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Discover Battlefield Portal – an all-new, community-driven platform where players will be able to change the rules of war by creating, sharing and discovering unexpected battles from Battlefield’s iconic past, present, and future.

Battlefield 2042 is a first-person shooter that marks the return to the iconic all-out warfare of the franchise. Adapt and overcome in a near-future world transformed by disorder. Squad up and bring a cutting-edge arsenal into dynamically-changing battlegrounds supporting 128 players*, unprecedented scale, and epic destruction.

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*Supported on Xbox Series X|S, PC and PlayStation®5. Xbox One and PlayStation®4 will be locked at 64 players

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100+ komentarze:

History Secrets
History Secrets:
The People: We want WW2 games!
Also the People: We want future warfare!

Battlefield: Wait a second.. C O M B I N E!
Did anybody noticed that the WW2 soldier at 1:57 is impressed by the modern skyscrapers? Nice
"We want our old games to be back."
*"So you want everything from the old ones eh?"*
2:05: “Hans, did you bring ze Panzer?”
“Nein, I brought ze Kugelwagon.”
“Hans…(face-palms and sighs) get in ze Kugelwagon.”
“Ok, but was are you doing with ze plastic explosives?”
“We are beating ze Russians to space, Hans. Auf Wiedersehen.”
This feels like a Battlefield made by a Battlefield player.
Created Tech
Created Tech:
Battlefield: Hey guys which game mode, maps, time period, and weapons do you guys want?

The community: Yes
Anakin Amador
Anakin Amador:
"So do you ever plan on remastering your older games? If so which one?

1:57 I love this scene... WW2-Era soldiers sent to the future and one of them staring at the glowing city being fought with futuristic weapons they never seen before
2:05 My grandfather can confirm he and Gunther actually did this back in the day to stop American bomb raids.
Binh Minh Le Dang
Binh Minh Le Dang:
"If you can't beat the memes, be the meme."
Max Justh
Max Justh:
This must be the best battlefield game in years! People are going to show off their creativity with this mode.
Imagine you could add more than one tornado in the game.
1:57 That WW2 American soldier just admiring 2042 is sick
Jia Jin Khoo
Jia Jin Khoo:
When that one German soldier detonated dynamite attached to a jeep and sent the jeep flying towards the V-TOL WITH the driver still in it made me laugh so hard I cried!😂
Titanium Ursa
Titanium Ursa:
Can we just appreciate that they're putting the insane and silly maneuvers players are likely to do in the trailers? I love how they're basically acknowledging how wild players can be.
Matthew Ornelles
Matthew Ornelles:
2:04 When people talk about amazing German engineering that influenced past wars, this is what I will picture in my mind from now on.
i am so ready to launch 1940's era jeeps directly into the latest modern stealth fighter jets
forze gaming
forze gaming:
I love how battlefield just embraces the ridiculous tactics that the players make it's just beautiful
TIN_BOY_ 2000
TIN_BOY_ 2000:
“all dreams have meaning”

My dreams: 1:26
BF1 & BFV critics: "the game is unrealistic and full of anachronisms"
Dice: hold my beer
Its crazy how everyone loved this game from the announcement and this trailer. Then we got the beta...
that is an accurate Battlefield trailer.
Titan Smash Production's
Titan Smash Production's :
This game mode is going to carry this game calling it now
aola wili
aola wili:
This is sick. I love how much they’re respecting their history and fan base
Is it just me or is ea getting a little better every day
Can we all just give Dice a huge respect button for keeping the community alive by actually doing the stuff that we players made in the game?

Thanks to us who play battlefield, by keeping the community alive when we're creating new memes inside of the game and thanks to Dice to actually keep on going and making this into a really twisted gamemode, which not many companys would dare to do.

I just get the feeling that everyone who worked on battlefield have the same twisted mind when it comes to making fun gamemodes and making creative ideas to brighten everything up as we do!!

Amen 🙏😂
So um.. yeah. This is the greatest thing ever. Well played... well played indeed.
This is exactly what I've been thinking they should do at some point; every map, every weapon, from every previous title, to make the Ultimate Battlefield experience. Here's hoping they expand this concept to its absolute limits.
They finally understand their audience! I can fully support this.
NorCalAMG Media
NorCalAMG Media:
I love how this trailer basically shows how we as players shaped the gameplay. From shock paddle and knife only servers to car kamikazes. Thank you for listening Dice even tho I might not be able to play the new game due to not having as much free time.
This mode is gonna carry the game
This is actually the best thing I have ever seen. I NEED THIS NOW
This makes me want to play battlefield 4.

