Bayern Munich vs Arminia Bielefeld Live Match Watchalong (Bundesliga Reactions)

Today's Video:
Bayern Munich vs Arminia Bielefeld Live Match Watchalong (Bundesliga Reactions)

Bayern will be going up against Arminia Bielefeld today, make sure to tune in and subscribe if you're new around here.

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Ezra McCartney
Ezra McCartney:
FC Bayern Munchen Starting Line Up:
Peter "Neuer" Parker, White "Sule" Shark, Lundez, Phonzie, Alaba, Coco, InSane, King Coman, RL9
Arminia Bielefeld Starting Line Up:
Ortega, Bruner, LORD ST. SARR, Pieper, Nilsson, Laursen, Kunze, Prietl, Doan, Vlap, LORD ST. CHOUPO, Voglsammer, Klos
At least I didn't get karma lol
Mosie Shaks
Mosie Shaks:
Farmers league
Logan DFB
Logan DFB: