Barca wl evn qualify for d UCL nd they are now in contention for laliga nd maybe a double as u beauty⚽❤️⚽..
Stanley Alomba
Stanley Alomba:
I waited for this impatiently😂💪🏿🔴🔵
A front 3 of Haaland, Dembele and Messi would be unstoppable
to all the ppl saying varcelona, dest got tackled ion the box and no pen, grizzy got elbowed no foul
It was chaos at Barcelona... Messi lost his motivation and wanted to leave. Bartomeu was doing bad. Barca also has this financial crisis. To get this done is really mind blowing. Huge respect for Koeman.
Orane Parkinson
Orane Parkinson:
My team is lacking a clinical right footed player. I can't wait for ansu to come back
Aaquib Tayyabi
Aaquib Tayyabi:
Frenkie de Jong started as CB, then second half he played amf, later in the last ten minutes he played as winger. Also it was his cross that lead to the goal.
Odunayo Faluse
Odunayo Faluse:
What’s this Alli Guy talking about , Did he watch a different game. I thought deme le was the best player overall in that match especially in the Second half, he torn Valladolid defends apart
hki cgh
hki cgh:
Barca and Madrid fans should acknowledge Levante for single handedly stripping away 5 points from Atletico within just 5 days.
The winner of that match could be the champion( Unless Atleti can hold on... which is unlikely)....So a HIGH TENSION HIGH STAKES CLASICO is finally here....and I really hope it doesn't end in a draw!
No matter how much English media hype the rivalries in EPL....none can compare to REAL VS BARCA..... it just can't get any BIGGER & BETTER THAN THIS!
THIS. BARCA. never gives up
B. Belmont
B. Belmont:
Words can't describe how disappointed I am in Simone.... My heart aches, had to stop watching since the first leg with Chelsea. Signs were there, that he would let that lead go.
Sledge Dog
Sledge Dog:
Don't let anyone distract you from the fact that the last title race in the "Most competitive league in the world " was two years ago.
Mateo Perdomo
Mateo Perdomo:
Was never a penalty and if it happen to Real Madrid I would’ve said the same thing.
Babucarr Ceesay
Babucarr Ceesay:
Proper tittle race in La liga, this is the 2nd season in a row in the Epl whereby everyone knows which team won the league as early as January.
Sour Swift
Sour Swift:
If they win in el Clasico and beat atletico, they are through the tunnel and may somehow win the league, love to see Koeman and the players determined to win
It was Messi’s first game in 2021 without a goal or assist unreal
Yasine Adalal
Yasine Adalal:
Messi was managing his effort thinking about the classico.
Suraj Samuel Soren
Suraj Samuel Soren:
Everything will come down to these 3 teams playing against each other.
Arjun M
Arjun M:
Still remember ESPN FC crew discussing whether Barca will make UCL next season...😂😂
John Blessed
John Blessed:
Atletico must be saying right now "someone please call 911, tell them Barça is coming up it puts a bullet in my hearttttt..." 😆😅😂😂🔵🔴💪
Aaron Adams
Aaron Adams:
Great teams find ways to win
Kevin dybala
Kevin dybala:
Ale was sticking to athletico a month back and now he's still finding it difficulty to admit barca will win the league ....
Haris Khan
Haris Khan:
I think ESPN guys needs to do some calculations, they said if Atleti go and win all the till the end of the season they're gonna win the league, but boy did they forget that if Barca win all the games remaining they're gonna win, it's the same with Real. And based on current form and injuries I think Barca's gonna win the league. +1 if you agree.
Shivang Srivastava
Shivang Srivastava:
Had to rewind and watch the moment 4:15 when ale said barcelona at first according to him would be the league table
Let it be known that if a Real Madrid player had committed that handball that Alba did and no penalty was given, everyone and their great grandmother would be making petitions to shut down the club. Only hypocrites will disagree
Philani Manqele
Philani Manqele:
While the premier league is over things have just started here
Dick Dingwiza
Dick Dingwiza:
I’m amazed Jules is talking about “it’s the game after the International break, everyone is tired...” today. Where were those same excuses for the epl teams he was critical of esp Utd?
Hedyto Murillo
Hedyto Murillo:
Barça1-0 clásico Barcelona is the best..💙❤️💪⭐🌍
i’m confident after barca players analyze liverpool vs madrid we will be stronger tactically than we were today. El clásico better be entertaining this time around 💪
Visça el Barça 🔵🔴🙌🏼
Bob Toronja
Bob Toronja:
Bro Dembele was the best player on the pitch today, how do you find a way to criticize him even when he scored the winning goal 🤦‍♂️
Poor Valladolid got robbed of a victory clear penalty with hand extended not given and unfair red card! Referees just love barcelona!
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Really love that Suarez will win the league.
gazmend gavazi
gazmend gavazi:
This all depends on Barca's games vs real and atleti. If they can at leas win one of those games they are in a good position but if they fail those two games it will be very difficult
Smrutika Panigrahi
Smrutika Panigrahi:
I don't think I have ever seen a man as disappointed as Moreno when he said Barcelona, athletico Madrid , Real Madrid. That sigh...thats the sigh of karma, Moreno.
Of course no mention of the referee, the handball, the red card and all the weird calls in this game. Imagine if it was another team 🤷‍♂️
Now we are ready for the El classico
Visca Barca ❤️💙
We just need to get a win vs Atleti and Real and we are good.
Barca r the only team in the league who won there fives matches last match. Hope we can keep up the form but not as much of what we did today but before international breaks. It was to be expected though and now we have almost a week to regain that before we face Real Madrid. Visca el Barca
Alyssa Lucero
Alyssa Lucero:
Remember when people thought Barca wasn't gonna make the top 4
Ghoji Tom
Ghoji Tom:
So if there is a hand ball not called against real, you guys come out with titles such as “controversial win for Real Madrid” but for Barca you don’t?
Hedyto Murillo
Hedyto Murillo:
Messi ⭐🐬🌍 BARCELONA..💙❤️ is the best..👌🧭
Fresh Sodaa
Fresh Sodaa:
And Dembele still doesnt get the credit he deserves, that 2nd half was all cause of him, he was pressuring defending, causing 4 free kicks, & even caused a red card for them, was attcaking like crazy, & didnt stop until he scored. Yet they still gotta say messi won that match smh..
I swear Ale is in La Liga segments just to pronounce their names fancy-like
shivansh uniyal
shivansh uniyal:
Messi standard are so ridiculous that when once in a season he is below average we think messi has a poor season...... Messi just needs an average game to beat any team on planet that is how good this legend and goat has been.
tejas ganesh
tejas ganesh:
These guys should keep thrashing us, as they have been for the past three months because it has been working for us😆
Babucarr Ceesay
Babucarr Ceesay:
Ale has more colours than a rainbow and changes more than a chameleon. How's the conversation going about Barca not finishing in the top 4?
Nathan Gittens
Nathan Gittens:
Messi and De jong were conservative in the game they will turn up in the Classico
Dario Poggi
Dario Poggi:
0:26 - “And just three points separate the top two”? Did you perhaps mean “the top three” or “one point”?
Harsh Sharma
Harsh Sharma:
When varane touched the ball in the pen box at the clasico Madrid fans : but he was very close to Ball when it was hit
Madrid fans now : give Valladolid a pen for alba getting hit on the hand from a meter apart from the ball when it was hit.
Parth Sharma
Parth Sharma:
If somehow Madrid manages to win El classico then the title race will be insane 💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥💥
Just think about it.
Tshegofatso Morake
Tshegofatso Morake:
This bald dude was so confident that Atletico Madrid was winning laliga. After their defeat, his tone just drastically changed, even if they still at the top. 😃
Barca Productions
Barca Productions:
Messi didn't score or assist today because he is saving it for Madrid 🤣🤣🤣
sam sam
sam sam:
i cant believe ppl who work for espn unjust n unfair where do they find them ! well yeah even if Barcelona win the rest of their games they be champion ! n they always find a way of making Barcelona games sound like they were killing the other team , they were rubbish . Valladolid were better most of the game an till the sending off, try to be fair . i dont think this is the Barcelona team that wouldnt drop more point till the end of season !
Segvan Rashid
Segvan Rashid:
Barcelona should continue like this more often IF they wanna overthrow Athletico Madrid.
Clem Clem
Clem Clem:
Remember a couple months ago these dudes were calling Barca a club in crisis.. never really was that bad haha
Man Utd fan. We are the best in the World
Man Utd fan. We are the best in the World:
My Idol fangirls in the comments bashing Messi but CR7 drop these stinker even when he scores. Guys, get over it. And appreciate both; Messi is better. It sad to say, but it's the truth.
Adam Angar
Adam Angar:
Messi and Dejong were playing with caution.Because if they got only yellow they were not allowed to play against Real Madrid on coming’s a playing tactical
Vani 333
Vani 333:
Critical refs too. They're getting better and better in La Liga!
M_nesser _
M_nesser _:
I hate that they say “Messi’s barcelona” instead just “Barcelona” they just like to put pressure on the man
RedSnapper 17
RedSnapper 17:
Pique shouldn’t come back in this defense it’s time to face reality he is the reason psg won
Onit Uastum
Onit Uastum:
You gotta remember they played at home this wasn’t good for Barca
Abdullahi Hussein
Abdullahi Hussein:
Godzilla (Dan) to Kong (Ale) submit aka give me your list. Ale goes on grinding his teeth, "Barca, Atletico, Madrid". Boy, this video was so refreshing to watch to finally see Ale forced to declare Barca favorites.