have no played in 4 - 6 years? idk but i need the nostalgia
I like how soldier on 1:57 looking at the new buildings, which looks pretty cool, kinda when you see the cool future things
Caleb James
Caleb James:
Very best gaming company ever! They knew exactly what we wanted and gave us everything, they really do listen to us. This game is going to be such a blast!
Superhyper Metal sonicv2
Superhyper Metal sonicv2:
I feel like everyone forget that you can just make 2042 but with bad company or bf3 characters for more of a classic experience if they don’t like the specialist
Trevor Squires
Trevor Squires:
They really just took the “Only In Battlefield” tagline and turned it into it’s own standalone experience, this is gonna be insane.
Mr Dayum Fine
Mr Dayum Fine:
After playing the Beta, this is the only hope I have to find some enjoyment within the game.
So the amount of customization I just saw gave me a heart attack especially that there’s backpacks now? I think that’s pretty cool I always love the World War II games and now there’s modern era games as well all in one
If DICE does not deliver Portal Mode as hyped and shown in this trailer then I will lose all faith in them once and for all. At this mode they really only need to "copy&paste" where we can play all of the greatest battles in previous bf games with full servers. At this point I would not care for the core game mode of BF 2042 to be so different to the series as shown in the beta whatsoever.
Orc Logic
Orc Logic:
"wE dOnT LiKe SpEciaLisTs"

daniel wight
daniel wight:
The thing i love the most about this trailer is, it isnt just a trailer showing you battlefield...... its a trailer showing you the REAL battlefield. Players going knife crazy, Defibrillator kills, Vehicles and RCXDs rigged with c4, Dynamite vehicular launches to take out aerial vehicles.. this is the TRUE battlefield.
I hope content from BF4 and Hardline is added too. Would be fun as hell to have a squad of Phantom bows and harpoon guns/mammoth guns.
Kaptn Koala
Kaptn Koala:
Portal is going to be the mode to carry the entire game

Edit: Portal WAS supposed to be the mode to carry the entire game
Menace to Society
Menace to Society:
The bad company two grenade made me shed a tear, I really wish they would made the third one. I loved the outfits/appearances for each class especially the sniper. Well I’ll see you guys in October !
Honestly that short shot of the ww2 soldier staring on at the bright glowing lights of a modern era skyline is weirdly beautiful to me
DICE GOING HUGE THIS YEAR. See you on the Battlefield..
Man withapan
Man withapan:
battlefield is literally 50% epic realism 50% funny memes
The Badass Flareon
The Badass Flareon:
I'm so hyped for this game the huge 64v64 battles this mode It's going to be on of the best fps games
God Rebel
God Rebel:
That was Mind-blowing ! I have regained my enthusiasm for playing games. 😍
Aadit Shirke
Aadit Shirke:
Very cool! Can we select if we wanna keep vehicles at all in the mode? Or maybe putting vehicles just for transportation without any weapons. That'd be nice.
A true sandbox. I'm ready 😍
I Leica Cameras
I Leica Cameras:
Can you guys please keep the original soundtrack’s in the pre-loading screen when we’re entering classic maps I feel like this would be so nostalgic
Joshua Bracero
Joshua Bracero:
Welp after that beta I'm even more hyped for Portal
The MinDak Viking
The MinDak Viking:
*The entire trailer is absolute madness wrapped in total lunacy and I'm 1000% loving it.*

This legit looks to be the first Battlefield game that I will buy since BF3.
nneryfjii sdfgyyk
nneryfjii sdfgyyk:
This is actually a really cool trailer battlefield portal is a heck of fun its what actually improved 2042 overall
Modest Pelican
Modest Pelican:
I’m going to fake my own death so I have more time to play this
David K
David K:
That’s does it. I’m buying the game specifically just for this mode. Nothing else…
Abe Fehr
Abe Fehr:
2021 the year people finally realize Battlefield was the one this whole time. It's amazing to see the servers full!
Zul Khairi
Zul Khairi:
I love how a WW2 era fighter plane is able to keep up with a modern fighter jet.
Thank you, thank you for making the FPS games cool again.

Yes I use the word cool because i'm in my 30s but anyone who knows the true BF games will be too :P
Osama Bin Ladder
Osama Bin Ladder:
This just became much more than “just” a love letter to the fans, this is a whole Shakespearian play.
Euro 1000
Euro 1000:
This will be the saving factor of Battlefield 2042
Now if only planes and helicopters actually controlled that way in the game
After the beta, this is the only thing that still gives me hope that the game might be good. The basic conquest with the heroes-- I mean, operators, is a total, confusing mess.
Flatout Gaming
Flatout Gaming:
That “we gotta step it up boys”. Chills.
Battlefield 2042 taking the Meme approach
Smart marketing 😎
Calling it now, the seasons for at least Portal will revolve around different wars throughout history and the future. Hopefully, we get some BF1 callbacks
I think these are the greatest trailers for any game I’ve ever seen
I love every easter egg than we do in the lasts battlefield 😁
1:57 deserves it's own campaign.
Finally, a historically accurate battlefield
It’s ya Boi
It’s ya Boi:
As someone who met my best friend on bad company, thank you for the smiley face reference to the game
[name deleted]
[name deleted]:
2:10 i love how they realized their plan completely backfired
Siggy noHUD
Siggy noHUD:
They swindled us into buying this game that’s titled and marketed as “Battlefield”. We cannot let this happen again. I’m never preordering another EA game. I suggest everyone do the same. We might actually get a real battlefield game in the future
This had so much potential it saddens me so much
This entire trailer feels like something the history channel would play at 3AM and I love it
Great game..please include a hardcore tdm, tdm column in your menu please on the next update 👍 🙏. Could you also include a 2042 re imagining of Dawnbreaker and Paracel Storm?? Or Flood...??? 2042 is the ultimate bridge game..Some Battlefield 4 re imagined maps would raise the excitement from fans, 1000 fold!! Hats Off to Dice...Incredible achievement...🔥 🔥 🔥 😎
Zulhardy Rahim
Zulhardy Rahim:
Anyone has a feeling that the Titans and walkers from 2142 will be in Portal? I hope it'll be a pleasant surprise.
Finally they have understood that they have a game and can have over the top crazy fun with it too.
Roi gobelin
Roi gobelin:
i hope that the weapons from differents era will be balanced with each other also it would be cool if we could create a server with most of the weapons and gadgets from different eras enable. i hope dice will take care of bf portal and update it and maybe add new packs to play with with or allow certified users(?) to create their own packs and put them in a community space within bf42. i think that if dice takes care of bf42 fixes bugs in eras other than the 2042 one and perhaps maybe add a few weapons, maps, customization option and allow player to have fun bf42 would probably one of the most enjoyable bf game
EOD bots with C4? Take my money.
Katie Berckman
Katie Berckman:
Like Einstein always said
WW3 will be fought with Nukes
WW4 will be fought with knives and defibrillators
This is the only thing left that can save 2042
Diana Davidson
Diana Davidson:
If it gets fixed to where bugs will happen a very little number of times, I'll buy this game.
Miks Sityar
Miks Sityar:
I would like to hope that 2-3 years down the line we’ll get a DLC trailer for more portal assets.

And at the very last few seconds of that trailer, like lets say the last 10 seconds, you see an L5-Reisig just busting through a building and unloading all hell in front of it; and then at the background through the ambient dust in the distance, you see the silhouette of what appears to be a Titan
Swifty Unknown
Swifty Unknown:
It feels like they understand their community now.
invers crow
invers crow:
Sin duda esto si es algo nuevo e innovador y la verdad quiero jugar ese modo de juego ya!
Trent West
Trent West:
Wish they add BF Hardline stuff in too. I want to see Gangstas take on the Russian Military in Operation Locker
Ryan Le
Ryan Le:
Battlefield seems to know what we deeply want inside
You know what I could get behind? historically accurate weapons D-Day landing with 128 players 48 defending 80 attacking. I hope we can do that in
BF Portal
The trailer is the literal definition of: “Oh yea, its all coming together.”
Alan R
Alan R:
Imagine this: saint Quentin scar and/or passchendaele, 128 players same map size. The monstrosity of a match it could be.
Battlefield packed so much multi-player content that the couldn't fit a campaign mode. Ok EA won my pre-order.
Open beta is amazing man can't wait for launch ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Blerd Dad Gaming (B.D.G)
Blerd Dad Gaming (B.D.G):
Portal is gonna make for some epic game modes! Cant wait!
Dice drops the realism act and just wants to make a fun game. I'm loving it
XxFyrez GamerxX
XxFyrez GamerxX:
This is why i have always loved battlefield. ❤❤❤
Jane doe
Jane doe:
I've never been happier with a game developer in my life. Stop trying to sell is on realism your a video game go wild be creative this is amazing.
I will forever find it funny to see a ww2 soldier that has never even seen as much as a syringe and some bandages on the battlefield getting killed by a device that is used to restart hearts
Metehan Çakır
Metehan Çakır:
That one guys the most epic scene of all i have ever seen ... Im a bf V player and i cant wait to play that. 😁😁😁